I Appoint Bryan Dean Wright & Klock (Code Name) as Joint Directors of C.I.A.

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Bryan Dean Wright is not a fan of Bernie Sanders, but he’s only in charge of the C.I.A. I don’t agree with all Bernie Sanders does, either. My economic policies are a blend between socialism and capitalism. However, my position on the C.I.A. is more along my Constitution views, which tend to be Conservative, so Bryan Dean Wright (a conservative Democrat) is perfect for this job. I respect his courage. I think he will help me clean up the C.I.A., which is thoroughly corrupt. Gina Haspell, the current C.I.A. leader served under Mike Pompeo before she got her job – that’s all I need to know! She NEEDS TO GO.

Klock is a code name for one of my Patreon supporters, who happens to have an I.Q. of 160, along with degrees in chemistry, metallurgy and esoteric sciences from M.I.T. and other schools. He is involved in the study of quantum physics applied to time travel, which he considers the technology of the future and especially important in intelligence work. He is passionate about the defense of the United States and wants to root out corruption inside our intelligence agencies. Bryan Dean Wright emailed him on the evening of Jan. 22, 2021, and briefed him on the job and they appear to be ready to work as a team. Klock starts work as joint CIA director on January 25, 2021, working alongside Bryan Dean Wright. Bryan Dean Wright is ex-CIA and will brief Klock on the administrative and other aspects of the CIA Director position. Klock can bring in valuable analytical and scientific prowess to this position to help Bryan lead the CIA.

Bryan can bring in his past experience with the CIA to oversee the more intuitive and human resources aspects of the job. I believe the two working together can form a valuable team leadership over the CIA, with each offering valuable insights into how to lead the CIA and make it a top notch intelligence agency in the world. They will also be working closely with Rule 13, Adolph Hitler and Sergey Shoygu that I have appointed in the Dept. of Defense and Alexander Bortnikov, who is my Director of National Intelligence.

Here are my policies as U.S. President: https://gabriellechana.blog/2020/02/13/independent-gail-chord-schuler-for-u-s-president/

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