Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-14-2004)

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12-14-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I just called Chrysler Financial and spoke with a man who identified himself as Chris Barajas. I told him that I made the pay off to my car on 11-16-04 and wondered what was the normal waiting time to receive my title. He said he couldn’t tell me. It is very clear that Chris Barajas is a Jesuit agent, whether WILLING or UNWILLING, I don’t know. WHY IS THIS GUY STILL HANDLING MY ACCOUNT? He should be arrested and in jail.

Chris said that Orlando Auto Auction had the title and that he had to wait to get it from them. This seems strange.

What is Orlando Auto Auction doing with my title?

I want Orlando Auto Auction investigated, and if they are guilty, add them to the case we have against Chrysler–the Jesuits have created quite a network.

Demand that Chrysler Financial cause the title which Orlando Auto Auction has be destroyed and that another title be issued DIRECT FROM CHRYSLER to myself. Give Chrysler a deadline to mail me my title, and if they don’t meet the deadline then all those directly or indirectly responsible (whether it be Chrysler people, auto auction people, David Schuler, towers or WHOEVER) for any deliberate delay in me receiving my title will BE ARRESTED AND PUT IN JAIL!!

Warn the Post offices involved that if anyone at the Post Office or in the postal system (directly or indirectly) causes a mail mess-up, so that I don’t receive my title in a timely manner, that THEY WILL BE ARRESTED AND PUT IN JAIL and will be tried as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR with possible death penalty consequences.

Warn all people who could directly or indirectly cause any delay in me receiving my title that if they attempt (directly or indirectly) to hinder me from receiving the title to my vehicle that they will be arrested and put in jail and could face death penalty charges as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

I don’t think I’ll ever get the title from Chrysler unless aggressive action is taken against this company. Contact the Chrysler CEO and tell him that I am to receive my title by a certain date or this CEO will be PUT IN JAIL and he will have to deal with the case that we have against Chrysler from his jail and he will have to run his company from his jail. This will all be televised on IBN and the whole world will know what we think of Chrysler and their financial and criminal terrorist activities.

Tell Chrysler that we have added the Pope to our case against Chrysler and that both the Pope and Vladimir Putin demand that the U.S. government take aggressive action against Chrysler to demand that I receive my title by a certain date OR ELSE. If they don’t meet the deadline, then PUT THEM IN JAIL AND tell them they will have to fight us in court from jail. If we end up putting EVERY CHRYSLER EMPLOYEE IN JAIL (the jail will be a concentration camp for those that are on death row) so that I can receive my legal title to my 1999 Plymouth Voyager, THEN SO BE IT. THEY WILL JUST HAVE TO RUN THEIR COMPANY FROM JAIL! And if the U.S. won’t cooperate with us in clamping down on Chrysler, that the U.S. government will have serious problems with both the Pope and the Russian government. And that if Gail Schuler does not receive her title from Chrysler by a certain date, that the Pope will issue an anathema against Chrysler as a JESUIT TERRORIST ORGANIZATION and will encourage all Roman Catholics not to buy or endorse any Chrysler products.

All warnings to all persons involved with my title must be FOLLOWED UP WITH CONSISTENT LAW ENFORCEMENT. Warnings do no good, if we don’t back up what we say we will do. If we will say we will arrest and put in jail those who don’t meet our criteria, THEN THOSE PERSONS MUST BE ARRESTED JUST AS WE SAID. We must be consistent or our laws are A JOKE.

Also, warn them that the title which I receive must be a title which would be recognized as the title to my 1999 Plymouth Voyager by any court of law, and that this title is not to be altered or tampered with in any manner to make it invalid (or not recognized as the title to my 1999 Plymouth Voyager) by a court of law. And that if I receive an invalid title or one that is not legally considered to be my title, that those responsible will be arrested and put in jail and tried for death penalty violations of CONSPIRACY LAW. If they are found guilty of death penalty violations, this won’t be a normal jail–IT WILL BE A CONCENTRATION CAMP and they will have to earn their food and living expenses while they wait to be executed.

I think the Jesuits want to steal my car, maybe have the thief bring the car to Orlando Auto Auction where it will be auctioned off–and then they’d claim that I never made the pay-off to my car since I don’t have the TITLE –since Orlando Auto Auction has the title. You need to really clamp down on Chrysler and put some people IN JAIL and enforce what I’ve written in this statement if they don’t send me my title IMMEDIATELY..

Cross examine Chrysler people and Jesuits about whether it is their intent to steal my car and have it auctioned off and that is WHY THEY HAVEN’T GIVEN ME MY TITLE, because they plan to claim that since I don’t have my title, this is BECAUSE they plan to claim that my car HAS NOT BEEN PAID OFF AND THAT CHRYSLER HAS NOT RECEIVED THE FINAL PAY OFF TO MY CAR, and so they will claim the car can be auctioned off. I think Chrysler plans to claim that they never received the money which was sent them via Western Union on November 16th and that for this reason they are justified to steal my car and to have it auctioned off. SO GET ON THEM AND HIT THEM HARD to mail me my TITLE immediately OR THEY ARE DEAD.

GET ON THIS AND PUT ALL THOSE GUILTY OF THE ORCHESTRATION WHICH I OUTLINED IN THE PARAGRAPH ABOVE IN JAIL AND METE OUT SOME EXECUTIONS. Some of these people need to be executed with death by hanging with BUZZARDS, make sure to include the Chrysler CEO in the group if he doesn’t cooperate with us in clamping down on those in his company who delay me getting the valid title to my car. AND WE WILL LET THE WHOLE WORLD SEE ALL THE EXECUTIONS, INCLUDING THE EXECUTION OF THE CHRYSLER CEO.

Our problem is that Chrysler doesn’t take our threats seriously. They don’t think we have the guts or consistency to execute them (or put them in jail) if they violate our dictums. We need to show them that they are wrong. This is the only thing that will work. The only way to deal with a Jesuit is to kill them–that’s the only thing they understand. If we have to put everyone in Chrysler in jail, then we will do that–if that is what we have to do to get my title.

You might say how can Chrysler run their company from jail? That’s just it–they can’t. So it’s up to them, either they give me my title or they will have to run their company FROM JAIL, even if we have to jail one million Chrysler people. We will build the jails, if there isn’t enough jail space. They won’t have luxury accomodations either and to solve the space problem, THERE WILL BE EXECUTIONS–then we won’t have to feed them AND THOSE ON DEATH ROW WILL BE IN A JAIL SET UP LIKE A CONCENTRATION CAMP–they will earn their food and living expenses until they are executed.

Those that are on death row, will work in concentration camps until they are executed. Hey, this is exactly what the Jesuits would do to us if they were in charge. Those JESUIT CONSPIRATORS who are on death row, are going to earn their food and living expenses while they are in jail, their jail will be a CONCENTRATION CAMP.

Everything in the following update, written on 12-19-04 will be shown on IBN–including Pres. Bush and the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision (and public statements) to allow the case that Lis Wiehl and Vladimir Putin has against Chrysler, Starbridge to fall totally under the jurisdiction of INTERNATIONAL LAW and the Russian government.

As of this 19th day of December, 2004, I have not received my title from Chrysler. This is enough time. All Chrysler people should go to jail, and some way should be found to make these people mail me my title.

Also, I need to report that when I finished work and as I went to my car, that a tower came up right behind my car and almost blocked me from pulling out of my parking space– but, apparently this tower was going to tow another vehicle parked behind me. However, I didn’t like this, and I want this tower investigated. Also, when I have driven (over the past several days), I seem to always end up next to a tower or some vehicle towing or carrying cars. I also ended up recently next to a vehicle which had painted on its side, that it was an auto auction vehicle.

Something serious needs to be done about Chrysler. I think every Chrysler worker should go to jail until I receive my title, especially those who have the power to send me my title (including the Chrysler CEO and all those at Chrysler Financial). I sent Chrysler cash (via Western Union) to make the pay-off (about a month ago) and Chrysler STILL HASN’T MAILED ME MY TITLE. I BELIEVE THAT JUST LIKE CHRYSLER LIED AND DENIED THAT THEY RECEIVED THE PAY-OFF FROM VLADIMIR PUTIN, SO THEY PLAN TO DENY THAT THEY RECEIVED THE PAY-OFF FROM MYSELF or they plan to claim that someone has a lien to my car and they can’t turn it over my title to me unless I pay a lot of money. Those who willingly and knowingly deny me my title, in order to support Jesuits– will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR–death by hanging with buzzards on IBN.

In the meanwhile, find a way to give me my title or else I won’t have the legal clout I need to fight off Jesuit towers and creditors about my car. I don’t care if you have to put a gun to the head of the Chrysler CEO and make him write out the document–GET ME MY TITLE! From what I’ve heard about this character, he’s going to be executed anyway, so make sure he gives me my title before we kill him. The Jesuits don’t give a flip about anyone’ LIFE, they’ll do anything to support their goals. If you kill the Chrysler CEO and I don’t get my title–then the Jesuits win, because I STILL WON’T HAVE MY TITLE and you killed the Chrysler CEO–so it makes it look like you just like to kill innocent people and cause other innocents (like myself) to be crime victims–that you just enjoy executing people and don’t care whether justice is accomplished. It does no good to kill the people at Chrysler, if I don’t get my title. Force them to give me my title and THEN EXECUTE THEM FOR RESISTING THE LAW OVER A DEATH PENALTY VIOLATION.

Here’s how to handle them. YOU NEED TO GET THE U.S. SUPREME COURT INVOLVED IN THIS. Arrest the Chrysler people responsible and put them in jail and then bring along some printing equipment and tell them that if they don’t use that printing equipment (or whatever equipment is neceesary to make the title) to immediately make my title and mail me the DOCUMENT FROM JAIL, that they will face death penalty charges UNDER INTERNATIONAL law, since the U.S. SUPREME COURT has turned over this case to the Russian government and INTERNATIONAL LAW, and Chrysler will be warned that they have a very strong chance of losing their case, and that if they lose their case that those who willingly and knowingly assisted the Jesuits at Chrysler WILL BE EXECUTED UNDER INTERNATIONAL and RUSSIAN LAW, because this case will no longer be under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government, but under the jurisdiction of INTERNATIONAL LAW and Russian law, and this will give Russia the authority to mete out the death penalty to Americans in this matter!!

Also, force Chrysler to print or make documents or write LEGAL edicts that will invalidate any other title to my car that may be floating out there which could be in the possession of Jesuits, so that there won’t be a dispute over which title is the REAL TITLE. The TITLE WHICH I GET HAS TO BE THE TITLE THAT PROVES I AM THE OWNER OF MY CAR, AND IT HAS TO BE SUCH A TITLE THAT NO ONE ELSE CAN CLAIM TO HAVE A LIEN TO MY CAR OR ANY RIGHT TO MY CAR.

WARN THEM THAT THIS CASE has FALLen UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF INTERNATIONAL AND RUSSIAN LAW and that Pres. Bush AND THE U.S. SUPREME COURT have turned over this Chrysler case (also the case involving all others in this–such as Starbridge, TMH Family Practice Residency, etc.) to international law and to the Russian government; and that by the authority of Pres. Bush and OF THE U.S. SUPREME COURT, this case is under the jurisdiction of Russian law and of international law and, that the U.S. government will allow the Russian government to try this case under its laws and to mete out the death penalty to violators at Chrysler and to those others who conspired with Chrysler against Gail Schuler.

If Chrysler’s lawyer asks how the U.S. government and the Supreme Court can have the legal right to do this, the U.S. government and the Supreme Court will state that this was necessary in order to avoid war with Russia, in which the U.S. would BE IN THE WRONG (if it did not allow this case to fall under INTERNATIONAL LAW and to be decided by the Russian government and by Russian law) and that the U.S. cannot afford to lose its reputation as a just and fair nation in its dealings with other nations as it fights its war against terrorism– and that the only way to remedy America’s reputation in its war against terrorism, since the U.S. government has allowed an American car company (Chrysler) to financially terrorize the Russian Vice President, was to force this Chrysler case to fall under the total legal jurisdiction of the Russian government and under INTERNATIONAL AND RUSSIAN LAW– IN ORDER FOR THE U.S. TO AVOID WAR WITH RUSSIA. This means that the executions of the Americans involved in terrorizing the Russian Vice President, will be ordered by the Russian government and all that Russia legally orders in this matter will be honored by Pres. Bush and the U.S. Supreme Court, because the U.S. Supreme Court and Pres. Bush feel it would be better to destroy an American automobile company (like Chrysler) that cooperates with terrorists against Russia, than to allow a preventable and unnecessary and unwanted war with Russia.

Because Russia will state that if the U.S. does not allow Russia and the International government to totally takeover legally in this matter and to mete out the death penalty for criminals at Chrysler (according to Russian law) for those who try to undermine the Russian nation– that relations between Russia, Germany and many other nations with the U.S. will be in a very serious state.

Pres. Bush will state that he cannot allow an American automobile company that supports terrorism against the Russian nation (by attacking her Vice-President), to cause an unnecessary and unwanted war between the U.S. and countries like Russia and Germany (that have assisted the U.S. in its war against terrorism). Therefore, Chrysler needs to be dealt with harshly, so that war between the U.S and many other nations (that would probably side with Russia against the U.S. in this matter) can be avoided.

Pres. Bush will state that Russia is furious about Chrysler and that Russia is furious about the U.S. government’s anemic handling of Chrysler in this matter of Gail’s title, since Gail is the Russian Vice President. And that Russia is demanding that Chrysler be forced to give Gail her title, or else there will be war between the U.S. government and the Russian government.

Therefore, because Chrysler has not complied with Russia’s request to give Gail her title, and in order to appease Russia, the U.S. government must SHUT DOWN Chrysler’s current operations, in order to force Chrysler to mail Gail her title, and that Chrysler will be taken over by the U.S. government and forced to reorganize and/or SHUT DOWN in order to force this company to OBEY INTERNATIONAL LAW.

In the meanwhile, those at Chrysler, who willingly and knowingly prevented Gail from receiving her title (with the intent to assist the Jesuits in terrorism against the Russian government), will be executed under INTERNATIONAL and RUSSIAN LAW. This case is now totally under the jurisdiction of Russian law and INTERNATIONAL LAW.

The U.S. will state that executions of those at Chrysler and at other American organizations against the Russian Vice President, must take place IN ORDER TO APPEASE RUSSIA, and that Russia will not be satisfied until Gail receives her title and until the harassments against Gail and her car by Americans STOP– and THAT RUSSIA ACCUSES THE U.S. GOVERNMENT OF COMPLICITY WITH THE AMERICAN COMPANIES (LIKE CHRYSLER) WITH JESUIT TERRORISTS AGAINST RUSSIA. Russia feels this way because the U.S. government is so legally anemic in its handling of American terrorists at Chrysler (and other organizations) who harass the Russian Vice President.

You might say, Chrysler will probably let us charge them with the death penalty. They are testing you to see if you will go this far–well YOU NEED TO SHOW THEM THAT YOU WILL.

If I have the title and they tow my car, then I can call the police and the police will probably arrest anyone who takes my car and could save me a lot of money. I’m afraid they are going to tow my car and claim they have the legal right to do it, because they would claim that if my car was paid off and if no one had a lien to my car, that I’d have the title. And they’ll try to force me to pay a lot of money to get my car back. So they will claim that because I don’t have the title, my car is not paid off or that someone has a lien to my car because I don’t have the title. The Jesuits plan to use whoever is holding my title to use that title as evidence that I don’t own my car OR THAT SOMEONE ELSE HAS A LIEN TO MY CAR, so they will claim this gives them the right to take my car or to mess with my car.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-14-04 , (updates on 12-19-04).
Place: Melbourne, FL