Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-17-2004)

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12-17-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

As my 2004 Christmas present to Vladimir Putin, I will ordain that a million dollars of the proceeds from my novel Silver Skies go to the construction of a church in Germany. This will be the church that Vladimir Putin pastors. He is currently studying for the ministry under Dr. Peter Ruckman’s guidance. INTERNATIONAL BROADCAST NEWS will have a special Christmas presentation to honor the groundbreaking of this church’s construction, let Dr. Ruckman be the moderator for this presentation. Dr. Ruckman would love this because this church will be constructed in Germany and Dr. Ruckman loves Germans.

Here are my guidelines for how this church should be built. These rules are not written in stone and Vladimir can modify them if he wishes. This is Vladimir’s Christmas present, so I won’t dictate to him how to build his church, but he usually adopts my suggestions and likes them.

I have one emphatic request: Don’t have rock music or worldly music in the church services. Consult with Dr. Ruckman about the church music. I come from a music background and want all our music to be God honoring. There are many kinds of music out there besides rock and worldly music. Johann Sebastian Bach was a German born again Christian and dedicated all his music to God, and his music was great. This is a hint. I’m not saying all our music has to sound like opera, but, unlike the typical American Baptist Church, we may be a bit more creative in our musical tastes. After all, this church is in Germany. Maybe we can throw in some bits of Bach–especially from his St. Matthew Passion. Perhaps, this music will always open our services. See suggestion below.

In the average American Baptist church, if there was any sacred music along the classical line, most church members would think they were in a Presbyterian or other church and would think the church was in heresy. Well, the Bible doesn’t say you have to use American Baptist folk music in church. Germany is a country with a great musical tradition and history, we should honor this in our church services. We’ll have the typical hymns and then throw in some portions of the St. Matthew Passion in German, like the beginning or the ending which are AWESOME. You may say, how would you do this? Maybe through a performance or a tape played throughout the church building? No–I think our church should have an orchestra and a choir. St. Matthew Passion is in German. We’ll have a well trained choir, and that’s good enough to sing some highlights of the St. Matthew Passion every Sunday. And we must have an organ and piano. I think Martin Luther’s A Mighty Fortress is our God should be a regular hymn in our services.

I think as people come into the church before each service begins, the orchestra and a bass singer should play and sing softly Nr. 17 ARIE (BAß) in German from the St. Matthew Passion. Here are the words, first in English, then in German:

Make thyself clean, my heart,
I will myself entomb Jesus,
for He shall henceforth in me,
for ever and ever,
take His sweet rest.
World, begone, let Jesus in!

Mache dich, mein Herze, rein,
Ich will Jesum selbst begraben,
Denn er soll nunmehr in mir
Für und für
Seine süße Ruhe haben.
Welt, geh aus, laß Jesum ein. Mache dich. . .

Now, Vladimir does not have to adopt my suggestions, except I don’t want rock music in the church. However, he usually agrees with me on these things. If he doesn’t, OK.

Vladimir can choose the name of the church (and he doesn’t have to make it Baptist–however, it should be Christian) and he can work with Dr. Ruckman in writing its creeds and doctrinal statement. I don’t want it to be Roman Catholic or any of its branches–like the Greek Orthodox or Russian Orthodox. Perhaps, call it the Bible Church or something like that–something to honor its emphasis on Scripture. This is Vladimir’s church and he is the leader, not me. I only donate the money to start the building of the church. But I give him one million dollars to begin the construction of our church for the Lord in Germany. The church’s dedicatory plaque will state that Gail Chord dedicates this church building to Vladimir Putin (her fiancé) as her gift of love to him for our mutual love for and regard for the true Bible translated from the Textus Receptus. I invite a British royal to be on hand for the unveiling of the plaque (when the church is completed) and to make a statement about the importance of the King James Bible. This church building is my Christmas present to Vladimir Putin:

I want medical doctors to work with engineers and architects in creating the blueprint for this church. This church is to be constructed to make it very difficult for Jesuits to launch biological, chemical or other forms of terrorism on its members who attend the services. There should be a good ventilation system for the nurseries, bathrooms, and throughout the whole church and the nurseries should be constructed so that babies and small children can be cared for in a clean environment which will not spread germs. Our nursery workers will be trained by medical people. We should have sick rooms, for those children who are ill and need to be separated from other children and babies. Sometimes parents go to church and do not realize their children are ill and this spreads illness throughout the church.

Those in charge of the nurseries will be medical people who will screen those who come in and decide whether they need to be placed in sick room nurseries. Also, all sick rooms will be equipped with medical equipment to deal with medical emergencies. With a President for a pastor, we have to anticipate the unusual.

Because a President will be the pastor of this church and because this President is highly targeted by Jesuits, this church needs special construction and operations. It will be surrounded by security gates and we will hire MILITARY POLICE to screen all those who enter the services, no JESUIT or JESUIT SUPPORTER or UNWILLING AGENT can attend the services. If any JESUIT or UNWILLING AGENT or JESUIT SUPPORTER tries to enter, they will be denied entrance and the gates will bar them from entering. This means that my mother and sister in their current condition as UNWILLING AGENTS cannot attend the church services.

The weekly services will be attended by those who receive invitations to attend the service. No UNWILLING AGENTS will received invitations. Invitations will go to rich and poor and middle class. Our main concern is to prevent terrorism in the church services and to weed out trouble makers, but we do not desire to be a “class conscious” church. All those who love the Lord and His Bible are welcome, regardless of income or class level. The services will be conducted in the German language, because this church is in Germany. Vladimir speaks fluent German. Translators will be on hand to translate the services for those watching through IBN.

If we have a large group of people in the church of a certain primary language and these people cannot speak German, they may be partitioned off, where they can view a translation of the message into their language on a screen. There may be an English section, where English speakers can sit and view a screen with the message translated into their language by a transcriptionist translator. There may be a Russian section, where Russian speakers can sit and view a screen with the message translated into their language by a transcriptionist translator. If we end up with a large amount of members who speak fluent Russian, Vladimir may preach in Russian on some Sundays and those who speak German or other languages will be partitioned off to view a screen which translates the message into their language on a screen. We will decide on these partitionings after we determine who our membership is.

You might say, what about the hymnbooks? Depending on how many languages have major representation in the church– we may sing hymns in German on one Sunday, sing them in English on other Sundays and sing them in Russian on other Sundays. If this is the case, then we will have the hymnbooks needed for that particular Sunday. On German day, all the hymnbooks in the pews will be in German. On Russian day, all the hymnbooks in the pews will be in Russian, etc. OR we may have one hymnbook which has German, Russian and English all in one–maybe the first line will be in English, the second in German and the third line in Russian..

We will also have Bibles in the pews, for those who forget to bring their Bible. These Bibles will be in various languages, depending on which languages are most common among those who attend. Perhaps we will regularly stock German, English and Russian Bibles. All Bibles stocked in the pews MUST BE TRANSLATED FROM THE TEXTUS RECEPTUS.

We will not deny entrance to someone, just because they come in with a bad Bible, nor will we make a big issue out of this. But church members must be daily BIBLE READERS of a Textus Receptus Bible. I anticipate this will be a very international church with many languages represented and if there are large groups of people that speak a certain language, we will accommodate them.

If someone does not have an invitation, he/she cannot attend. No invitations will be sent out to JESUITS or JESUIT SUPPORTERs. Regular church members will receive permanent invitations or passes to attend the church.

About an hour or two before services begin, the guards will release the gates, so that those vehicles and persons with invitations or passes can enter and park their vehicles and attend. All vehicles which enter the church area will be screened for bombs and other materials–probably by satellite screening-so it won’t be that obvious. You might say, what about guests? They will need to be cleared before they are admitted. If someone has an invitation and wants to bring a guest–that guest will have to be cleared with the church beforehand, and receive a pass before they come. It’s kind of like boarding an airplane–everyone has to be checked in. They will have special stickers or computer chips on their cars which give them permission to enter the church grounds. These stickers can be scanned by the computers which will be at all the gates and if a car tries to go through and it is determined by the scanner that that car does not have this sticker, the gate will go down and that person (with his/her car) will be instructed to leave. We will use MILITARY POLICE to operate and man the church’s gates. No one can attend services with a weapon, gun, bomb, etc.–except for the military police. And the MILITARY POLICE will scan all vehicles and persons which enter the church’s property to determine if anyone entering has a bomb, weapon or dangerous weapon and, if so, they will be apprehended and arrested and not allowed to enter.

You may say this will make church attendance very difficult. Yes, that is true, for this reason, this church will only have one public service a week (and maybe less than this). The rest of the services will be conducted over a public medium, like radio or television and church members will be invited to tune in. Vladimir Putin is currently in a very demanding job as President and probably does not feel ready to take on the full responsibilities of a pastor. For this reason, he does not have to preach at all the services and can invite guest preachers to take the pulpit on certain Sundays.

Because the church building is not ready, Vladimir can begin church services, but he will conduct church services on IBN on its prayer channel. Invitations to those who would receive invitations when the church building is ready, will be sent out to people in the area where the church is being built, and they will be invited to tune in to the church’s services on IBN and will be told that a church building for this church is under construction. This way when the building is ready for services, we should have quite a crowd at the building’s opening services, because we are already sending out invitations to those in the area. So this church is already in existence. Dr. Ruckman will preside in the opening service on IBN to introduce the church and what it stands for, and to ordain Vladimir Putin into the ministry. Vladimir says he is ready to begin preaching, though he still feels he needs more training. But many preachers begin preaching before they complete their training, so this is nothing new. Dr. Ruckman will disciple Vladimir as a new preacher. So until the building is completed, the church services will be held over the internet and on German broadcast television through IBN, and Vladimir will preach from a broadcast room of IBN. The services may not always be held on Sundays, though they may be repeated on Sundays on IBN. Vladimir can be creative and supply his own music for the church services, or he may already have an orchestra and choir lined up who can perform in the room where he will preach (until his church building is ready). All services will be translated into the language of the viewer with subtitles at the bottom. So if Vladimir preaches in German and the audience is primarily English speakers, the English subtitles will be at the bottom of the screen for the English speaking viewers. I will leave that up to Vladimir. Once the building is completed, the services will be held in the church’s auditorium and will also be broadcast over IBN. When services are conducted in the completed church building in Germany, if a guest preacher does not speak German, then translators will be provided for that preacher and he will preach through a translator. The translator must be a BIBLE READER and of the same faith as the preacher.

You may say, what about those who need to be saved? How can they be saved, if they need an invitation to come in? Those who are saved, will be saved by watching (or listening to) the services through our public mediums (like television and radio). These people will be invited to contact us and if we determine that they have been genuinely saved and they live in the area and that they are not JESUIT SUPPORTERS, they will receive invitations to the services. Those who desire to attend our services from out of town, will be instructed via IBN (or other means), to contact us beforehand, so that we can issue them an invitation to attend on a certain day or we will give them a permanent guest pass.

You might say, a typical Baptist church has invitations for salvation at the end of every service. Our church will only have invitations when the pastor feels led to do so. Since only those with passes or who are invited can attend, we may mostly have Christians in the service. We may only have an invitation once a month. Or perhaps, the pastor will stop in the middle of his sermon and start a prayer service. The service will not be ritualistic, though it will be done decently and in order. It will not be a Charismatic healing type service. Our goal is to teach people the Bible to give them the meat they need to be strong Christians. We will also have preaching, which means some hides may be ripped off. We want sound, practical Bible teaching in combination with solid preaching to cause sinners to repent and get right. On the other hand, there will be no manipulation or extortion used on people. We will not pressure or manipulate people to do anything, except to obey the Scriptures. Where the Scriptures are not clear, we won’t push it. If anything puts pressure on people, we want it to be the Bible and Bible preaching. The preaching must all be based on Scripture, with an emphasis on sound doctrine and balanced teaching which teaches Scripture in context and with the same emphasis on topics which the Bible has. Since the Bible emphasizes the second coming of Christ, so will we. Since the Bible emphasizes the Word of God and prayer, so will we. We will not pressure people to attend church–though we may encourage them to do so–but we won’t waste 10 minutes of sermon time on this topic–it may get a casual mention every now and then, since the Bible is not that heavy on this topic. Since the Bible strongly condemns idolatry, so will we. The Bible is the boss at this church. That’s why all church members must be BIBLE READERS. When there is a dispute over how to interpret the Bible, the pastor will make the final decision, since the Bible teaches that this is how the church is to be conducted, as long as that pastor strives to honor the Word in his life and study. There will be heavy teaching on the false Christ, since the Bible is heavy on this topic. An excellent way to present Bible material is to tie it in with current events and current lifestyles. The Bible is a very relevant book.

I will go into more detail about this church later, but am too busy today. The main thing is, this is my Christmas present to Vladimir Putin. I will use my money to build him a church building where he will pastor. He is studying for the ministry and this is a real way for me to show the world that Vladimir and I have the most important thing in the world in common and that is our mutual love and dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Textus Receptus Bible– and that, for this reason, he and I (along with his two daughters and my son) are TRULY A FAMILY and are unified in our love for each other because of our love for our Savior Jesus Christ and for the true Bible (translated from the Textus Receptus).

Consult with Dr. Peter Ruckman for more ideas about how to construct this church. Dr. Ruckman has been a pastor for about 50 years. In order for this church to be a church which honors the plaque dedicated to it, all members must be BIBLE READERS. Anyone who is not a BIBLE READER (which is one who reads at least a half hour a day from a Textus Receptus Bible), will be dropped from the membership rolls.

You might say that no church can survive with such stringent membership requirements. Vladimir and I do not create a church to have large numbers, we create a church to honor the Bible. Those members who do not have the same goals as Vladimir and myself will be denied membership. I do not anticipate a membership problem at all. I think those who truly love the Lord and His Word will love this church and will find here a sanctuary from the corruptions of the world. Better to have a small quality membership than a large membership full of pigs and slobs and spiritual pretenders. Because of IBN, we will probably require a large building. This is because we have a built in church promotional tool with our news station. I anticipate a large membership, so make the church large enough to comfortably accommodate about 5,000 in attendance on Sundays, but yet make the building so that if only 500 show up–the building won’t be too large. Perhaps there will be a balcony. You say–you think Vladimir will be that good of a preacher? Yes, I think so. He is very popular in Russia. We will probably have Russians in our services. He has had practice in making speeches and already has a built-in following because he is a President. I think we will require a large church building.

You might say, this is absurd. If we don’t have that many–that is fine, but it is better to have a building too large than one too small. I anticipate that many world leaders, when they come to the area, will stop by and visit our church. Perhaps half our attendance will be guests. We need to have room for them.

The church will sit on a large area of land and my one million dollars will also go to the purchase of the land that the church will sit on. Also, if, by chance, we start having more than 5,000 people in attendance, a large area of land will also allow for expansion of the church building. The church should be built so that it can easily be expanded, if we experience phenomenal growth. I’m not sure how large a parking lot we will need, but this must be taken into consideration as well. We want the church, its land and parking lots well protected. So the church and its property will probably be surrounded by a high wall topped with barbed wire (which will encircle the entire area)–to make it difficult for terrorists to attack the church or to attack or booby trap any of the cars in the parking lot. The barbed wire may not be necessary, but a high concrete wall would probably be a good idea, and then people can only enter and leave through the gates and all gates will be manned by MILITARY POLICE. How large the parking lot needs to be will depend on how many of our church members will drive to church. I’m not sure what Germany’s laws are in regard to land ownership. But we may want a large area of land around the church (if possible) because this may make it more difficult for terrorists to attack our building from the outside. The church will be set up like a military base with high concrete walls around it, so that it won’t be easy for strangers to enter our church’s land and premises. The last thing on earth we need is for a JESUIT TERRORIST to barge into the middle of a service from outside the church and start a shoot-out or to put the church on fire. So this church will be constructed to make this very difficult to carry-out.

Perhaps all the members will enter through one gate and leave through another gate. This way we can insure that all who have entered, have left.

I have had about 25 years of experience in church attendance, so I know something about churches.

The Jesuits’ number one way to destroy churches is to introduce troublemakers and leaven and compromisers of Scriptural truth into the churches, and so by requiring all our members to be daily Textus Receptus Bible readers, we will prevent many problems. We want God in our services and He won’t be there if we allow leaven and corruption into the church.

We can determine who the BIBLE READERS are from our PLP and RSP networks. We will allow those who are not BIBLE READERS to be guests in our services, but they cannot become members until they are BIBLE READERS. Church members who stop reading their Bibles daily, will lose their membership–unless they are unable to read their Bible daily for medical reasons–perhaps they are in I.C.U. The primary focus of this church is to honor the true WORD OF GOD (the King James Version).

Vladimir wants me to comment on the church’s dress code. Basically, men should look like men and women should look like women. Women should be dressed modestly and both men and women should dress in what is considered typical church attire in Germany. We won’t kick someone out if they look weird, as long as it doesn’t distract from the message. However, no woman can come to church exposing her breasts or wearing mini-skirts. If a woman is dressed in such a manner, then she will not be allowed to attend the services. Obviously, men should dress in a manner which covers their privates and men have to wear a shirt to come in. There will be no bare breasted men in the church service. Men dressed in such a manner will be escorted out. Men don’t have to wear a tie. We don’t want church to become a fashion contest. On the other hand, people should dress in a manner which would not detract from the service or which would cause people to unduly notice them–that is, unless we have a special dress up day for a special occasion. Example, if a guy comes in wearing purple lipstick–he’s out. Or, if a woman comes in with a hairstyle where she looks like she came from a Star Trek set (because she looks like an alien), she’s out. If a woman wears pants she can come in (as long as she is modest), though we encourage women to wear dresses to church services, but we won’t make a big deal over pants on women. Common sense rules and if there’s a dispute, the final decision will rest with the pastor.

I’ll give another $1,000 from my Silver Skies’ proceeds to my son (Erich) as a gift certificate, which Erich can use to buy himself a Christmas present. Vladimir will set this up and let Erich choose what kind of gift certificate he wants. I encourage Erich to develop his talents and use this gift certificate to develop a talent which he can use for the Lord.

Another $1,000 from my Silver Skies’ proceeds will go to a gift certificate to Vladimir’s daughters as my Christmas present to them, and Vladimir will set this up and let his daughters choose what kind of gift certificate they want. They will have $500 each to spend between themselves. Tell them that I deeply appreciate the friendship and support they have given to my son, Erich.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-17-04 , (updates on 12-18-04).
Place: Melbourne, FL