Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (12-26-2004)

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12-26-04 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I don’t think I want anyone coming into my apartment unless I can watch them. A very comfortable pair of shoes that I bought years ago, and which I have used for work at Wal-Mart are missing. They are expensive. I haven’t worn them recently and when I went to look for them this morning, they were gone. I assumed that I had misplaced them. However, I just scoured my whole apartment for them and they are missing.

Also, since this person (who fixed my heater) came into my apartment, I am also missing a piece of fabric that I bought from JoAnn Fabrics months ago to help me with a mending job. I am also missing a $1.00 sewing repair kit that I bought from the Palm Bay Wal-Mart about a month or so ago.

Also, since this person (who fixed my heater) came into my apartment, everytime I use my HEPA air filter, I have a sore throat the next morning. I think this guy contaminated my HEPA air filter, so that when I turn it on, I blow germs or some sort of irritants into the air. This guy is costing me money. He’s taken my shoes (at least 2 pairs) and has contaminated my living quarters to make me ill and has stolen some fabric and one of my sewing kits. I may discover more stuff later. Find out who this person was and why he/she did this and punish them severely. I’m not only going to have to buy replacement pre-filters, but will have to buy a replacement HEPA filter. I bought replacment pre-filters and this did not solve the problem.

To test my theory that it was the HEPA filter that made me ill, I turned it on for about an hour this afternoon and listened to my body. About an hour after I turned it on, my throat was more irritated. I don’t know what this guy put into my HEPA filter. Whoever is knowingly and willingly behind this guy needs to be executed.

The main reason I use the HEPA filter is to make noise to block out the Jesuit induced noise of the traffic from outside, so I can sleep. The HEPA filter never made me ill until this guy showed up and fixed my furnace. I slept one time without the HEPA filter and felt better the next day. Then I slept with the HEPA filter and felt worse the next day. So, it appears the problem is the HEPA filter, somebody has contaminated my HEPA filter.

I’m also missing another pair of comfortable shoes (sandals) that I used at my teaching job at Haines City. All the shoes that “work” for my feet, except the ones I have been wearing everyday (which they couldn’t steal because they were on my feet), are missing. All the shoes that are uncomfortable and that make my feet ache when I wear them are still around. The Jesuits know everything about me and are obsessed with me. I wish they were all dead, because they won’t leave me alone and they orchestrate problems against me in such a clever way. I mean who is going to believe that some thief stole all my shoes from my apartment that “work” for my feet and left my pretty, attractive AND UNCOMFORTABLE shoes alone? Ironically, the shoes that “work” cost more money than the pretty, attractive shoes! THE JESUITS KNOW THIS. Again, they have stolen from me. They are always stealing from me or damaging my property or my health, so that I have to spend money.

What’s really strange is that as I cleaned my apartment, I found my missing tire receipt from Wal-Mart, next to a booklet describing musical ampliers, electronic pianos, and “earthquake” music equipment. And we know that the Jesuits just created the 9.0 earthquake in Indonesia using their deep ocean satellites from their cities underneath the ocean floor.

Vladimir has informed me that the Jesuits have huge cities underneath the ocean floor. We discovered one the size of Los Angeles underneath the Marianna Trench in the Pacific and another one, the size of Miami, underneath the Puerto Rico trench. And we just discovered one near Japan, underneath the sea floor. The cities are set up to be self-sufficient with greenhouse farms and factories and slaughter houses for animals and aquariums that grow fish for food, etc., and are very self-sustaining and their sole purpose is to sustain those who operate the illegal satellite operations of the Jesuits (which cause earthquakes and amplify illegal 666-Computer activities), so that those who live in these cities don’t need to leave them to go to the earth’s surface. Paper seems to be a hard commodity in these cities and the people don’t use paper money, but use cards to buy everything. We are still investigating this. These cities’ sole purpose is to support and man the Jesuits’ satellites which are located underneath the ocean floor. I haven’t written anymore law in regard to this, because we need to get more information about these underground cities first.

Of course, now that we have discovered the Jesuits’ cities underneath the ocean floor and they don’t need to hide their deep ocean activities anymore, the Jesuits have decided to be more open about them and are now more brazen about their use of these cities underneath the ocean floor to promote their criminal satellite activities. And so they’ve orchestrated the 9.0 earthquake in the Indian Ocean and are killing Reggie White and just being very brazen about their use of satellite from these cities underneath the ocean floor.

Question the Jesuits and all world leaders about this 9.0 earthquake and Reggie White and all the strange things that have happened lately and find OUT WHO IS BEHIND THIS AND WHO IS BEHIND THESE DEEP OCEAN CITIES AND EXECUTE THEM PUBLICLY ON IBN–death by hanging with buzzards. I don’t care if we have to kill 1,000 of them all at once. Their brazenness in orchestrating this 9.0 earthquake is nauseating and they need to DIE.

We have to kill these bastards and stop them. The problem is, these deep ocean cities are manned by UNWILLING AGENTS. Jesuits, as usual, have created a very complicated situation for us to deal with. They never do anything simple. They are a convoluted mess.

We must find all these deep ocean cities and stop their satellite and 666-Computer activities as soon as possible. What to do about all the UNWILLING AGENTs is still an enigma. I’m not sure, yet. Pray that God will give me wisdom. These are millions of people living underneath the ocean floor. We think we’ve solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle and where all these people from those missing planes and ships ended up. THEY ENDED UP IN THESE DEEP OCEAN CITIES. THE JESUITS STOLE THEM IN ORDER TO MAN THEIR SATELLITE OPERATIONS UNDERNEATH THE OCEAN FLOOR. However, since these cities are huge and complicated and are underneath the ocean floor, we are still studying the situation to determine the best way to deal with this.

I think someone took my shoes and then planted the missing tire receipt into my apartment. They know I need comfortable shoes to go to work and that I have difficult feet (thanks to their satellite work on my feet), and so I have to spend a lot of money on shoes. This is their way of stealing from me and forcing me to spend money. KILL WHOEVER’S BEHIND THIS–I’M SURE IT’S A JESUIT. Death by hanging with buzzards to them.

If someone has been in my apartment and trying to play some sort of joke on me, this isn’t funny. Find out who is willingly and knowingly behind this and give them the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR for trying to draw attention to my ethnography in order to orchestrate a conspiracy. Give them death by hanging with buzzards on IBN.

I can’t afford to buy another pair of shoes like this and my feet are difficult to find shoes for and I really don’t appreciate this. I had two pairs of shoes that I use for work and I’ve been using my blue pair and neglecting my tan pair–and now it appears someone has come into my apartment and stolen the tan pair of shoes, because I looked everywhere and I can’t find them. And I remember bringing them to this apartment when I moved here.

Also, I don’t believe that I left the tire receipts where I found them today. I think someone came into my apartment and planted those missing tire receipts into my apartment to make me look like an idiot. Find out who this is and EXECUTE THE IMPOSED PERSON BEHIND THIS and why are UNWILLING AGENTS coming into my apartment? And make those crooks give me back my tan shoes. They were semi-dressy and I could tie them like tennis shoes and they were very comfortable.

As I read from the book of Jonah, the Lord showed me what we need to do about these DEEP OCEAN CITIES. They need to be evacuated and all those who live in them must come to the surface and live like the rest of us. We will order the evacuation of all these DEEP OCEAN CITIES and all those who live in them must leave. If the people in a city refuse to evacuate, we may destroy the city. I believe that if we lay down the law like this, that these people will evacuate and live on the earth’s surface. Once they come to the surface, we will rehabilitate them and they will be ordered to stay away from all 666-Computers and satellite technology. If they violate this order, they will go to jail. Once these deep sea cities are evacuated, we may drill a huge hole or holes from the bottom of the ocean to these cities and drown them out and destroy them. This is our way of making a firm statement that we in no way supported these cities and that we despise what these cities have been used for. WE MUST SHOW THAT WE HAVE HAD NO PART IN THE BUILDING OF THESE CITIES AND THAT WE ABHOR WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN USED FOR.

All those who live in these cities will be given instructions on how to prepare for evacuation. We will rehabilitate these UNWILLING AGENTS and train them how to live on the earth’s surface. No one can live in these DEEP OCEAN CITIES–ALL PERSONS WHO LIVE IN THESE CITIES MUST COME TO THE SURFACE. Before, AND IF, we destroy these cities, we may study them to glean scientific knowledge.

OR we may leave the cities intact and just force everyone to evacuate and these cities will become ghost towns. God has made it clear that those who live in these cities must come to the surface. That’s why the Bible says that Jonah was vomited by the whale and lived on dry land. This is God’s message, these people must evacuate their deep ocean cities and come to the surface. Anyone caught living in these cities, after an evacuation order has been given, will be given the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

I feel it is necessary to educate the world about UFOs. I think the Jesuits have been consulting with the “aliens” who live in UFOs and that is why they have such advanced technology. Have Dr. Ruckman present a special on IBN about UFOs and how UFOs could be connected to these deep ocean cities and how the Jesuits may be working with these “aliens” to acquire their superhuman knowledge. Dr. Ruckman will also show why the Jesuits may be working with UFOs and this would explain why the Jesuits have such very advanced technology. He is very knowledgeable about this topic. UFOs do exist, but they don’t come from outer space–they come FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH! Now that we have discovered cities underneath the ocean floor, this is a good time to educate the world about UFOs.

Our news teams will work with Dr. Ruckman and supply him with camera footage, audiovisual enhancements or whatever he needs to educate the world about UFOs on IBN. Dr. Ruckman will present evidence of their existence (there’s A LOT OF EVIDENCE from history–going WAY WAY BACK–this needs to be presented on IBN), what the UFOs’ nature is and their goals and why the Jesuits would desire to work with UFOs. He will also show what the Bible has to say about UFOs and how UFOs are connected to the Beast (or 666) and the role they will play in Biblical prophecy or the future Satanic kingdom of the Beast or false Christ.

As we explore these deep ocean cities, we may find some more evidence of the existence of UFOs. If this is the case, we will report this on our news station.

12-28-04: As I read from the Bible this morning, the Lord showed me the Jesuits’ headquarters. It is located in an underground city in the very northern tip of Iraq (the area that was the city of Nineveh during Bible times). The Lord has also shown me that this underground city is an extension of the country of Syria and is operated underneath the northern tip of Iraq, but is actually governed by Syria, and, it appears, that this is a huge underground city which extends from Syria into Iraq. After all, it is the Jesuits’ headquarters and parts of it extend into Syria and possibly into Iran and Turkey.

You may say how did the Lord show you this?

As I read from Nahum, chapter 3, I noticed that this chapter described the WHORE of Babylon (see Rev. 17 & 18).

3:4–”Because of the multitude of the whoredoms of the well-favoured harlot, the mistress of witchcrafts, the selleth nations through her whoredoms, and families through her witchcrafts.”

Nahum 3:4 is clearly a description of the Rev. 17 WHORE. And yet, God says that NINEVEH is this WHORE in Nahum. I asked God why he called Nineveh the WHORE of Rev. 17? He told me because it is the headquarters of the WHORE. That’s why he described Nineveh as the WHORE in Nahum–IT IS BABYLON’S HEADQUARTERS.

How do I know that Nineveh is the Jesuits’ headquarters? See Nahum 3:18–God says the KING of Assyria dwells in Nineveh! Right after God is through describing the Whore and her great city, Nineveh–He jumps right into a description about Assyria–with no break.

See 3:18.

This is kind of strange, unless God is telling us that the Nineveh He refers to is the capital of SYRIA–because the KING of Assyria (SYRIA) would LIVE IN THE CAPITAL. So Syria and the WHORE ARE ALIGNED. Therefore, when God describes Nineveh and then says in v. 18 that Nineveh is the KING OF ASSYRIA–God drops a hint that this is the headquarters of the WHORE.

God kills several birds in one stone here. He lets us know what is the capital of the WHORE–it is Nineveh (a GREAT CITY)–we know this, because the KING lives here–see 3:18 and because as God describes Nineveh, he also describes the WHORE– see beginning of chapter 3 and Rev. 17 & 18. Kings reside in the headquarters (or working capital) of a country.

So the Jesuits DO HAVE A COUNTRY. Their country is SYRIA. It is located next to Israel, because they want to claim Jerusalem as their capital. Perhaps their goal is to extend this underground capital into Jerusalem. In fact, it may already be there!

Our INTERNATIONAL SATELLITE COALITION needs to investigate this underground city in northern Iraq, which is centered around the location of where the city of Nineveh used to be. We have to takeover this operation and oust and arrest the Jesuits we will find there.

The main reason the Jesuits don’t want the U.S. led coalition to achieve a peaceful and orderly government in Iraq is because they are worried that we might discover their capital, which lies deep underground the northern section of IRAQ!


I find it interesting that God aligns the city of Nineveh with the WHORE and with Assyria [SYRIA] (see Nahum 3:18) .

What’s even more interesting is that God also described the Jesuits’ DEEP OCEAN CITIES in Jonah. AND JONAH IS ABOUT NINEVEH. He describes it by using symbolism. Since Jonah fled from God and ended up in the PITS OF THE SEA in an air bubble INSIDE A WHALE. KIND OF LIKE THE LARGE DEEP OCEAN CITIES THAT EXIST WITHIN AN AIR BUBBLE underneath the ocean floors. And, of course, God doesn’t miss a beat, because the city that Jonah needed to preach to was NINEVEH–or the Jesuits’ headquarters! God’s letting you know that the Jesuits operate from a GREAT CITY and God drops a lot of hints about the city, it is associated with the great deep, with air pockets inside moving vehicles or a great fish, it is HUGE (a GREAT CITY), it is associated with the BABYLON WHORE, and many other things which you can glean from cross-referencing all passages about Assyria, Babylon, the Whore and Nineveh in the Bible. And, what’s even more interesting is that BABYLON THE GREAT is described as a GREAT CITY in Rev. 17:18. Notice God uses a verse EIGHTEEN in Nahum 3:18. So, God wants us to connect Rev. 17:18 and Nahum 3:18!! Perhaps this GREAT CITY has THREE LOCATIONS: 1) Under the mountains of northern Iraq and Syria (the headquarters), 2) underneath the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, 3) underneath the Puerto Rico trench in the Atlantic.

Let’s do some math. 18 + 18 = 36. Nineveh is located at latitude 36, longtitude 44 (but NOT EXACTLY–God’s dropping a hint)!! The fact that it is located at longtitude 44 indicates that the Jesuits try to replace King David’s throne, using this city! Also 12 X 3 = 36. 12 stands for the twelve tribes of Israel! Notice the 3’s or 666. There are 3 sixes in 666. OR 6 X 3 or three sixes make 18. This is the FAKE CHRIST’s headquarters!

Mariana Trench is latitude 13 EXACTLY and longitude 145 EXACTLY. 145 divided by 3 is 48.3. The nation of Israel was founded in 1948. So this GREAT CITY claims to be the Israel of the Bible, but NOT QUITE (God’s dropping a hint), it is 48.3 instead of 48. Notice the extra THREE or 666. ALSO, 48 + 3 = 51 or 5 + 1 = 6 OR 3 + 8 + 4 = 15 or 1 + 5 = 6.

Puerto Rico trench is latitude 20 and longitude 66 EXACTLY!! 20 divided by 3 is 6.666666666666.

You might say that God doesn’t care about latitude and longitude. Alright –listen to this. The King James Bible comes from England. England is located at LONGITUDE 0 or the center of all truth! All the time zones in the world revolve around England!

Apparently, these DEEP OCEAN CITIES are extensions of the Jesuits’ headquarters (located in the northern tip of Iraq and Syria). So, this NINEVEH is, indeed, a GREAT CITY. It has satellite locations (or extensions) all over the world!

“Arise and go to Nineveh, that GREAT CITY.” Jonah 1:2.

Cross-reference to NAHUM. So the Jesuits DO HAVE A COUNTRY, it is a huge underground network of cities, AND THE HEADQUARTERS OF THIS UNDERGROUND NETWORK OF CITIES is called NINEVEH! This network exists underneath mountains and underneath ocean floors!

Babylon is also a country, so the other underground cities which we will discover are the parts of the country of BABYLON. This country is spread out over the earth UNDERNEATH THE GROUND AND OCEAN FLOORS, but it’s capital is NINEVEH (with 3 locations: underneath northern Iraq and Syria, underneath the Mariana Trench and the Puerto Rico Trench). It’s GOVERNING country OR OPERATIONS HEADQUARTERS is SYRIA. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if underground NINEVEH comprises all of the underground country of Syria and it also extends into Israel and Turkey and Iran and Iraq! This is indeed a GREAT CITY.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 12-26-04 , (updates on 12-28-04).
Place: Melbourne, FL