Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-18-2005)

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1-18-05 Bemerkungen ber 1-18-02 Tatbestand

IBN will do a comedy/drama parody of the Senate confirmation hearings for Condoleeza Rice, in which we will substitute all the big words used by those who speak in this hearing with simpler, plainer words that everyone can understand. The purpose for this is to expose the pompousness of American political hearings and show that when the big words are substituted with regular words that ordinary folks can understand, that these folks are not as intelligent as they appear.

Dr. Ruckman and Steven Spielberg will create this parody and they can ad-lib. Ruckman and Spielberg will get full screen credit for the presentation. They’ll hire the actors and the actresses. I tell you this will be one of the funniest things you ever saw. Ruckman knows how to make a good comedy. He can have some of the actors wear masks and outfits. Believe me I’ve seen Ruckman make comedy, he’s one of the best. It’s a very long hearing, so we may not do the whole thing.

The comedy/drama will turn into a drama in a split second (when we show in this parody that the Jesuits became aware of what I had written in this statement). We will show the lightning quick Jesuit reaction when they became aware of this statement which I had written and THE MAIN PURPOSE FOR THIS PARODY WILL BE TO SHOW THE WORLD HOW GOOD ACTORS AND ACTRESSES THE JESUIT IMPOSED PERSONS are. We will show that the Jesuits commit atrocities and then have the brazen nerve to blame those who try to help the victims of these Jesuits for not caring enough (or not giving an appropriate response to the tragedies which the Jesuits themselves have orchestrated). Perhaps in the background we will show them orchestrating and using their agents to commit atrocities against the Jewish nation and of creating the horrible tsunamis in Indonesia –we will SHOW JESUITS CREATING THE TSUNAMIS OR TERRORIST ATTACKS AGAINST ISRAEL and OTHER PLACES, AND THE HORRIBLE SUFFERING CAUSED BY THESE JESUIT ORCHESTRATIONs and while this is shown in the background, then we will go back to the hearings and show WHAT HYPOCRITICAL AND BEAUTIFUL PHARISEES AND SADDUCEES that the Jesuits are–while they use their UNWILLING AGENTS to blame those WHO ARE THE VICTIMS (or who are HELPING THE VICTIMS) of not caring enough to fix the pain and terror which they, themselves, THE ACCUSERS caused. We will show how the Jesuits use their UNWILLING AGENTs to melodramatize all their OWN terrorist activities all over the world IN THIS HEARING and that they created these horrific events for the sole purpose of condemning those who HELP THE VICTIMS. We will show the hypocrisy of those Jesuits who dare to criticize those who don’t FIX UP THE DAMAGE AS THE JESUITS SEE FIT– AND WHEN IT WAS THE JESUITS THEMSELVES THAT CAUSED THE SUFFERING IN THE FIRST PLACE. In this section we will show the vicious Jesuits in the background plotting more terrorist attacks against Israel and the world and their blatant hypocrisy to criticize those who help the victims of their own JESUIT activities (as these Jesuits themselves criticize those who try to help the victims of their OWN MURDEROUS AND CRUEL ACTIVITIES). WE MAY SHOW THE MURDERER HAVING THE NERVE TO BE THE IMPOSED PERSON to criticize those who try to help the victims of his/her OWN ORCHESTRATIONS.

We will invite Condoleeza Rice to watch this parody and will show her reaction. After it’s over, we will state under (666-Computer lie-detection) that we are mighty glad she is Secretary of State instead of Senator Kerry (who was being used as an UNWILLING AGENT at this hearing). We will expose the IMPOSED PERSONs who controlled the various senators and persons during this hearing on IBN in the comedy parody. We might show IMPOSED PERSONs in the background at their computers as they control some of the senators.

After this presentation is shown, we will show the executions of all the IMPOSED PERSONs involved in the hearing to make a plain statement that we do not endorse IN ANY MANNER the use of UNWILLING AGENTS. We will thank the Jesuits for using these IMPOSED PERSONs in this hearing because this helped us locate more of their operations, so that we can destroy more quickly the JESUIT ORDER. Because when they have the nerve to show themselves, this helps to stop their terrorism.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 1-18-05
Place: Melbourne, FL