Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-22-2005)

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1-22-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Dr. Peter Ruckman will preach a message at our church in Germany on IBN about The True Messiah versus the Beast. In this message he will tell us (using quotations from the King James Bible) how we can recognize the true Messiah by showing from the Bible what is says about the true Messiah’s ancestry, his style, his methods and his message as opposed to the ancestry, style, methods and message of the Beast. This is a big subject in the Bible and give Dr. Ruckman as much time as he needs to do this subject justice. Dr. Ruckman will give irrefutable Bible evidence that the true Messiah will be a genetic descendant of King David and will be a Jew who will honor the Jewish nation at His return.

After Dr. Ruckman preaches his message, a Jesuit leader will be invited to present his views on IBN at our church on who will be the true Messiah. If the Jesuit leader refuses to present his views or will not debate Dr. Ruckman about this matter, then we will ask him (under 666-Computer lie-detection) whether the reason he refuses is because he knows he cannot back up his assertions, because he does not want to acknowledge that the King James Bible teaches that the Messiah will be a JEW DESCENDED FROM KING DAVID, WHO WILL HONOR THE JEWISH NATION AT HIS RETURN and, for this reason, the Jesuit does not want to debate this subject because he is anti-Semitic and he knows he will lose the debate.

After, and if, a Jesuit leader has finished his presentation, then Dr. Ruckman and the Jesuit leader will have a debate over what will be the ancestry, style, methods and message of the true Messiah and the whole world will watch this debate on IBN.

IBN will have a special which will cover some of the topics Dr. Ruckman covers in his book Black is Beautiful. This special will cover recent evidence which we’ve uncovered from JESUIT SPECIALISTS all over the world and how evidence we’ve uncovered from JESUIT SPECIALISTS show that the Jesuit Order is responsible for the litigious climate in America today, where you have to be very careful how you talk–to the point of ridiculousness. We will show that this censorship of speech, where only “acceptable” speech is allowed and where some people are excessively touchy over what others say–is a prelude to an American Police State and that this is part of Jesuit strategy (by evidence which we’ve uncovered from their SPECIALISTS) to set up a SPEECH POLICE, which will be a prelude to an American Police State (like the Nazis) where if you say the wrong thing or even if you don’t say the wrong thing (but the people in charge don’t like you), you can be arrested and tried for “hearsay” and for saying something innocent which has been twisted into something else.

Basically, IBN will show that evidence we’ve uncovered from the SPECIALISTS show that it is the goal of the Jesuit Order to remove FREEDOM OF SPEECH from the world, so that we will lose FREEDOM OF SPEECH and will have to live in a Police State like Russia had under Stalin or Germany had under Hitler. Which means you can be arrested over “hearsay” and this is the Jesuits’ goal when they takeover a country. They prepare for this by creating a litigious climate whose goal is to cause society to view it as normal to NOT HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, so that when the POLICE STATE is set up, no one will try to buck it. The Jesuits’ goal is to get one in trouble for voicing one’s opinion over something that one should feel free to talk about. The Jesuits decide what is acceptable and unacceptable speech–and our evidence has uncovered that acceptable speech is any speech that furthers the Jesuits’ agenda and unacceptable speech is any speech that hinders the Jesuits’ agenda–THIS WILL BE EXPOSED ON IBN–by evidence we’ve uncovered from the Jesuits’ own SPECIALISTS. This is what the Jesuits want for America and we will show this in the IBN special, by showing evidence we’ve uncovered from the SPECIALISTS and how Jesuits cause people to be overly sensitive over things said, like an innocent comment that Harvard Univ. President made about how many women go into mathematical and scientific fields. This is all part of the Jesuit set-up to label persons by their speech, so that those persons who have opinions that the Jesuits don’t like can be labelled and eliminated. So if that person is not part of the “in” group or is not liked by the Jesuits, the Jesuits can use that person’s speech to arrest them or cause them to lose their jobs. Basically, this means that the Jesuits’ goal is to remove FREEDOM OF SPEECH from the world.

The International Government believes in freedom of speech and if any person is used as a Jesuit agent willingly and knowingly to try to use one’s speech against them, IN ORDER TO PROMOTE A JESUIT AGENDA, that person will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR. Once you remove freedom of speech, then you lose freedom of religion. When you lose freedom of religion, you lose ALL FREEDOM. We will not tolerate any attempt to set up a Jesuit police state. People should not have to walk on eggs and watch their speech for fear that they will be arrested or will lose their jobs. This does not mean we encourage fights or riots, but it does mean that a person should not have to fear being himself or voicing a political or religious opinion, if that opinion is not made in a manner which threatens the hearer’s life or safety. For instance, we will not tolerate someone saying, “You dirty, rotten b—-, why don’t you jump in the lake and die.” But if someone wants to voice a political or religious opinion and does so in a peaceful and orderly manner, he/she should not be reprimanded. To reprimand someone for voicing a political or religious opinion (when that person does so peacefully and in an orderly manner) is a violation of the right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH and this is against international law and against CONSPIRACY LAW. And when a person’s right to freedom of speech is violated in order to promote a Jesuit agenda, that is a death penalty violation of CONSPIRACY LAW. This is because to promote the removal of FREEDOM OF SPEECH is to promote the set-up of a Jesuit Police State–which we are adamantly against..

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 1-22-05
Place: Melbourne, FL