Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (1-28-2005)

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1-28-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir Putin will preach a long, involved message from the pulpit of our church in Germany (which will be broadcast on IBN) about the fact that according to the Bible, the real Jesus Christ who comes back and sets up His worldwide kingdom–will be a totally JEWISH MESSIAH, who will be genetically descended from King David. He will use all the Bible passages that honor the Jewish race and that honor the King David genetic line-up. The purpose for this message will be to show that the Jews ARE GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE–even though the Jewish nation is currently in rebellion against God.

The purpose for this message is to show how that according to the Bible, Israel will be glorified and will become the leading nation in the true Jewish millennium (which is the God-ordained millennium according to the King James Bible) set up by Jesus Christ. While he preaches this message, Vladimir will be analyzed by 666-Computer analysis for any lying and for how he feels emotionally about the fact that the Bible says that the Jewish nation will be honored and raised above all other nations in the Jewish millennium and in God’s eternal and earthly kingdom (which will be the millennium and the kingdom that the genuine FULLY JEWISH Jesus Christ will set up over the whole earth in the future).

Also, Jesuit leaders (and all other world leaders, including the Pope) will be analyzed (via 666-Computer analysis) to see how they feel about this message. The results of this analysis by 666-Computer of Vladimir Putin and the Jesuits who hear his message, will be presented on IBN.

Dr. Peter Ruckman will help Vladimir to prepare for this message, since Vladimir is still a preacher in training. Dr. Ruckman has preached this way the whole time that he has been a preacher– that the future Jesus Christ is a full blooded Jew descended from King David–so this is no new doctrine for Dr. Ruckman

The purpose for this message and for the analysis of Vladimir Putin and of those who hear this message, is to firmly establish to the world who the REAL ANTI-SEMITES ARE and who (in this present terrorist-plagued world) are the true friend of the Jews, and who (in this present terrorist-plagued world) are the REAL enemies of the Jews.

I am certain that the Jesuits will not like this message, since this message will downgrade the credibility of their future Jesuit Pope or their BAAL (which they are so obsessed about and which they would die and kill themselves over–see 1 Kings 18:22-28). This is because the Jesuits desperately want to set up this Jesuit Pope (or BAAL) over all the world as the MESSIAH or Jesus Christ. He will really be 666 or the false Christ (the Beast).

And by having Vladimir preach this message (AND BY ANALYZING THE REACTION OF VLADIMIR WHO PREACHES THE MESSAGE AND of THOSE WHO HEAR IT), we will expose to the world who the real ANTI-SEMITES ARE AND THE REAL REASON WHY THE JESUITS ARE SO ANTI-SEMITIC☛THE JESUITS HAVE A MESSIAH COMPLEX, which means they will do literally anything, and I mean ANYTHING, to set up their Jesuit Pope over the whole world as the Messiah (Jesus Christ). They feel they are justified to do anything (murder, terrorism, sabotage, treachery, a Jewish holocaust, etc.), as long as this is their goal. And we will expose this on IBN☛ It will be very interesting to see what the Jesuit reaction will be to Vladimir’s message about the Jewish–and I mean 100% Jewish–Messiah which Vladimir will preach about. You might say what about Ruth and some other Gentiles in Jesus’ genetic background? Well, that accounts for so little of Jesus’ ancestry, it’s hardly worth mentioning. JESUS WAS, AND IS, A FULL BLOODED JEW. But God probably included Ruth to show that He appreciates a GENTILE WHO STANDS WITH THE JEWS–because that is exactly what RUTH DID. And the Jewish nation honors Ruth as if she was a JEW. In fact, every Gentile in Jesus Christ’s genetic background stood up for and protected the Jewish nation. The real Jesus Christ (when He shows up will make the Jesuits’ false Christ look like a Jewish fake)–because the false Christ will have some Jewish blood (I think he will be about 1/3 Jewish), but the false Christ won’t be as Jewish as Jesus Christ and he won’t be descended from King David AND THE FALSE CHRIST WILL HARM AND TRICK THE JEWISH NATION–NOT PROTECT IT. God has a reason for all His long and drawn out geneologies in the Bible!! Apparently, God wants to emphasize the DAVIDIC JEWISHNESS of Jesus Christ, BECAUSE HE DOESN’T WANT THE WORLD FOOLED BY ANY IMPOSTERS!

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 1-28-05
Place: Melbourne, FL