Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (2-6-2005)

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2-6-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

I request the prayers of Bible believing Christians all over the world. I’ve already missed 3 days of work because of illness and I started feeling bad on 2-1-05. I’m on the Z-Pack and today at work I felt so dizzy and lightheaded and then my throat felt dry and I was sweating all day at work. But when I come home and take my temperature it says 98.6. That’s why I went to work, because my temperature was 97.3 when I woke up. Of course, I’m getting typical symptoms of yeast infection OR CANDIDA (which I have been diagnosed with)–but Vladimir tells me it’s not yeast and I need to finish my antibiotic. He says I’m suffering from a TRIGGER PROGRAM caused by the antibiotic I’m taking to get well! The TRIGGER PROGRAMMING was in my DAMAGED PERSON-PROGRAM.

The Jesuits can’t use me as an UNWILLING AGENT, but they sure can make me feel like crap.

I felt like I was on another planet and was quite uncomfortable. It appears that since Vladimir is planning to use Wal-Mart to come get me, that the Jesuits attack my ability to work and if a miracle doesn’t happen, they will succeed in making me unable to do my job because of illness. I ask for prayers for my health and for my dental health as well. All these medical/dental problems will turn out to be very expensive and then I’ll have to file for bankruptcy again–maybe next time I’ll lose my car or something worse.

So I am in a real dilemma. If I’m too ill to work, then I can’t pay my bills, because all my income comes from Wal-Mart and I’ve already missed too much work already. Either God has to get me money, so that I can afford to be sick and to stay home. Or else He needs to give me health so that I can work and pay my bills!

On top of this, I’m still being bombarded with UNWILLING AGENT customers at work. It seems we can’t lick this problem. And a lot of them are showing up blowing their nose and coughing and they are all trying to undermine me and help out the Jesuits–I can tell. These poor dupes can’t even tell they are being manipulated. When the Jesuits orchestrated a cough spasm in me, they had an UNWILLING AGENT customer rush to my register right at that time, so I would have a hacking cough spasm right in front of this customer. It’s funny how when I could feel that uncomfortable tickle in my throat, that this customer urgently headed towards my register. I COULD TELL THAT THE JESUITS PROGRAMMED THIS CUSTOMER TO SHOW UP RIGHT AT THAT TIME.

The Jesuits’ attention to thoroughness and detail is NAUSEATING.

On top of that I have to use the restroom (because the Jesuits give me a 666-Computer induced urinary frequency problem) and everytime someone blows their nose, they throw the soiled napkin in an open trash receptacle and they always time it that the sick person shows up when I’m in the restroom! For instance, one co-worker blew her nose and threw her soiled napkin into the trash can right before I was about to throw my napkin in there, which I used to dry my hands. This was deliberate timing on the part of the Jesuits. I don’t know why everyone seems to think mucous filled tissue belongs in the trash. It belongs in the toilet. I only use the trash when there’s no toilet around to throw it in. It’s bad enough having to deal with UNWILLING AGENTS when you’re healthy, let alone when you are sick. And then the Jesuits gave me a hacking cough spasm at work and I could tell it was not from my illness, but was a 666-Computer attack. I think most of my suffering is coming from 666-Computer attack and it’s making me miserable, but I’m also still dealing with a germ.

On top of this, the Jesuits are using satellite technology to cause my rear molars to wear away, so that I am getting a deep groove in my back molars. If this keeps up, within 2 months OR LESS I will be down to the root–then I’ll need a crown or a filling. This is getting really expensive. I can’t afford the TMJ treatment that I will need to fix this. I don’t think my insurance covers TMJ. Of course, anything that I need my insurance doesn’t cover–the Jesuits see to that. And I’m not even sure the treatment would work, since I think this tooth and jaw joint damage is caused by satellite attack on my teeth and jaw joints. My UNWILLING AGENT mother took my splint a year ago, and I don’t know what she did with it. I’m sure she forget she took it, because the Jesuits gave her amnesia about it. I never brought it up to her, because I figured it was a waste of time. But I looked everywhere for it and I know I left it in its container. Someone went into the container and took it. That thing cost me about a couple hundred bucks. That’s one reason I don’t live with my mother anymore.

Where’s my W-2 form from Wal-Mart? I need my income tax return to do something about my teeth, unless the RSPs can figure out a way to beat these Jesuits so they’ll quit messing up my mouth.

Vladimir told me I was better off without the splint because the last dentist who made it, did it wrong and it was making my jaw joints worse. However, the splint did seem to prevent damage to my teeth or maybe the Jesuits deliberately withheld damage to my teeth so they could use the splint to destroy my jaw joint. I don’t grind or clench my teeth during the day, so I’m not sure how this damage is occurring. Unless I do something in my sleep. But Vladimir tells me Jesuits use satellite on my teeth, when the shield around my mouth is down–that means it’s been down a lot lately. This was about a year ago that my mother took my splint, and my teeth were doing fine until about a month ago. Now, all of a sudden, my teeth are wearing away. I’m not sure how my jaw joints are doing, but I can tell that there is considerable wear there.

I owe my dentist $57.00, which I can’t afford to pay him because I just used up all my money to pay the doctor bill for my present illness.

When I try to sleep at night, my sleep is attacked by 666-Computer, so I average about 6 to 7 hours and I keep getting up all the time. There’s some mucous inside my ears and I feel fluid floating around in there, so that I can’t hear well. My throat feels dry and irritated. And sometimes it’s hard to breath when I go to bed at night. It feels like my lungs are constricting or having spasms. This has been going on for about a month, but the past week has been worse. It keeps me up at night. The past week my sinuses have been so blocked, that they have felt like a lead weight and I could only get air through my mouth. Needless to say, this keeps me up at night, too.

Much of my misery is not being caused by a germ illness, but by 666-Computer attack. I can tell. The Jesuits are on a rampage attacking me with the 666-Computer. Pray that we figure out how to deal with damaged programming in the PERSON-PROGRAM. This is making me so sick, I can’t work. Vladimir tells me we have removed the LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING and the TRIGGER PROGRAMMING and now we are dealing with DAMAGED PROGRAMMING. When we go in to fix the DAMAGED PROGRAMING, it causes all sorts of things, like TRIGGER PROGRAMMING to explode onto the PERSON-PROGRAM, or other LOOPHOLE PROGRAMMING to explode onto the PERSON-PROGRAM.

It’s like we can’t lick this computer-satellite control the Jesuits have over our PERSON-PROGRAMs no matter what we do! WE HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DO BETTER THAN THIS!!! ASK GOD TO SHOW US HOW. Because if we can’t figure out a better way to deal with this, the Jesuits will make me so ill I won’t be able to work and pay my bills. And I know Vladimir isn’t going to show up at my door with a check, because he’s too worried about IMPOSTERS or that the Jesuits might kill me and blame it on him if he tries.

Pray for a miracle for my health and that we figure out quickly how to deal with this DAMAGED PROGRAMMING, because what we are doing isn’t good enough! The Jesuits are WINNING.

As a result of prayer and Bible reading, God seemed to tell me to establish the FEAR ANALYZER CORPS. Also, I want to be put back under the primary care of the Germans. They did a good job and seem to be doing better than the PLPs and RSPs who have me right now. The Germans from the MEDIC CORPS use on me. I like the Germans. Maybe they can fix my teeth. While I’ve been under the care of the MEDIC CORPS, I have had terrible wear on my teeth. I never had such wear on my teeth until I came under the care of the MEDIC CORPS. Perhaps, just use the Germans from the MEDIC CORPS on me and if these Germans are stumped, they can confer with some other countries.

XXXX–G.S. (2-6-05)

AAAAAAA–G.S. (2-6-05)
BBBBBBB–G.S. (2-6-05)
CCCCCCC–G.S. (2-6-05)

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 2-6-05
Place: Melbourne, FL