Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (3-21-2005)

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3-21-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir tells me that the Jesuits and their supporters claim that the reason Harvard Law School wants to make special arrangements for me to study law with them and why I’ve been awarded the Nobel Prize and an honorary law degree from Harvard is because I am a very attractive woman and their decisions are not based on my intellect or abilities. Also, the Jesuits claim that the reason so many men want to marry me is because of my looks and not for other reasons–that the attraction is shallow and not the basis for a long-lasting relationship.

My response to this is that the Jesuits are the biggest hypocrites I’ve ever seen.

Ask the Jesuits under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotional analysis the following questions:

1) If you feel that Brent Spiner’s attraction to Gail Schuler was primarily physical, why is it that he never went to bed with Gail, even when she offered herself to him and even though he was in love with her?

2) If you are so concerned about long lasting relationships, why did you hook up Brent Spiner with the voluptuous and physically radiant beauty Loree McBride, who had to drug and rape Brent and use extortion through Paramount studios to obtain her girlfriend status with him because Brent was so enamored with Gail this was the only way Loree could compete? Apparently, Brent’s attraction to Gail was much more than physical, since Loree (the Jesuit agent used to undermine Gail’s relationship with Brent) had better looking legs, a better figure, whiter and better teeth without the periodontal disease which Gail suffered (which caused gum recession where all of Gail’s teeth’s roots are exposed). Loree’s white teeth were perfectly straight and aligned, whereas Gail has crooked and crowded and yellower teeth (including two buck teeth at the front). Loree had a perfect and shapely face shape, not Gail’s rectangular and rounder face shape. Loree had a prettier face and a perfect nose (not the Jewish nose Gail has) and Loree didn’t wear glasses all the time and had more sparkling eyes than Gail and was about 9 years younger than Gail and she had less wrinkles (and was more healthy) than Gail–and yet, despite Loree’s superior physical attractiveness and radiant health, Loree couldn’t compete with Gail in Brent’s heart. Loree could wear eye makeup, whereas Gail can’t–because Gail’s turn bloodshot when she wears eye makeup. Gail had a slight acne problem, whereas Loree’s skin was perfect. Gail can’t wear contact lenses, her eyes are too sensitive, so Gail has to wear glasses all the time. If physical attractiveness was all Brent wanted, he would have been satisfied with the radiantly beautiful Loree, since she was available and easy for sex. Gail was unavailable and not easy for sex and Loree had more physical attractiveness and health than Gail. Yet despite Loree’s superior physical beauty and health, Brent always dreamed about making love to Gail and had no attraction to Loree because Gail reigned in his heart. EXPLAIN HOW BRENT’S FEELINGS FOR GAIL COULD ONLY BE PHYSICAL, IF THIS IS HOW HE TREATED AND FELT ABOUT LOREE AND GAIL. BRENT DUMPED THE PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE KNOCK-OUT LOREE IN HIS HEART, AND DIDN’T GIVE LOREE THE TIME OF DAY COMPARED TO THE ATTENTION HE LAVISHED ON GAIL SCHULER. That’s why I didn’t know he had a girlfriend until 1996, because he was SO ATTENTIVE TO ME. IF HE HAD LOREE, SHE HAD TO WATCH HIM PAY ATTENTION TO ME ALL THE TIME. In fact, she got frustrated and screamed at me on the phone in 1992 (the day after Brent made love to me on the phone) and said, “Hey bitch, what the fuck are you doing with my boyfriend!” WORD-FOR-WORD TRANSLATION–what a lovely personality.

I knew whoever this woman was, that it couldn’t be his girlfriend and I just laughed her off at the time. I knew a woman this vulgar in personality would never compete with me in Brent’s heart and I was right. Outwardly, Loree was a radiant beauty. Inwardly, she was scorpions and a self-centered baby. I despised her for destroying Brent, because I loved him and I knew she was too shallow to love him or understand him. I figured she was some lunatick. I couldn’t believe it when I found out she was his girlfriend. Brent told me nothing about her and nothing about how Paramount extorted him into his relationship with her.

3) USE 666-COMPUTER HISTORIANS and analysis to back up my assertions, which, I believe, are correct. Also, use these HISTORIANS to analyze the quality of Brent’s feelings toward Gail and why it was that despite the availability of Loree and her superior looks and radiance (as compared to Gail), that Brent always dreamed about Gail and not about Loree. USE 666-COMPUTER HISTORIANS TO VERIFY THAT THIS WAS SO. The results of this analysis will be presented on IBN. After these results are presented, ask the Jesuits how Brent’s feelings for Gail could only be based on her physical attractiveness, if he constantly had the company of a woman far more physically attractive than Gail and only had sex with this woman when she raped him–at a time when he was too drugged out to know what was going on. And that despite the constant companionship of this physically voluptuous and radiantly beautiful woman, he never desired Loree, but desired Gail the whole time (and Gail was never near him and only maintained a long distance letter/phone relationship with Brent) and yet Brent gave Gail his complete attention 24/7. Apparently, Brent was attracted to Gail’s mind and her brain and her outlook and the attraction was far more than physical, since he loved to read her writings and hear her thoughts. Also, Brent maintained his love and intense interest in Gail for a period of about 10 years and he never touched Gail or looked into her eyes. THIS IS A RELATIONSHIP BASED ON PHYSICAL ATTRACTIVENESS ALONE?

3) If you are so convinced that Gail lacks intellect, then why have you put so much time and effort into removing her brain cells (using illegal 666-Computer technology)? If she isn’t smart, then why do you feel a need to remove her brain cells? Obviously, you think she’s brilliant or you wouldn’t go to so much trouble to undermine her brain–right?

4) Also, Gail’s genetic profile is very close to Howard Hughes–since her grandfather’s genetic brother was Howard Hughes. Are you insinuating that one who has a genetic profile close to Howard Hughes doesn’t have enough intellect to make it to Harvard Law School? Howard Hughes went to an Ivy League school before he jumped into his own business ventures. Also, what would Gail’s real intellectual capacity be, if you hadn’t messed with her brain? Have 666-COMPUTER HISTORIANS present evidence that Jesuits have undermined Gail’s intellect and what her real intellect should be, if the Jesuits had left it alone. If you Jesuits are so convinced that Gail lacks intellectual superiority, then why do you go to so much trouble to undermine her brain and intellect?

5) How could a woman who is not intellectually superior (or brilliant) write a first time novel that wins the accolades of award winning writers and becomes a monumental best seller? And she got all her writing training from a simple correspondence school and by reading writing instruction books–she didn’t train at some prestigious writing school and even developed her own voice ON HER OWN and critiqued her own writing for this first novel? And she learned how to write mostly by READING BOOKS about the writing craft. She received no help from anyone to write this book–NO HELP AT ALL FROM ANYONE–HAVE 666-COMPUTER HISTORIANS VERIFY THIS. It was all her own effort and she did all her own critiques on her writing. You are claiming that a woman who is not brilliant could pull this off?

6) And if you are so concerned about honoring those with brilliance, why did you publicize lies about Loree McBride in which you claimed that Loree wrote and produced some Hollywood productions, when she did not –when actually someone else did all the brain work for her? In essence, you tried to portray Loree to the world as a woman with intellect and substance that could compete with Gail because you realized that was one big reason Loree got nowhere with Brent– because you knew that your agent Loree’s mind and soul couldn’t come near Gail’s? Is this correct? Apparently, you are one big hypocrite, since you tried to portray Loree to the world as a woman of brilliance, when she was not a brilliant woman and at the same time you tried to undermine a brilliant woman–Gail. You don’t give a flip about a brilliant person if they don’t go along with your agenda–since you promote the dumb or average one (Loree) over the smart one (Gail), that is–if you don’t like the ideology of the smart one (Gail).

7) If you are so concerned about honoring brilliance, then why did you insure that all of Gail’s writings would be undermined and caused Paramount to totally reject Gail’s script “Lal” which was far more brilliant than most of the writings for the shows that made production at Star Trek? AND, you encouraged the Star Trek writers to steal Gail’s ideas (when she wrote to Brent about the writing quality of Star Trek–and when she offered free critiques of the show’s writing) and the writers and producers often incorporated Gail’s ideas into the writings of the Star Trek episodes and yet wouldn’t pay Gail a penny for her brilliant critiques of Star Trek writing, and Gail’s critiques were often utilized and incorporated into Star Trek episodes. Use 666-COMPUTER HISTORIANS on the Star Trek writers and producers to see if this was so. They used her ideas and writing critiques, but treated her (and her personal life) like scum. Why would the Star Trek writers use Gail’s ideas, if she was considered of average intelligence?

8) Gail’s genetic sister graduated with a 4.0 average from a bachelor of science nursing program. Are you insinuating that Gail comes from an intellectually average family? And when she has a genetic profile similar to Howard Hughes? Are you insinuating that Howard Hughes was not brilliant?

9) When Keith Morgan rejected Gail back in 1978, when she sort of proposed to him–he did say that he considered her a pretty girl as he rejected her marriage offer–so, apparently, at that time, Keith was looking for more than a pretty girl as his wife. Use 666-COMPUTER HISTORIANS to verify this. This shows that Keith (when he was about 19 years old) wanted a wife who had more to offer than physical beauty. Gail has not seen Keith in about 25 years and she’s certain that as he has grown older that he is probably more concerned about getting a virtuous woman with substance, rather than just a physical knockout. As a man grows older, he usually learns to appreciate good wife material more than when he is younger. And yet, when Keith rejected Gail as a romantic possibility back in her prettier days (when he was 20 and Gail was 19), he admitted that she was pretty and even told her this–as he rejected her “marriage proposal”. Gail remembers this, because she took it as an insult that he insinuated that she was shallow and that he saw her only as a woman who could offer to him physical beauty and nothing else. It really stung and that’s one reason she avoided Keith like the plague after he rejected her romantic approach. He meant it as a compliment to ease his rejection of her, but she took it hard, because she wanted to be everything to a man and much more than just his good looking woman. At the time, Keith’s rejection statement that he considered Gail pretty, didn’t make Gail feel better, because it made her feel that looks was all he saw in her and she was quite dejected about this, because this went against her image of herself as the ideal and virtuous Christian woman and wife.

Gail has to admit that she was not herself with Keith and didn’t really allow him to get to know her. She really didn’t know who she was until she got into her early 30’s. But she was so devastated by Keith’s rejection–where he insinuated that all she had to offer was looks, that she never directly proposed to a guy again after this rejection, unless the guy had already shown a romantic interest in her. Keith never showed a romantic interest in Gail when she “proposed” to him in 1978, so she took a real gamble. That’s why she still remembers to this day, that he told her she was pretty as he rejected her romantic approach–because it (at the time) made her feel like a slut–like that was all he saw in her.

She decided she didn’t want to deal with this humiliation ever again and she never proposed to a guy so directly ever again after this rejection, unless the guy showed a real romantic interest in her first–that’s how much Keith’s rejection humiliated her. He made her feel worse by telling her she was pretty, because she already knew she was. She was sickened by men who whistled at her from bus stops and hated all the focus on her looks.

10) Notice that the man who caused Gail to blossom and how he romanced her and won her total devotion. Listen to “Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back” and notice that as Brent sings about the woman (Gail) he adores, WHAT IT IS HE ADORES–it is her TOTAL PERSON, HER THOUGHTS, HER SOUL, HER WOMANLY CHARM AND SWEETNESS. THIS IS WHAT GAIL WANTED THE MAN TO NOTICE AND BRENT NOTICED IT AND ADORED IT–and so he became her sun and his love for her inspired her to write a masterpiece novel. He never sings about her physical beauty, but extols instead her charm and who she is as a person and her sweetness and her personality and her goodness and outstanding traits as a person and how he enjoys her presence and her total person. This is how Brent won Gail, because he admired in her those qualities that she strived earnestly to develop in order to be an ideal wife for a good man. Before Brent told Gail she was gorgeous, he told her first that he loved to hear her thoughts and –for this, she adored him. He first wrote her a letter and encouraged Gail to share her thoughts with him and said he enjoyed hearing her thoughts. Later, after a year of listening to and hearing her thoughts, he calls her gorgeous and says he wants to rape her (with a voice that had a longing to it like he had dreamed about making love to her for years)–but the way he said it, he didn’t sound like a criminal–that’s why she was so stumped by the phone call. Because when she hung up on him, he didn’t pester her. He left her alone and didn’t call her for weeks. He gave her space and he only called when he sensed she was in distress.

But his initial approach was not at all physical. The first thing he told Gail in a letter he wrote her (August 1990) was that he enjoyed hearing her thoughts and appreciated her sharing her thoughts with him. First Brent says that he loves to hear her thoughts, and then about a year later (May 1991) Brent calls her gorgeous and admits he dreams about making love to her all the time.

He told me on the phone (May 1991 through August 1992) he dreamed about making love to me all the time and when I turned him down, he seemed real disappointed, but wasn’t mean at all–instead, I could hear him kissing me on the phone. He did it with class, there was nothing vulgar about him at all. He was very creative and classy and the ultimate in finesse and sensitivity in how he expressed his feelings toward me. And yet, despite this, I rejected his romantic offers and held him off for a year while maintaining a friendship with him. I told him that I adored him, but my conscience would not allow me to be physically involved with him, but I wanted to be his friend. So when he admitted that he dreamed about making love to me (and even described how he would go about it), he didn’t offend me, because I knew that his feelings were more than physical–so he made me feel beautiful because he loved ALL OF ME, not just my body. In fact, he never got my body–but still adored me–and you say all his feelings for me were physical?

In fact, he never went to bed with me. He just made love to me over the phone. It wasn’t easy for me to turn him down. I think I felt like Abraham must have felt when he offered Isaac on the altar to God. I ADORED BRENT, but I was married at the time. I can’t tell you how bad I wished I WAS SINGLE. That’s why I won’t rush into marriage. I won’t allow myself to get in that position ever again.

When my dream guy shows up, I WANT TO BE AVAILABLE. I have high moral standards and it means everything to me to keep my communication open with God. This was my big hang-up and why I wouldn’t go to Brent. I used to get mad at God all the time for allowing me to be in this predicament (where my dream guy propositions me and I have to turn him down for moral reasons–because I was stuck in a cold marriage–but I knew that a cold marriage was not a Scriptural grounds for divorce). I knew I had Scriptural grounds when David deserted me and wouldn’t provide for my medical needs–then I left him (1999 and 2001) and then I was ready to marry Brent–but, by then, the Jesuits had done too much damage with Loree and had already laid all the groundwork to make it impossible for Brent and I to marry safely.

Because when I was a young girl, I prayed and asked for God’s will in marriage and I still don’t completely understand why God allowed me to marry David Schuler (who used me, instead of loved me).

Besides, I know, because of my relationship with Brent what a true love relationship is, and I am more quick to recognize it if it happens again. I won’t settle for anything less. If I don’t love the guy as much as Iove Brent, I’ll be his friend–that is, if he’s not a scum–but I won’t marry him. Lately, only scumbags have propositioned me and I know the Jesuits are attempting to associate me with scum to cheapen me. I just tell the scums (or those that I know are incapable of understanding me) that I’m taken, because I consider myself engaged to Vladimir. I won’t befriend a guy who is a scum, because I have too much class for that and I won’t allow the Jesuits to cheapen me. I won’t hang around with an inferior guy. Besides, these inferior guys DON’T INTEREST ME AT ALL. Right now, I haven’t been hanging around any guy, because I don’t want the Jesuits to use any man to ruin my chances for a happy marriage with Vladimir or Brent. I won’t fall into this trap. I’ve had the best and I won’t settle for less. I’ll stick to my dreams, rather than waste my time (for even friendship) with a shallow or totally incompatible guy.

I’m not going to get stuck with anyone who isn’t my dream guy. If I wasn’t married in 1991, I would have rushed into Brent’s arms. The Jesuits used my year long rejection of Brent’s romantic moves to give themselves time to destroy our relationship. I hate them. During that year when I turned Brent down romantically (but maintained my intimate friendship with him), they were making plans and they forced Loree into Brent’s life.

You might say if you have such a devoted love for this guy, why haven’t you married him? I would have, if it wasn’t for 9-11-01, which the Jesuits did to discourage Brent from marrying me. He was trying to marry me. I realize that, because of Loree and the damage done to our relationship because of her, that if I get together with Brent, that a lot of people are going to die and that maybe I or Brent would be killed and that many innocent people (perhaps Brent or myself) would be framed with the Jesuit -orchestrated murders. THE JESUITS ARE OBSESSED WITH ME. I HATE THEM. THEY WON’T LEAVE MY LOVE LIFE ALONE. If it wasn’t for them, I’d be Brent’s wife right now and would probably have a wonderful marriage to him. I still love him and he still loves me. I just don’t want another 9-11-01.

It’s a miracle that another man (Vladimir Putin) could take his place. And it makes sense that it’s a man with Russian blood, because both Brent and I have Russian blood.

You might say, there are a lot of famous or brilliant guys that want to marry you. You don’t think any of them could take Brent’s place? I won’t know until I test them out. Most guys don’t come anywhere near Brent. I can usually tell on the first meeting that the guy is definitely OUT. So far, every man that has propositioned me since Brent, repulses me, and I have had no desire to be romantically involved with any man who has asked me out (or hinted a romantic interest in me) thus far. I’ve turned them all down. I propositioned Vladimir Putin and he returned the feelings. Most men who have made the first move with me since Brent, don’t interest me AT ALL. They are disgusting. Brent and Vladimir make them look sick. I’m even insulted that they ask me. I wish these cruddy and vulgar and inferior guys would leave me alone. I can tell the Jesuits are trying to match me up with (or get me associated with) disgusting men who are far below my worth AND WHO ARE INCAPABLE OF UNDERSTANDING ME. I’ve had the best relationship in the world with Brent Spiner, and I know a real love possibility when I see it. All the men who have propositioned me thus far, are disastrous matches for me and it would never work. They are TOTALLY INCAPABLE OF UNDERSTANDING OR APPRECIATING MY VAST MIND AND SOUL. THEY ARE SHALLOW AND BORING AND VULGAR. So far, Vladimir is the only one who is close and I don’t know about the guys on Vladimir’s marriage list for me. I haven’t even met them some of them and others I haven’t seen in years. If I can’t find a guy that I love as much as I’ve loved Brent, then I’ll stay single. I may keep the guy as a friend, but I won’t marry him and I’ll stick to my dreams.

The little bit of communication (via 666-Computer) I’ve had with Keith Morgan, has impressed me thus far. But I still don’t know him well enough. But he hasn’t done or said anything which has convinced me that he and I are a disastrous match, yet–which is the impression that most men give me. However, Vladimir is who I want to marry, because Vladimir has really impressed me and we have had a solid relationship since 2001.

You might say, what about the men on the marriage list Vladimir has created for you? I don’t know. I like Keith and Vladimir has let him talk to me (via 666-Computer). But I won’t know for sure until, and if, I meet Keith if he could ever take Brent’s place. I do think that he is a guy I’d like to be friends with, which is more than I can say for most of the men who have propositioned me. Keith is a guy I was crazy about when I was 19, but I’ve changed a lot since I was 19 and have been through a lot. I’m not the same person I was at 19. That was almost 30 years ago.

I don’t even trust most men to even be their friend. And I think most men are incapable of comprehending or appreciating my vast intellect and soul. Vladimir and Brent understand me. I’m afraid the Jesuits would use the man’s friendship with me to destroy my marriage prospects with Vladimir Putin, and most of these men aren’t worth the risk–I don’t even want to be friends with them, because they are totally incapable of understanding me and would probably make a boring or dangerous companion. Most men who approach me romantically, strike me as being very vulgar and not a big enough or intelligent enough person to understand me AND ARE FAR BELOW ME–they don’t interest me AT ALL, not even for friendship. I can tell the Jesuits have sent them.

Keith stands a chance, I was impressed with his approach to me. But I still need to get to know him better and Vladimir is who I want to marry now. I wish Vladimir could meet me directly. I hate playing all these games. I hate what the Jesuits have done to my love life.

NOTE OF INTEREST: My Harvard Law School bulletin and application forms are missing. I ordered them about a year ago from Harvard. I suspect the Jesuits used my UNWILLING AGENT mother or the guy who fixed the heater in my apartment to sabotage this. What’s also missing are the material I bought from JoAnn Fabrics to alter my pants. This was stolen by the guy who fixed the heater in my apartment. Apparently, the Jesuits don’t like it that I can sew, since this makes me appear to be good wife material–I guess. The Jesuits are fanatics about every aspect of my life. I hate them.

I haven’t applied to Harvard Law School or any law school because I don’t have the time or money for law school right now. I need to get myself established financially, so that I don’t have to worry about money while studying law. I believe this will happen when Vladimir comes up with a way to give me the proceeds from my novel, which hasn’t happened yet. I want to go to Harvard Law School, because I feel this is the best law school in the country and I want the best legal training so that I can do a better job as a lawmaker and attorney in defeating Jesuit terrorism, which, I feel, is the biggest problem in the world today. If I become an attorney, I want to be the best, because that is what I will need to be to beat up the Jesuits and my life goal is to give them hell. I think they are the most monstrous organization on the planet and that those who support the goals of the Jesuit Order should all be executed.

The best way to accomplish this is through the law. The Jesuits know my goal, that is why they don’t want me to go to law school. This Jesuit organization has too much power, including the abilities to use evil physicians (via satellite/computer technology) to manipulate and control people’s minds, bodies and life and death. For me to defeat an enemy this good will require the best and most brilliant legal skills. I feel only a law school like Harvard, will give me the training I need to deal with these brilliant and super rich monsters, who can control Presidents and Prime Ministers.

I have already acquired considerable legal skills from dealing with the Jesuits, but I need to learn the laws, so that I can more adequately write laws to defeat the Jesuits. The laws will be learned in law school. I won’t go to just any law school, because I feel the Jesuits control many of the law schools–but, from what I’ve observed of Harvard, I don’t feel they control Harvard Law School–so I want to go to Harvard.

If I go to Harvard Law School, I will need special arrangements. The Jesuits have handicapped me and my writing hand is cramped. My writing forefinger does not cooperate and I can’t write fast. So accommodations will need to be made for this handicap. Perhaps I could bring a transcriber or something to classes–so that I could record the classes or transcribe them (without having to rely on my own handwriting–which is very slow), or I could learn the laws from a computer (in combination with classroom or courtroom training)–I type fast. I also hope that Harvard will allow me to learn at a part-time pace, since because of my life and the handicaps the Jesuits have given me (via illegal 666-Computer), it will be necessary for me to do the work of a lawmaker while I am in law school. Vladimir puts most (or all) of my laws into legislation and almost all of them are passed. I don’t expect the Jesuits to let up on me EVER, so I always need time to write law, in order to deal with the constant problems the Jesuits create. This is almost a full-time job in itself and I will always need time to do this. In fact, my sole reason for wanting to study law is to help me in my present unpaid position as a lawmaker (probably the most important work I do is what I don’t get paid for)–but I don’t have the luxury to put this voluntary lawmaking job on hold. I’m at it 24/7 and can’t let up, so I don’t have the time for full-time legal studies. I could only study law at a part-time pace. Right now, I definitely don’t have the time for law school, because I have to work full-time at Wal-Mart to pay my bills. So until my finances are in better shape, I have no time for law school.

I can’t save money by living with my mother, because the Jesuits use her as an UNWILLING AGENT to steal things from me (including important legal documents from my files) and they use her to sabotage my relationship with Vladimir Putin. I had to move out of my mother’s house for this reason, BUT THIS MEANS I HAVE TO PAY RENT and all my money goes to rent and living expenses. I have no money or time to study law in my present situation.

When my finances are solid and I can afford to cut back my hours at Wal-Mart or put my Wal-Mart job on hold, then I will apply to Harvard Law School. Until then, it is just impossible. I cannot let up on my lawmaking duties. This job as an unpaid lawmaker, is a job I have to do. I’ve already started and my work is essential to defeat Jesuit terrorism. If I can’t defeat Jesuit terrorism, then we are all dead and so I can never let up on my job as a lawmaker. This is a job I do 24/7. The Jesuits will stop AT NOTHING to realize their goal of a worldwide dictatorship and they have established strongholds in law and medicine which are catastrophic and overwhelming to defeat. This will not be an overnight victory. I may be in my 50s when I start Harvard Law School. I will just have to wait until God gives me the time and money to study law at Harvard. I’ve wanted to study law at Harvard since about 1999 and 2000. So far, the Jesuits have caused too many financial problems (and other problems) for me and I just don’t have the time or money to devote to law school yet.

And I won’t go to just any law school. I’m determined to go only to a law school that shares my philosophy about the law and I feel that Harvard and I feel the same about the law. I don’t want to study law anywhere else, because I feel the Jesuits have control of the other law schools and Harvard has stood by me over the years. They’ve already given me an honorary law degree and will let me study at my own pace and whatever I like. So, I like Harvard and I want to go to a law school that I trust and feel comfortable about. Also, when I read the Harvard Law School bulletin, I sensed that Harvard and I share a similar philosophy about the law and about what constitutes good law, so I want to go to Harvard. Harvard’s not cheap, so my finances need to get in order first–until this happens, law school is out of the question. I don’t want to have to worry about what I will eat when I study law. I want to be able to focus all my attention on my legal studies. Right now I am not in that situation, where I can study law–I still don’t have the proceeds from my best selling novel and I would have to worry about money in law school, I don’t like that.

The Jesuits want me to bomb out in law school. If I went now, that is what would happen. I need a special arrangement where I can study part time in a manner that accommodates my writing hand handicap and I need to go to a law school that shares my goal to defeat the Jesuit Order. The only law school I will go to is Harvard.

It’s Harvard or bust. If Harvard won’t take me, then I won’t go to law school. I’m set on Harvard–that’s why I haven’t applied to others and why I take so long to study law at a law school. But I don’t have the money for Harvard yet. I feel that if I go to any law school besides Harvard, that my legal studies will be a waste of time, because I sense that the other law schools are too manipulated by Jesuits and that I will be framed and eliminated from the law school or that the law school will teach me lousy law. The only law school I trust is Harvard. The Jesuits are too obsessed with me. I won’t go anywhere else. So, if I have to wait until my 50s to study law, then so be it.

You might say, why would Harvard Law School want to admit someone who works as a cashier at Wal-Mart? I feel they will admit me, because they will see me as a whole person and see all of my life, not just my job as cashier at Wal-Mart. I’ve written a best selling, masterpiece novel in the omniscient voice (which is NEVER recommended for a first novel–since most beginning writers butcher the omniscient voice) on my first novel attempt (this indicates high intelligence and the ability to think things through). I’ve written statements which have been admitted into very important legal cases and they were used to cinch the case. I have written law (without the benefit of law school) which has been passed into legislation the world over. So, Harvard sees all this and wants me to study law with them.

Also, don’t knock the clerk-level workers at Wal-Mart. Some of them are very intelligent. We had a girl who worked as a clerk at this Wal-Mart where I work for about 6 years, who is right now studying law at U.C.L.A. She was admitted to U.C.L.A. Law School before she took the Law School Admission Test. I haven’t taken this test, either–because I feel it will be rigged by the Jesuits to cause me to do poorly. I also have two bachelor’s degrees and graduated with honors from Florida State University with a degree in Health Education and the area of law I’m interested in deals heavily with medicine. I’m currently writing law which deals with terrorist medical practices involving pioneering satellite/computer technology, so the studies I have put into biology, chemistry and medicine are coming in handy in my legal practice. I was a nursing major until my junior year at F.S.U.–so I took some basic medical courses.

3-23-05 Mete out the death penalty to the satellite practitioner who messed up my LIVING WILL document, so that I can’t get into it and will have to type it all over again, in order to have a record in my computer files. Show the questioning of those involved in this computer interference on IBN and give them death by hanging with buzzards, to show that you are against Jesuit attempts to use computers (in any manner) to further their criminal and terrorist enterprises. I tried renaming it, copying it, moving it to another disk. Apparently, the Jesuits have contaminated the file so that I cannot pull it up. Kill them.

I’m only typing the last page, since I have the paper version of the first 3 pages, but this just eats up more of my time and the Jesuits eat up too much of my time with their hellish garbage. Kill them for this. They’re a bunch of dirty killers and don’t deserve to live. Show the case on IBN, who was involved with interference on my computer, why they did it and then mete out the death penalty.

XXX1/2–G.S. (3-21-05), (updates on 3-22-05), (updates on 3-23-05).

AAAAAAA–G.S. (3-21-05), (updates on 3-22-05), (updates on 3-23-05).
BBBBBBB–G.S. (3-21-05), (updates on 3-22-05), (updates on 3-23-05).
CCCCCCC–G.S. (3-21-05), (updates on 3-22-05), (updates on 3-23-05).

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 3-21-05 , (updates on 3-22-05), (updates on 3-23-05).
Place: Melbourne, FL