Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (3-25-2005)

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3-25-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Found out which Jesuit conspirators are behind the nasty weather we had in Melbourne, FL today and question them to expose their motives for orchestrating this weather. Once we expose their motives, which I’m sure are VERY bad and are a death penalty violation, then execute those who knowingly and willingly used illegal satellite technology to orchestrate this nasty weather with death by hanging with buzzards. LET THEM HANG FOR AT LEAST 3 DAYS. GIVE THE BUZZARDS PLENTY TO EAT!!

We are going to make a clear statement that we violently oppose all Jesuit attempts to draw attention to my ethnography in order to orchestrate their murderous conspiracies. KILL THEM.


Kill the bloody, murdering bastards that have the nerve to even let us know that their filty carcases exist. If they show off AND MAKE THEIR PRESENCE KNOW–WE’LL GO AFTER THEM. THEY’RE DEAD.

Death by hanging with buzzards to the BASTARD violators. NO MERCY. They don’t show us any mercy. Look at 9-11-01.

When the Jesuits decide to show off their capabilities–WE’LL KILL THEM. I’VE HAD IT WITH THESE STUBBORN BASTARDS.

Vladimir wants me to write a statement about why I’m set on going to Harvard Law School and why I won’t go to any other law school.

Put me under 666-Computer lie-detection as I write the following statement:


I decided that I wanted to become a lawyer when I determined (around 1998) that the Jesuit Order would never leave me alone and would try to kill me, incapacitate me or destroy me any way they could. I determined that if I wanted to live a life of honor and if I wanted my friends to have justice and peace and freedom from interference in their private lives, that I would need to become an attorney.

The reason I determined this is– because I sensed (back in 1998) that the Jesuits have considerable control over the American judicial system and the American jurisprudence and that serious reform is needed in the American legal system, in order to weed out Jesuit poison from the American legal system. This poison is so severe that if left unchecked, it will lead to the total destruction of our freedoms and of the American way of life.

Us Americans have taken our freedoms for granted and these are freedoms which our forefathers died for. We are at the point in our history, that our country is in serious danger of total annihilation and I believe, that if I had not written CONSPIRACY LAW (and if I had not had the courage to stand with Brent Spiner in his legal case against Loree McBride) that we could very possibly now be on the verge of a holocaust in our country, which would make the Jewish holocaust of World War II seem like a picnic.

I realized as I wrote statements for Brent Spiner (in 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001), which caused him to win his case, that this Brent/Loree case was probably one of the most important legal cases in all of world history.

This is because the outcome of this case would determine not only whether an innocent man and woman (Brent and myself) could be free from tyrants who sought to control every aspect of our lives (including every aspect of our private lives), but would determine whether ANY MAN OR WOMAN COULD BE FREE FROM THE TOTAL CONTROL OF TYRANTS. If Brent lost this case, it would be a death knoll for those who don’t want to have their private lives controlled by the government and BIG BROTHER.

Because I wrote statements for Brent Spiner and because what I said concurred with the evidence about the Brent/Loree relationship–it was determined that Brent was extorted into his relationship with Loree by the Jesuit Order of the Roman Catholic Church and by exposing this–I put the Jesuit Order on the defensive and they were not able to aggressively carry out their plans for a total dictatorial takeover of the United States. In other words, my courage to become an unpaid attorney to defend Brent in court, not only saved Brent,—but saved the United States of America from a Jesuit takeover.

However, even after Brent won his case, the Jesuits continued their attacks against us to undermine my testimony, to destroy my friends and to ruin my influence, because they realized that I was doing tremendous damage to their goals of a worldwide dictatorial takeover.

As a result of the free legal work which I’ve done to defend my friends (Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin), I’ve had a lot of experience against the best attorneys in the world (because the Jesuits had the money to hire the best attorneys). It has been an overwhelming challenge to beat these brilliant legal thugs in the courtroom. I have found that the only way I could do it, was I had to write laws which would deal with the problems they created, since there were no laws which dealt with their use of computer/satellite technology to read people’s minds, to manipulate their health and to control people like robots. Fortunately, the laws I’ve written are based on legal concepts which are accepted worldwide and have been passed as law in just about all countries. I learned how to write such laws through trial experience in dealing with Jesuits.

Until these laws were written, we were very limited in what we could legislate or do in the courtroom to deal with these brilliant criminals. I wrote these laws based on my extensive experience in dealing with Jesuits in the courtroom where I had to deal with all their rebuttals and all their arguments and I learned to anticipate their legal tactics after having extensive experience in dealing with them.

I learned to figure out their approach to the law and their maneuverings, so that I was able to write effective law to deal with these very smart criminals. As I wrote law, I would try to anticipate how they would try to work around them, in their attempts to nullify my laws, in which the Jesuits’ goal was to make my laws ineffective so that we could not stop them from their goal of worldwide dictatorial takeover.

My goal in writing these laws was to eliminate and remove Jesuit poison from the legal system and to find proactive laws to deal with Jesuits and to take a more aggressive legal approach in dealing with Jesuits. That’s because before I wrote these CONSPIRACY laws, our only legal approach was DEFENSIVE, which is a limp way to handle Jesuits. My goal was to create a legal framework of laws in which we could effectively and justly deal with these criminals, so we would nullify or weaken them and make their attempts to control us ineffective.

In other words, I developed very good legal street smarts, as a result of the school of hard knocks (in which the Jesuits gave me a catastrophic amount of trouble AND MUCH OF THIS TROUBLE WAS LEGAL).

You may say you are going on a tangent and not explaining why you want to go to Harvard. Well, as I worked as a free attorney for these very important cases, I watched the news and listened to all the legal commentators. So I learned a lot of legal perspective, by hearing lawyers talk about their cases and I compared their perspectives with my own trial experiences with Jesuits.

I was impressed with the legal arguments I heard from Harvard Law School graduates. They seemed more thought out and brilliant than the arguments I heard from graduates of other law schools and the Harvard Law School graduates seemed to have a greater sense of the lawyer as the PUBLIC SERVANT. I also read through a Harvard Law School bulletin and liked what I sensed was the philosophy of this law school. I also perceived that Harvard and I share a similar philosophy about what law should be and of the role it should play in the world.

You see, my goal, or why I want to be an attorney is not to impress everyone with a J.D. behind my name. My reason for wanting to go to law school is not to get a high paying legal job. My reason for wanting to study law is to learn to be more effective at what I’m doing right now, so that I can promote freedom and peace in the world and defeat the goals of the Jesuit Order. I’m already doing the job of a lawmaker and I practice international medical terrorism law –this is my specialty. So I am looking for a law school which is very strong in this area. I feel that when it comes to international law and a broad and humanitarian legal perspective with a passionate concern for genuine social justice and broad ranging and worldwide concerns–that Harvard Law School is the best.

I feel at Harvard I could learn law that could be applied to improve legal systems worldwide against Jesuit totalitarian attempts– that not only the United States’ legal systems could be reformed, but other countries’ legal systems could be reformed to immunize those countries from a Jesuit takeover (including countries that have a history of totalitarianism). And that Harvard is the best school to prepare me for this role as a lawmaker who redesigns a country’s weak or ineffective or dangerous law into laws that will promote a peaceful, orderly and just society–into a society which honors the righteous and punishes the wicked murderers and which prevents cruel tyrants from taking over the country.

Harvard seems to have the broad ranging and humanitarian perspective of law that I seek and seems to promote the ideal of a lawyer as a public servant and not as just some brilliant maneuverer of legal briefs and concepts in order to outwit an opponent JUST TO OUTWIT AN OPPONENT (which is the Jesuit philosophy of the law) IN ORDER TO PROMOTE AN AGENDA.


I want to be an attorney who changes history, who causes laws to be passed which will promote peace, justice, freedom and the autonomy of the individual. I sense that Harvard shares the same philosophy about the law as I do, and that they are as passionate about this kind of law as I am and that Harvard sees the BIG PICTURE OF THE LAW and not just tactics ABOUT HOW TO WIN A CASE. You see, the lawyers and judges of a country, can MAKE OR BREAK A NATION.

The body of laws that I’ve written have already made a significant impact in our war against Jesuit totalitarianism. It is very important to me that I can study at a law school which shares my passion about this and SEES THE BIG PICTURE ABOUT LAW and how laws can change the course of history. Because if I go to the wrong law school, they can destroy my reputation and cause these laws which I’ve written (and have been passed into legislation) to be undermined.

If this happens, then tyrants will flourish and be promoted, while those that are just and honorable will have to live in fear of their lives. It would be Stalin and Hitler in control of the U.S. By the way, Stalin and Hitler were groomed and nurtured by Jesuits. I hate to say this, but the United States has come very close to turning into a New Age type of dictatorship (which is the same philosophy which Hitlerism was based on) and I fear if I had not had the courage to stand with Brent Spiner in his legal case, our nation would be in a catastrophic state and would have been taken over FROM THE INSIDE by the Jesuit Order. But because I took a stand on the Brent Spiner case, the Jesuits tried another tactic to takeover the U.S.–from the OUTSIDE (9-11-01). An attack from the INSIDE would have been far more effective and lethal, but because my stand with Brent Spiner gave the Jesuit Order deadly exposure, the Jesuits had to change their strategy. So I put the Jesuits on the defensive by standing behind Brent Spiner and because I represented Brent in the courtroom. So, for this reason, I am very passionate about what I do and don’t do it for money. I want to be a legal reformer or lawmaker to save the world from a Jesuit takeover. If the laws are good I’ll leave them alone, but if the laws give the Jesuits loopholes to create problems, I want to reform the laws, or add to the laws, to give us some laws to effectively deal with this Jesuit orchestrated medical computer/satellite terrorism which deeply affects all of our lives.

However, the Jesuits haven’t given up their attempts to takeover a country from THE INSIDE, since this is the most effective way to takeover a country and we have to be ever diligent–so I want to go to law school to help prevent this.

I sense that Harvard supports my goals passionately and will assist me to improve my legal skills, so that I can continue my current legal job and become better at it. I don’t have this confidence about other law schools, because the Jesuits have made serious infiltration in the legal community (which is part of their tactic to takeover the U.S. from the INSIDE).

But I have observed some legal courage at Harvard Law School in which they have stood by me over the years and I trust Harvard. My experience has been that there are very few legal organizations or schools I can trust. MY BIGGEST PROBLEMS HAVE COME FROM JESUIT LAWYERS, so there are a lot of evil lawyers out there. I don’t want training which teaches me how to be a brilliant manipulator TO PROMOTE AN AGENDA, BUT TO BE A BRILLIANT LAWMAKER WHO PROMOTES JUSTICE, HONOR AND COURAGE AND RESPECT FOR THE INDIVIDUAL AND THE RIGHT FOR EACH PERSON TO MAKE HIS OWN CHOICES WITHOUT UNDUE INTERFERENCE FROM GOVERNMENT.–TO ALLOW EACH PERSON TO BE HIS OWN PERSON AND TO BE AUTONOMOUS AND NOT THE PUPPET OF AN AGENDA. I want to be a courageous pioneer and forge new paths in the law to make a difference, which I’ve already done. I want a law school which shares my vision. Harvard fits the bill.

The laws I’ve written are catastrophically important and MUST NOT BE UNDERMINED, so I won’t risk going to any law school which would try to undermine these laws I’ve written or would not help me to be more effective at what I’m doing right now. I will only go to a law school that has the courage to stand behind me in this goal of mine to minimize Jesuit computer/satellite medical terrorism, and I only want to go to a law school which is passionately concerned about legal social justice and about just medical practice AND INDIVIDUAL FREEDOMS as I am. Harvard has been dependable over the years. I only trust Harvard. I need the best legal training in the world to beat up the Jesuit Order and I feel Harvard will deliver the goods.

When I study law there, my goal will be not to compare myself with my fellow law students but to compete against my own standards and my standards are that I have to be good enough to use law to defeat the computer/satellite medical terrorist goals of the Jesuit Order–which is an overwhelming challenge. I feel that only Harvard can give me the training I need to meet this goal. I won’t waste my time or money at a law school which will not help me to meet my goal–which is to use law to defeat the terrorist goals of the Jesuit Order. This is an overwhelming task and requires brilliant legal skills. I feel that Harvard will meet my goals. I want to be a lawyer who is a PUBLIC SERVANT who makes this world a better place to live in AND REMOVES PEOPLE FROM THE SLAVERY AND COERCION OF JESUIT TOTALITARIAN LEGAL SYSTEMS, MEDICAL SYSTEMS, COMPUTER/SATELLITE SYSTEMS, AND GOVERNMENT SYSTEMS– I don’t want to be just a brilliant manipulator and winner of cases–but a lawmaker who promotes a free and just and courageous society AND WHERE PIONEERING TECHNOLOGY IS USED TO HELP PEOPLE–not manipulate them. This is not an easy task because the Jesuits have made serious contamination into our legal and medical systems and their legal and medical concepts have become accepted and have caused our laws and the practice of medicine to undermine freedom and the respect for the individual.

These laws and medical concepts have been accepted by shallow people who are power mongers and not thoughtful and courageous lawmakers or medical practitioners. To beat these thugs, the lawmaker must be creative, have courage and deeply think through his/her legal concepts and be a brilliant forger of new paths based on accepted legal concepts, but yet concepts which go in a new and effective creative direction, to deal with catastrophic and dangerous deficiencies in our legal systems. This type of lawmaker must have a brilliance which is far above average, because that is what it takes to be a successful pioneer against a brilliant opponent who knows ALL THE ROPES and has established legal and medical strongholds which need to be overturned or re-created. To re-create a deficient legal and medical system requires the best legal and medical skills and the most brilliant legal philosophy. I sense that these are traits that Harvard seeks to cultivate in its law students. Harvard seems to agree with me. I’m set on Harvard. Harvard respects the courageous pioneer, who has courage and honor. I like Harvard’s attitude. They think like I do.

My job is far too important to be undermined by a law school which supports the Jesuit Order. I won’t risk any law school but Harvard, because, so far, that is the only law school I trust to prepare me to do better at what I’m already doing. I’d rather not be a lawyer or not go to law school at all, then to do anything that will help out the Jesuit Order with their computer/satellite terrorist goals.

3-26-05: Regarding my above italicized statement, have Vladimir Putin and all the men who are my alternate health care surrogates (in my LIVING WILL and HEALTH CARE SURROGATE DESIGNATION) and the Jesuit leaders–make a statement (under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotion detection) about how they feel about my above italicized statement. The purpose for this statement is to clear the innocent from Jesuit accusations of jealousy or of a secret conspiracy against me to undermine my health, career or brain. There is a group out there who seeks to harm me and I believe it is the Jesuit Order, but the Jesuits are constantly trying to implicate my friends with their plots and schemes to harm me, so that they can cut off my supports–so we need to DRAW THE LINES and make it plain who is my friend and who is my enemy. This is something we constantly need to do for every incident which the Jesuits create.

The Jesuits created another rainstorm today, follow the principles I outlined in this beginning of this statement and continue to execute those that are guilty. We have to be tenacious against a very stubborn enemy.

XXX1/2–G.S. (3-25-05), (3-25-05 updates on 3-26-05).

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 3-25-05 , (3-25-05 updates on 3-26-05).
Place: Melbourne, FL