Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (4-14-2005)

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4-14-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

Vladimir and the courts in Washington state have decided to declare a mistrial in the 2001 trial regarding the custody of my son, Erich Schuler, in which I and David Schuler went to court. This is because I have responded to what I was served with by David Schuler, in which I admitted that Brent Spiner contacted me and that Brent and I had more than a fantasy relationship. In the 2001 trial relevant information was withheld by myself (and possibly by others) and so this trial is being conducted again and Brent Spiner is testifying in this new trial to help to decide the custody of Erich Schuler. As a result of the withholding of this relevant information (that Brent and I had more than a fantasy relationship), it was determined that I was psychotic and, therefore, that Erich should not be allowed to have visitation with me unless I was taking appropriate medication to deal with my psychosis. Now that it is known that Brent Spiner contacted me and that it was Brent, and not I, who began my romantic relationship with him, this determination that I was psychotic is in question and needs to be reevaluated.

I would like to state that I never went to bed with Brent Spiner and I never touched him or had physical contact with him and we never met face to face, but, nevertheless, we had a very significant romantic/friendship relationship which was maintained from a period of about 1991 to 2002 mostly by long distance communications.

I never ever hinted to Brent that I wanted a romantic relationship with him. I initially wrote him through his fan mail with a friendship motive and did not try in any manner to encourage him to develop a romantic interest in me, but maybe after I sent him a tape of my singing of gospel hymns, I turned him on. I think it’s rather strange that it was my singing of Christian hymns to him that turned him on–if that was the case. I’ll let him testify about what I did that attracted him.

It was BRENT, and NOT I, who initiated the romantic side to our relationship. I responded to his move when he called me, after he asked me to go to bed with him in spring 1991. I told him that I couldn’t, but that I adored him and wanted to be his intimate friend. He did ask me to go to bed with him (several times throughout 1991) and I turned him down, but maintained instead a very intimate friendship with him. But he knew that I wanted to go to bed with him and he understood that I only turned him down because of my religious convictions. Brent Spiner is a very sexy man and his sexual approach is very attractive, because he is extremely sensitive, warm, respectful and passionate in his approach. He made me feel like I was the most gorgeous woman in the world when he made love to me over the phone. Much of the correspondence and communications between us was very romantic and intimate and just about every time Brent spoke to me he was very intimate and what Brent said to me was definitely very romantic and intimate–I’ll let Brent decide how much he wants to divulge, but there was no doubt he had a romantic interest in me. The communications were very intense and took up much of my life from 1991 to 2002. He did all the listening and spent hours each day hearing all about my life and what I did every minute of the day. After 1994, he never talked to me with his voice on the phone, but he let me know that he listened to me by making noises on my phone. It was a kind of bizarre communication, but I knew he was on the other end listening to everything I had to say. However, there were several times (from 1991 to 1993) that he DID talk to me and most of these times, he was very romantic and intimate. He was very softspoken and rarely said much, but what he said was passionate, intimate and full of emotion. He definitely had feelings for me. He was never ever mean or small, but came across to me was a sensitive, warm and caring man and always made me feel nurtured and treasured. And, I believe, in Dec. 1993, he actually knocked on my apartment door in Lynnwood, and whispered my name (Erich heard it) and then he took off in a white truck–that was the closest we ever got to a face to face meeting.

You might say if Brent is so special to you, why are you marrying Vladimir Putin? Brent is an excellent lover, but he’s not an excellent politician. He’s lousy at dealing with Jesuits and the Jesuits will never leave me alone and Jesuits are very good politicians. This is a fact which I have faced and I realize I will be dealing with them for the rest of my life, so anyone who marries me has to be good at dealing with Jesuits. Brent made some serious mistakes in judgment and these mistakes created a lot of complications for me. Brent should not have allowed Paramount studios to extort him into a political/romantic appearing relationship with Loree McBride. For one thing, Brent wasn’t in control of this relationship with Loree, Paramount was–and, further, Brent’s lousy at politics and allowed brilliant politicians (Paramount studios–in combination with Jesuit influence) to control and influence his love life. Paramount did not have the right to do this AND BRENT SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS. IF BRENT HAD SUED PARAMOUNT STUDIOS FOR EXTORTION, instead of giving in to them–then he and I could have married. But Brent hates all forms of conflict to such an extent that he allowed his distaste for conflict to destroy his personal life and to destroy the love of his life. It’s a miracle the Jesuits haven’t killed me. Brent didn’t do this on purpose, he did it out of STUPIDITY. HE’S A WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING. Once he allowed Loree into his life–even if it was only a publicity relationship, HE NO LONGER HAD ANY CONTROL OVER HIS PRIVATE LIFE–A VERY DUMB MOVE. HE ALLOWED OTHERS (WHO DID NOT HAVE HIS BEST INTERESTS AT HEART) TO MANIPULATE AND CONTROL HIS PRIVATE LIFE.


THIS WAS VERY DUMB and it destroyed any chances of marital happiness between Brent and myself. This was a disastrous move by Brent, and it gave the Jesuits too much ammunition against me. I can’t afford to marry a man who makes dumb moves like this. Once Brent gave in to Jesuit extortion, our chances for marital happiness in this life was destroyed. So, Brent made some serious legal mistakes (which you can’t afford to make with Jesuits) and because of these mistakes, he made it very difficult (albeit, almost impossible) for he and I to get together safely in this life. The Jesuits always outsmarted him.

Anyone who marries me has to be a good politician who knows how to handle Jesuits. I have concluded that a love as special as Brent and I’s must be reserved for another life, where there will be no Jesuits and where Brent and I can just concentrate on being lovers and not have to worry about politics.

Brent is a wonderful person with a great heart and a big person. He’s just a lousy politician and the Jesuits outsmart him too much. Vladimir Putin is also a wonderful and big person, but Vladimir is a lot smarter at dealing with Jesuits than Brent. So, I’m very fortunate in that I’ve found a man who has Brent’s bigness of heart and his breadth and intelligence and is also exciting as a lover, but also has a little more courage and more legal and political street smarts than Brent–so I prefer to marry Vladimir, because Vladimir is smarter at dealing with Jesuits. For Brent to maintain such an intense relationship with a married woman, took some guts (or stupidity) depending on how you look at it. But I think Brent was brave to maintain his relationship with me for as long as he did, and I’m not going to write him off as a coward– but he’s not as smart as Vladimir in dealing with Jesuits and that may only be because Brent hasn’t had the life experiences of Vladimir Putin. But Vladimir is really good and I’m glad I can help him to be better as a President. Vladimir is a great President and I’ve made him a better one. We make each other better, Vladimir and I are a great team.

I can’t afford to marry a man who’s dumb at dealing with Jesuits.

However, the dumbest of the dumb in dealing with Jesuits is David Schuler. David is a DISASTER at dealing with Jesuits. Brent wasn’t totally dumb about it, but Vladimir is better at dealing with Jesuits. So I feel comfortable about marrying Vladimir.

Vladimir and I make a great team and the world needs Vladimir and I together, because we are an unbeatable legal/lawmaking team and the work is so intense and takes up so much of our time, we may as well get married, because it requires intense and prolonged communications between us all the time–that only a husband/wife team could produce such outstanding results like have been produced between Vladimir and myself. Vladimir and I are both passionate about the same things and feel exactly the same about Russia and about politics. We see eye to eye in all political and legal matters. I have shaped much of Vladimir’s policies toward Russia in the past 4 years and have tremendous influence in how Vladimir conducts his job as Russian President. He seeks my input in just about all he does and values my input.

But Brent will always be special to me. And, as far as I’m concerned Brent is an outstanding human being with a big and generous and unselfish heart. I have nothing bad to say about Brent Spiner, except to say that he’s not a great politician (and maybe that’s a compliment) and God will honor our love in the next life, I really believe this, and this will be the ending to my novel Silver Skies.

Brent claims he’s jaded, but as a lover, he came across to me as about as pure hearted as you can find–like a man with a heart of gold. I loved how he talked to me over the phone, when he made love to me over the phone. He was not at all ashamed of his sexual feelings toward me and treated sex as a way to nurture his lover. I never ever felt used when he talked to me in an intimate manner. It seemed his goal as a lover was to nurture and make his lover feel special. There was nothing cold at all about his approach. He’s a very passionate lover and seemed obsessed with thrilling and nurturing me in bed. It was not easy to turn him down. This, I believe, is a Russian trait and that’s why I like Russians as lovers. Brent has some Russian blood. As a lover, he didn’t seem jaded at all, but had a tender and ultimate devotion that would make the devotion of most men seem callous and crude. I’ve never seen such tenderness, greatness and devotion in a lover like I’ve seen with Brent Spiner. His love for me inspired me to write and to write Silver Skies.

Vladimir is just as devoted to me, but combines it with political savvy and legal street smarts. But if any man could teach a course to men on how to be an exciting lover, it would be Brent Spiner. This guy could win the Nobel Prize as a lover. Brent is a very attractive lover and I loved this about him. I have no doubt that if I was involved with him sexually, he would make me feel more complete and would nurture me and would be very good for my mental and emotional health and that he would be exciting in bed–this is something very important to me. However, for a man to be exciting in bed, does not mean I think he’s always a great performer, because I am more turned on by how he caresses me and the feelings that I sense from his heart, than by his actual sexual moves. Here is where Brent and Vladimir both excel. A satisfying love life is something very important in this life. I would love both these men and believe my sex life would be very fulfilling, even if there were male impotence problems. We could work it out somehow.


David Schuler was a total disaster. He was a disaster in bed and a disaster with Jesuits, so I definitely don’t want him.

You may say you haven’t gone to bed with either Brent or Vladimir, so how would you know? Both men have made love to me verbally and with Vladimir, he’s made love to me (via 666-Computer)–so I know.

But I believe that Vladimir would be satisfying in bed as well, since Vladimir also has the Russian lover in him, WHICH I LOVE and I feel safe with Vladimir, because Vladimir is smarter in dealing with Jesuits–and they aren’t easy to deal with. I don’t hold this against Brent–that he’s not as good as I’d like against Jesuits, but, unfortunately, it’s a fact of my life and I need a man who can deal with Jesuits.

These communications between Brent and I were on a daily basis for hours and hours each day. After 1994, Brent wiretapped my phone and made it possible for me to talk to him over the phone, if I managed to get any “blank” tone on the phone. It is because of my relationship with Brent, that I was introduced to Vladimir Putin–because Brent made the introductions.

Apparently, I don’t need to testify or be present in this new trial, since they basically need the testimony of Brent Spiner to assist them in their deliberations and Brent Spiner has indicated his willingness to testify on my behalf and he is testifying.

I will leave it up to Vladimir over whether to televisize this trial on IBN. He can show the whole trial or portions of it on IBN, I completely trust his judgment in this matter. He can allow Erich to testify as well, if he desires. Erich is almost 18 and can probably handle it. Vladimir currently has custody of Erich and I believe the courts will allow Vladimir to retain custody and will PUT IT IN WRITING and file these decisions in the Washington courts and with any other courts that may have jurisdiction over this matter. What will be decided will be how to handle visits or communications with David Schuler toward my son, Erich–while Erich is in the custody of Vladimir Putin and myself (when, and if, I marry Vladimir).

4-15-05 and 4-16-05 updates in italics: Vladimir has informed me that he is going to allow Brent back into my life and Brent will be able to talk and interact with me (via 666-Computer). So both Brent and Vladimir will interact with me (via 666-Computer). Vladimir is impressed by the level of devotion that Brent has to me and feels he must give Brent an opportunity to marry me and that this needs to be cleared before I marry either one of them. Brent has indicated that he wants me to marry Vladimir, but both still want me to wait until I have dated both of them for six months before any marriage takes place. I can readily distinguish between the two men’s personalities when they both talk to me (via 666-Computer) and sometimes they talk to me within a couple seconds of each other.

Vladimir wants me to be absolutely certain that I prefer Vladimir over Brent as a husband. Both Vladimir and Brent and the Seattle court dealing with my child custody case, feel that in order for me to make the right decision who I really want to marry (or to make the marriage appear solid), that I need to have a face to face relationship with both Vladimir and Brent, so that I can appear to more wisely choose a future husband.

Vladimir says he loves me and definitely wants to marry me, but that he will allow Brent to make love to me (via 666-Computer), even while I’m married to Vladimir. If it wasn’t for Brent, Vladimir never would have come into my life and Brent has never had sex knowingly and willingly with any woman since he fell in love with me in 1991. Loree McBride tricked Brent and drugged and raped Brent (in Sept. 1992) and though Brent penetrated Loree, he was in a drugged state (when this happened) and Loree manipulated his body to cause him to have sexual intercourse with her. She got on top of him and made all the moves. Brent informs me that while he was doped out and Loree was manipulating his body, he was imagining (in his drugged state) that he was making love to me and when he “came to” (or came out of his drugged state), there was another woman beside him and it wasn’t me and he WAS HORRIFIED. It’s a shame Brent didn’t tell me about this, because I would have believed him and would have stood by him. THE JESUITS (through Paramount) PULLED A DIRTY TRICK ON HIM TO TRY TO DESTROY MY RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. Brent never had sex with Loree after this incident (apparently he found her so repugnant for raping him and tricking him into betraying me–that he had no desire for Loree at all–despite her good looks), but he was fearful that if he didn’t go along with Loree as his publicity girlfriend that he would lose his Star Trek job at Paramount. Apparently, Paramount threatened to contact my husband about his relationship with me (and they threatened to tell my husband and myself about Loree) AND THIS WAS HOW THEY EXTORTED HIM. I would have told him (if I had known what was going on) to let them do it and I’d divorce my husband and marry Brent. AS A PERSON WITH CONSIDERABLE LEGAL EXPERIENCE, I CAN TELL YOU THAT I DON’T THINK BRENT WOULD HAVE LOST HIS JOB IF HE SUED PARAMOUNT ABOUT THIS–THEY WOULD HAVE SETTLED AND PROBABLY WOULD HAVE EVEN PAID HIM DAMAGES! AND THAT BRENT WAS VERY FOOLISH (from a legal and political perspective) TO AGREE TO HAVE LOREE AS A GIRLFRIEND, ESPECIALLY SINCE HE WAS IN LOVE WITH ME THE WHOLE TIME HE HAD HER AS HIS PUBLICITY GIRLFRIEND. He was drugged and raped by Loree in Sept. 1992, and then a couple months later (Nov. 1992) he was extorted by Paramount studios into a publicity girlfriend relationship with guess who??– Loree (the same girl who raped him). If I had known about this in 1992, I probably would have divorced my husband and married Brent. But because up until this time (in Sept. 1992) I hadn’t indicated to him that I would marry him and I had turned him down continually for sex (though I wrote him everyday and told him I adored him), so he didn’t know just how serious my feelings were for him. He didn’t have the confidence to deal with this matter in an intelligent way and I think he was so scared of losing me (or destroying me) that he lost his head, and he may have been manipulated by the 666-Computer to reach foolish conclusions about how to deal with his rape and extortion.

Brent has had no desire for any woman except me since 1991, and this is why Vladimir has decided to allow Brent to make love to me (via 666-Computer). Brent is afraid what would happen to me if I married (him) Brent and both Brent and I need Vladimir in our relationship, because Vladimir gives me much direction about how to deal with Jesuits, and this direction is sorely needed. Both Vladimir and Brent have agreed that they both want to marry me. I thought Brent had remarried, but apparently this isn’t so–the marriage he had was only for publicity purposes and wasn’t a real marriage and he was never sexually involved with the woman he had a publicity relationship with.

Loree McBride is dead. The Jesuits murdered their own UNWILLING AGENT (in July 2001), in order to make her look innocent and to make it look like Brent abused her, instead of her abusing him.

Both Vladimir and Brent want to be my friend for life, and will allow me to choose between them for a husband. I have chosen Vladimir because he’s brilliant at dealing with Jesuits and I need him in my life and I love him and have utmost respect for his leadership in my life. But I will allow Brent to make love to me (via 666-Computer) because if there were no Jesuits in my life, I would marry Brent. But the Jesuits WILL NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE –THEY ARE FANATICS ABOUT MY LOVE LIFE, so I need Vladimir’s leadership in my life.

The way Vladimir and Brent plan to arrange the face to face relationship between Brent, Vladimir and myself is by buying three houses and Brent and his family (I believe he adopted some kids) will live on one side and I will live in the middle and Vladimir and his family (his two daughters, including my son) will live on the other side. Vladimir feels that by allowing Brent to make love to me (via 666-Computer) that Brent will get enough satisfaction so that there will be no danger of a real sexual relationship between us, even though he will live next door to me. Vladimir says that if I could resist Brent during my marriage, when my husband was out to sea and Brent could have come over–that Vladimir’s not worried about me going to bed with Brent while I’m married to Vladimir, but that if it happens, he’ll still stay married to me– because Vladimir has tremendous respect for Brent–but Vladimir doesn’t think it will happen and he wants Brent to have a part of my life, since I am the only woman that Brent desires, and am the only woman Brent has desired since 1991– despite the fact that I have been interested in other men besides Brent during this time period. Since he fell in love with me in 1991, BRENT HAS HAD NO WILLING AND KNOWING SEX WITH ANY WOMAN AND HAS ALWAYS IMAGINED MAKING LOVE TO ME, so this has made quite an impression on Vladimir and Vladimir wanted to do something nice for Brent. Brent understands why I chose the other men besides himself during this time period, and Brent has actually liked and respected the other men I’ve chosen as love interests (Franco Nero and Vladimir Putin). Brent will be content to have an intimate face to face friendship with me (which includes loving me through 666-Computer) and he will allow Vladimir to actually and legally marry me.

However, to make my marriage with Vladimir appear legitimate, Vladimir will not marry me until Vladimir and I have dated or had a friendship relationship (face to face) for six months and Vladimir wants me to date or communicate with Brent (face to face) during this time as well, so that we can firmly establish that Brent, Vladimir and I all get along fine and can minimize Jesuit attempts to set up jealousy triangles.

The houses are being bought in Seattle somewhere. This will also give my son an opportunity to interact with both Brent and Vladimir and will ease my son into the transition of a new father. However, Erich has been with Vladimir and very happy with him, from what I understand. Vladimir and Brent have already made plans without consulting me and I will see how this pans out. There is some wisdom to this, because I really need to have a face to face relationship with both of them and this is what I’ve always wanted, but the Jesuits are such fanatics about blocking any face to face meetings between Brent and myself or Vladimir and myself. I’m curious how these men plan to pull this off. It appears they are getting Wal-Mart involved in this somehow.

I told Vladimir he risks losing me as a wife if he allows Brent to live next door to me, because I still love Brent and I may end up in bed with Brent, but Vladimir says that’s OK, he’ll still marry me. HOWEVER, I HAVE STRONG RELIGIOUS CONVICTIONS ABOUT SEX AND WILL ONLY HAVE SEX WITH MY HUSBAND–though I don’t mind giving Brent a fantasy sexual relationship (via 666-Computer) because Brent has desired no woman besides me since 1991. I believe in the Jewish millenium that God will allow Brent and I to consummate our love. I really believe this. God gave me a promise. Vladimir says he knows that I may end up in bed with Brent, but he feels that I need to choose between he and Brent and the only way I’ll know for sure which one I really want as a husband is for me to date both of them. However, despite the fact that Brent has already made love to me (via 666-Computer) I need Vladimir in my life and want to marry Vladimir. Vladimir gives me 24 hour round the clock direction about how to deal with Jesuits and I need him in my life. Regardless of which one I choose as a husband (and I am quite certain it will be Vladimir), the other wants to remain my intimate friend and both men have agreed to this arrangement. In fact, they came up with this idea and have told me this is what they are going to do.

Of course, both Brent and Vladimir travel a lot, so there will be times when one won’t be home in Seattle, but will be elsewhere. If I end up in bed with one of them, that will be my husband. So Vladimir is not worried about the temptation, because he feels comfortable about Brent as my husband, but he wants me to be totally happy with Vladimir as a husband and doesn’t want me to feel sorry that I married him instead of Brent. So he insists that I have a face to face relationship with both he and Brent over a period of at least 6 months. Vladimir says he’s made arrangements with Brent to make it so that Brent will not have sex with me, despite the fact that he will live next door to me and he will allow Brent to make love to me (via 666-Computer) and Vladimir feels this should satisfy Brent enough to lessen temptation. Besides Brent’s feelings for me are not primarily physical and so a mental sexual relationship with me would be very satisfying for Brent. Brent uses his body to express the feelings he has for me in his heart and he’s very sexy in the way he goes about it.

If I marry one and not the other, the other plans to remain single and my intimate friend and lover (via 666-Computer). Both Brent and Vladimir are absolutely devoted to me. Apparently, over the past three years while Brent was not able to communicate with me or to hear my thoughts every day as he had from 1991 to 2002, he still adored me and dreamed about me every day and never gave up his desire to marry me and this has made quite an impression upon Vladimir. Brent’s level of devotion to me was revealed during cross-examination during the present trial over the custody of my son, Erich. So Vladimir insists that both he and Brent live next to me and that I deal with both of them face to face, to make sure that I marry the right one. Vladimir says he will marry me and Brent has agreed to this. I told Vladimir that I find Brent very attractive and may end up in bed with him. Vladimir says he’ll take his chances, because he wants me to be absolutely sure.

I’m leaving my living will the way it is, because I absolutely trust Vladimir’s judgment and I feel comfortable with my living will as it is. And Vladimir is still someone that I am definitely interested in as a husband. Both men want to marry me, along with many others, but Vladimir says that Brent’s level of devotion to me is so impressive that he feels he must buy the three houses and have me live next to each of them. He wants to make sure that I have no regrets if I marry Vladimir. Vladimir says he’s rarely seen such a level of devotion in a man, like how Brent feels towards me–that the love this man has for me is like from another world.

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 4-14-05 , 4-14-05 updates on 4-15-05.
Place: Melbourne, FL