Letters to Vladimir Putin About Conspiracy Law (7-6-2005)

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7-6-05 Bemerkungen über 1-18-02 Tatbestand

There has been a problem that Brent and I are married under American law and that is–that Vladimir and I still consider ourselves married to each other. The Jesuits are trying to make it appear that Brent would want to murder me because he’s resentful about my relationship with Vladimir. Recent intelligence has uncovered this. Actually, Brent and Vladimir love each other. Vladimir is grateful to Brent for allowing me into Vladimir’s life and Brent is grateful to Vladimir for marvelous the legal/government assistance he has given to Brent and myself in our war against Jesuits.

I propose a solution to this problem. Now that I am legally married to Brent under American law, I propose that Brent and I’s legal marriage paperwork be transferred to Israel and that Brent and I will be considered married under Israeli law and not under American law. This way, Brent can still continue to plaster photos of myself with Brent on the internet (which he has been doing). So, Brent and I’s American marriage legal paperwork will state something like the following:

Brent Spiner/Gail Schuler legal marriage cancelled under American law, though Brent and Gail are not legally separated or divorced and are still legally married, but have simply transferred their legal marriage paperwork to the jurisdiction of Israeli law, so that Brent and Gail are no longer married under American law, but are married under Israeli law. Brent and Gail chose to do this to honor their mutual Jewish ancestry.

This way if the Jesuits try to use my marriage to Brent against Vladimir Putin, they won’t be able to produce the paperwork to convince anyone in the U.S. that I could not be married to Vladimir, since there will be no paperwork under American law that I am married to Brent Spiner.

If the Jesuits use Brent and Gail’s Israeli marriage legal paperwork to prove that I could not be married to Vladimir Putin, then we can produce German marriage legal paperwork to show that under German law I’m married to Vladimir Putin–so we’ll get the Jesuits this way. The Jesuits can’t claim that German law is any less valid than Israeli law. This is the perfect way to handle the Jesuits.

Here’s how we will handle this on IBN. IBN will report that Gail and Brent are legally married under Israeli law and that Gail and Vladimir are legally married under German law, but that Brent and Gail have decided that eventually Gail will marry Vladimir Putin (legally and in every other way) when it is safe for her to have sex with a man (without danger of pregnancy)–that is, when she is no longer under the control of the Jesuits’ computer/satellite control (this may take a while), she will consummate her marriage to Vladimir and will be married to Vladimir legally and in every other way.

However, she will never legally divorce Brent Spiner and Brent and she will love each other for life (via 666-Computer) and this will continue, even while she’s living in the same house with Vladimir (whenever this occurs). However, to erase the impression that she and Brent have actually consummated their marriage (and to prevent complications in Gail’s marriage to Vladimir), Brent has decided that he will not meet Gail physically or live near her, though he may continue to plaster photos of himself with Gail on the internet. If the Jesuits try to produce these photos as evidence that Brent and Gail are married and therefore Gail cannot be married to Vladimir Putin, Vladimir and I will claim that the photos are fabricated and that Brent and Gail have never physically met, but that we allow Brent to do this because we honor Brent’s love for Gail. Brent’s only communications (and lovemaking) with Gail will be through 666-Computer communications (which Brent finds very satisfying). Brent will state (under 666-Computer lie-detection and emotional analysis) why he wants to remain legally married to Gail under Israeli law, even if she consummates her marriage with Vladimir Putin.

He should tell the truth, but it should be something like the following: That since Gail has come into his life, no other woman satisfies him and he is satisfied to just have Gail (via 666-Computer) because the main thing he has loved about her over the years has been her mind and he can still hear her thoughts and be a part of her life and share his mind with hers (via 666-Computer). He should say something like once he experienced the thrill of loving Gail, he has no desire for other women (and he should state why loving Gail is so awesome that no other woman–even physically gorgeous ones compare), but because of intense Jesuit interference, he would rather love Gail (via 666-Computer) and not have to deal with the stress of Jesuit complications if he literally melded his body with hers. Brent should also mention why he supports the marriage of Gail to Vladimir.

Vladimir also needs to make a statement (under 666-Computer lie-detection) about why he encourages Brent to make love to Gail (via 666-Computer) even if Vladimir consummates his marriage to Gail. The statement should go something like this: That once he realized that Brent’s love for Gail was so deep that he felt Brent would desire no other woman besides Gail for the rest of his life, he decided to share Gail with Brent (via 666-Computer), since Brent generously introduced Gail into Vladimir’s life and so, therefore, Vladimir allows Brent to have this part of Gail as a way to say “thanks” to Brent for allowing Gail into Vladimir’s life–for the benefit she has brought to Vladimir and to Russia and the world.

To those who may wonder how I manage to get men like Brent and Vladimir so in love with me that they would agree to this arrangement, I would like to make the following statement (under 666-Computer lie-detecton): My life’s goal has been to marry a great man and be his greatest soulmate and I have pursued this goal with Howard Hughes’ tenacity. Like Howard Hughes reached his impossible goals, I have reached mine. Over the years, I have developed genius insight into how great men think, what their greatest needs are and what I can do to give them the utmost emotional, mental, loving and spiritual support. Once I determine that I truly admire WHO A MAN IS AS A PERSON, I make it my passion to satisfy his every need and to do all I can to bring him happiness and fulfillment–all I ask is that he be someone I can be proud of–that he be very courageous, or very smart or or very wise or a very big person. And if he is these things, I devote my entire life to bringing fulfillment to that man so he can be more wise and more courageous and more big of a person. I have spent years and years analyzing and studying great men and now have such an insight into these men, that I am able to satisfy most of their needs in all areas of their life. I can give them intellectual support, emotional support, sexual and physical love support (with the 666-Computer–though Jesuits have tried to undermine our sexual responses–we make up for this with words and other methods), and support in every way. Therefore, unlike most women, who enter a relationship with expectations of what they want FROM the man–I enter the relationship with what I want to give TO the man, to encourage him to be the great man that I love. As long as I’m proud of him and think that he is a hero and a great man, I’ll do anything for that man and will devote my life to meeting his every need. And because I approach my relationships with great men like this, they truly consider me beautiful and more beautiful than a woman who can far surpass me in physical beauty. However, I try hot to totally neglect my physical appearance, because I try to be pretty for the man in order to please him and thrill him more in the bedroom. But I am getting older and I never expect to compete physically with a younger woman, but I don’t worry, because the womanly support I give these men makes me so beautiful to them, they would think I was beautiful, even with wrinkles and gray hair and some flab, and even when I am ill and not well. I have developed a Howard Hughes genius into the mind of great men and understand them so well, I can meet their needs even to their subconscious mind–that is how I was able to write a brilliant novel from the male point of view in two of my lead male characters. The womanly softness and courage they see in my eyes and the way I reach into their inner soul to nurture and strengthen them–to them is more beautiful than all the curves and luster in the most physically attractive woman. I love these men for WHO they are and not what they can do FOR me, and, in return, they give me their heart and soul and we have a love that is truly unusual and that is how I believe I manage to get these men so devoted to me, that they’ll take whatever they can get of me, even if they can’t get it all. And they’ll do anything to keep me alive, so they can enjoy my presence, even if the only presence they can get is via the 666-Computer. You may say, you see greatness in Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin (the former KJB head)? I sure do. I see greatness in them and once I size up a man, I’ve never been wrong. I would like to say that there aren’t too many man that I consider great, but once I determine the man is great, I’ll get behind him with every cell in my being. I am a Howard Hughes genius. I can see past all the hype and see the real person and these great men appreciate a woman who understands them and does not misunderstand them all the time. Great men are very often misunderstood by their women, because they have a psyche that is not easy for ordinary people to understand–only another great person can understand them. A great man needs a great woman. There is nothing more discouraging for greatness than to be intimately involved with a small person. I make sure that these great men don’t suffer that fate. Many a great man has been brought down by a small woman. I consider it my God-given duty to never be the small woman who brings down a great man, but to be the great woman who inspires her man to be even greater. When they whisper their dreams to me, I never laugh, I treat them like a hero. When they are courageous, I never tell them it’s impossible–I tell them to follow their heart. When they are great, I encourage them to be great and they think I’m irreplaceable. I NEVER laugh at a great man’s dreams, I treat him like a hero for having the courage to dream–the whole world may ridicule him and say he’s a fool, I would put a crown of glory on his head. To me when a great man dreams a noble dream and strives for something that is worth fighting for (even if it’s impossible) that it is the unpardonable sin for a woman to ever discourage him away from that dream. If I know his motives are good and if I know that he is motivated by a sense of justice or of a sense of morality and that he wants to do something that may not bring him fame or fortune or a good reputation, but that is exceedingly difficult and something worth striving for–I’ll get behind him and treat him like the hero that he is for having the courage to try to reach such a worthy goal. And this is what I’ve done with Brent and Vladimir. I don’t judge by outward appearance. I am aware that Brent has not been able to lick his smoking habit, but he is such a heroic big person and has a heroic tenacity that I admire, even if he makes some dumb moves and he’s very, very smart about some things. I realize that at one time Vladimir had a drinking problem, but he’s found the Lord and has overcome his bad habit and he has great courage and is a heroic visionary and is very smart and also has a heroic perseverance and a sense of justice and fair play that I admire. Both Vladimir and Brent are great men, despite Jesuit attempts to downgrade them.

The Jesuits may say that Gail is the total opposite of her mother. Not really. I realize my mother does not give her men this support, but I do have some of my mother’s German/Russian/Japanese traits–especially the Russian passion (my men love this), the Japanese appreciation for emotional beauty (my men love this), the German work ethic. However, my Howard Hughes genetic profile (from my father) is so strong that I am more like Howard Hughes than I am like my mother and like Howard Hughes, when I set a goal, I set high ones and I discard everything to reach that goal. I can’t be like my mother and be a great soulmate to a great man, so because I’m more like Howard Hughes than I am like my mother (because this is how my genes lined up) –and it is my goal to be a great soulmate to a great man, I never do anything to detract from that. I give my great men total support and never ridicule them or try to downgrade them, like my mother does her men. I do not admire this in my mother and am the total opposite of her in this respect–because my genetic profile is almost identical to Howard Hughes (from my father). I even look more like my father than my mother and when I was growing up and my mother got mad at me, she’d always tell me that I was just like my dad. When I was a kid, I hated this, because I knew she despised my dad. In fact, many times she told me I was just like my paternal grandfather (who was Howard Hughes’ brother)–she meant this as an insult, because my paternal grandfather was a little eccentric. Maybe she was right, because my Howard Hughes genes come from my father and paternal grandfather.

Vladimir fully encourages Gail and Brent to make love (via 666-Computer) and this is how their Israeli marriage will be consummated–there will be no actual physical consummation of the marriage between Brent and Gail. This is also appropriate since God gave Gail a promise that she would consummate her marriage to Brent Spiner in the Jewish millenium, which will be in the ending to her novel Silver Skies.

XXX1/2–G.S. (7-6-05)

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Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler
Date: 7-6-05
Place: Melbourne, FL