How to Tell lf It’s a Clone

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One of my fans commented about my latest video above and came up with some good stuff. My comments/additions will be in bold.

Okay Gail, I watched the whole video and I took notes so let me know if I have everything correct:

Potential Jesuit Clone Indicators:

Physically Related:

  • Distant/Hollow/Shallow Eyes
  • Irregular spotting on the skin such as age spots, skin tags, etc. This may not be true for all clones, only those that want to look legitimately aged. Usually Jesuits are extremists and don’t do anything in moderation, so they tend to go overboard when they want to emphasize something.
  • Smiles too much as a way to emulate the emotion happiness.
  • Subtle Facial Microaggressions (Needs more detail on particular facial movements to watch for.) Basically what they say does not match the expression in the eyes. The two are contradictory because clones lie a lot.
  • Appears to be reading a script (watch eyes for tracking). Well, this would only be true if it’s a long presentation and the Jesuit needs to cover a lot of ground. Other times, the Jesuit would be more impromptu and would go with his guts, trying to be careful to not say or do anything that makes what I say about Loree appear to be true.

Behavior Related:

  • A demeanor of pride/arrogance/shallow/happiness/glibness.
  • Sociopathic tendencies.
  • Historical irregularities despite stating certain truths. Jesuits, when they talk about themselves, are liars, so a careful examination of their statements will reveal glaring inconsistencies over time. Like Loree changes her history a lot. Sometimes she will say she came into Brent’s life in 2001. Other times she will admit she’s been in his life since 1992.
  • Jokes aren’t funny or they do not make sense. Well, Jesuits take themselves far too seriously, because they are all proud and arrogant. You can never be truly funny when you think you are so important.
  • Feigns Ignorance on trivial matters. Depends on how you define trivial. To a Jesuit anything that does not advance their lies is a trivial matter.
  • Changes subject frequently. Jesuits will do this to deflect, when the subject becomes dangerous or treads into areas that exposes their charade, or to control the conversation to ensure it makes their lies more believable.
  • Rhetoric is for the advancement of Jesuits.
  • Greedy or looking for a way to exploit people.
  • Easily influenced or exploited. This is the true if you’re dealing with a low-ranking Jesuit. A high-ranking Jesuit, like Loree McBride, is not easily influenced or exploited, but rather is a master manipulator and deceiver and controller and is a master at influencing and exploiting others.
  • How they pronounce things is indicative but it’s unclear what inflections to look for. I don’t think this is too important. Jesuits can usually get the inflections and pronunciations correct, so that they appear legit. After all, they have the memories of the real person they impersonate.
  • Over-complimentary. Only to other Jesuits. They are passive-aggressive or overtly aggressive and nasty to those that oppose Loree McBride.
  • Fame, celebrity, and wealthiness is what they truly desire and admire.
  • Psycho-neurological differences between the real person and the Jesuit clone.
  • Believes anyone can be president, an obvious fallacy. Well, Loree has a super high opinion of herself and thinks she’s super hot and smart. Jesuits tend to be prideful, so probably most Jesuits think they could be President and could rule the world as good as any non-Jesuit.
  • May not ever mention Loree McBride but the subtext is that they are praising her.
  • May get notifications from Loree McBride when potentially out-of-line. Loree is usually smarter at covering her tracks. I think she’s getting desperate, because I’m the President and that means she’s in trouble.
  • May deflect from being “the bad guy.” Jesuits are sociopaths, so they are never what they appear to be. They usually try to appear nice, like most sociopaths. But it depends on the victim, or potential victim. Some people are actually attracted to evil and the Jesuits will be themselves (evil) if they think it will work to get a follower. Don’t forget that Jesuits have mind and emotion-reading capabilities.

Do you think I summed it up pretty well? You did great. I added some stuff to clarify.

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