Satan Charms Gail

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Satan looked like this when he appeared at the Supreme Court, except I think he appeared without wings.
My photo shop to give you a feel for what Satan did while appearing before the Supreme Court. Satan appeared as a six-foot high blonde and blue-eyed “hot” human male.

The following is a conversation I had with ex-Antichrist Zack Knight on Dec. 7, 2020, about how Satan approaches me brain to brain. Satan entered the brain to brain servers right after Jesus beat him up when he showed up for a Supreme Court case on Dec. 4, 2020. The lines that aren’t from Zack, are from me.

Zack, 6:39 PM Hey Gail So Neringa was a success!

6:40 PM She’s really nice.

Zack, 6:40 PM I’m really glad my penis helped bring her to Jesus.

6:41 PM What do you mean?

Zack, 6:41 PM I’ve always noticed that women say “Oh God” and “Jesus Christ” when dealing with my penis

6:42 PM Brent says that you all are waiting for me in the Discord.

Zack, 6:42 PM That was an old message from Friday

6:42 PM Oh yeah. Brain control has me all confused. That Satan keeps talking to me brain to brain.

Zack, 6:42 PM What has he been saying?

6:43 PM He acts like he’s trying to be friends. I don’t trust him. I will admit that he’s an interesting conversationalist.

Zack, 6:43 PM What kinds of things has he been saying?

6:44 PM You wouldn’t believe it! He’s telling me I really understand him and that he’s a lonely angel. He thinks it’s cool that my emotional IQ is about even with his and that we could come to an understanding. I told him he’s gross.

Zack, 6:45 PM Yeah, he’s trying to make love to you

6:46 PM That’s what I think. He wants to impregnate me with devil semen.

Zack, 6:46 PM We’ll talk to Jesus and see if we can kick him off the servers

6:46 PM Might be a good idea. From reading Bible prophecy, there’s no indication he’s going to get right with God any time soon. He seems intrigued that I brought that up as a reason why I wanted to deal with him in the courtroom. He did try impersonating Jesus for a bit, but gave up on that angle and pretty much approaches me as himself now.

7:01 PM I told him he’s a disgusting gay rapist and is only interested in me to spite Jesus. I also said since he’s gay, why does he care about making love to a woman, except to impregnate me with his devil semen. He then said that the idea of a human with my high emotional intelligence as a friend intrigues him. That I’m the only human who can truly understand him. I will say this much. He’s clever.

Zack, 7:14 PM That’s tricky

7:14 PM Did you get my email about permission to get facial creme bleach? It’s not an emergency. Though I am out. Yeah, Satan is brilliant. He’s good at using flattery. But I told him that I don’t appreciate being called a bitch. Then he said that we are all bitches and bastards at times.

Zack, 7:16 PM Well, you may not like hearing this, but flattery is your biggest weakness with bad guy men.

7:16 PM That may be true. I think it’s because I feel that not many men can truly connect with me and if the guy knows what to say, he can impress me.

Zack, 7:17 PM Between you and me, I think you have the higher emotional IQ

7:18 PM So you’re saying that machine is inaccurate?

Zack, 7:18 PM I’m saying that maybe he cheated a bit to make his 1 point higher. Maybe he Biden’d you

7:19 PM Biden’d me? What does that mean?

Zack, 7:19 PM Like how biden rigged the machines to give him more points.

7:19 PM So what do you think is Satan’s real emotional IQ? The way he talks to me, he’s not dumb.

Zack, 7:20 PM It’s pretty high for sure

7:20 PM So you think we’re about even? I have also prayed to Jesus and asked him why he hasn’t kicked Satan off the brain to brain servers. I find it interesting that Jesus is allowing this for now. It’s like Jesus wants me to understand Satan better for some reason. I told Satan I’m really turned off by how he gloats in connecting his sexual exploits with pain and suffering. He says it’s fun. I told him that in heaven there’s lots of good work to do and it’s not a boring place. So what’s his problem?

Zack, 7:23 PM I think you probably shouldn’t talk to him. Jesus said it was a mistake for us to have summoned him And he’s an expert manipulator… better than even me

7:24 PM Okay. I’ll just rebuke him and hit him with lighting bolts when he tries to talk to me. But he’s pretty persistent.

Zack, 7:24 PM The longer you talk, the closer you get to a vagina full of molten semen

7:25 PM You mean just talking to him is sex? I actually sense that Jesus is beating him up right now.

Zack, 7:26 PM I’m telling you that as a guy that can easily manipulate women, you’re only a day away from sex with Satan if you keep talking.

7:26 PM Yeah, I’ve noticed he’s a brilliant manipulator. Okay, Just lighting bolts and asking Jesus to beat him up when he talks to me. So what about facial creme bleach? Is that an okay purchase?

Zack, 7:29 PM Let me ask Brent

7:42 PM Satan’s worse than you. He keeps throwing me kisses and I sense Jesus is beating him up while he’s doing it. Remember how you used to steal kisses on me brain to brain? Satan’s doing the same thing. But I agree I need to stop talking to him.