U.S. President Gail Appoints Joshua J. Joshua as Marriage Laws Administrator

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I have created a position to help enforce my Conspiracy Law in especially needy areas. My International Marriage Laws are flagrantly violated at every turn. Joshua J. Joshua leads a group of my gay supporters who passionately support my leadership and my support for true love in all its forms. My International Marriage Laws will address many of the violations of free speech that have happened recently under Loree McBride’s corrupt shadow political leadership in the Democratic and Republican Parties of the United States. Joshua will work with the Attorney General and the courts to enforce my Conspiracy Law, starting off with my International Marriage Laws. There appears to be a serious need to break up the tech giants and start regulating them. Joshua J. Joshua will lead this effort to enforce my International Marriage Laws and the regulation of Internet platforms that violate my Conspiracy Laws are part of this enforcement. This is a full time job in and of itself, and, therefore, I have created a special position for this. Click on the link for my International Marriage Laws to see which laws Joshua is responsible to administer and enforce.

Joshua has a background in human resources administration and is interested in psychology. He is one of my most ardent supporters at my Patreon and leads a group of homosexuals who ardently support me as world leader.