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My next book Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: Robin Williams from Heaven will go deep into what the Bible has to say about Gail and the Antichrist – we are all over the Bible! The term Gilgal is associated with the name Abigail or Gail. Here is an interesting study about the significance of the term Gilgal in the Bible.

I also did a Bible study on the verses 9:15 in the Bible and found some interesting things! I am Gail Chord Schuler and my birthday is 9-15-57. It’s uncanny that I have the genetic profile of King David and Catherine the Great. It appears I am part of some grand design!

I will be daring in this book and will make Jesus Christ the main character and the one whose point of view the reader will explore throughout most of the book. Using my King David genes as the woman after God’s own heart, I will go into the point of view of the Son of God as a lover.

All of this research about how Gail and the Antichrist Zack Knight are in the Bible will surface one way or another in my book Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: Robin Williams from Heaven which will  make the Bible come alive!

Did a Bible study on chapter 9 verse 15 in the Bible and here’s what I came up with. I am in the Bible and figured I may learn something new from this study.

It appears I am involved in TRANSITIONS from one dispensation to another. Lots of emphasis on transitions, and the leaders of these transitions.

Gilgal is not a definite place in the Bible but symbolizes “new beginnings” or transitions from one dispensation to another in the Bible. It is also associated with idolatry, as the place where we make “decisions” for God that are of major consequence, that determines our destinies, or the start of our spiritual journeys. It seems to associate with God’s judgments, as a place and time where God “decides” about us. Therefore, I can conclude from my Bible study, that God is using me to start the tribulation period in the Bible, and I am symbolic of God beginning Daniel’s 70th week or his dealings with Israel. I do not believe the tribulation has officially started yet, but I am “kicking it off” and living true to my name “Gilgal” or NEW BEGINNINGS.

I am like a prophet in the Bible. God will judge the world by how they respond to me and what I have to say. In fact, Jesus at one time said I was like the prophet Ezekiel.

Also, I am part of God’s judgment for sins, and am associated with Moses, the law and the Exodus from Egypt with all the mighty miracles.

This is all a picture of tribulation saints, so I will play key roles in the tribulation.

I also picture GOD AMONG US. It also appears I will play a pivotal role in the salvation of the nation of Israel in one day, right after the tribulation.

Exodus 9:15 – “I could have attacked you with a plague that would have wiped you from the face of the earth.” Next, the Lord sends hail stones to Pharaoh.

Leviticus 9:15 A goat is slaughtered as a sin offering for the people.

Numbers 9:15 – God established his presence among the Israelites as a cloudy pillar of fire over their Tabernacle.

Deuteronomy 9:15 Moses comes down from the fiery mountain, holding the Ten Commandments, seeing the golden calf made by the people.

Joshua 9:15 Jesus actually used this verse to have me temporarily retract Conspiracy Law, when I broke my contract with Zack Knight. This verse is about signing a peace treaty with the Gibeonites without consulting the Lord, to learn later that the Gibeonites lied about living far away. NOTE OF INTEREST: This all happened at GILGAL.

Gilgal means “to roll”, like rolling back a stone, and is associated with stones (or “truths” or spiritual foundations). Its pronunciation in Hebrew sounds like galal or gail. Gilgal is mentioned in Joshua 15:7 as part of the territory given to the tribe of Judah (king David’s tribe and Gail is the king David woman born 9-15-57). Notice we are in 15:7 and Gail’s birthday is 9-15-57! Even more interesting is the fact that the part given to Judah that pertains to Gilgal (see Joshua 15:33-36) are FOURTEEN towns, because Adullam is the part that is GILGAL. Gail’s “born again” birthday is 9-19-71 when she was FOURTEEN years old. FOURTEEN is a KING DAVID number. “There were FOURTEEN generations in all from Abraham to David, FOURTEEN from David to the exile to Babylon, and FOURTEEN from the exile to Christ” (Matthew 1:17 God’s Word). In 1 Samuel 22:1 David escapes from king Saul (a type of the Antichrist) to a cave called ADULLAM. I’m kind of in that cave right now, so you can see Bible come alive in my life. I cannot reign as the King David woman, because the Antichrist (king Saul in the form of Antichrist Zack Knight) is obsessed with me 24/7. TWENTY-TWO is also a King David number. Check out the book of Ruth and how many verses (most chapters have 22 verses) are in each of the FOUR (FOUR beasts of Daniel 7) chapters in Ruth. Ruth is a book about David’s ancestor Ruth, and the book of Ruth ends with the word David in ALL versions translated accurately from the originals.

Judges 9:15 – Jotham pronouncing judgment on a bunch of unruly Israelites who did what was right in their own eyes, and who betrayed Gideon who fought for them and killed his seventy sons.

1 Samuel 9:15 Samuel anoints Saul as king over Israel. Saul is a type of the Antichrist.

1 Kings 9:15 – The beginning of the account about how Solomon built the Lord’s temple

2 Kings 9:15 – A king that God decreed should be executed has just returned from a battle injured and is about to die by the hand of Jehu, the one God anointed to kill him.

1 Chronicles 9:15 – Some Levites who returned from Babylonian exile with a remnant of righteous Jews, among an unrighteous majority.

2 Chronicles 9:15 – “King Solomon made two hundred large shields of hammered gold, each containing over 15 pounds of gold.” Solomon’s wealth and splendor.

Ezra 9:15 – A remnant of Israelites who have returned to Israel from captivity, confess their sins of intermarrying with heathens and are experiencing a revival after a reading of the law.

Nehemiah 9:15 A remnant of Israelites confessing their sins after a reading of the law and praising God for feeding them with manna in the wilderness and giving them water from the rock.

Esther 9:15 – The Jews gathered together on March 8, and killed 300 of their enemies to defend themselves, and took no plunder.

Job 9:15 Job pleads for mercy.

Psalm 9:15 – “The nations have fallen into the pit they have dug for others. They have been caught in their own trap.”

Proverbs 9:15 – The loud and brash foolish woman calls out to men who are good and minding their own business.

Isaiah 9:15 A condemnation of Israel for elderly leaders who create followers that bring everyone to confusion.

Jeremiah 9:15 God condemns Israel for idol worship and states he will give them poison to drink and feed them with bitterness.

Daniel 9:15 – Daniel prays for his people, confessing that God rescued them from Egypt in a great display of power, but they are full of wickedness.

Hosea 9:15 God states Israel’s wickedness began at Gilgal and that he hated their wickedness there. He will drive them from his house. All their princes are rebels.

Amos 9:15 LAST VERSE OF THE BOOK. God says he will plant Israel in her land and they will never be uprooted again.

Zechariah 9:15 – God will protect his people, subduing their enemies with sling stones. They will be drunk with the blood of their enemies.

Matthew 9:15 – Jesus responds to John the Baptist’s disciples telling them that as long as he is among them, there is no need to fast. That you fast when he is taken from you. Do wedding guests mourn while celebrating with the groom, he says.

Mark 9:15 A crowd runs to meet Jesus upon seeing him. He will then cast out a demon.

Luke 9:15 Jesus, about to miraculously feed five thousand from five loaves and two fishes, tells them all to sit down. JESUS HAS DONE THIS MIRACLE AMONG US AT CHURCH OF GAIL.

John 9:15 The blind man just healed by Jesus tells the Pharisees that Jesus smoothed mud over his eyes, and when it was washed away, he could see. INTERESTING, BECAUSE JESUS PUT HASH BROWNS ON A JESUIT WAITRESS’S EYES AND SHE BECAME BLIND, WHILE JESUS WAS WITH BRENT AT BOB EVANS RESTAURANT.

Acts 9:15 Jesus tells Ananias that he has anointed the Apostle Paul to be his apostle to the Gentiles. I BELIEVE THAT MY WRITINGS WILL ASSIST TRIBULATION SAINTS. I’M LIKE THE APOSTLE PAUL TO THE TRIBULATION SAINTS.

Romans 9:15 The Apostle Paul writes that God said to Moses, I will show mercy to anyone I choose, and I will show compassion to anyone I choose. That we are all a part of his plan.

1 Corinthians 9:15 Paul states that he has given up his right to a salary from the church, in order to further the gospel. This way he is not subject to those who pay him. THIS SOUNDS LIKE HOW GOD PROVIDES FOR ME.

2 Corinthians 9:15 “Thank God for his Son – a gift too wonderful for words.” LAST VERSE OF CHAPTER.

Hebrews 9:15 The Apostle Paul explains to Jewish believers that Christ has started a “new way” of coming to God, through the cross, which sets the Jews free from their failure to keep the law, because Christ paid for that failure with his blood, and all we have to do is accept that payment. We are no longer bound to the law. Christ is the MEDIATOR of the new covenant.

Revelation 9:15 A voice speaks to the sixth angel who holds a trumpet. Four angels are loosed to kill one-third of those on earth.


I will be mulling over these verses and the meaning of Gilgal in the Bible as I work on Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: Robin Williams from Heaven. It appears this will be a life changing book!

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