God Condemns Loree McBride with Northridge Earthquake (Jan. 1994)

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In December 1993, I had mailed to Brent (via his Paramount studios address) a Revelation slide show presentation that highlighted the Roman Catholic Church as the Revelation 17 whore. Also, Brent paid me a personal visit to my Lynnwood, Washington apartment in December 1993, where I actually saw him inside a white truck, where he flashed the lights on and off several times inside his truck. He was wearing a disguise (his outfit from “Every Good Boy Deserves a Favor“), but I recognized him. He added on a mustache. The Jesuits retaliated in January 1994. I received a Fed Ex from a Paramount studios woman attorney (a notice of harassment) that forbade me to contact Brent or Paramount studios ever again. Upon receiving this, I spent three hours in prayer and tears, asking God to forgive me for disgracing his great name. Twelve hours later, God sent the January 1994 Northridge, California earthquake that hit Hollywood. The only Hollywood people who died worked for Paramount studios. Amen Choir and National Philharmonic I listened to in my car at this time in my life. I was listening to this music by the Amen Choir (view two videos above & below) every day in January 1994–the month when God sent the earthquake in judgment against the actions of the Satanic Jesuit Order. 

I believe the Jesuits were so offended by the Revelation Slide Presentation (which I mailed to Brent Spiner at Paramount studios), that they had a woman lawyer hit me with a harassment notice–see my comments about the 1994 Northridge earthquake above. While Brent was on my wiretapped phone, we had church at home (1994 to 1996 in Houston, Texas), and I placed my “blank” phone by the speakers so that Brent could hear our church service. I shared all my life with Brent, including everything I believed and cared about. Brent, a Texan, understands me. 

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