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MOST VIDEOS BELOW ARE FORBIDDEN OR NOT AT YOUTUBE. Click on the video titles below, to view videos not at YouTube. I offer a brief description of the video.

I choose music for our church based on Philippians 4:5. We use Jewish, Christian and secular music, because we are helping the world to transition into the time of Jacob’s trouble, Jer. 30:7, which is upon us. During the future 7 year tribulation (after the rapture of the church), you must keep the ten commandments given to Moses (Rev. 14:12), have faith in Jesus, and not take the antichrist Zack Knight’s mark (Rev. 14:11), for salvation. Accept Jesus now according to Ephesians 2:8-9, while we are still in the church age. View our doctrinal statement, then contact my men at or to let us know you want to join our awesome church (where Jesus Christ Himself often leads our services), to hear more of our great music. We only respond to those who are eligible for church membership, as outlined in our doctrinal statement. This website and my YouTube channel (gabriellechana1) are used as part of our Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits worship services, so that should give you a feel for our church. You must be a born again Christian to join our church. It’s called Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits because Gail founded the church by leading all her men (including Zack Knight) to Jesus Christ, and they decided to start a church, but the leader of the church is not Gail, it’s Jesus Christ Himself, who has shown up to lead the services. Jesus has met with Brent Spiner and helps Brent lead the Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits.

Title: Sara Avery Disturbs Earth’s Gravitational FieldDate: July 12, 2015. Description: Jesuit cloning technology threatens earth’s gravitational field. Danger of possible BLACK HOLENeed scientists to assist us with this new threat. Scientists contact us at or When Gail discusses animals in her video, she is referring to how Sara eats LIVE animals, like household cats, and is not condemning those who are NOT vegetarians.

Title: Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits Christian Comedy Playlists. Date: October 28, 2012 and afterwards.

Description: Christian comedy playlists Gail has created for Gail Chord Schuler Jesuits. Jesus Christ Himself started this by offering the first video to Terrance Jenkins called “Baby Got Book (OFFICIAL) by YouTube channel momentumchurch. COMEDY VIDEO 1.  COMEDY VIDEO 2.  COMEDY VIDEO 3.

Title: King David woman’s millennial marriage to Brent SpinerDate: September 19, 2012 (Gail’s born again birthday). Description: Gail talks about her marriage list and how she’s in Zechariah 9:15 & 1 Samuel 17:40 (17+40=57), because she’s the king David woman born on 9-15-57.


Brent Spiner’s Love Life (1990 to 1996) longer version with Loree’s voice

Date: September 13 & 14, 2012.

Description: Gail contrasts the real Brent Spiner’s high love for Gail, with the Brent clone’s sex acts with Jesuit Loree McBride. 

Gail’s Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Presentation about Jesuit War Crimes: Loree McBride is a JESUIT.

Title: Brent Spiner Rape Movie. Rating PG-13 (parents strongly cautioned, some material may be inappropriate for children under 13). Rape aftermath, 2011 Quebec Trial. Date: July 25, 2012 to September 11, 2012. Description: Gail acts in BRENT SPINER RAPE MOVIE, using Stanislavski’s acting method, to portray seven different characters in this movie based on her screenplay about Brent Spiner. Though the characters in this movie are based on real life persons, how they perceived their reality could be false or true. Loree McBride was actually nude when she committed most of these crimes. Gail wears a bikini when portraying Loree, for the sake of decency. Gail only portrays what Brent Spiner stated to her that he felt and experienced in September 1992, and will leave it to the viewer to decide whether his experience was valid or invalid. Jesuits have the ability to impose memories into the brain. Our scientists are not sure the San Francisco zoo rapes with elephants, donkeys, etc. really happened to Brent, because we don’t think any human could survive an elephant penis penetration into the rectum. We believe the elephant/human rape happened, but not with Brent Spiner. At the Quebec trial, Jesuits may have injected Brent into the pictures/videos they presented . This means the Jesuits murdered the unfortunate elephant rape victim, and imposed the murder victim’s memories into Brent’s brain, causing Brent to feel the murder as it took place. By murdering people using “science fiction” methods, Jesuits discredit anyone who exposes their “science fiction” murders as insane. Therefore, exposing Jesuit bizarre murders will get you labeled as insane, ruining your reputation, resulting in loss of your job or other consequences. For this reason, it takes great courage to expose Jesuit murder technologies. Gail hopes exposing Jesuit “science fiction” murders will bring down the Jesuit Order. She knows that Jesus Christ approves of her website and videos.

Title: New Church of Gail, replaces one Jesuits destroyed May 29-30 with their spaceship. Date: August 17, 2012. Description: Click on this LINK [1][2] to read description by Terrance Jenkins and Brent Spiner.

Title: Gail’s Dramatic Portrayal about Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin. (1999 to 2001). 32 minutes. Date: July 8, 2012.

Title: Jesuit Concentration Camps. 18 minutes. Date: July 3, 2012. Description: Gail explains why Jesuits must label her as paranoid schizophrenic. In this video, Gail reveals the video she made exclusive to Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable), where she revealed photographic evidence from Jack Chick’s Smokescreens of the Roman Catholic sponsorship of the Nazi war machine, which included the concentration camps.

TITLE: May 31, 2012. Skype conversation, in which Brent Spiner and Terrance Jenkins tell Gail that they on May 28 to 30, 2012 took part in a space battle between a Jesuit warship and their Church of Gail spaceship. PART ONE, PART TWO, PART THREE, PART FOUR, PART FIVE. About ten minutes each. Rough transcription of Brent/Gail conversation (because tape recorder didn’t record on side two). Date: June 1, 2012.

Skype on March 9, 2012 with Brent Spiner, Terrance Jenkins, Gail, Jesus Christ. PART ONE, PART TWO, PART THREE, PART FOUR. 2 ½ hours.

TITLE: It Might As Well Be Spring. 9 minutes. Date: March 1, 2012. Synopsis: A video I made in spring 2011, that is not up at YouTube, where I sing “It Might As Well Be Spring”. I like this song, because I believe the rapture of the church will be in the spring. Song of Solomon 2. 

TITLE: Millennial Dreams. 28 minutes. Date: February 23, 2012. Synopsis: I describe how Jesus appeared to me and my men to rescue us from Satan, how Satan and the antiChrist (Zack Knight) appeared, how I imagined making love to Jesus. Jesus made a special Skype visit with me through Brent Spiner to warn me that He would never use any computer/satellite technology to communicate with me in any manner, and that I must never, ever trust these as valid from Him. The antiChrist Zack Knight took over my imaginations posing as Jesus Christ using brilliant mind control technology. After the antiChrist tricked me, I imagine lovemaking with Brent Spiner, and never imagine lovemaking with Jesus (which Jesus stated emphatically He does NOT want me to do). God gave me a promise about Brent in Isaiah 66:7-9 around 1992 that Brent and I would have a millennial marriage. The music in the background reflects the song “Somewhere” God gave me in 1992 about my love for Brent Spiner. Rating: Jesus Christ inspired MASTERPIECE.

Skype on February 22, 2012 with Brent Spiner, Gail Chord Spiner, Terrance Jenkins, Jesus Christ: PART ONE, PART TWO, PART THREE, PART FOUR, PART FIVE. 2 hours. Date: February 22, 2012

TITLE: Jesus Christ, the Great Lover. 24 minutes. Date: February 1, 2012. Synopsis: Gail’s men tell Gail at Church of Gail that God, the great lover, rescues Brent Spiner at Fox News from Jesuit machine-gun fire. In this video I describe how God, the great lover, has protected all great lovers, like myself and Brent Spiner. Correction: I should have said, “If you do not take the mark of the beast, you can’t buy or sell.” This video is set against a background of music about great lovers.

TITLE: Matthew McConaughey’s Silver Skies’s co-star Brianna Jenkins. 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Date: Jan. 25, 2012. Synopsis: Gail introduces lovely Brianna Jenkins to the world as lead actress for her Silver Skies. Apple Blossom Time orchestra music in background. 

Satanic attacks increase against Gail’s men, so she encourages them to read War on the Saints. The Jesuit Order is Satan’s bride, so it is necessary to understand the devil and how he operates to deal with Jesuits. 

TITLE: Jan. 2, 2012 Skype Communications (Brent Spiner’s Christmas Present to Gail) Part One, Part Two. 30 minutes each. Date: Jan. 4, 2012. Synopsis: Cassette tape recording (poor quality) between Gail Chord Spiner, Brent Spiner (Gail reads Brent’s writing off of Skype), Terrance Jenkins about Christmas present from Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler and her men. 

Scientists who wish to offer assistance, contact us at or at

TITLE: Jesuits torture and almost murder Judge Terrance Jenkins. Jesuits murdered Kim Jong Il. 21 minutes. Date: Dec. 20, 2011. Synopsis: Asking for prayer to defeat the Satanic Jesuit Order, who strive to kill me and my men.

TITLE: Vladimir Putin clone making love to dolphins & Kim Jong il clone. 10 seconds. Date: Dec. 15, 2011. Synopsis: Exposing photos sent to my e-mail by an anonymous sender, probably a Jesuit.

TITLE: Order to Nuke the Vatican. 1:52 minutes. Date: Nov. 28, 2011. Synopsis: Upon Vladimir Putin’s request, I gave the order to nuke the Vatican (because of a vast underground Jesuit military installation beneath the Vatican) on the condition we spare the pope. A person who claimed to be Vladimir Putin, told me at Church of Gail that Jesuits were getting ready to do something sinister and, because of underground Jesuit military installations below the Vatican, the Vatican needed to be bombed. This Vladimir often likes to ask for my public support before he sends missiles to Jesuit military compounds. Unfortunately, my men told me at Church of Gail that the Jesuits attached a bomb to the pope that exploded. It appears a pope “look alike” is parading as pope Benedict now. My men informed me that the baby attached to the pope survived the bombing. This baby (Brianna Jenkins), born to Rule 13, has the genes of myself and Terrance Jenkins (though stolen genetic material) and pictures of her are posted at my royal ancestry page. My men claim that Jesuits used growth hormones on her to grow her from babyhood to adult within months.

TITLE: Jesuit Zack Knight Tries to Seduce & Impregnate Gail’s Mother. 3:07 minutes. Date: Aug. 26, 2011. Synopsis: I created this video to expose the Jesuit plot to possibly impregnate my mother, using Jesuit Zack Knight. Zack Knight came to Jesus in Sept. 2016 and no longer tries to impregnate women using evil Jesuit brain control. 

TITLE: Catherine the Great congratulates Vladimir Putin for destroying Underwater City. 6:01 minutes. Date: Aug. 2, 2011. Synopsis: Vladimir Putin told me through email that Jesuits planned a million strong Jesuit army, through babies they were creating at an underwater city. Therefore, Vladimir destroyed the city.

TITLE: Order to Nuke Underwater Military City. 13:53 minutes. Date: Aug. 2, 2011. Synopsis: Vladimir Putin contacted me through email to inform me that he discovered the Jesuit plan to use an underwater city to launch upon the world a nuclear holocaust through a million strong Jesuit army. Therefore, Vladimir asked me what we should do, and he asked me to give him permission to hit the button for the missile to destroy the Jesuit military “baby soldier” compound. He informed me that Jesuit technology is so advanced, they can grow babies to adulthood within months, using accelerated growth hormones.

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