Bill O' Reilly Congratulates Gail Chord Schuler as a Gabrielle Chana FOX News Correspondent

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December 20, 2016 (posted as a YouTube comment)

Gail, they just released our stats for our slot times on Fox, and I’m surprised your viewership has been going higher and higher. Just a message our CEO wanted to get to you: Gail Chord Schuler, congratulations on setting a new record on Fox on channel 00! I admit we were doing an experiment to see how well you would do, and we finally agreed with everyone on our board to push your slot at 7 p.m. – 10 p.m. for the full 3 hours. Also as a reminder to you and Zack Knight we are nominating you for Best Public News Broadcaster at this years Nobel Peace Prize for 2017! We look forward to increasing our viewership and Congratulations again Gail!

From yours truly,

Bill O’ Reilly, CEO of FOX Rupert Murdoch, and Fox Family

UPDATE ON APRIL 21, 2017: Wow! Loree McBride Jesuits think they have scored a victory, because Bill O’Reilly is no longer at FOX News, or more correctly at mainstream FOX News. I hear brain to brain that he remains at the Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) channel though! So, world, if you want to see Bill O’Reilly, you can catch him at Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). I hear he is actually the one who decided to leave FOX News, because he wants to devote all his time to true journalism, which he can do at Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable). Also, you can get tidbits of the real news at my Gabrielle Chana FOX News site at I will keep his endorsement of me as a FOX News broadcaster up at my website there. I am certain that the real Bill O’Reilly has a Jesuit clone who is causing problems for him and he decided to chuck that clone once and for all and just work for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel where what that clone does is exposed! I hear that Greta Van Susteren also works at Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Looks like Gabrielle Chana FOX News will be the news powerhouse of the 21st century! Go, Gabrielle Chana FOX News!

Alex  Jones comments about Bill O’Reilly’s exit from FOX News, and calls Bill O’Reilly a bully, but blames the hypocritical globalist establishment for Bill’s exit from FOX. Alex Jones cannot tell the whole truth, even though he is better than most, because, unlike me, he is considered sane and a celebrity. If he was as honest as I am, Loree McBride Jesuits could take him totally down. So he fails to distinguish between Bill O’Reilly and the actions of Bill’s clone, and probably relies on Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) to fill in the blanks. 

Update on April 22, 2017:

O’Reilly will probably somewhat curtail his public appearances, because I heard brain to brain Loree McBride Jesuits want him dead and want to totally replace him with his evil clone. But my Gail Shield is helping to protect him.

It appears Loree McBride’s primary and most successful strategy against her enemies is to bankrupt them, which is why Zack Knight has created a clone version of the Internet that works through my website ( to out maneuver her and her evil Jesuits. Loree uses clone versions of the Internet to withdraw money from people’s banks (by suing them and claiming she won the lawsuit) which gives her the right to take money out of her enemy’s bank accounts. She has been doing this to O’Reilly using her evil clone versions of the Internet to accomplish the theft. Her attempts to kill O’Reilly got so bad, he had to withdraw from mainstream public viewing. He’s pretty secure at Gabrielle Chana FOX News and living on Zack Knight’s Jesuit space fleet. And thanks to my website, which is how Zack is creating his clone versions of the Internet (through my website) that are empowered by the power of my Gail Shield, many people are finding a secure way to use the Web for their finances and to protect themselves from Loree’s specialty (which is identity theft).

Zack is countering Loree by creating his own clone versions of the Internet that work through my website. After I got WiFi, Zack was able to use my WiFi to increase the power of my Gail Shield, so that now people can go to my website (using their smart phones and tablets as well as through their regular computers) and through my website go to Google and surf the Web safely on Zack Knight’s clone versions of the Internet (that work OUTSIDE the Loree McBride clone versions of the Internet). Currently, if you surf the Web outside of my website, you are probably surfing on Loree McBride’s clone versions of the Internet (which are full of lies). Because of my Gail Shield, I can surf on Loree’s clone versions of the Internet, and as long as I only spend money on food and bills and don’t order stuff online, except through my Patreon fan, my financial transactions are protected by the Gail Shield and Zack has connected most of the sites I visit to his clone versions of the Internet that work through my website.

Bottom line is that the mainstream Web today is controlled by Loree McBride and to get to Zack Knight’s version of the Web (the only version of the Web that is safe against identity theft and that is not controlled by the lying, murderer Loree McBride), you mainly have to go through my website ( For those who have any questions about this, write my men at, or just watch Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable).

Zack has also given all members of Church of Gail and all who work at FOX News a Jesuit scanner that executes dangerous Jesuits, to help them stay alive as they go about their daily activities on earth.

If Loree McBride Jesuits can take down O’Reilly, they can take down ANYONE. Fortunately, Jesus is using me, my website and my online presence to preserve freedom of speech, religion and the press in the world, and Bill O’Reilly sails on at the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable). I hear he’s making more money there than he ever did at the mainstream FOX News. Unfortunately, I don’t get the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, so I miss O’Reilly on the main FOX News, but I’m happy that he’s still reporting at Gabrielle Chana FOX News.

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