How to Find Video & Playlist Embed Codes with New YouTube (April 12, 2017)

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How to find video & playlist embed codes with NEW YouTube (April 12, 2017):

I just wanted to share with you what I’ve learned about the new YouTube. To get the embed code for a playlist, you have to open up the video you are watching of the playlist and then do a RIGHT click on the video and choose “copy embed code”. The playlist embed code you get will open up at the video that you right clicked on. Next, paste the embed code wherever you want. If you want the embed code for the particular video you are viewing (but NOT for the playlist of which it is a part), you click on share in the lower right of the video (when you are viewing it) and then click on embed.

With classic YouTube, you had the option to choose among several sizes you wanted for your embed code. But it’s an easy matter to change the size. You just change the width and the height right there in the embed code. It appears YouTube is making it so you have to be somewhat computer savvy to understand how to deal with their embed codes now.

Personal opinion: I liked the old You Tube better. This is NOT an improvement!

Now when you click on your icon in the upper right (after you’ve signed into Google) and the list of options appears below it, and you request to restore classic YouTube, it ignores you now and won’t give you back classic YouTube! So you’re forced to work with the new YouTube whether you like it or not.

Another way to get the embed code for a playlist (and this only works if YOU ARE THE PLAYLIST CREATOR), is to sign into Google, then go to YouTube, then in the upper right, go to Settings, and/or then go to Creator Studio, then go to your playlists on the left side. Click on the title to your playlist, THEN CLICK ON EDIT, and then get your embed code.

I’ve noticed that sometimes when you click on your icon in YouTube’s upper right, you can’t get Creator Studio unless you click on Settings first! GO FIGURE.

It appears YouTube is making you work more to get the embed code! Basically, if you aren’t a computer nerd, you will probably assume that it is impossible to get the embed code and GIVE UP. YouTube really needs to UPDATE their instruction page about embed codes, because the information on it is INACCURATE.

It was very frustrating for me until I figured this out, and I even searched online and found NOTHING. So I created this to help out others who need this information.

Wherever you paste the embed code in your website is where the video will be embedded in the site. With some website hosters, like WordPress, all you need is the video’s URL, but when all else fails the embed code usually works.

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