My Answer to TJ's Video about Jesus

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Dear TJ:

I am sorry that you feel so much anger towards Jesus. I understand, because many times I feel that a lot of things in this world are very unfair. However, as a person who has met with Jesus many times, I don’t think you understand his heart.

First off, you are offended that Jesus describes people as sinners, saying these are some arbitrary rules that God came up with (if He exists) to punish people who have violated his rules in order to let them burn UNFAIRLY forever in hell if they don’t follow His rules.

You also question that any human DESERVEs the punishment of death on the cross for our sins or the punishment of burning in hell forever for our “sins”.

First off, I would like to say that I understand how you feel. Rather than debate you point by point which will get me nowhere, because your points are valid, I would rather just show you Jesus’s HEART.

Have you ever asked yourself, “If there is a God, why did He create the universe?”

I’m not going to throw a bunch of Bible verses at you, because this will be meaningless to you, because you don’t believe the Bible. But what I am sharing with you is backed up by the Bible.

This is a very important question about why God created the universe. The answer is that God WANTED COMPANIONSHIP. God first created the angels and the heavenly beings (who are not human) for this companionship. God, being all knowing and all powerful, realized when he created his creation, that they would fall into sin. He had to think long and hard before he decided to embark on this venture. But he wanted companionship SO BAD, he decided to DO IT, even though some aspects of this creation would make him VERY SAD. It made him sad because he decided that he wanted his created companions to love him OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL. He wanted to have a WIFE who would love him OF HER OWN FREE WILL.

You might say, “Wait a minute! You are telling me that God considers me his “wife”?!”

Okay, let’s put it this way, God intended for all those of his creation to be HIS LOVERS FOR ETERNITY. But, ask yourself, would you want to have a lover who is an automaton without feelings and who loved you because they were programmed to do so and not because they had FREE WILL?

So God decided to give his lover (his creation) FREE WILL, knowing full well, they would REJECT HIM AS THEIR LOVER (which God calls SIN). Basically all forms of sin are a REJECTION OF GOD AS THEIR LOVER. It’s like God created you to be his lover and you say, “Forget you, bud! I hate your guts.”

You might say, “This is SO UNFAIR. So he created me to be his lover and if I reject him, he sends me to hell!”

All I can say is, he is an awesome lover, who always does what is best for you, and even DIED FOR YOU, so you can love him freely and love other members of his creation with the same type of love he has for you. Brent Spiner has been to heaven and back, and he describes heaven as an orgasm of the heart. This is what God wants for you as his lover and when you say, “No way!” Then you BREAK GOD’S HEART, because he wants everyone to be his lover.

When Christ marries his bride, the church (composed of all those who choose Jesus as their lover), he will be making love to his bride as a composite. God is so vast, that he needs the composite of many, many humans to satisfy his loving urge. That composite is the CHURCH (those who have chosen Jesus as their lover).

Basically, all forms of sin are a rejection of God as their lover. God created the universe to be his lover and all members of that universe are part of that composite, who will be his bride, the church – HIS LOVER.

It boils down to THIS, God wants COMPANIONSHIP, HE WANTS A LOVER, but he doesn’t WANT A SLAVE. So he gave you free will to reject him, BUT because his WHOLE PURPOSE in creating the universe was to have a LOVER who would love him of their own free will, you have the freedom to reject him (ALL FORMS OF SIN).

If you choose to be his lover, he will reward you with peace, joy and love in your heart, the beginnings of that orgasm of the heart he rewards his lovers with in heaven. If you reject him, he cannot allow you into heaven, because only those who have accepted him, have his LOVER PRESENCE inside of themselves, and without this LOVER PRESENCE, you will contaminate his beautiful heaven with hatred, intolerance, bitterness, lusts, greed and all the by-products of rejecting him as a lover. He loves you so much, he wants your relationship with him to be filled with that orgasm of the heart forever and ever, and he wants you to choose him of your own free will.

When he died on the cross, it was his way of courting you, trying to show you how much he loves you and how it grieves him that he has to send you to hell, so that you won’t contaminate his heaven for those who have chosen him as their lover. Usually, when people reject him it’s because they love something MORE THAN THEY LOVE GOD, and that something becomes a POISON that contaminates their heart making their ability to love to become IMPURE.

God loves his bride SO MUCH, he cannot allow this impurity to taint the orgasm of the heart that exists in heaven and the future earth (when Christ reigns), so he has no choice but to send you to hell, hoping that hell’s fires will remove the impurities in your heart that would cause you to love anything more than Him.

As far as loving other people, God actually WANTS YOU TO LOVE YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR WIFE AND YOUR KIDS, etc. BUT, when you put that ABOVE your love for God, then they become IDOLS and they USURP GOD IN YOUR HEART. Anytime you choose anything over God’s love for you, it means you have rejected PERFECT LOVE. Basically, God sends people to hell for rejecting PERFECT LOVE.

It’s God’s hope that all of his creation will come to him someday, even those in hell. God won’t force you to be his lover, but he cannot allow those who reject PERFECT LOVE to ruin it for those who are His.

God will transform this world into a world of PERFECT LOVE. And he won’t allow those who reject this love to ruin it for those who want it. God’s standards are high, because he wants PERFECT LOVE for everybody and he wants it with FREE WILL.

Come on, you have to admit this world has a lot of problems. It all started when Adam and Eve rejected God’s PERFECT LOVE. Before they sinned, God would meet with them in the Garden, to have FELLOWSHIP. But when Eve chose KNOWLEDGE over PERFECT LOVE, God has to cast out humans from his garden, so that this NEW WORLD where PRIDE and EVIL usurped PERFECT LOVE could not LAST FOREVER.

God is trying to be absolutely fair to his lover. She is free to love him of her own free will. BUT when she rejects him (the PERFECT LOVER) for anything else, then that rejection becomes a poison in God’s well of PERFECT LOVE and he has no choice but to send that betrayer to hell to hopefully purify their hearts, so that they accept their PERFECT LOVER and can then go to heaven.

Trying to explain God is very difficult. But I see you do not understand his heart and so you hate him. He is very hard for us mortals to understand. But if I could sum him up in ONE WORD, I would say, he created man and angels to be his lover and many of them have rejected him, even though he died for them so they could experience forever and ever an orgasm of the heart for eternity. He won’t allow those who have rejected him as a lover, ruin it for the others who have accepted him and so he sends them to hell, BUT unlike what you’ve heard, people can be saved from hell. He sends them there to make them THINK and to understand how terrible it is for them to reject PERFECT LOVE.

Should you decide to accept Jesus as your lover, say this prayer:

This prayer will only work if you feel humility in your heart and long to have Jesus as your PERFECT LOVER. If he senses you reject him as your PERFECT LOVER, he won’t accept the prayer. Also, remember, that the way God loves is way different from how humans love. He doesn’t make love using the sexual act to humans. It’s more like an orgasm of the heart in heaven.

As far as all his rules. He only had to do that AFTER MANKIND FELL in the GARDEN. People like things complicated and he made a bunch of rules to show people how to be his PERFECT LOVER. He KNEW that everybody would fail him in this regard, AFTER ADAM AND EVE FELL. That’s why he died on the cross, to make a way for them to have the ability to be that PERFECT LOVER, or at least to TRY. It’s all really simple, God wants you to be his PERFECT LOVER and he wants you to love others like how he loves you. That’s all it is pure and simple and all the rest is just more complicated versions of that.

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