Gail Chord Schuler with Daniel Tosh (photo taken after filming on Tosh.0)

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Gail Chord Schuler with Daniel Tosh. A photo taken right after filming for the day on the set of Tosh.0. The episode aired on November 8, 2016 (Election Day).

To watch Gail on Tosh.0, click here:

She also received a photo of him taken by the crew at Tosh.0 getting ready to masturbate to Gail’s picture, which Gail thinks is hilarious. Zack Knight tells Gail that he thinks Daniel has a crush on her.

“I don’t get it! I’m a baby boomer and he’s a millennial.”

Zack Knight: “Boners know no age, and you are f—ing hot.”

Gail: “It has never been my life goal to be f—ing hot.”

Gail almost did not go to Los Angeles to appear on Tosh.0 fearing that her appearance on the show was a Jesuit trick to harm her, but changed her mind after Jesus Christ himself approved of the trip.

Gail with Daniel Tosh

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