The REAL Brent Spiner has tons more Texas manliness than his Jew Clone (who owns Brent's official Twitter)

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Even at Bellaire High School (1967) the REAL Brent Spiner has tons more Texas manliness than his JEW CLONE (who owns Brent’s Twitter now). Even in 1990, when Brent Spiner made Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back for Gail in response to a tape of her singing that she sent him in Sept. 1990, you can see the love he had for his woman (Gail Chord Schuler) who won his heart by admiring and adoring his Texas manliness. Unfortunately, after Loree McBride drug raped Brent Spiner (Sept. 1992 to try and destroy Brent’s love for Gail), she has doctored photos of herself ( to soften her) and of Brent (to make him look more like his shallow clone). But Gail knows who the REAL Brent Spiner is, because that’s who she fell in love with in 1991 when he wooed her with his gorgeous, manly and passionate voice filled with love for her on the phone (1991 to 1993). She will NEVER FORGET THAT VOICE.

Check out Gail’s page devoted to her soul mate Brent Spiner, the manly Texan who won her heart by his Texas manliness and devotion to his woman. A real Texan will die for his woman. Gail could NEVER LOVE that wimpy, treacherous clone who sides with Loree McBride! The REAL Brent has NEVER wanted Loree McBride and Gail could never respect a man who would want a murderer like Loree for a partner.

Two of the photos show a real man (the REAL Brent Spiner). One shows a treacherous wimp (the Brent Spiner JEW CLONE). I (Gail) will never desert my man and I can surely tell the difference between a real man and a wimp!

Brent vs CLONE Bellaire High

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