Gail Chord Schuler from King David

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I failed to point out that the Northridge earthquake hit Paramount Studios! And the earthquake I experienced in Seattle in 2001 (while divorcing my Jesuit husband) was on ASH WEDNESDAY and though I lived in Seattle and the earthquake caused a lot of damage, nobody died! Also, how God had me stationed in Brent’s hometown (1994 to 1997) is pretty amazing, considering that I had a 1 in 130 chance of being stationed in Brent’s hometown as a Coast Guard man’s wife. You can be sure my ex-husband would not have wanted to be stationed in Houston, if he knew it was Brent’s hometown. I kept Brent a big secret from my husband in the 1990s, or at least I tried to.

Gail learned of her King David ancestry from GOD HIMSELF by reading the Bible and letting God speak to her as she read the Bible! She was so astounded over what God showed her, she wrote it down. Later, when Brent Spiner began communicating with Gail he let her know that she was literally fifty percent King David/sixty percent Catherine the Great. The Catherine the Great genes come from the children of Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev who immigrated to Japan from Russia and married into the Fujiwara family, becoming the Oshu Fujiwara. The children of Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev belonged to the same gene pool that produced Catherine the Great, which explains how Gail has the genes of Catherine the Great even though she is not descended from Catherine the Great. Because Gail has been so persecuted for her genetic profile, being targeted from birth, it has kept her humble, despite having impressive genes.

With awe and humble reverence to her great Savior Jesus Christ, who has showed up and spoken to Gail one on one from 2012 onwards, she can look back over her life and see how she fits into God’s Grand Plan. She is honored that God has used her as a prophet to bring his Word to the generation who will go into the tribulation.

Gail’s life CHRONOLOGY.

Howard Hughes’s genetic mother is Gail Chord Schuler’s paternal great grandmother

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