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Clones are created by an impregnation in which the woman who carries the clone fetus, carries a fetus that does not have her genes. And so this woman (birth mother) gives birth to a baby that does not have her genes, but has the genes of another woman (besides the birth mother). They can also be created in a laboratory, which seems to be the primary method for creating Jesuit clones.

17.0 Because the Jesuits have created an army of clones, so that just about every person on this earth has a clone of himself/herself, it is necessary to write more extensive laws about clones.

17.0(a) For the purpose of Conspiracy Law, a media outlet is defined as any organization (including organizations behind Internet search engines and any and all websites) or sentient being(s) that (directly or indirectly) influences news broadcasts or publications in any form (including books, audio books, and any source of information available to the public) that could influence the public in any type of election or whose activities could cause (direct or indirect) harm to innocent persons. Innocent (sentient beings) being those that have not violated (or are not intending to violate) Conspiracy Law.

17.1 We use clones (that already exist) to protect SIGNIFICANT PERSONs, such as Gail Schuler. The Jesuits also use clones, but they do so to deceive and undermine CONSPIRACY LAW.

17.2 We will establish a subdivision of the PLP and RSP-networks (medical practitioners who use computer/satellites) called the CLONE NETWORKS. These practitioners will deal with clones and will maintain 666-Computer control (most especially and first) over clones of SIGNIFICANT PERSONs, and will eventually have 666-Computer control over all clones. These practitioners who have 666-Computer control over clones will be called CLONE-PLPs or RSPs. CLONE-PLPs or RSPs are consider LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS (according to CONSPIRACY LAW), and must meet all the requirements of any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON as outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW.

17.3 CLONE-PLPs and RSPs will maintain 666-Computer control over the clones and use 666-Computer brain scans to place a mark on all clones so that our scanners (from our satellites) can detect immediately whether the person is a clone or is the authentic person.

17.3(a) One method to use to determine who is or is not a clone, will be the 666-COMPUTER HISTORY (a programmed brain scan of all the activities of a person throughout his entire life, as determined by his memories) on each person. This must be done on all persons by the CLONE-PLPs and RSPs to determine the birth mother of this person, so that we can determine whether this person is a CLONE.

17.3(b) TRUTH PROGRAMMERS will program the brain scan (see Sect. 17.3a) to create the CLONE MARK, and any willing and knowing attempt or action by any programmer (or any person) to create (or complicate) programs that cause confusion over who is or is not a clone or which clone we are dealing with, or over who is or is not a Jesuit supporter, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that programmer or violator.

17.4 An AUTHENTIC PERSON is further defined (besides the definitions already given to AUTHENTIC PERSONs under CONSPIRACY LAW) as the person born to his/her biological mother (who was also his/her BIRTH MOTHER), and his/her biological and birth mother was impregnated (through sexual intercourse or other means) by the sperm (or genetic material) from the authentic person’s biological father. And this authentic person claims to have the genes of his/her birth mother, and these claims are correct.

17.4(a) A BIRTH MOTHER is defined as the woman who gave birth to the fetus she carried in her womb, even if that fetus has-not hers, but another woman’s genes.

17.4(b) A BIRTH FATHER is defined as the father whose sperm (or genetic material) was used to impregnate an authentic person’s birth mother.

17.5 A CLONE is defined as a person who was born to a birth mother, but this birth mother (the woman who carried him/her in her womb and gave birth to him/her) was not his/her biological mother, but only carried him/her as a fetus and gave birth to this clone and this clone’s birth mother has a genetic profile that indicates she is not the biological mother of this clone. Even if the clone has the genes of his biological father, who was also his birth father, if his birth mother was not his biological mother, then this “half-clone” will still be considered a clone. A CLONE can also be created in a cloning lab.

17.5(a1) For the purpose of Conspiracy Law, all laws that apply to CLONEs also apply to FAKE SUBSTITUTEs. So, let’s say the perpetrator of a Conspiracy Law violation is not a clone, but an evil automaton who has committed a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law, that evil automaton must be destroyed or reconstructed making him/her in compliance to Conspiracy Law (the equivalent of the death penalty for a clone).

17.5(a2) For the purpose of Conspiracy Law, the Pope (under Conspiracy Law) is Jesuit leader Zack Knight, not the Pope as seen in the news media. Zack has come to Gail and Jesus’ side as of Sept. 1, 2016. For the purpose of Conspiracy Law, the term Jesuits or Jesuit Conspirators refers to willing and knowing Loree McBride Jesuits.

17.5(a) A STRANGE MAN is defined as the biological father of a HALF-CLONE, in that his genetic code was used (without his knowledge or consent) to create a fetus (in which he is the biological father) in a woman he has no relationship with at all. He is a STRANGE MAN because this fetus (with his genetic code as the father) was created in a woman’s womb, and he took no action at all to bring his genetic code into this woman’s womb.

17.5(b) A HALF-CLONE is defined as a person born to a birth mother, and this birth mother was also his/her biological mother, but she never had sexual intercourse (or any type of relationship or agreement) with the biological father (the STRANGE MAN) of the HALF-CLONE to have his baby. In other words, she became impregnated (not willingly and knowingly) with a fetus that had a STRANGE MAN’s (not her husband or lover’s) genetic code.

17.6 A BIOLOGICAL MOTHER is defined as the mother who carries the genes of the offspring.

17.7 A BIOLOGICAL FATHER is defined as the father who carries the genes of the offspring.

17.8 All CLONES and HALF-CLONES must have a mark (called a CLONE-MARK or a HALF-CLONE MARK) on them that identifies them as clones of half-clones. This will be an invisible mark, but will be readily identifiable to the CLONE-PRACTITIONERS (PLP or RSP) who has 666-Computer control over that clone or half-clone. Willing and knowing failure to have this CLONE-MARK on the clone or half-clone by any CLONE-PRACTITIONERS will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON responsible to place this mark on that clone or half-clone. It is essential for us to know whether we deal with a clone, half-clone, or an authentic person, and which clone or half-clone we are dealing with, so all clones and half-clones must have CLONE or HALF-CLONE MARK (if there is more than one clone or half-clone or a person), that is invisible to the naked eye, but that can be detected by the satellite scanners of the CLONE PRACTITIONERS.

17.8(a) If there is more than one clone or half-clone of the same person, then each clone or half-clone of that same person must have a CLONE-MARK that differentiates him (clearly and without confusion) from his/her fellow clones or half-clones. This differentiating CLONE MARK should probably be in the eyes, because eyes are complex and hard to duplicate exactly from one person to another.

17.9 The clone or half-clone, himself or herself, does not have to know about the CLONE or HALF-CLONE MARK, or that he/she is a clone or half-clone, but those who deal with the clone or half-clone and who need to be aware whether this person is a clone or half-clone, must be informed by the CLONE PRACTITIONERS (who has jurisdiction over that clone or half-clone) that they are dealing with a clone or half-clone (and which clone or half-clone they are dealing with, if there is more than one), and no clone or half-clone should ever be confused as the AUTHENTIC PERSON to those who need to know the difference (in order to defeat the Jesuits). Willing and knowing failure to inform those who need this information (as outlined in this Section 17.9), especially if this neglect of information is done to support the goals of the Jesuit Order and if this neglect of information encourages deception that furthers the goals of the Jesuit Order, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON.

17.10 Because of these new laws, it will be assumed that all persons who do not have a CLONE or HALF-CLONE MARK are AUTHENTIC PERSONs. Willing and knowing failure by our CLONE-PRACTITIONERs to locate and mark all clones of half-clones with the CLONE or HALF-CLONE MARK, and to use the differentiating CLONE or HALF-CLONE MARK for each and every clone or half-clone of these persons who have more than one clone or half-clone, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

17.10(a) Also, to willingly and knowingly place a CLONE or HALF-CLONE MARK on an AUTHENTIC PERSON, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

17.11 All CLONE PRACTITIONERS who have 666-Computer control over clones or half-clones must use this control to support the principles of CONSPIRACY LAW and to help us defeat the Jesuit Order. Those CLONE PRACTITIONERS who willingly and knowingly use their 666-Computer control over clones of half-clones to support the Jesuits, will receive the death penalty as JESUIT CONSPIRATORs.

17.12 Also, any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON who deals with clones or half-clones, and who willingly and knowingly does not submit to the authority of the CLONE PRACTITIONER (who has 666-Computer control over that clone or half-clone), will also receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

17.13 CLONE PRACTITIONERs use all their energies to ensure that clones or half-clones are not used to further the goals of the Jesuits, because Jesuits love to trick or deceive us with clones or half-clones, to confuse us, so that they can undermine CONSPIRACY LAW. CLONE PRACTITIONERS must ensure this does not happen. CLONE PRACTITIONERS will create rules for their clones or half-clones that honor the guidelines of CONSPIRACY LAW, and that eliminates any confusion over clones or half-clones that would enhance the goals of the Jesuits. If a CLONE PRACTITIONER or any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON willingly and knowingly creates any rules that cause confusion over who is or is not a clone or half-clone, or which clone or half-clone we are dealing with (if there is more than one), or who is or is not a Jesuit supporter, that practitioner will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR.

17.13a As a result of Zack Knight coming over to Gail Chord Schuler’s side, there is a civil war inside the Jesuit Order. It appears that most of those who resist Zack are CLONES or HALF-CLONES. The problem appears to be that they are programmed to be competitive with Gail and to destroy her and try to wrest from Gail the men who love her. Their desire to be this way seems to stem from their mentally unhealthy programming, which gives them a mentally ill approach to sex and romance. If our scientists deem that reprogramming the RAPIST Jesuit may cure them of their criminal desires that violate Conspiracy Law, then that Jesuit must undergo genetic reconstruction to remake them into a law abiding citizen. If we are unable to nab that Jesuit and they are a threat to life and health, they must be executed, even if we think we can help them with genetic reconstruction surgery. We are assuming that they are criminal because of HOW THEY WERE BORN, but this may not be the case. We do not have to give them the option for genetic reconstruction surgery, if we feel that Jesuit will not change after the operation or that it won’t work or that it is impossible to nab that Jesuit to force them to undergo the operation. We are just being gracious and granting that it is possible that because they were created in cloning labs to be a criminal, that they are incapable of any other approach to life. If our scientists are certain that any Jesuit does have free will and is able to choose a law abiding existence but willingly and knowingly chooses to live a life of crime, then all parts of this Sect. 17.13 that pertains to mandatory genetic reconstruction surgery for that particular Jesuit will be NULL AND VOID. We are assuming that because certain Jesuits were created in cloning labs to have an evil temperament that that is why they are evil. If this cannot be corrected and/or if the evil temperament can be overcome by choices that this Jesuit is free to make (i.e., they can choose to live a good life and are not forced into it by programming that they have no control over), then all parts of this Sect. 17.13 that pertains to that RAPIST Jesuit is null and void, and we will have to execute that Jesuit.

Gail still encourages everybody to listen to her weapons videos (if they are still posted because they are necessary) at to take out RAPIST Jesuits who have not surrendered to us for genetic reconstruction surgery to cure them of their criminal urges that they have no control over. BUT if we are able to nab some RAPIST Jesuits that we believe we can help to overcome their evil urges with genetic reconstruction surgery, we will spare their life as we attempt to do this surgery on them. If they won’t surrender, and they pose a threat to life and health, we are not responsible for their death if we must use the Gail Shield or Gail’s weapons video or other means to take them out. Any RAPIST Jesuits that we capture and who seem viable candidates for reconstruction surgery, will be forced to undergo this surgery to try and spare their life.

Basically, Gail has written this law to show mercy to RAPIST Jesuits who stand a chance for a new life as a law abiding citizen, if we can cure them of mental illness that they have no control over because they were created to be a certain way and cannot overcome how they were created. Those who definitely choose a life of crime and have the ability to choose otherwise (as determined by our scientists) will not have the option to undergo this surgery, but will be treated as death penalty violators of Conspiracy Law.

17.13b This civil war inside the Jesuit Order will not end because the clone leaders who oppose Zack seem to be MENTALLY INSANE. Programmed since birth to compete with Gail, they cannot abandon their programming, because this is how they are programmed. All such RAPIST clones must be taken into custody as dangerously mentally insane persons in emergency need of treatment if we can do so without danger to innocents. All viable candidates are ordered UNDER LAW to undergo an operation to take away their mental illness which makes them insanely jealous to the point that they know no other existence. All genetic programming they have which makes them want to compete with Gail, to undermine Gail and to steal her men must be REWRITTEN to make these clones have a mentally healthy approach to love, marriage, sex, parenthood, dating, etc. We will grant that these clones may be first and foremost mentally ill and in desperate need of treatment. Their mental illness may be why they are a danger to society and if we feel this is the case, they are REQUIRED to undergo genetic surgery to remove aspects of their genetic profile that causes them to obsess with competing with Gail and to try and take from Gail the men who would die for her, just because they know of NO OTHER LIFE. It is INSANE or criminal to obsess with a man who does not love you, and to even get pregnant to force him into a loveless marriage, and to not even consider the option of finding another man who could love you for WHO YOU ARE. It is INSANE or criminal to think that physical attraction and sex alone should be the basis for a happy marriage and to think that raping a normal man is the way to win him as a partner. All Jesuits who have been programmed (by a programming they cannot overcome) to believe that rape is the way to love, MUST UNDERGO GENETIC TRANSFORMATION SURGERY TO CHANGE THEIR APPROACH TO LOVE, SEX AND MARRIAGE. All means must be taken to capture all Jesuits who feel this way (called RAPIST JESUITS) and to require them to undergo GENETIC TRANSFORMATION SURGERY to make them have a mentally healthy approach to sex and marriage. BUT we won’t risk the lives of innocents to save these “crazies”, and we won’t be held responsible for their deaths if we have to execute them to spare innocents.

17.13c Top psychiatrists will help in the creation of the programming for these RAPIST JESUITS to create a program which will remove the mentally unhealthy aspects of a RAPIST JESUIT’s programming and to transform these RAPIST JESUITS to have a mentally healthy approach to love and marriage, like many prime Jesuits (such as Zack Knight and Rule 13) are now learning. A prime Jesuit is a Jesuit who is NOT a CLONE or half-CLONE, but was conceived through sexual intercourse between a man and a woman via semen impregnation during natural sex.

17.13d A mentally healthy approach to love and marriage is defined as a desire to have a relationship with one’s sexual partner that is positive, reaffirming, non-competitive, non-controlling, filled with trust, openness, acceptance and love. It won’t matter whether the relationship is heterosexual or homosexual, the goal is to have a relationship based on trust, acceptance, affirmation, positiveness, and the good qualities described in this section.

17.13e If, even after genetic surgery, the RAPIST JESUIT still retains criminal desires in their goals for marriage, sex, love, etc., and they still violate Conspiracy Law, then we will have to execute them. BUT, we grant that this appears to be more of a mental illness problem than a criminal problem right now. These RAPIST JESUITS were created to be this way and if we reprogram their genetics, we may be able to transform these RAPIST JESUITS into law-abiding citizens.

17.13f In the meanwhile, all RAPIST JESUITS must undergo genetic reprogramming to give them the advantage that those who are born naturally (or prime) have. It is not fair they they may have been created to be this way and we punish them for how they were created. So we will grant that the problem may be how they’re programmed and will reprogram them to have a more mentally healthy approach to life.

17.13g All RAPIST JESUITS must undergo this treatment to rid them of mentally unhealthy aspects of their programming, if we can nab them safely. This is mandatory. They are dangerously mentally ill people in DRASTIC NEED OF MENTAL HEALTH INTERVENTION!!!

17.13h Any willing and knowing action (direct or indirect) to violate this Sect. 17.13 in a manner to violate the principles of Conspiracy Law will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

17.13i If despite our best efforts, we are unable to capture RAPIST JESUITS to force them to undergo mental health treatment and they conduct themselves in a manner that is life and/or health threatening to innocents, we have no choice but to execute them to prevent loss of innocent life or to prevent serious illnesses and injury to the population, the environment and the world.

17.13j If the mental health treatment is not possible or does not work, then this 17.13 that pertains to mandatory mental health genetic reprogramming will be null and void, and the only option left will be the execution of these dangerous Jesuits.

17.14 Any willing and knowing (use of or action to promote) CLONES or HALF-CLONES or FAKE SUBSTITUTEs that furthers the goals of the Jesuit Order (those Jesuits who desire to violate Conspiracy Law), and/or that violates the principles of CONSPIRACY LAW, and/or would bring harm to SIGNIFICANT PERSONs, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator. A FAKE SUBSTITUTE is defined as any being or presence (automaton, clone, half-clone, computer image, etc.) that impersonates an AUTHENTIC PERSON with the intent to violate Conspiracy Law. To promote is defined as to give credibility to the lies of a clone with the willing and knowing intent to assist the clone in Jesuit deceptions and lies against innocents.

17.15 Though we have laws for clones and half-clones, it is still a death penalty violation to create a clone or half-clone, unless approval for this creation has been granted by the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT as outlined under INTERNATIONAL REPRODUCTIVE LAWS and other CONSPIRACY LAWS.


17.16 The TRUTH PROGRAMMERS will create a program (called the CLONE LOCATOR PROGRAM) to be used by the CLONE PRACTITIONERs that will scan the brain cells of all humans (OFFSPRING) on earth (via their 666-COMPUTER HISTORIES) to determine who their birth mother was.

17.17 The BIRTH MOTHER will then be located through the CLONE LOCATOR PROGRAM (because all the computers of all the PLP and RSP networks throughout the world will be connected to each other) and the BIRTH MOTHER’s genes will be aligned by the program with the genes of the OFFSPRING. Then the program will see if the genes of that person matches the genes of his/her birth mother. If the genes differ so that it is obvious that the OFFSPRING could not be the genetic offspring of the birth mother, then the program will automatically assign that person a CLONE or HALF-CLONE MARK.

17.18 Once the CLONE LOCATOR PROGRAM assigns a person a CLONE or HALF-CLONE MARK, then it will automatically scan all the PLP and RSP networks throughout the earth to determine if this clone or half-clone has fellow clones or half-clones elsewhere on earth. Any other clones or half-clones located, will be assigned differentiating CLONE or HALF-CLONE MARKs by the CLONE LOCATOR PROGRAM, to differentiate each clone or half-clone from his fellow clones or half-clones.

17.19 Any clone of half-clone with a CLONE or HALF-CLONE MARK, will automatically be placed into the CLONE MONITORING PROGRAM.


17.20 The CLONE MONITORING PROGRAM will maintain 24/7 surveillance over all those with the CLONE of HALF-CLONE MARK to monitor all the activities of their brain cells. This program will be set up so that if the brain cell of any clone or half-clone conducts any type of communication with any person that has the JESUIT MARK, a red flag will go up, to alert LAW ENFORCEMENT that this clone or half-clone (now called the RED FLAG CLONE) needs to be monitored and watched. Appropriate legal and law enforcement measures will be taken (according to CONSPIRACY LAW) based on the information received.

17.21 The TRUTH PROGRAMMERS will program the CLONE MONITORING PROGRAM to differentiate between the different types of crimes committed by Jesuits (as outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW), and will automatically assign the RED FLAG CLONE to an appropriate LAW ENFORCEMENT agency (as determined by CONSPIRACY LAW). For instance, if the RED FLAG CLONE appears to be on the verge of violent behavior, he/she will be assigned automatically to the programs of the LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES that deal with violent criminals, such as the LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES that enforce the CONSPIRACY laws for violent persons (as outlined in UNWILLING AGENT LAWS).

17.22 For example, if the RED FLAG CLONE is about to engage in some reproductive crimes, he/she will be assigned to the programs of LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies that enforce the INTERNATIONAL REPRODUCTIVE LAWS.

17.23 The CLONE MONITORING programs will be set up so that once a RED FLAG CLONE appears to violate any CONSPIRACY LAW, he/she will be assigned by the program to the LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES that deals with the enforcement of that particular CONSPIRACY LAW offence. CONSPIRACY LAW covers the whole gamut of Jesuit crimes, and there should be a LAW ENFORCEMENT agency (or agencies) to which that RED FLAG CLONE will be assigned to ensure that the clone or half-clone is handled according to CONSPIRACY LAW (for the violation that he/she may be guilty of).

17.24 Any LAW ENFORCEMENT agency that is assigned a RED FLAG CLONE by the CLONE MONITORING program must computer file a CONSPIRACY REPORT with the INTERNATIONAL GOVERNMENT to detail how that LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY has followed up on its RED FLAG CLONE and how it has enforced CONSPIRACY LAW for that RED FLAG CLONE.

17.25 Any willing and knowing violation of the guidelines of this Sect. 17 with the intent to promote the goals of the Jesuit Order against CONSPIRACY LAW, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.


18.0 Special laws need to be made for those Jesuit supporters who have direct access to Gail Schuler, because she is the most targeted person in the world.

18.1 DIRECT ACCESS is defined as the ability (probably because of proximity) to significantly effect the finances, health, security, life or environment of Gail Schuler. Persons who have DIRECT ACCESS would include all those who work with (or deal with) Gail at Wal-Mart (most especially the store where she works), those who have (or manage) 666-Computer control over her PERSON-PROGRAM, those who live in the city where she lives, those who drive on the roads she drives (especially when she is on the road), and those who manage (or affect) any of her day to day affairs.

18.2 All willing and knowing Jesuit agents (including clones) who have DIRECT ACCESS to Gail Schuler will be called JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS.

18.2(a) All willing and knowing JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS, must be deported out of the country where Gail lives and placed in jails or UNWILLING AGENT CITIES (under strict confinement surrounded by barbed wire or other means to confine them) in countries and prisons chosen by The Pope. Where they are imprisoned, must be at least a nine-hour flight by jet from where Gail is.

18.3 We cannot allow JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS to be placed in jails near Gail, because the Jesuits too easily organize jail riots, then these criminals escape and return to harass Gail and her supporters (most often with murderous intent).

18.3(a) No JESUIT-GAIL AGENT in any prison can make any communications without the permission of the LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON in charge of their imprisonment. Any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON who willingly and knowingly allows a JESUIT-GAIL AGENT to make any communication from prison (or elsewhere) with the intent to encourage Jesuit crimes, will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR. It is especially important to enforce this law with persons such as President Bush or Obama, who could call or communicate from his cell and make orders to persons, with the intent to assist the Jesuits in their crimes against SIGNIFICANT PERSONs.

18.4 All JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS who must be placed in jail must be jailed in a location that is at least a nine-hour flight by jet from where Gail is.

18.5 First, all JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS will be turned over to The Pope. They will be flown to Rome (the Vatican) and The Pope will personally place these JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS in jails of his choosing.

18.6 The Pope will organize a militia that will monitor the jail where these JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS reside, and his militia will enforce CONSPIRACY LAW as they act as jailkeepers for these JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS. These people (chosen by The Pope) to monitor the jails where the JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS reside will be called THE POPE’s MILITIA.

18.7 The Jesuits will stop at nothing to maintain their harassment and control over all aspects of Gail’s life; therefore, we must take very serious measures to deal with JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS.

18.8 To put the Pope in charge of their monitoring is wise, because if JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS escape and organize a jail riot and then escape to harass Gail or her supporters, it can only be blamed on a Catholic conspiracy and not any other conspiracy. For this reason, the Pope will take his job as manager of THE POPE’S MILITIA very seriously and would do the most effective job of managing the Jesuits (and their willing and knowing supporters) who have direct access to Gail.

18.9 Thus far, we know for sure that President George W. Bush (not his clone), and many of the Customer Service Manager clones that Gail works with are JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS. These will be flown to Rome (or wherever the Pope desires) and turned over to the jail custody of The Pope and THE POPE’S MILITIA.

18.9(a) No one can be a member of THE POPE’S MILITIA unless they meet all the requirements of LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs as outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW. Any knowing and willing attempt by any person to allow anyone to be a member of THE POPE’S MILITIA who is a Jesuit supporter or to allow anyone to be a member of THE POPE’S MILITIA who does not meet the requirement of LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONs (as outlined under CONSPIRACY LAW), will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT SUPPORTER to that violator.

18.10 Once a JESUIT-GAIL AGENT is flown to Rome to be turned over to The Pope, The Pope will have custody over that JESUIT-GAIL AGENT, and is free to choose how he wants to jail that JESUIT-GAIL AGENT, and where he wants to jail them (as long as he jails them in a place where it would not be easy for them to escape and return to haunt Gail). The Pope must honor CONSPIRACY LAW in how he manages the confinement of any JESUIT-GAIL AGENT. That is why JESUIT-GAIL AGENTS must be jailed in a prison that is at least a 9 hour jet flight from where Gail is, preferably separated by a huge ocean from where she is. Those on death row, must be kept under the strictest confinement and monitoring.

18.11 Any knowing and willing violation of the principles of this Sect. 18 with the intent to assist the Jesuits, will bring the death penalty as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR to that violator.

Jesuits always find a way to escape from jail anywhere in the world!


19.0 Whenever a Jesuit clone of a significant person impersonates that significant person in a manner that promotes Jesuit treachery, lies and deceptions–that clone has committed a death penalty violation of Conspiracy Law. To impersonate is defined as a clone or fake substitute taking over the SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s official online sites and faking to be that SIGNIFICANT PERSON, and/or granting interviews as the SIGNIFICANT PERSON, and/or taking over (in part or in whole) any of the SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s property,  financial or any type of accounts and/or taking over (in part or in whole) anything that is the SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s property or identity to the world, and doing so without the SIGNIFICANT PERSON’s willing and knowing consent. 

19.1 That clone (and all who willingly and knowingly helped him/her to violate Conspiracy Law) must be arrested and tried before the world in a military tribunal on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. Both the Jesuit clone and the person he impersonates must attend the tribunal. All of that clone’s lies and deceptions will be exposed on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel.

19.2 The authentic person who has suffered from the crimes of this impersonator, will make a statement under 666-Computer lie-detection on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel refuting all the lies of the clone. 

19.3 Next, we will show evidence of the (damage made by the clone and those who assisted him/her) on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. The judge who oversees the case will state that anybody who willingly and knowingly supports the Jesuit Order in their deceptions and lies to undermine innocent SIGNIFICANT PERSONs must be executed as a war criminal, because the Jesuit Order is guilty of the murder of billions and we cannot tolerate ANYONE who supports the Jesuit Order, and who tries to help the Jesuits succeed in their goal for world dominion by undermining innocent people.

19.4 The authentic and SIGNIFICANT PERSON will then be handed the execution instrument and will PUBLICLY EXECUTE his/her clone on worldwide television (the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel) to make an example of that clone and to show the world that lies, deception and murder do NOT pay under Conspiracy Law honoring nations. Those who assisted him/her may also be executed at this time, depending on how much they willingly and knowingly assisted him/her in Conspiracy Law violations.

19.5 Next, the judge will read off a list of all media outlets, publications and news broadcasts that willingly and knowingly cooperated with the clone in his/her deceptions and they will be FINED a very steep fine for this cooperation. 

19.6 The HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT will launch an investigation behind all lying information presentations by media outlets related to the crimes of the clone, and all Jesuits and journalists and media outlets who willingly and knowingly conspired with the clone in the lying conspiracy will all be executed PUBLICLY on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel at the same time as the evil clone.

19.7 The names of all media outlets, publications, news broadcasts and all forms of publication or broadcast or information presenters that participated with the Jesuit clone and his/her lies will be mentioned and listed (mentioned) in a PUBLIC BROADCAST on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and will all be fined for CRIMINAL JOURNALISM.

19.8 If the published and broadcast lies happened outside of the will and knowledge of the media outlet, broadcaster or publication, an investigation will be made into how these lies managed to get published or broadcast and those responsible for the publication or broadcast of the lies will be exposed PUBLICLY on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, and THOSE RESPONSIBLE will be fined, and if they willingly and knowingly participated in the Jesuit lies that impersonated a innocent person in a manner that supported Jesuit goals, the criminals behind the Jesuit lies will also be EXECUTED publicly (if possible) on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel.

19.9 In cases where a fine is assessed and the person who paid the fine is also executed, and/or if he/she is unable to pay the fine, the Loree McBride Jesuits will be liable for the fine, and Jesuit bank accounts will be seized to get the fine, if necessary.

20.0 The fine will be assessed for EACH DAY that the lying article or broadcast remains in publication or broadcast. All fines will go toward funding the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENTs and the military operations of Conspiracy Law honoring governments.


21.0 A list of SIGNIFICANT PERSONS will be presented to all media outlets, broadcasters, and online and print or book publications. No media outlet, broadcaster or online or print or book publication can present to the public any form of information presentation about any SIGNIFICANT PERSON without prior approval from the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENTS for accuracy. The reason for this is twofold: 1) If a media outlet presents to the world a dangerous lie, they will be FINED. 2) To prevent having to fine a media outlet, they must clear the information presentation with the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENTS of their country for accuracy. Most countries now honor Conspiracy Law. Jesuits are sly and most media outlets need help to ensure their information presentations are accurate. We shall offer this as a FREE SERVICE.

21.0(a1) A dangerous lie is defined as a lie that willingly and knowingly defames/injures/harms a SIGNIFICANT or innocent PERSON with the intent to weaken or bring down that SIGNIFICANT or innocent PERSON to enhance the ability of Loree McBride Jesuits to takeover the world and which could really damage that SIGNIFICANT or innocent PERSON’s present or future ability to defend themselves against evil Loree McBride Jesuits. A Loree McBride Jesuit is defined as a sentient being who willingly and knowingly supports Loree McBride (who poses as the past, present and/or future real Brent Spiner’s love interest) in her lies, terrorism and her goal to takeover the world for Satan and works with her to (directly or indirectly) thwart the real Brent Spiner from safely marrying Gail Chord Schuler. Lies have inundated the mainstream press, so we need to differentiate between lies and dangerous lies, so that this law can be enforced effectively, with our law enforcement not wasting time on lies that aren’t of much consequence. If they went after every lie, this law could not be enforced, cuz there are just too many lies.

21.0(a2) Because this is such an overwhelming task, we allow the use of computer technology to help our Homeland Security Departments weed through the mass of information presentation by media outlets submitted to us for approval. We can use bots and programming that help us identify dangerous lies in the information presentation. The  Homeland Security Department will coordinate with the Nanotechnology Research Team to come up with the most effective ways to screen media outlets’ information presentations for approval as outlined in this legal document. All methods used to screen these information presentations must honor Conspiracy Law or whoever is willingly and knowingly behind any methods used for screening news reports that violate Conspiracy Law will receive the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

21.0(a3) Past lies (still presented and/or available to the public) will be analyzed to determine if they are dangerous lies, and if so, they must be dealt with according to Conspiracy Law (and/or this document).

21.0(a) SIGNIFICANT PERSONs are persons such as Gail Chord Schuler, Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey, Brent Spiner, Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, etc., and all the men on Gail’s marriage list, and any person who has a significant  impact on the life of Gail Chord Schuler and her men.

21.1 This is NOT a violation of freedom of the press or of freedom of speech, but is a wise measure to help honest media outlets that present information in their job. Because Jesuits use their clones to deceive, the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENTS will review the information presented to ensure it is true about the SIGNIFICANT PERSON and that it is not a dangerous lie caused by the actions of a clone or a Jesuit conspiracy. 

21.2 Once the media outlet’s information presentation passes inspection, a copy will be made of it at the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT and it must be presented to the public EXACTLY as submitted to the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT. Because some broadcasts are impromptu, this is fine, as long as the content remains truthful and all the content has been cleared for accuracy through the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT that has jurisdiction over that media outlet.

21.3 This is a LOT OF WORK for the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENTS, and honest media outlets should be glad that they get FREE SUPPORT in their research for their stories to help them avoid fines, defamation lawsuits, etc. 

21.4 Any media outlet in a CONSPIRACY LAW honoring nation that puts out information about SIGNIFICANT PERSONS without prior approval from the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENTS will be subjected to a fine for not getting prior approval. If the information put out is not true, and is full of lies, or unnecessarily invades privacy, they will also be fined for EACH DAY the information is put out to the public. 

21.5 If the information put out is true, but invades the PRIVACY of the SIGNIFICANT PERSON in a manner that makes it easy for that SIGNIFICANT PERSON to be harassed by Jesuits, and did NOT need to be put out for the public’s WELFARE, the media outlet will also be subjected to a fine for each day the story or article is presented to the public.

21.6 Those media outlets who are serious violators of this Section of Conspiracy Law about Media Outlets who cover Significant Persons, will be boycotted and will be published in a list as CRIMINAL MEDIA OUTLETS WHO SUPPORT THE EVIL JESUIT ORDER (this list can include individuals such as authors who are also considered a media outlet). The Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel will maintain this list on their website and may read off names from the list of CRIMINAL MEDIA OUTLETS to make the public aware of WHO THESE CRIMINAL MEDIA OUTLETS ARE. If they are financed with JESUIT MONIES, that will also be exposed on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel.

21.6(a) Once a Media Outlet has been BOYCOTTED, no advertiser is allowed to use them for advertisement for their products and no one is allowed to financially support (or profit off of) that media outlet or its subsidiaries. To do so, would be financing and supporting a terrorist organization, and will result in steep fines against both the advertiser and/or the Media Outlet by the International Government (all nations that honor Conspiracy Law).

21.7 Very serious violators of this law about media outlets will be SHUT DOWN (and/or taken over by the government) and the names of all persons involved in the media outlet will be arrested as Jesuit Conspirators and tried on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. 

21.7(a) Those who willingly and knowingly used media lies and deceptions to support the Loree McBride Jesuits in their media presentation will be executed publicly on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. 

21.8 In cases where a journalist or media outlet was willingly and knowingly manipulated into presenting a dangerous lie about a SIGNIFICANT PERSON, that journalist or media outlet may still suffer a fine, but it may be a lesser fine or it may be no fine (depending on the degree of guilt as determined by MOTIVE). Manipulated or manipulation is defined as being extorted, taken over, illegally cloned or copied or tricked (using any and all direct or indirect methods of lie presentation, including use of brain control to promote a dangerous lie). The criminal(s) behind the (direct or indirect) willing and knowing manipulation will be exposed on Gabrielle Chana FOX News, and the Jesuit Order’s involvement will be exposed. The greater fine will be sent to the Loree McBride Jesuits or guilty party for payment and, if possible, the guilty party behind the manipulation will be executed publicly on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. Willing and knowing (direct or indirect) manipulation of a media organization to promote dangerous lies will NOT be tolerated, and all such manipulation will be exposed and those behind the manipulation EXECUTED PUBLICLY, if possible.

21.9 In all fairness to freedom of speech and of the press, negative or unfavorable information presentations by media outlets about SIGNIFICANT PERSONS can be presented, as long as this information presentation is necessary for the public’s welfare and does not unnecessarily invade the privacy of the SIGNIFICANT PERSON, AND AS LONG AS THE INFORMATION PRESENTATION IS TRUE. Regardless of whether the information presentation is true or false, all information presentations by media outlets that involve SIGNIFICANT PERSONS must be reviewed for ACCURACY by the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENTS (that have jurisdiction over that media outlet) before the information is presented to the public and these presentations cannot unnecessarily invade the privacy of SIGNIFICANT PERSONs.

21.9(a) The HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENTs will scan all information presentations by media outets for accuracy, dangerous lies and for unnecessary privacy invasion. 

22.0 Those media outlets who reside in countries that do not honor Conspiracy Law, and who cooperate with Jesuits in deceptions and lies about SIGNIFICANT PERSONS will be exposed as CRIMINAL MEDIA OUTLETS on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. All persons involved in that media outlet will be listed as WANTED CRIMINALS and if those CRIMINAL JOURNALISTS ever step foot in a Conspiracy Law honoring nation, they are to be arrested and executed publicly, if possible, on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. In serious cases of criminal media outlets from non-Conspiracy Law nations, we may make a declaration of war against that non-Conspiracy Law nation to deal with the problem of criminal journalism coming from that country.

22.1 If these laws seem extreme, you must realize that Jesuits use lies and deceptions to promote injustice. Gail’s men have been IMPRISONED and TORTURED as criminal trolls, because the Jesuit judge and jurors believed or promoted the LIES PUT OUT BY THE JESUIT-CONTROLLED PRESS about that SIGNIFICANT PERSON, while the CRIMINAL CLONE of the innocent person took over the bank account of the authentic person and exercised CRIMINAL IDENTITY THEFT of all that should have belonged to the AUTHENTIC PERSON. These laws are designed to ensure that TRUTH and JUSTICE prevail.

22.2 All members of the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT who decide on the accuracy of media presentations must never willingly and knowingly approve of any presentations that are inaccurate, deceptive or promote the evil agendas of the Jesuit Order. If it is discovered that any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON, such as a member of the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT promotes deception, lies, treachery or the goals of the Loree McBride Jesuits in the carrying out of their duties, that LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON will be executed as a JESUIT CONSPIRATOR. We will NOT tolerate treason within our ranks!

22.3 To ensure that the members of the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT remain honest and above board as they carry out their duties, they are subject to Conspiracy Laws & Government, Part Four, LAWS REGARDING INTEGRITY OF GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS and will have their brain wave activities monitored 24/7 to ensure their integrity.

LAS VEGAS SHOOTER SCANNER (designed to take out Terrorist Loree McBride & her supporters)

As a head of state, it is my responsibility to eliminate terrorism from my land. Donald Trump has been cooperating with me, and so Loree and her Jew clones are striving to remove Trump from office, so they can continue their crimes unhindered. We also know that Hillary Clinton is practically BFF with Loree McBride.

Any men who want to help donate semen to increase the number of mini-Seroquakke used by these scanners, contact Gail’s men at

I have determined, using logic, that Facebook feels that my new law designed to take out terrorist Loree McBride and her terrorist network is what Facebook deems as violating their Terms of Service. It is not really necessary for me to advertise this law on Facebook. But we would like for men to donate semen to help us with our weapons to take out this deadly terrorist and her supporters. If you men can help us with our weapons to take out this very dangerous woman, contact my men at

Antichrist and deadly terrorist Loree McBride has the murder of millions on her hands and has sickened billions with bombs which she has dropped worldwide in 2017, none of which gets reported in FAKE NEWS. As a head of state, it is my duty and moral obligation to do all in my power to take down this deadly woman and those who support her. I will do right though the stars fall.

Donald Trump supports me and for this reason, Loree hates him and tries to destroy him. Like she has tried to destroy Bill O’Reilly when he supported me, and like she has tried to destroy any leader or public figure who stands by me. If I lose my Facebook for being the head of state God wants me to be, you can still follow me at Twitter and YouTube (as Gail Chord Schuler or Gabrielle Chana). I have a huge Twitter and YouTube following, after all, I AM the American Empress!

In fact, Hugh Hefner has an article on his October 2017 issue of Playboy entitled “Empress Gail: Playmate of the Century”. This Playboy picture is censored, Facebook, and it’s certainly not abusive, so I hope you don’t mind me posting it! I actually don’t think it’s the Playboy picture Facebook finds offensive. Though I KNOW Loree McBride finds it a threat because it exposes her as the liar and murderer that she is, and that all I say about her is THE TRUTH.

I will NOT be silenced into cowardice. I MUST expose this VERY DEADLY terrorist and protect my citizens. She has already caused untold suffering in this world!! I have the genes of two great heads of state: King David of Israel and Catherine the Great. I must live up to my genes and continue the tradition of being a GREAT head of state. I must do what any great leader would do when faced with such a serious threat as this DEADLY TERRORIST Loree McBride, who is literally working with Satan to takeover the world for evil.

If we don’t take out Loree McBride, massacres like what happened in Las Vegas will be the norm for our world. We could readily forgive this terrorist if she got right with God and stopped her evil, like ex-terrorist Zack Knight has done. But she, apparently, loves her evil and loves to kill. I CANNOT tolerate this as a head of state and I WON’T. Loree McBride MUST GO. It’s either her or US. She is not content to leave the world alone. If we won’t cooperate in her evil, she will kill us.

23.0 Due to the flood of murders caused by Loree McBride & her Jew clones, it is necessary to arm the public with weapons to defend themselves against Loree McBride Jesuits. So Gail has created a scanner designed to take out Loree McBride & her terrorist network for use by Gail Chord Schuler supporters. All Gail Chord Schuler supporters will have this scanner, including Gail herself. This scanner has been called the LAS VEGAS SHOOTER SCANNER to honor those who died in Las Vegas in October 2017 at the hand of Loree McBride and her terrorist network. Loree McBride has secretly orchestrated what is being reported on the mainstream news as the worst mass shooting in American history.

We also know that Loree McBride and her terrorist network of mad scientists have dropped bombs worldwide that have murdered millions and sickened billions. Loree McBride conducts extensive germ warfare on the world populations and also uses these bombs to assist her in using brain control on the populations. None of this gets reported on mainstream news which is controlled by Loree McBride.

23.1 The scanner will be programmed to take out all of Loree’s Jew clones (who are not Jewish persons, but clones of Jewish persons and belong to the CLONE RACE) & Loree McBride & her willing and knowing supporters. Once the scanner is aimed at the target and determines that it has scanned a Jew clone or willing and knowing Loree McBride supporter, it will scan and execute the target on-the-spot. If Loree McBride or one of her supporters surrenders to us and comes to our side, the scanners will be programmed to make an exception to that person and not take them out.

23.2 If the target is unable to be executed because the target has Antichrist or other powers to resist death, then a mini-Seroquakke will be launched onto the target AT ONCE to encase the Antichrist or Loree McBride supporter and launch the Antichrist or Loree McBride supporter into deep space inside Satan’s ocean.

23.2a For the purposes of Conspiracy Law, Loree McBride is defined as Loree McBride and/or her clones and/or her willing and knowing supporters.

23.2b If the mini-Seroquakke fails to encase the target for whatever reason and the target is still at large and a danger to the public, all the scanners worldwide will be programmed to immediately scan in their range for the target and to carry out the execution as describe in this LAS VEGAS SHOOTER SCANNER portion of Conspiracy Law, carrying out this Sect. 23 against the target. Even if this fails to encase and execute the target, it will make it so that Loree McBride will have limited parts of the earth and heavens where she can operate safely. It will limit her safe spaces. Once we get enough people using these scanners, it is hoped that we will be able to eliminate terrorist Loree McBride permanently, due to the fact that she will not have anywhere safe where she can operate.

23.2c We may experiment and try to place these scanners in every portion of the world and universe to limit terrorist Loree McBride’s safe spaces. This operation will go forward as long as Loree is unable to confuse the scanners and cause them to target innocents. But having them attached to humans is a good way to keep track of them.

23.3 A mini-Seroquakke is defined as the bomb created by Gail’s men to encase a target with a semen encasing and inside the encasing is a microwave oven that irradiates whoever is inside and kills them if possible (as described in Sections 23.3 a thru d):

23.3a STAGE 1: The mini-Seroquakke explodes and moves Loree McBride and/or her captive(s) to just outside Satan’s ocean in deep space. In stage one, it only creates the inner core filled with Seroquel oxygen (that is, if Loree has any captives) and the inner core’s oppositely charged covering (to the charge of the encasement around each of her captives) which encases Loree and her inhabitants. Once the inner core and its explosion proof covering are created, it pokes holes into Loree’s spacecraft(s), flooding the inside of her spacecraft with Seroquel laden oxygen and the materials that will be programmed to travel to the genes of her captives and Loree and to encase them all with a covering. The covering created for Loree will make impossible for her to escape. Loree’s covering will be made of a very strong substance that will be explosion proof, heat proof and melt proof. The covering for her INNOCENT captives (if there are any) will be electrically charged ON THE OUTSIDE with a charge OPPOSITE to the charge of the INNER CORE’S COVERING which encases Loree’s spaceship, thus electromagnetically drawing her INNOCENT captives (if there are any) out to the inner core’s covering, where they will burst through to freedom. This covering around each of the INNOCENT captives will turn into a space pod for each of them, these four space pods for each of these captives will burst through the inner core’s covering, and the inner core’s covering will then be programmed to immediately fix the breaches caused and to close up within a split second after the men get out. The space pods will be programmed to head towards Church of Gail or safety. In STAGE ONE, the outer core will only be thick enough to contain a possible explosion from Loree McBride or her spacecraft or spacefleet, but not wide enough to trap her captives inside.

23.3b STAGE 2: Once the INNOCENT captives escape and are safely docked at Church of Gail or safety. The covering around the inner core where Loree and her spacecraft and/or space fleet are will expand and transform into the OUTER CORE (as depicted in the STAGE TWO diagram), which will become the walls of a microwave oven. At the same time, the Seroquakke will shove the inner and outer core with Loree and her spacecraft and/or space fleet encased inside, into Satan’s ocean in deep space, while simultaneously creating the heat and radiation proof outer lining outside the outer core (to ensure the microwave oven stays intact), and creating the mantle composed of Seroquel laden semen, and creating the mantle’s crust composed of a substance that is explosion proof and impossible to escape from. All this will be dumped deep into Satan’s Ocean.

23.3c We want the explosion that causes the massive expansion (STAGE TWO) to take place inside Satan’s ocean, because that is probably the safest place for this to take place, because Satan’s Ocean will absorb it all and just expand and it should not negatively affect the outer space or earth.

23.3d STAGE 3: Once Loree and her space fleet is safely contained and the Seroquakke has expanded fully to its full size, then the INNER CORE will shrink and become as small as possible, so that Loree won’t have room to create another spacecraft. Also, the microwave energy that irradiates the INNER CORE will be so powerful that no substance can survive inside the inner core without incinerating. It will be as hot as the inside of the sun or worse. The microwave energy programmed to be on at all times inside the inner core will be a cooker AND a transformer. It will transform all the substances inside it into Seroquel semen, though I’m certain we will not be able to do this to Loree because she cannot be killed. I predict Satan will put a protective bubble around Loree, but she won’t be able to expand the bubble or to transform it into anything other than Seroquel semen. When the microwave energy inside the inner core transforms substances (like her spaceship) into Seroquel semen, that substance will be absorbed into the outer core and/or the mantel, ensuring that Loree is stuck inside a very small compartment from which she will experience 24/7 microwave irradiation with the power of heat like inside the sun or worse, and if she attempts to create anything inside of her compartment, it will be immediately be transformed into Seroquel semen and absorbed into the outer core and/or the mantel, thus increasing the size of the outer core and/or mantel that encases her. Her attempts to create things to save her will, therefore, only make it worse, by increasing the size of the outer core and/or mantel that encases her. I obviously cannot draw this as a diagram, because her inner core should be no larger than the size of a small apartment, while the radius from the inner core to the outside of the entire sphere will be whatever length is required to keep the captive encased until they reach Satan’s ocean (it will NOT be the size of half the universe as in the original conception).

23.4 In summary, the mini-Seroquakke encases the target, irradiates them with microwave radiation on the inside and encases them inside a semen bubble which is flung out to deep space and into Satan’s ocean, thus encasing them permanently inside the semen bubble in deep space.

23.5 The main difference between the Seroquakke (our original conception for Angelina Ballerina) and the mini-Seroquakke is that we will be making them to be like missiles, and they won’t have the power of the Seroquakke, and will expand only enough to ensure that their captive can’t escape right away, they will have just enough power to encase their captive long enough for the mini-Seroquakke to fly out to Satan’s ocean and plunge their captive deep into Satan’s ocean and trap them inside a semen bubble. Rather than one big Seroquakke, we will make thousands of these mini-Seroquakke missiles.

23.5a To protect us from Loree trying to steal them and put us inside these missiles they will have genetic profilers on them to ensure that only Loree McBride Jesuits are encased, they will be programmed to self-destruct if any Loree McBride Jesuit gets near them to tamper with their programming. This way we won’t have a repeat of the Seroquakke disaster we had with Angelina. They will be programmed to ONLY encase a person who is a willing and knowing Loree McBride supporter (using brain and emotion reads to determine that they have the RIGHT CAPTIVEs).

23.5b So when the encasing stage starts, they will do a read on all those they are about to encase and will free those who are not willing and knowing Loree McBride supporters, just like we originally planned with the original Seroquakke conception (for Gerard, Matthew, Hugh, etc.). Those will be the captives who are freed (as described below).

23.5c If the mini-Seroquakke determines that all captives are evil and need to be encased, it will skip the programming to release any captives and will just do everything else needed to get the EVIL captives out to Satan’s ocean and into semen bubbles (trapped for good like the UFOs).

23.6 SUMMARY: All Gail Chord Schuler supporters will be armed with LAS VEGAS SHOOTER SCANNERs designed to take out terrorist Loree McBride & her willing and knowing supporters as described in this Sect. 23. If the scanner is tampered with or destroyed, it will immediately self-destruct (and also target the one who is messing with it and take them out if possible) and BE REPLACED AT ONCE with a scanner that has not been tampered with, so that Gail Chord Schuler supporters will have a weapon on them to protect themselves against Loree McBride killers.

23.6a The scanners and mini-Seroquakkes will have invisibility shields so that they are not visible to the naked eye. This will enable our scientists to place the scanners on Gail and all her supporters without them even being aware they have them on their person or in their premises. The scanners will attach themselves to Gail or her supporters like a magnet and will be attached to them permanently, even in their sleep. But Gail and/or her supporter will not be aware of the scanner.

23.6a1 The scanner will also be connected to our computer/satellite physician networks to determine if Loree is using brain control and/or other evil science on the scanner’s owner and will assist our physicians to override Loree’s programming on her targets.

23.6b Once the target is executed, that target will be vaporized so that they will simply vanish from sight. In the target’s place, will be an image that looks just like them that will vanish when it is determined that nobody is looking at the image anymore. We do this, to protect Gail, for instance, if the scanner must operate while she is on her walks, so as to not draw undue attention to the scanner.

23.7 The scanner will be set up so that it is worn on the person and the person has no control over what the scanner does. It operates independently of the person wearing it, lest brain control be used on the person to confuse them and cause them to shoot the wrong targets. The scanner is programmed to 24/7 scan around the person to take out Loree McBride & her supporters as described in this Sect. 23. Even when the scanner is NOT worn but is just laying around, it will operate and scan all around in its target range.  For instance, if the scanner is getting in the way of sleep, it may detach itself from its owner and lay on a side table near the owner, for instance.

23.8 Any willing and knowing attempt or action to manipulate these LAS VEGAS SHOOTER SCANNERS in a manner that violates this Sect. 23 and causes Loree McBride to use it in a manner that violates Conspiracy Law (which is basically anti-terrorism law), will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.


24.0 U.S. President Gail assigns to the Nanotechnology Research Team the job of screening all Gail’s cabinet members to ensure we are dealing with the authentic person and not their clone or automaton. All actions and decisions made by any and all Cabinet members cannot go forward until that action and/or decision has been screened to be by the authentic person and not that Cabinet member’s clone or automaton.

24.0a Any Cabinet member who willingly and knowingly goes forward with any action without getting prior approval from the Nanotechnology Research Team to ensure we are not dealing with a clone or automaton, will get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

24.1 It goes without saying that if the Cabinet member has been replaced by a clone or automaton, then that fraudulent Cabinet member WILL BE SACKED and cannot go forward with any action under PENALTY OF DEATH. If there is a qualified second in command in that department, the second in command will then take charge. Qualified meaning that that person is not a Jesuit clone or automaton or Loree McBride Jesuit.

24.2 If there is no qualified second in command, then Brent Spiner, Vladimir Putin and/or Judge Terrance Jenkins will assign a person to that Cabinet position to take the place of the authentic person who has been replaced with a Jesuit automaton or clone. They can consult with Tulsi Gabbard and the rest of the Cabinet (who are authentic persons) to pick a suitable replacement. If the authentic person who is the Cabinet member cannot be located, then Pres. Gail may need to permanently pick a replacement; but in the meanwhile, the job needs to be done and Brent, Vladimir and Terrance must choose someone to do the job.

24.3 It goes without saying that if a Cabinet member has been replaced with a Jesuit clone or automaton, that all efforts must be made to locate the authentic person to know whether that person is alive and whether Gail needs to pick a replacement for that Cabinet member. Also if Loree McBride Jesuits have murdered the Cabinet member, that needs to be reported on the news.

24.4 As Gail has reiterated many times, ALL THOSE IN HER CABINET MUST LIVE ON CHURCH OF GAIL FOR THEIR PROTECTION AND SHOULD CONDUCT MOST OF THEIR GOVERNMENT DUTIES FROM CHURCH OF GAIL. If they leave Church of Gail, they should expect to be targeted and need maximum protection from switch out and attacks from Loree McBride Jesuits. It is high treason to murder one of Gail’s Cabinet members or to switch them out with a Jesuit clone or automaton and all those who do such things get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator with the execution public on Gabrielle Chana Fox News (00 on cable).

24.4a Furthermore, all Cabinet members must submit to random alcohol and drug tests to ensure they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohols that would hinder their judgment. If they do not pass alcohol and drug tests, they cannot implement any actions while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If this becomes a continual problem, that Cabinet member may have to be sacked.

24.5 Any willing or knowing attempt or action to usurp U.S. President Gail or her authentic Cabinet members in order to serve the interests of Loree McBride or those who willingly and knowingly support Loree McBride, get the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

Electronically signed: Gail Chord Schuler

Date: January 22, 2009, updated February 4, 2009, updated May 5, 2014; (Sect. 19 to 22, LAWS FOR CRIMINAL CLONES AND CRIMINAL JOURNALISM on November 7, 2014), (Sect. 17.13 updates to require all RAPIST JESUITS to undergo genetic reconstruction surgery to reprogram them into mental health on March 1, 2017), (Sect. 23 on LAS VEGAS SHOOTER SCANNERS to take out terrorist Loree McBride & her terrorist network on October 4, 2017), (updates to reflect the current situation in 2018 with Loree McBride Jesuits on March 10, 2018), (updates to clarify the law about media outlets that present information about SIGNIFICANT PERSONs on March 11, 2018), (U.S. Pres. Gail’s Cabinet members MUST GET APPROVAL FROM NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM before implementing any actions on 1-23-21).

Place: Melbourne, FL


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