The Winter Person from Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson

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THE WINTER Person from Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson:

You are best in clear colors and sharp contrasts. A Winter strives to stay snappy and should never wear muted, powered tones. When shopping, think true, blue, and vivid; sharp, clear andicy.

Winter is the only season who successfully wears pure white or black. Don’t be afraid of a white blouse; white is exciting on you. Winter’s grays range from icy to charcoal; and true gray is yours, but not blue-gray or yellow-gray. Your beige must be taupe (gray-beige), and always light and clear. You are not a beige person in general and should avoid all rose-beiges and yellow-beiges. Darker taupe may be used for accessories such as shoes and bags. Navy blue is excellent on you, as is burgundy. You may wear any shade of navy, but keep your burgundy bright. You will not look best in muted maroon tones.

Winter excels is true and primary colors, as well as their bluer and darker counterparts. You wear true red and any blue-red, but not orange-red. Your greens range from true green to emerald to pine, which has a blue cast rather than the yellow cast of Autumn’s forest green. True blue, royal blue, hot turquoise, and Chinese blue as well as navy make up your blue family. Royal purple is great, as are hot pinks, from shocking pink to magenta to fuchsia. You have only one shade of yellow: clear, bright lemon. Avoid golden yellow (orange-yellow).

Icy tones make the Winter woman sparkle. These are your versions of pastels, almost white with a drop of color. You wear icy blue, icy aqua, icy pink, icy violet, icy green, and icy yellow as well as icy versions of your other colors, such as gray and taupe. Avoid all powdered pastels, as they will dull you.

The very fair-skinned Winter is best in the icy and deep colors. GAIL IS SOMEWHAT FAIR AS A WINTER. The shocking colors are too vivid in large amounts, and she should wear them as accents or away from the face. Deep hot pink, for example, will be better on her than shocking pink. True, emerald, or pine green is better than light true green; blue-red and burgundy are better than true red, and so forth. Fair Winters may also find soft white better than pure white and should soften black near the face. They should mix black with other colors, or wear a scoop neck, letting their skin do the softening. By contrast, some Winters are especially good in the true, bright colors and weak in the palest neutrals, such as gray and beige. Such winters should use these neutrals in prints or mix them with a brighter color near the face.

If you are a Winter you should never wear ORANGE, GOLD, RUST, PEACH, ORANGE-REDS, YELLOW-GREENS, or MOST BEIGES and BROWNS. You may wear brown if it is so dark that it can be worn with black accessories. Avoid all MUTED, DULL tones. Stick closely to your color swatches when shopping for your yellow and your taupe. You may deviate from the other swatches up or down a shade.


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