To Those Who Have Just Prayed the Sinner's Prayer

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After you pray the sinner’s prayer, ask Jesus to give you wisdom. My men often cannot communicate with me because of Jesuit interference. When this happens, I have to rely on Jesus, using the old fashioned method of Bible study and prayer for guidance. Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum has some good messages on living the spiritual life, and gives lots of good advice about how to live for Jesus. Though Jesus has talked to me (via Brent Spiner), he prefers the old-fashioned method of Bible study and prayer, because Satan is too obsessed with impersonating him. The old-fashioned method, if your heart is pure, works best. The key to keeping the heart pure is to confess our sins to Jesus and stay close to him through daily Bible study and prayer and offering our bodies as a living sacrifice to him each morning when we awaken.

I guide each of my days based on old advice I got from Jesus through my men, in combination with Bible study and prayer, where he gives me “peace” in my heart or “desires” in my heart that I know are from him, and I use this to guide my decisions for each day. If I’m especially perplexed, I spend more time in Bible study and prayer for guidance. You’d be amazed how Jesus will answer, if we are sincere and mean business. He will find a way!

Thus far, Jesus has only communicated with me through a human with the real Brent Spiner or Judge Terrance Jenkins. He only allows Brent Spiner to transcribe for him, and ever since we have had problems with brilliant Jesuit Brent Spiner impersonators on my Skype (starting around December 2014), he’s not even allowing Brent to transcribe for him anymore. He’ll just show up and say something real fast and Brent will just relay the message to me, but it won’t be an exact transcription of what he said. It seems Jesus is bringing me back to the way I have communicated with him for years, the old fashioned method of Bible study and prayer and sometimes speaking to me through a preacher’s message, which is the method that he PREFERS TO USE. I’ve been a Christian since 1971, and am also a Bible college graduate, and can usually tell if the preacher I’m listening to is worth listening to.

I highly recommend Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum to anyone who wants a good preacher to listen to for a deep Bible study. Oswald Chamber’s book My Utmost for his Highest at is also excellent. Dr. John MacArthur’s book “Found: God’s Will” at is an excellent resource to those who want guidance over life’s decisions. And, of course, let’s not forget our daily Bible reading. Jesus’ favorite English Bible is Today’s Parallel Bible at which features readings from the King James Bible, the NIV, the New American Standard and the New Living Translations. If you can’t afford the Parallel Bible, just pick one of those versions and go with that. Jesus says that any Bible translated accurately from the earliest manuscripts is fine with Him.

If you are a new believer, read the New Testament first, starting with the book of John, and then read all of Paul’s epistles from Romans to Philemon over and over. After that, read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation through every year. I also read a chapter a day from Proverbs, according to the day of the month, because Proverbs has 31 chapters! Better to read a passage slowly with a reverent heart and with your heart open to receiving any messages Jesus may want to give you through His Word, than to read in a hurry and miss something he may be trying to tell you.

If you are a millennial or younger, you may be better off starting your Bible readings with Bible for Tribulation Saints, and then follow my recommendations above to read the regular Bible after that. The reason I say this is cuz traditional Christendom has misinterpreted the Bible in many areas, especially in regard to sexual expression, so if you read Bible for Tribulation Saints first, you will be able to approach the regular Bible from the proper framework.

You have to understand that Satan is obsessed with impersonating Jesus, and he’s a pretty clever impersonator. So the old fashioned method of Bible study and prayer, is the safest way to get messages from Jesus. But he won’t waste his time speaking to ANYONE unless that person is first his child. To become his child, you need to say the sinner’s prayer. Click on the link at the top of my website about “How to go to heaven”.

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