Description of Brain-to-Brain Communications

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A DESCRIPTION OF BRAIN TO BRAIN COMMUNICATIONS:  Brain to brain communications use computer technology that runs on servers and routes communications via satellite.  Brain to brain communicators are not psychic. They sign up with the service and log on to the server when they want to chat. Vladimir Putin first introduced Gail to brain to brain technology in the spring of 2003. The technology works through the use of remote mind-reading technology. A user’s thoughts (emotions and internal narrative) are read by a computer program. The program encodes the thoughts and sends them to satellite relays, which rebroadcast the thoughts to the brain of the recipient. All a user must do is think of a message and intend that it be sent to a particular recipient. All received communications are placed into first-in-first-out queues and processed one at a time by the recipient’s brain. This is the main method Gail has used to interact with her men since 2003. The system’s ability to translate the thoughts of participants in brain to brain communication made conversation with Vladimir Putin much easier.

Users of brain to brain communications are immediately alerted to the incoming thoughts of other users within their program. Gail only receives messages when she’s awake. But Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin have chosen to receive her brain to brain messages 24/7.

PROBLEMS WITH BRAIN TO BRAIN COMMUNICATIONS: Sometimes, imposters send messages to Gail. She determines whether or not a user is an impostor through intuition and knowledge of their personality. Jesuit Zack Knight and Rule 13 have both breached brain to brain communication server security and Zack Knight has impersonated Jesus, while Rule 13 has impersonated Brent Spiner as a brain to brain lover to Gail. Jesus has informed Gail that He will never use the brain to brain servers and that all thoughts in her mind that claim to be Jesus are not Him, but come from the antichrist Zack Knight.

Jesuits can interfere with the brain to brain communication system, because it’s dependent on our present computer and satellite infrastructure, which Jesuits can interfere with. Jesuits can interfere with signals and cause computer downtime, which causes some messages to arrive incomplete or not reach their intended recipients.