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Brain to brain loving occurs when two minds communicate via computer/satellite technology from one brain to another and they can make love this way as well. They talk to each other and nurture each other, while their bodies go through the sexual motions together in their minds, though they are physically apart. The computer automatically translates languages, so that if one lover is a Russian speaker and the other an English speaker, the thoughts will be communicated in the language best understood by the recipient. So, let’s say Vladimir Putin is thinking his thoughts in Russian and speaking to me in Russian in his mind, I will receive those thoughts in the language I best understand–English. And then, when I respond to him with my thoughts in English, he will receive my thoughts in the language he best understands–Russian.

Vladimir Putin introduced me to this form of lovemaking in the spring of 2003, and Vladimir and I have been communicating and making love this way ever since. It is actually possible to build a loving and permanent relationship using this method of communication, because that is exactly what has happened to Vladimir and myself. When I tried to act like I never had a relationship with Vladimir like this (which we did, from 2003 and onwards), Vladimir went into clinical depression (2007 and 2008). I will continue to have my relationship with Vladimir, using this method, and if I can never have a “normal” relationship with him, at least I know I haven’t deserted him and have continued to love and encourage him, even if everyone thinks I’m crazy. I will love my men, using this method, because it is safer for us this way and keeps me alive. If I marry Vladimir in a “normal” relationship–fine. But if not–fine. At least we get to make love, even if not in the conventional manner, so I give him encouragement. At least, we are both still alive–that’s a miracle in itself, because the Jesuits are so obsessed over our love for each other. Because of this form of communication, Vladimir was able to give me the information I needed to write my Conspiracy Law (2003 to 2007), which I registered at the U.S. Copyright Office in Washington, D.C.. My Conspiracy Law is a volume of laws that deal with this new technology, and how it should be handled in the international courts.

Vladimir Putin and Brent Spiner have, despite my objections, created a marriage list for me (a list of men who want to marry me and are on a waiting list of men to be my husband). I believe there are at least forty men on the list–most of them famous. Brent and Vladimir screen men for compatibility with my personality, using computer/satellite brain reads. They started this in 2005, when the Jesuits gave Vladimir Putin a near fatal heart attack, so that he couldn’t make love to me with “brain to brain” loving. Vladimir said to me, “Because of my heart attack, I can’t make love to you, and I’ve assigned Matthew McConaughey (who was working as an actor on the movie version of my novel Silver Skies at the time) to take my place for about a month”.

I told Vladimir, “I can’t do this. This isn’t fair to you.”

“But you are a passionate woman and I want your needs met, while I am unable to make love to you. So I insist. We have screened Matthew and he is compatible with your personality and has agreed that when my health permits, and I can make love to you again, I shall return.”

I agreed and discovered in Matthew McConaughey a thrilling lover and quite an intelligent and honorable man, despite being voted as the sexiest man alive at the time. When Vladimir returned to health and Matthew’s time was up, Matthew stated, “I would be interested in marrying Gail, if she ever becomes available.” After Matthew experienced me (2005), he decided to formally end his relationship with Penelope Cruz (who I liked).

Vladimir warned Matthew that if he went on my marriage list, he may never actually marry me, but that if something should happen to Brent or Vladimir, Gail has agreed that she will only marry a man on her marriage list. Matthew said, “Put me on the list. I love Gail.”

About a year later (2006), Jesuits stole Matthew’s sperm and impregnated the Camila woman (artificial insemination) and to avoid further scandal in the lying Jesuit tabloids, and because Matthew likes children, he has adopted the children born to Camila and has played the Jesuit game in this. But this has taken an emotional toll on him and I’m not sure what his status is on my marriage list right now. But I think he still loves me, and I continue to have a high regard for Matthew McConaughey.  Not sure if he’s actually had sex with Camila, and if he has, I won’t marry him, because it violates my moral standards, because if he’s had sex and children with Camila, I would consider him married to Camila and I don’t like to encourage adultery. But I’m not that worried about it, because I’m not committed to marry him. I remain his friend, and have high regard for him. Not sure if I’d ever marry him, even though I believe he’s on my marriage list. I sense some areas where we may not be compatible.

I have told all the men on my marriage list, that I can’t promise I will marry any of them. That I would need to develop a real bond with them, before I could commit to marriage. The only men I feel comfortable about marrying are Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin.

There are several men on my marriage list, who pretend to be married or involved with a woman (when they are not really involved with that woman), in order to prevent Jesuit tabloid lies as Jesuits try to sabotage their love for me. Many of these men are widowers or divorced or just plain single, but are represented with a spouse or girlfriend in the media, and they play along with this, to avoid Jesuit scandals about their love for me. The men in my life have learned quickly that Jesuits have a fanatical obsession over my love life and that Jesuits love to sabotage the romantic interests of any influential man who is in love with me.

Some of the men, who, I believe, are on my marriage list are:

Australian actor Hugh Jackman–have had brain to brain loving with him–a great guy. I believe the Jesuits murdered his real wife and replaced her with her clone, so that his marriage went downhill after the clone became his wife. The Jesuits also replaced my real husband Stuart Pohlman with his clone, and I can tell you it’s no fun to be married to the clone of the person you married, because they are not the same person that you married, and Jesuit clones usually support a Jesuit agenda (which never promotes healthy marriages and family life). When a Jesuit pulled out a gun and tried to shoot Brent Spiner (around September 2009), Hugh pulled out his gun (a concealed weapon) and shot the guy and killed him, and saved Brent Spiner’s life. After this, Brent and Vladimir encouraged me to make love to Hugh Jackman, because they said, “He really loves you, and his heroism saved Brent Spiner’s life, and it would do wonders for his morale if you’d make love to him.” But after I rewarded manly and heroic Hugh Jackman with several months of brain to brain loving, I returned to Brent.

Actor Matthew McConaughey–have had brain to brain loving with him–great guy. Matthew McConaughey was the first guy on my marriage list and it was because of him that Vladimir and Brent decided to start a marriage list for me. Around September/October 2005 Jesuits used their horrible computer/satellite technology to induce a near fatal heart attack in Vladimir Putin. It was so bad, that Brent Spiner, and several men who are now on my marriage list, volunteered to be hooked up into Vladimir’s circulatory system to have their blood pumped into Vladimir’s body to keep him going, while our pioneering physicians used computer/satellite technology to rebuild Vladimir’s heart at the cellular/genetic level. These men actually laid in a bed next to Vladimir and allowed their heart to pump blood for two bodies (Vladimir and themselves) in order to save Vladimir’s life. It took about a month to fix Vladimir, and Vladimir was so debilitated by this heart attack, he was unable to make love to me. To keep Vladimir calm, so that Vladimir would not worry about losing me while unable to make love to me, they allowed him to pick a substitute husband for me to take his place (while he recuperated)–that man became Matthew McConaughey. I told Vladimir, “I adore you and don’t really want to do this, but to keep you calm, I will do it, but I plan on being yours again, as soon as you are well enough to be my lover again. I’m grateful to these men for saving your life.” The physicians wanted to make sure Vladimir’s heart was strong enough for sex (so they told him–“NO SEX”). Even though “brain to brain” loving does not involve the actual meeting of two bodies, the heart rate can go up, because the man actually goes through the sexual motions (like in real sex).

British actor Gerard Butler–have had brain to brain loving with him–a genius, and very manly. I like macho guys. He has been acting as the psychiatrist for the men on my marriage list, and I believe that he really is a psychiatrist. Matthew McConaughey went through a period of clinical depression (around 2008, 2009). I didn’t know about Matthew’s depression at the time, but it had something to do with all the Jesuit tabloids lies about him and Camila and the babies she had. You see, Matthew got put on my marriage list in 2005, and now all these tabloids claimed that he was having sex with Camila and having babies with her. This put Matthew into clinical depression. Gerard informed us that Matthew’s depression was becoming serious (2008, 2009) and serious intervention needed to occur. Gerard asked me to make brain to brain love to Matthew again, that it would do wonders for his morale. I did not want Matthew depressed and made love to him “brain to brain” (2008, 2009). This, along with counseling from Gerard, brought Matt out of depression. I’m not sure if Matthew has decided to make Camila his real girlfriend or not, as she seems nicer than most women that Jesuits pick for my men, but it was not Matthew’s idea to have her for a girlfriend in the first place (back in 2006). The Jesuits picked her for him and impregnated her (using artificial insemination–one of their favorite ploys with my men), to sabotage his love for me. Anyways, because Gerard gave so selflessly of his time to counsel and help the men on my marriage list (like Matthew McConaughey), Vladimir and Brent encouraged me to make brain to brain love to Gerard Butler for a while, which I did. Gerard is a thrilling and manly lover and VERY, VERY SMART, and I believe he is on my marriage list as well. I believe Gerard understands me at the subconscious level (like the psychiatrist he is) and he plays a significant role in choosing which men should be on my marriage list.

Keith Morgan, M.D.–an opthamologist, who I went to school with at Florida State University. I have had brain to brain conversations with him, and like his personality and intelligence.

Edward Prendergast–a business executive, who I went to school with at Baptist University of America. I have had brain to brain conversations with him, and like his personality and intelligence.

Chinese President Hu Jintao–with a degree in hydraulic engineering.  He’s new on my marriage list, and I’m not sure I can hit if off with an engineer. He may be a little too dry and scientific for me. I like a guy with a sense of humor and with a creative, pioneering and passionate spirit–not sure Hu Jintao is like this. However, I like Hu Jintao and respect him as a world leader. He’s been great to Vladimir Putin and has been a great support to us in our war against these Jesuit monsters.

There are others, and to be frank, this topic does not interest me that much, because I think this whole marriage list thing is a joke. However, I have noticed that the Jesuits take it very seriously, because they’ve gone to the trouble to create relationships with women for just about all these men, when no such relationship exists and then to plaster the tabloids with stories about these fabricated relationships. I have only had brain to brain loving with Hugh Jackman, Matthew McConaughey and Gerard Butler (outside of Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin, because Brent and Vladimir insisted) and don’t feel comfortable with having brain to brain loving with a lot of men.

I’m actually quite stumped that so many men want to marry me, but am only committed to Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin for real marriage right now. As a result of my brain to brain intimacy with Hugh Jackman, Matthew McConaughey, and Gerard Butler, I have high regard for all these men, who I consider men of manliness, integrity and honor. I will only marry a man after I’ve developed a real oneness with that man, and so far, the only men I’ve developed this oneness with are Vladimir Putin and Brent Spiner.

I warn the men on my marriage list that if the oneness doesn’t happen, I won’t marry them, that is–should something happen to Brent or Vladimir, so that I would consider one of the men on my marriage list. However, I am committed to the men on my marriage list and will only marry one of them. I have not dated any men since my divorce (2001), because I’m committed to the men on my marriage list. I consider myself married to Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin, and engaged to marry one of the men on my marriage list (should anything happen to Brent or Vladimir).