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Please indicate the title of my book you are reviewing in your review and rate it between 1 to 5 stars. I would also like to know what country you are from. Those who submit intelligent and thought provoking reviews will receive a FREE copy of one of my audio books. Let me know which one you want, if it is available I will give you the code you need to get it free at Audible. To give you this free copy, I will need your email address (but won’t give out your email address), so that I can email you the code you will need to order the audio book for FREE from Audible. You do NOT need to give me your phone. I will publish your review at my book reviews page, and will put your name (or your pen name if you want to be private) at the end of the review (as its author). The review does not have to be 100% positive to be eligible. I actually learn from my reviewers and an intelligent negative review can help me grow as a writer. I WILL IGNORE ANYTHING I RECEIVE THAT IS NOT A REVIEW OF MY BOOKS & that does not indicate the title of the book being reviewed and does not address the contents of the specific book reviewed. If you win more than one copy of one of my audio books, perhaps you can give the free copy to one of your friends! Offer ends, when these are used up. Put your review in the “Comment” you send me (BELOW).

    I am including a review I received that is definitely NOT an intelligent review, to discourage Loree McBride’s agents from attempting to coerce me into accepting their propaganda (disguised as a review) here at my website. If you write a review like the one below, you most certainly will NOT get a free audio book from me and I may not publish it, like I’m doing this one; because I would rather spend my time doing something more constructive, like working on my books, than reading a propaganda hit piece about what I’ve already written.

    Here’s the propaganda hit piece that I have not accepted as a valid intelligent review:

    In “The Forbidden Abyss: Part One-Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin, Gabrielle Chana, a self-described “nobody housewife and mother” lays bare the Jesuit chicanery underlying her struggles to form intimate connections with Star Trek: The Next Generation star Brent Spiner.

    Using “secular historian” Edmond Paris’s “The Secret History of the Jesuits” as a template, Chana draws a direct line from the Society of Jesus’s cozy involvement with the Nazis in World War 2 to their latest nefarious undertaking, the September 11th attacks. The Twin Towers were taken out, she claims, to deprive Schuler of the wedded bliss she so desperately sought with the android of her dreams.

    Spiner himself co-stars in this tale and Chana pulls no punches, describing in lurid detail the torment he suffers at the hands of his wife, the Jesuit-trained harridan Lorre McBride. This abuse culminates in the devastating plunder of Spiner’s anus by a slavering menagerie of randy circus beasts.

    Spiner’s misfortune may have been a form of karmic comeuppance, however, as he himself is alleged by Chana to have sexually assaulted a helpless housecat on more than one occasion. Said pussy-pounding was carried out while Spiner was under McBride’s unwholesome influence, naturally.

    Russian strongman Vladimir Putin looms large in this sordid yarn, chiefly as Spiner’s main rival for Chana’s affections. Indeed, Chana has assembled a potential harem of male suitors, among them Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Terrence Jenkins, Franco Nero and Matthew McConaughey. These polyamorous liaisons were all sanctioned by Jesus Christ who turns up in the books final chapter. Deus Ex Machina, indeed.

    What initially starts off as a bored suburban housewife’s desperate wish fulfillment quickly expands into a tale of intrigue on a cosmic scale involving clones, Jesuit starfleets, luminous semen and Chana’s direct descent from the Shogunate of feudal Japan, Catherine the Great and the King David.

    Whatever one may make of the validity of Chana’s claims, the most frustrating aspect of her account are her frequent lapses into redundancy. While hiring an editor to sift out the dross from her otherwise intriguing story might be beyond her financial means, I would encourage her in the future to at least consider the possibility.

    The above review was submitted to me through this page, but has been rejected, because it is NOT an intelligent review of the book.


    This is NOT an intelligent review, but something written by a person definitely BIASED in favor of Loree McBride, and could very well have been written by one of her willing and knowing supporters. Readers can get a review like this easily ONLINE anywhere as part of Loree’s massive propaganda machine. I most definitely did NOT use Edmond Paris’s Secret History of the Jesuits as a template. In fact, I don’t even think it was mentioned in the book! Sorry, this review does not qualify as an intelligent review. The only reviews that qualify, even negative ones, need to sound like something that doesn’t come from Loree McBride’s propaganda machine. Your criticisms are not valid, and even false. If the criticisms were valid and indicated some independent thought on your part, I’d accept the review.

    But, this review is not an intelligent review, but a very biased critique that pulls out the elements of the story that are hard to believe, while you create your own narrative (not what I wrote or intended) to explain it.

    Desperate wish fulfillment is not one of my weaknesses. You missed the part where I rejected Brent and replaced him with Franco Nero (1996 to 1999). Also, my rejection of the sex of about 20,000 men on my marriage list (who then defected), who insisted I have sex with them, shows I won’t have sex with just anyone, not even if they’re famous and rich.

    My standards for a husband are high, and that I happen to attract rich and famous men, does not indicate desperate wish fulfillment. It just means I’m hot; which, frankly, is something I really don’t care about. I care more about being a truly beautiful woman, even if only a truly masculine and true man can see it. Good try. NO GO.

    Readers get no intelligent perspectives from this review. It sounds like a piece of canned propaganda. I presume you asked in advance to see if I was still doing the review thing, to try and pressure me into accepting your review, knowing you planned to write a canned negative review possibly prepared in advance by Loree McBride or one of her supporters.

    But it won’t work. I stated clearly the review had to be “intelligent” and this is not an intelligent review. I will uphold to my principles. I want readers to know what they’re getting when they read the book and not to read a review that presents a skewed version that definitely favors the lying narrative Loree McBride puts out about me – something they EASILY CAN GET ANYWHERE ONLINE, since Loree McBride practically runs the Internet.

    I wrote this book to defend my men and an intelligent reader can see that, not because I have a desperate wish fulfillment to be with Brent. In fact, from 1996 to 1999, Brent wasn’t even in my dreams. I forgave him fully in December 1999 (which is in this book), when I figured out that Loree McBride was a Vatican agent, which was awful big of me, considering what I was reading about Brent online flaunting himself in public with Loree, and how Loree attacked me and almost burned down my mobile home in 1998 (no mention of this in your review) because I KNOW he spoke words of loving to me on the phone in 1991 – 1993.

    Forgiveness is something Loree does not understand, because she forgives NOBODY. Forgiveness is a big theme in the book, by the way, and much more prominent than desperate wish fulfillment. But it takes a reader with depth to see it, depth you obviously don’t have.

    Sorry, your review does NOT qualify. Though I will publish your review at my website, to discourage others from trying to do the same thing that you attempted. I will leave your name out, though. I think Loree McBride finds my writings a major threat, because I can write and SHE CAN’T. She’s the secret producer behind the flop Star Trek Discovery and she THINKS she can produce and write and is competing with me in this area. That bitch can’t even touch my coattails as a writer, and is such a sorry producer she has to PAY PEOPLE TO WRITE GOOD REVIEWS FOR HER. I never use canned reviews or tell people what reviews to write ANYWHERE, though Loree probably does this for those who write reviews of her own projects, so she thinks I do the SAME THING.

    I was so picky in my twenties, that I saved myself for my husband and was a virgin when I married him, something I am proud of to this day. Though, unfortunately, the Jesuits murdered my husband and replaced him with a Jesuit clone. God had to work on my self-righteous heart (a definite weakness I had in my twenties), to get me to see that while being a virgin when you marry your husband is cool, it does not mean you are necessarily better than those who failed in this area, since we all have weaknesses and should be forgiving of others.

    Actually, I have only had actual sex with one man my entire life and I prefer monogamy. Any ways, I am digressing. But you definitely do NOT get what this book is about. It is NOT an intelligent review of this book and you definitely do NOT get me. I do not feel the fault lies in my writing.

    You seem to have read the book with an agenda and your goal was not to write an intelligent review, but to enhance the lying propaganda Loree must put out about me so everyone will believe all her lies.

    I wrote The Forbidden Abyss Part One: Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin to tell the TRUTH that people cannot get in the news about my men. It was a courageous act to write this book. Actually Steven Spielberg and some major Hollywood producers have made a production from this, though they do it for free as a labor of love and it is only shown at select theaters, because they know I expose Loree McBride’s Deep State and that the truths I expose must remain hidden, or not believed, in order for Loree and her agents to prosper.

    I welcome genuine constructive criticism, but, unfortunately, that is not what I’m getting with your review. I’m getting a canned propaganda piece disguised as a review. The criticism in it is invalid and only reflects someone very biased in favor of Loree McBride’s lies.

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