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If these music pieces from Gail Chord Schuler’s website were used in a film made from The Forbidden Abyss: Part One and Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom, it would really bring out the themes of the two books.

“Only Make Believe” & “Till There Was You” resonates with the relationship of Brent Spiner and Gail Chord Schuler in 1991.

“Maria” represents the wonder of true love between Gail & Brent from 1990 to 1992.

“Two Steps from Hell” represents Jesuit intrusion into the relationship in the form of Loree McBride.

“All I Ask of You” represents the time when Gail offered her hand in marriage to Brent in December 1999, when she realized that Loree McBride was a Vatican agent.

“Jesus Christ Superstar” represents Jesus’ impact on the relationship through earthquakes, signs and wonders, that would increase as the relationship progressed, and the reaction of Satan’s followers, the Jesuits, to this.

“Somewhere” represents the promise Jesus gave to Gail in November 1992 that someday she and Brent would marry and be able to get together in peace in the millennium and perhaps on earth as well.

“You Don’t Have to be a Star” represents the attitude of Gail to the men on her marriage list, where she falls in love with them, not because they are famous, but because they are great on the inside.

“Nimrod” from movie Elizabeth represents the death and suffering Jesuits have brought into the world (like Sept. 11, 2001), and their murder of some of Gail’s men like Robin Williams and Jim Carrey, and why we must execute Jesuits.

“Scheherazade” represents Gail’s writings inspired by the love of her men, and most especially the love of Brent Spiner.

Scenes from Jesus of Nazareth represent Jesus’ personal appearances to Gail’s men and his direct conversations with Gail through Brent Spiner & Terrance Jenkins.

“Endless Love” represents Gail’s commitment for eternity to Brent Spiner and the men who are on her marriage list, and Jesus Christ’s approval of this marriage list.

“The Impossible Dream” represents the true heart of Brent Spiner and most of the men on Gail’s marriage list.

“Over the Rainbow” represents the millennial marriage of Brent Spiner and the men on Gail’s marriage list to Gail Chord Schuler, and that this marriage will be officiated by Jesus himself, in a world where there will be eternal love and peace.