Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom: The Forbidden Abyss (Part Two)

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Order Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom paperback at or paperback or digital book at Amazon KindleThe definitive biography of Brent Spiner and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ battles for love in this epic true story. Agnostic Brent Spiner accepts Christ as his Savior after Jesus Christ rescues him from a UFO abduction. When Brent Spiner has to take on Satan himself in a church service, Jesus Christ shows up to rescue Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Vladimir Putin and Gail Chord Schuler from Satan, now inside the body of Jesuit leader Zack Knight as the Antichrist.

The main characters in this are Gail’s men and Jesus Christ, told by Brent Spiner, who meets with Jesus often. Jesus Christ theme music.

Can order the AUDIO BOOK at Amazon,  iTunes or Audible.


Forbidden Abyss, Jesus, the Eternal Bridegroom themes set to music in video below.

Music theme inspired by the Olympics is here. Video with music that reflects the story is here.