The Shimmering Sea: Robin Williams Murder

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The Jesuits murdered Robin Williams cuz he had serious plans to marry me. Learn the truth here!

Jesuits thought they staged the suicide of Robin Williams to perfection. But Robin shared his heart with Gail from heaven to tell his version of events.

The Jesuits threaten death to journalists who dare expose their murder of Robin Williams. Those, like Gail, who have the courage to report the truth, they try to discredit or silence. Gail’s story matches the evidence gathered about the murder from Church of Gail forensic teams. Church of Gail was where Robin lived.

As Gail wrote this true story, Jesus revealed to her how He fulfilled the longings in Robin’s heart when the Jesuits murdered him. This story is for anyone, like Robin’s lovely daughter Zelda, who feels shattered about Robin Williams’ death. It was not Gail’s intent to write a comedy, but she did try to write in first person point of view as Robin Williams, and she laughed a lot as she read the Kindle version (paperback version is the same). She must have captured Robin Williams. It appears the story’s greatest strength is her believable portrayal of Robin Williams. This book will take the reader right into the soul of that man, which is what she wanted to accomplish. She thinks Robin in heaven would be pleased that she transformed his murder into an inspiring comedy drama. You can’t write a story about Robin, without making it funny in some ways. This is not a book that will leave you depressed. Robin would have liked that.

Gail talks about her book THE SHIMMERING SEA.

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Once you order the book, “experience” the book by listening to the Robin William’s death memorial video below (with music and scenes from The Shimmering Sea book) while reading the book.

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Click HERE to hear the music video (to honor Robin Williams’ murder) in a separate window.

YouTube age-restricted this cuz Robin Williams’ death was rather graphic.