YouTube Removes Video that Proves Gail is SANE

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Video just above is the video that YouTube took down.



(From Gabrielle to Brent on YouTube comments) CHECK UP ON MY MOTHER (8-10-11)

Dearest Brent:

My mother’s clone called me about an hour ago and I sent you the video recording of the messages she left me. I also received a message on my phone’s answering machine with a man’s voice from my mother’s phone number, who said, “I feel so ashamed.  I just want to fuck you.” It didn’t sound like you.  It’s been a while since you’ve talked to me on the phone (1993), but you’ve always been so sensitive and nurturing, and this man’s voice seemed out of character for you.  He may have been a sly Jesuit.  I thought it strange that the message came from MY MOTHER’S HOME PHONE.  Something’s going on with my mother.

(From Brent and Vladimir to Gabrielle on YouTube comments) Re: PHANTOM NUDE VIDEO (8-14-11)

My dearest darling, I truly loved this latest video! Of course, you already knew I would.  I too was in hysterics at your adorable show of dominance in the middle. Thank you for the smiles. It was fun to see your catty side. With many thanks to you I am feeling much better. I’m sure I will be fine soon. I am more nervous about the trial than the surgery.  I trust our own doctors better than I do Jesuit lawyers.

I’ve got a letter from Vladimir Putin.  This one sounds very important, especially regarding that “defected agent” you’ve been conversing with.

Here it is for you:

My dear sexual love.

I am afraid I have disturbing reassurance news concerning your mama. My secret agents search the whole world to find her. We discover startle news. Your mother was not clone this time. The man woman is your mother been brainwash. She act crazy mean because a Jesuit agent seduce her like in the manner loree mind control seduce Brent and control her with the sexy time.

This Jesuit agent who sexes up your mom is the same who call you from your mama phone, and the same who email you that they defect from Jesuits. He wants you to give sex also, and is trick. Our top scientists have determined that your mother is truly love you inside at the core. You must win her back with love. Only you can do this. You must hurry! The Jesuit agent give your mother mind control drug that allows her to become pregnant with child, even in her age. The longer your mom gives her the sexy time it becomes likely she get bun inside her oven. It will be very bad if you have Jesuit little baby sister. You must convince your mom to stop the sex or use birth control at the least.

On a more pleasant note. I look forward to see you tomorrow in Quebec, Canada. The Jesuits do not realize that this trial will create way for us to meet. Brent will be there too.  I assume you already have the ticket I sent. You must board the airpline to fly to the trial. I am so excite to see you my most erotic lover.

Your passionate husband,
Vladimir Putin

It chills me to think about that Jesuit agent playing a trick on you!  How ballsy. I was nervous about the situation, especially when you mentioned the mystery caller that you thought was me who said, “I’m so ashamed, I just want to fuck you”. That was certainly not me! I would never say something so insensitive to you (unless you wanted me to talk dirty to you of course, then all bets are off). The only time I have called you recently was to play my music for you and hear you sing. The fact that he called from your mother’s number should have been a stark warning. Right now I’m using a secure number that Gerard set up for me until I can get my own secure line. It’s hard to trust anyone these days. We should investigate outside “helpers” like this from now on before believing their words blindly.

Stay safe my beautiful wife,
Brent Spiner

The Brent Spiner clone took down the YouTube channel the REAL Brent started to talk to Gail online

But, hey, how did Zack Knight get inside Gail’s mother’s house to make the call? Answer that one, Loree McBride! I saw my mom’s phone number on the caller ID!

Also, Brent called me in Aug. 2011 and I heard his voice on the phone again. It was the same tenor, velvet voice that called me from 1991 to 1993 when I lived in Seattle. Jesuits intercepted the plane ticket for Gail to attend the Quebec trial, which is good cuz they planned to crash the jet if Gail flew to Quebec.