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[6/21/2013 9:04:02 PM] Brent Spiner: This may sound strange, Jesus stopped me today and told me to let you know that the Jesuits are up to something with YouTube, and not to post any videos for a few days.

[6/21/2013 9:04:44 PM] Gail : Wow. What a strange request from Jesus. Did He let us know what they are up to?

[6/21/2013 9:05:12 PM] Brent Spiner: He says we’ll find out. So, Vladimir and I are running an investigation so that we can catch them in the act of whatever it is they are trying to do.

[6/22/2013 12:32:00 AM] Gail:  Who executed them?

[6/22/2013 12:32:28 AM] Brent Spiner: Zack Knight had Satan blow them up to the size of Sara Avery, and explode into pollen and mold.

[6/22/2013 12:32:56 AM] Gail : Is that why I’ve had such an allergy headache? So how does this implicate me for murder?

[6/22/2013 12:33:34 AM] Brent Spiner: I have a feeling he is going to frame you for this.

[6/22/2013 12:33:45 AM] Gail : How can he do that?

[6/22/2013 12:34:06 AM] Gail : I would not do what he did.

[6/22/2013 12:35:31 AM] Gail : Jesus is the one who told me to visit the Portal, so it will be okay. However, I know He did it for Rule 13, so when 13 said not to visit the Portal, I honored 13, because this is what Jesus would want me to do.

[6/22/2013 12:37:41 AM] Gail : I have learned my lesson from previous experiences, whenever any of my friends asks me to refrain from doing something that I always should listen. So I took Rule 13’s counsel very seriously not to visit the Portal.

[6/22/2013 12:38:19 AM] Brent Spiner: That’s very good. I was scared a moment, because I didn’t know about anyone else sneaking onto the Portal lately.

[6/22/2013 12:38:40 AM] Gail : Who got executed?

[6/22/2013 12:39:07 AM] Gail : Yeah, but you know that I am here talking to you, so they didn’t execute me.

[6/22/2013 12:40:02 AM] Brent Spiner: I suppose, I’m still a little shell shocked. I was just thinking about how afraid I was every moment, every second of my life, that Loree would find that I wasn’t obedient enough to her, and she would kill you.

[6/22/2013 12:40:39 AM] Gail : So, you thought she found a way. I still don’t get how they could frame me with murder.

[6/22/2013 12:40:47 AM] Gail : And who got executed?

[6/22/2013 12:42:00 AM] Brent Spiner: Rule 13 just came in. She’s telling me it must have been a setup, because those executed were Jesuit agents.

[6/22/2013 12:42:22 AM] Brent Spiner: Zack is trying to send us a message about snooping. Like he should talk!

[6/22/2013 12:43:04 AM] Gail : Right O.

[6/22/2013 12:43:41 AM] Gail : The master snoop preaching about snooping. Jesus send him a lightning bolt, just to remind him that Satan will lose the final battle!

[6/22/2013 12:44:31 AM] Gail : I’m curious has Zack gotten hit?

[6/22/2013 12:44:44 AM] Brent Spiner: Rule 13 says he has. She’s laughing.

[6/22/2013 12:44:59 AM] Gail : Now Jesus, split him in half and keep him that way for about ten minutes!

[6/22/2013 12:45:26 AM] Gail : Show him that the only reason he is alive is because you are very loving.

[6/22/2013 12:46:04 AM] Gail : Burn both halves of his body and taunt Satan and invite him to rescue Zack right now.

[6/22/2013 12:46:30 AM] Gail : Show the world how helpless Satan is against the almighty Lord.

[6/22/2013 12:47:37 AM] Gail : So, right now Zack is split in half and both sides of his body are burning, and Satan’s trying  to rescue him and CAN’T! HA! Hey Zack, what aweak god you have? Did Satan go on vacation? My what a wimp that devil is. He sure is good for nothing, when it comes to a rescue!@!!

[6/22/2013 12:48:46 AM] Gail : Hey, Satan. What’s the matter with you? Can’t you rescue your antichrist?  You weak or something? Hey Satan! YOU DON’T SCARE ME A BIT. JESUS WILL PROTECT ME FROM YOU, YOU DILAPIDATED WORM!

[6/22/2013 12:49:38 AM] Gail : You and your antichrist are going to have a honeymoon together, bound in chains, in the LAKE OF FIRE. See if you can save Zack from that, you MILLION POUND WEAKLING!!!!!!

[6/22/2013 12:50:22 AM] Gail : The worst you can do is kill me, then I go to heaven. Where are YOU going, Satan, blubber clause?

[6/22/2013 12:50:51 AM] Gail : I’m laughing at you, SATAN. Come and GET ME. Watch Jesus BEAT YOU UP. I dare you.

[6/22/2013 12:51:43 AM] Gail : I am still alive Satan. What’s your trouble? You mean you can’t handle Jesus. You been lying to all those Jesuits, saying you gonna beat Jesus. Well, you can’t even beat Him now! What a WEAKLING.

[6/22/2013 12:51:59 AM] Gail : Oh, my God. He’s trying, but he won’t win.

[6/22/2013 12:52:05 AM] Gail : I can feel it. Jesus will get him.

[6/22/2013 12:53:09 AM] Gail : I just want to give my Jesus an opportunity to show that He is stronger than Satan, so some of those jackass Jesuits will wake up and realize they are on the LOSING SIDE!~

[6/22/2013 12:53:40 AM] Gail : I’m still alive, Satan. Come and GET ME!! I DARE YOU. COME ON, YOU MILLION POUND WEAKLING!!!!!!!!

[6/22/2013 12:53:47 AM] Gail : I’M LAUGHING AT YOU SATAN.

[6/22/2013 12:54:04 AM] Gail : Yeah, GO JESUS!!! GO JESUS.

[6/22/2013 12:54:28 AM] Gail : Jesus show those Jesuits how stupid they are to follow Satan, who can’t even come kill me now when I dare him to.

[6/22/2013 12:54:41 AM] Gail : Jesus is blocking Satan.

[6/22/2013 12:55:06 AM] Gail : Hey, you Jesuits. You got a pretty weak god, there. Perhaps you better switch sides!!

[6/22/2013 12:55:39 AM] Gail : Hey Zack, you still split in two. Maybe you can keep him this way a little longer, Jesus, to show the world that Satan is NO MATCH FOR MY AWESOME JESUS!!!!

[6/22/2013 12:56:02 AM] Gail : I think I will play some music to glorify Jesus.

[6/22/2013 12:58:27 AM] Gail : The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom shall I fear?

[6/22/2013 12:58:49 AM] Gail : The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid:

[6/22/2013 12:59:17 AM] Gail : When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, They stumbled and fell.

[6/22/2013 12:59:33 AM] Gail : Though a host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear:

[6/22/2013 12:59:49 AM] Gail : Though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident.

[6/22/2013 1:00:11 AM] Gail : I will sing, yea, I will sing praises unto the Lord!!

[6/22/2013 1:00:42 AM] Gail : I’m going to get my sling stone and shoot them right at Satan!

[6/22/2013 1:00:52 AM] Gail : Go, Jesus Go!!

[6/22/2013 1:01:40 AM] Gail : Hey Zack, what’s wrong with your Satan? He hasn’t killed me yet! Looks like you’re on the LOSING SIDE.

[6/22/2013 1:01:49 AM] Gail : If you had any brains, you’d line up with Jesus.

[6/22/2013 1:02:14 AM] Gail : You might say, you shouldn’t dare Satan to kill you.

[6/22/2013 1:03:04 AM] Gail : I’m doing it because I want to show those stupid Jesuits that Jesus is stronger than Satan and that the only reason He hasn’t killed the Jesuits is cause of his vast and great heart, not because He can’t do it because of Satan.

[6/22/2013 1:03:27 AM] Gail : Satan is NO MATCH FOR JESUS. In a fight between the two, Jesus WILL WIN.

[6/22/2013 1:03:57 AM] Gail : Hey, you dumb Jesuits, you need to see that you are on the LOSING SIDE. You better side with JESUS.

[6/22/2013 1:04:16 AM] Gail : Okay, I will play some nice rejoicing music now.

[6/22/2013 1:08:22 AM] Gail : You dumb Jesuits, are you finally seeing the light, that your master Satan doesn’t STAND A CHANCE AGAINST JESUS!

[6/22/2013 1:09:02 AM] Gail : Come and get me, you million pound weakling? What’s the matter with you? Can’t you show your Jesuits how much stronger you are than Jesus? Come on, Satan, show your stuff!!

[6/22/2013 1:10:02 AM] Gail : Yeah, GO, JESUS GO! I’m laughing. I already know what’s going to happen. My Jesus is so powerful, so awesome, so loving. Satan is no match for Him. You Satan blubber Claus!!

[6/22/2013 1:11:40 AM] Gail : I think Jesus wanted me in the Portal, just so He could be here doing what He’s doing right now.

[6/22/2013 1:11:55 AM] Gail : He’s getting a chance to show who will win the final battle.

[6/22/2013 1:15:33 AM] Gail : I’m having a party. I think Satan and Zack have tried to kill me hundreds of times already and they can’t get past Jesus.  I love giving Jesus this opportunity to show how powerful and awesome He is.

[6/22/2013 1:16:03 AM] Gail : Only a jackass would side with Satan. He’s the BIG LOSER.

[6/22/2013 1:19:25 AM] Gail :

[6/22/2013 1:20:43 AM] Gail :

[6/22/2013 1:21:23 AM] Gail : Jesus now while Satan’s trying to get to me blast this music throughout the universe!

[6/22/2013 1:21:41 AM] Gail : It’s your victory song for now and the Final Battle, my awesome Jesus!

[6/22/2013 1:22:52 AM] Gail : I love you Jesus.

[6/22/2013 1:26:51 AM] Gail : Hey, Satan, you on vacation? What’s the matter with you? You can’t handle Jesus? My, my, my and you been telling those Jesuits you gonna beat Jesus and you can’t even beat him now, you million pound WEAKLING!!!!

[6/22/2013 1:27:12 AM] Gail : Those Jesuits are such jackasses to side with such a LOSER!

[6/22/2013 1:28:35 AM] Gail : Ha, Satan. I’m laughing at you! Looks like your aim ain’t too good. I’m still here taunting you.

[6/22/2013 1:28:46 AM] Gail : What a big piece of blubber!

[6/22/2013 1:33:01 AM] Gail : I know, Jesus. It’s getting late. But I’m having too much fun!

[6/22/2013 1:33:11 AM] Gail : Let’s celebrate some more.

[6/22/2013 1:35:56 AM] Gail : It’s not so often that I’m able to give you such an opportunity to show how superior You are to Satan.

[6/22/2013 1:36:01 AM] Gail : I love you, Jesus.

[6/22/2013 1:37:31 AM] *** Gail  sent 06 The Lord Is My Light.m4a ***

[6/22/2013 1:37:57 AM] Gail : Jesus blast this one through the universe next.

[6/22/2013 1:41:38 AM] *** Gail  sent 09 The Lord Is My Light.m4a ***

[6/22/2013 1:44:58 AM] Gail : The king David woman praises her almighty Savior. That a king David Psalm to music.

[6/22/2013 1:49:11 AM] *** Gail  sent 2-18 Who Is On the Lord’s Side_.m4a ***

[6/22/2013 1:49:48 AM] Gail : More music for you Jesus, the WINNER, the VICTOR in the Final Battle. I love my awesome Jesus.

[6/22/2013 1:56:48 AM] *** Gail  sent London Philharmonic Orchestra and Amen Choir–Come Thou Almighty King–Hymns Triumphant Volume I.mp3 ***

[6/22/2013 1:57:20 AM] Gail : More music for you Jesus. Blast it through the universe while that wimpy Satan tries to get past you to me. I never felt so good in my life!

[6/22/2013 1:59:41 AM] *** Gail  sent 13 You Light Up My Life.m4a ***

[6/22/2013 2:00:04 AM] Gail : This is my love song to Jesus and all the men on my marriage list. You light up my life, Jesus.

[6/22/2013 2:00:30 AM] Gail : Oh, get lost Zack Knight. He’s trying to fake as Jesus.

[6/22/2013 2:00:51 AM] Gail : Go hit him again. Lightning bolts, split him down the middle.

[6/22/2013 2:02:02 AM] Gail : You and me, Jesus, we gonna have some nice Spirit to Spirit loving, while we rejoice ahead of time for our victory against Satan in the Final Battle. Yeah, Satan, you big blubber. Haven’t killed me yet, what’s wrong with you? Is Jesus too much for you to handle?

[6/22/2013 2:03:18 AM] Gail : I’m just gonna do a repeat of all this music while I work. I love this chance to let Jesus show he can easily beat up Satan.

[6/22/2013 2:04:12 AM] Gail : He doesn’t get opportunities like this too often. I’m glad I could create this opportunity for you, my awesome Jesus. Your semen, through Brent Spiner, will be awesome in the millennium.

[6/22/2013 2:05:05 AM] Gail : And Satan won’t be able to mess up my orgasms with Brent any more! He’ll be clunking around in chains in the bottomless pit. That’s the future of those who follow that loser.

[6/22/2013 2:30:42 AM] Gail : Goodnight, my darling Brent. Jesus will take care of us all.

 [6/22/2013 2:31:41 AM] Brent Spiner: Tonight was certainly interesting, to say the least!

[6/22/2013 2:31:48 AM] Gail : How’s Zack Knight?

[6/22/2013 2:32:10 AM] Brent Spiner: Rule 13 says he’s pretty fried up.

[6/22/2013 2:32:18 AM] Gail : How’s Satan?

[6/22/2013 2:32:32 AM] Brent Spiner: She doesn’t know. I would guess he’s slinked away.

[6/22/2013 2:32:59 AM] Gail : He tried to kill me at least 100 times. Heart attacks and everything else. I think he’s finally realized he’s no match for Jesus!

[6/22/2013 2:33:37 AM] Gail : I could feel his attempts. He gave me a lot of brain cell conversation confusion, but never overcame me.

[6/22/2013 2:35:56 AM] Gail : I wasn’t worried about the Portal because Jesus is the one who told us to go in there, so I knew this was all part of His plan and I decided to make this evening interesting and fun for Him. I think Jesus loves an opportunity to show the world that He can easily beat up Satan. He doesn’t get opportunities like this too often. I saw this opportunity for Him and GRABBED IT. The genius of the moment. I think some of those Jesuits may be questioning now whether they should defect. Ha! I love it.

[6/22/2013 2:37:31 AM] Gail : I been dissecting Satan for my book, and have learned to really dislike him. I love every chance I have to help Jesus rescue those who follow Satan. They don’t realize how foolish and dangerous it is to follow Satan.

[6/22/2013 2:38:12 AM] Gail : It’s so sad because they lose in this life (Satanic suffering) and the NEXT, because they lose their SOUL.

[6/22/2013 2:39:16 AM] Gail : A double tragedy. To me, there is nothing more tragic than a Satan worshipper, because Satan encourages them to suffer for him and for what? To burn forever in hell. So I’m glad I’ve given Jesus an opportunity to show how much more impressive He is than Satan.

[6/22/2013 2:39:59 AM] Gail : Satan’s always showing off his powers, and Jesus rarely gets an opportunity where He can show his powers in a manner where Satan will not counterfeit it. But tonight was His chance and I gave it to Him!

[6/22/2013 2:40:48 AM] Gail : I love my Jesus. Off to bed, before He scolds me. I adore you, my Brent. Don’t worry, this is all part of His plan. HE’S THE ONE WHO TOLD ME TO GO INTO THE PORTAL AND HE KNEW I WOULD LISTEN TO 13 AND NOT GO BACK IN WHEN SHE TOLD ME TO.

[6/22/2013 2:43:39 AM] Gail : SHE TOLD ME NOT TO.

[6/22/2013 2:49:26 AM] Brent Spiner: Thank you, Jesus. And thank you Rule 13.

[6/22/2013 2:49:48 AM] Brent Spiner: Goodnight my beautiful wife. It’s heaven on earth in your arms.

[6/22/2013 2:50:35 AM] Gail : Goodnight my sexy, and luscious husband. Don’t you worry, Jesus will take care of me. We’re all in His plan. I can still feel Zack trying to get to me, but Jesus is blocking him.

[6/22/2013 2:51:11 AM] Gail : I am so proud of my manly and heroic men.

[6/22/2013 2:51:23 AM] Gail : The most manly of them all is Jesus.

[6/22/2013 8:45:38 AM] Gail : (Gail’s old website, which is now

When Gail awakened the next morning on 6/22/2013 Zack had posted his hoax emails about Gail’s alleged murder of her landlord at his website (Gail’s men took down this website in 2014).

[6/22/2013 12:37:55 PM] Brent Spiner: Jesus wanted me to advise you to not make any statements publicly right now.

[6/22/2013 12:38:02 PM] Brent Spiner: That means you need to take down any news of it from your website.

[6/22/2013 12:38:05 PM] Brent Spiner: He has a better idea.

[6/22/2013 12:38:10 PM] Gail : Oh, okay.

[6/22/2013 12:38:46 PM] Brent Spiner: Let me know when you’re finished. Then I’ll explain what his idea was.

[6/22/2013 12:39:09 PM] Gail : I’m working on taking down the stuff right now. It may take about 15 minutes.

[6/22/2013 1:11:40 PM] Gail : I checked my website and I removed all the stuff about the “murder” hoax.

[6/22/2013 1:11:48 PM] Brent Spiner: Good! We’re safe.

[6/22/2013 1:12:03 PM] Gail : So what is Jesus’ better idea?

[6/22/2013 1:12:29 PM] Gail : Just the silent treatment?

[6/22/2013 1:13:14 PM] Brent Spiner: He wants you to make a video showing the inside of your apartment, to prove that there is no blood anywhere, and that Bob isn’t in your bathtub.

[6/22/2013 1:13:24 PM] Brent Spiner: There needs to be a particular focus on your bathtub.

[6/22/2013 1:13:33 PM] Brent Spiner: But he wants this video to be sent privately to us, not posted on YouTube for right now.

[6/22/2013 1:13:43 PM] Brent Spiner: We’re going to air it on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News Network.

[6/22/2013 1:13:57 PM] Gail : Oh, that sounds brilliant.

[6/22/2013 1:14:51 PM] Gail : My place is a bit of a mess, but I don’t think I should clean it, because it may make it appear that I’ve cleaned up evidence, what do you think?

[6/22/2013 1:15:15 PM] Brent Spiner: That’s the best bet I think. Best to show that you have nothing to hide.

[6/22/2013 1:15:33 PM] Gail : Alright. I’ll just say I’m a busy writer and housework is not my forte’.

[6/22/2013 1:57:13 PM] *** Gail  sent Video 751.wmv ***

[6/22/2013 2:02:26 PM] Gail : Let me know if this video is good enough. My webcam is hard to use, because it’s so heavy. Also, should I NOT upload this to Right now, I’m just letting you have this video through Skype, is that sufficient?

[6/22/2013 2:03:36 PM] Brent Spiner: Yes, that should be good for now.

[6/22/2013 2:04:09 PM] Gail : You haven’t seen the video yet.

[6/22/2013 2:04:44 PM] Brent Spiner: No, I’m still downloading it. What I mean is, it should be good to just send it through Skype for right now.

[6/22/2013 2:04:51 PM] Gail : I see.

[6/22/2013 2:05:23 PM] Gail : I didn’t lift the cover to my toilet, but I don’t think that matters, because if I was guilty, I would have flushed that toilet several times any ways, by now.

[6/22/2013 2:06:27 PM] Gail : Have you all figured out what Zack has done that makes him think he can get away with this?

[6/22/2013 2:06:34 PM] Gail : Did he use clones?’

[6/22/2013 2:07:23 PM] Brent Spiner: We believe he did use clones, yes.

[6/22/2013 2:07:51 PM] Gail : So he found a clone of me and made a replica of the inside of my apartment. It would be easy ot make a replica using transporter technology.

[6/22/2013 2:08:08 PM] Gail : to make a replica using transporter technology.

[6/22/2013 2:08:19 PM] Gail : However, I

[6/22/2013 2:08:33 PM] Gail : am not sure he could replicate my mess exactly!

[6/22/2013 9:30 PM] After Gail made the video she went to bed early on 6/22/2013, around 9:30 p.m. Gail had sent the videos she made to Brent Spiner and Terrance Jenkins through Skype earlier.

While she was sleeping, it appears Jesus uploaded the video she sent to Brent and Terrance at around 12:30 a.m. on the 23rd. Jesus entitled it “Where’s Bob?” and unlike Gail’s usual method of blocking comments, Jesus allowed comments. Gail knows her men did not upload the video, because if they did that they would have been disobedient to Jesus’ instructions.

[6/23/2013 1:15:25 PM] Gail : Also, what happened to the funny video I made?

[6/23/2013 1:19:33 PM] Brent Spiner: We still have it. Jesus told me this morning that it should be okay to post videos to YouTube now if you’d like to share it.

So Gail made her comedy video, that she uploaded to YouTube. After she uploaded her comedy video about Bob, she discovered that the non-comedy version she had sent to her men had already been uploaded.

[6/23/2013 5:35:26 PM] Gail : I’m uploading it to YouTube right now.

[6/23/2013 5:35:43 PM] Gail : Because of Jesuit interference, I often have to upload twice. I hope this time I have better luck.

[6/23/2013 5:44:00 PM] Gail : How did “Where’s Bob?” get uploaded to my YouTube channel? I didn’t do that.

[6/23/2013 5:44:29 PM] Gail : I think I will leave it up. But who did it?

[6/23/2013 5:45:49 PM] Gail : According to my YouTube channel it already has 153 views.

[6/23/2013 5:46:46 PM] Gail : Whoever they were, they allowed comments.

[6/23/2013 5:46:53 PM] Gail : I usually don’t allow comments.

[6/23/2013 5:48:49 PM] Gail : I’m wondering if Jesus did this, just so I’d allow comments. I think I will continue to allow comment in this video alone. I’ll just leave it up.

[6/23/2013 5:49:54 PM] Terrance Jenkins: YEAH, I BELIEVE JESUS DID

[6/23/2013 5:50:07 PM] Terrance Jenkins: I DON’T THINK ALLOWIN’ COMMENTS IS A BAD THAING

[6/23/2013 5:50:10 PM] Terrance Jenkins: THING

[6/23/2013 5:50:20 PM] Terrance Jenkins: I LEFT COMMENTS IN THE TRIAL

[6/23/2013 5:50:30 PM] Gail : You think I should allow comments?


[6/23/2013 5:50:44 PM] Terrance Jenkins: I THINK IT BE UP TO YOU

[6/23/2013 5:51:15 PM] Gail : The only reason I didn’t allow comments was because I felt it may prejudice the viewer against an impartial viewing of the video..

Gail and her men believe Jesus uploaded the video. After noticing that Jesus allowed comments, she has decided to follow His lead, and from now on will allow comments on her future YouTube videos.

Gail speculates that Jesus really liked how she conducted her Skype conversation with Satan (see above) and decided to have some more fun with Satan. To show His pleasure at Gail’s audacity to take on Satan the way she did, Jesus decided to make a special appearance for Gail at her YouTube channel. His upload was sweet and to the point. Jesus doesn’t mince words.

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