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Loree McBride’s Jesuits, masters at character assassination, manipulate the public to focus on the messenger rather than the message, using sensationalism to distract from the truth–their tactic in the courtroom and the press, to minimize exposure. They practically own the Internet (Way2Spirited Jesuits)(Way2Spirited.screenshot)(Way2Spirited Jesuits at YouTube) and would flood sensationalistic comments onto my YouTube videos to minimize my message, distracting viewers into a focus on my character rather than my message. Jesuits invented the computer, and have hacked into Brent Spiner’s Twitter and Matthew McConaughey’s Twitter and website, posing as the real Brent or Matthew–which is how the lie started that Matthew McConaughey proposed to Camila Alves, then they flood the Internet and press with their lies.  

WHAT JESUITS POSTED ONLINE ABOUT GAIL IN JULY 2011 (not all links work today, this is an archive):

Crazies of YouTube- “LoonyTube”

Why Brent Spiner had Loree McBride (


Gabrielle Chana’s Academy Award/Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech (


by Way2Spirited9 videos

July 12, 2011: Gabrielle Chana to Brent Spiner (July 12, 2011)


Transcript of Brent Spiner and Vladimir Putin’s online communications here available in Brent Spiner’s Flames book at Amazon. “Hi, Brent. Here’s more that I wanted to say. My video version of what I sent you today in writing, in response to your message to me.  Thanks.  You’re awesome.” — Gail

From Brent:

Hello. Your suspicions that I did not want many people viewing my page were correct. I was thinking that, because i haven’t posted videos on here with my face or voice, that people would think it is just a fan page. It thought that would be a good idea for us to communicate somewhat secretively, but it appears that someone is already onto me. Anyway, I’m very busy at the moment. We will have to continue this conversation at a later time.

Yours truly

Brent Spiner

Brent, I hope you don’t mind that I posted what you wrote me (above), but I think your secret is out. However, I’m not too famous, so not many people will be viewing my YouTube videos, if that’s any consolation. It’s just that I think you’re sick and tired of people calling me insane (when you don’t feel that way about me at all), so you may want me to post somewhat of your communications with me. I know you’re proud of me, and want to protect me.  You’re awesome. — Gail

Hi Gail:

In the name of honesty and transparency and respect, I am copying the content of a message I just sent to this Brent person you’ve been communicating with.


Hello “Brent”:

Myself and my partner Way2Spirited are fans and protectors of Gail here on YouTube. She is a strong, intelligent, yet vulnerable woman (as any strong woman in love is).

I hope that your intentions behind communicating with her are those of RESPECT and HONESTY.

Dear superotter 77 (who shot off the above message to Brent about his “love” for me): You have no idea what it’s like to be Brent Spiner. He first talked to me in 1991 and I’ve been in love with him ever since, and he’s gone through hell because of his love for me. I would appreciate it if you would mind your own business. If you’re really concerned about us, do me a favor and just PRAY (if you’re a born again Christian). Prayer is what Brent and I need. We don’t NEED ANYTHING ELSE FROM YOU. THANK YOU. PLEASE MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. People like you are the reason that Brent has had to be so secretive about his love for me. If I’ve been vulnerable about Brent, I’ve been vulnerable since 1991, so if you’re truly concerned about me, we would have needed you back in 1991. I’ve been in love with him since 1991 and I don’t think I’ll get over it, so please BUZZ OFF. I’M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR INTERVENTION. THANK YOU. You may need to get your brains checked. The person who you suspect is a Brent imposter, is sending his messages from BRENT’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE. It IS Brent Spiner. I’m not sure what your motives are, but right now I am a little suspicious about you, and wondering, if perhaps, you may be a Jesuit in disguise. I really would appreciate it, if you would leave Brent alone please. His feelings for me are very deep. I believe that he made two entire music albums to describe his love for me (Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back and Dreamland). I have transformed his life and he has transformed mine (I’ve written books for him). Perhaps you’ve never had such a life transforming love in your life, so you think it is not to be had on this earth. But Brent and I have it, whether you believe it or not. — Gail

Dear superotter77 (in response to your second message): Check out Brent Spiner’s latest tweet on his Twitter page today 7-12-11 (and I don’t think it’s a Brent imposter on that page) where he mentions over and over that he loves London just as it is. Notice that he’s dropping “hints” that he’s watching my YouTube videos. I talk a lot about how I love him “just as he is” in my last video. It’s obvious he listened to it. I don’t know how this 29 year old you mention could have downloaded Brent’s photo (that he uses on his Twitter page) and have the link to Brent Spiner’s official website. Though I appreciate your concern, I do believe that the man who has created this YouTube channel and who has invited me to be his friend, is, indeed, the real Brent Spiner. Besides, the personality on Brent’s YouTube page to me matches the protective, nurturing, secretive, yet courageous Brent I’ve known over the years. — Gail

UPDATE: Starting around 2014, the Brent Spiner Jesuit clone took over the real Brent’s Twitter page, so from about 2014 onwards Brent has been unable to manage his own Twitter.

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