Aug. 2016 Referendum Vote for Donald Trump

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THIS IS A NEWS ARCHIVE (Zack Knight came to our side in Sept. 2016):

August 10, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin regarding the referendum vote for Donald Trump as U.S. President.

VLADIMIR: We have had two million votes for Donald Trump which came in by email, which is a lot, because they are only from California and Florida and we are only counting the votes of those who are taking Seroquel. Zack Knight (Jesuit leader) has blocked your new Gabrielle Chana FOX News website from displaying in the other states. But we are connecting your site to the main Gabrielle Chana FOX News site and overcoming this. Also, many registered voters do not have the Internet and we will be going house to house to deal with these voters.

GAIL: How does connecting my site to the main site help you to display it on the Internet?

VLADIMIR: We believe it is because the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel originates from Church of Gail, giving it extra power from the Gail Shield. We are confident we will get the votes we need to usher Donald Trump into the U.S. Presidency. He has been interviewing in person on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and we have had anchors ask him the exact same questions you brought up in your interviews with him, which people can see because we’ve connected your page to the Gabrielle Chana FOX News page. Though you cannot see this. We must do this for your protection, so you won’t be a target in Florida

GAIL: So, let’s say Hillary Clinton wins according to Jesuit News, how will Donald Trump operate?

VLADIMIR: Well, if that happens, in Florida they will report that Hillary won, but all the other states will report that Donald won, because we plan to include Gabrielle Chana FOX News coverage of the election in every state except Florida.

GAIL: It seems the only news station that covers Donald Trump without showing partiality towards Hillary Clinton is FOX News. I watched CNN and it was a Jesuit disaster.

VLADIMIR: Yes, Zack Knight controls just about all the mainstream media in the United States.

GAIL: How are you able to prevent election fraud using email as the method of voting?

VLADIMIR: We use scanners from Church of Gail that locates the person who sent the email, and we get a genetic scan and mind-read on the person and identify them. It is actually much more accurate than voting in a voting booth for this reason. Jesuits have been known to send clones to the voting booth, who vote in place of the real person, but using scanners we eliminate Jesuit clones, none of their votes count.

GAIL: Okay, Vlad, it’s late, so people who have not voted and have access to the Internet can submit their vote by writing the words “I vote for Donald Trump for U.S. President” via or Do you have a physical address where they can mail their vote, if they don’t have the Internet?

VLADIMIR: We prefer to avoid the mail, because of problems with Jesuit switch-out, using Jesuit postal workers. We are setting up a house to house campaign to reach out to voters who don’t have access to the Internet.

GAIL: Alright, I’ll get this out, Vladimir. Thanks for all your hard work!

August 9, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin at his request. Vladimir wants the American people to vote NOW for Donald Trump – new developments!

GAIL: What’s up, Vladimir?

VLADIMIR: I have very important news to tell the world. Hillary Clinton’s VP pick, Tim Kaine, though we executed him, Jesuits have created a Tim Kaine automaton. He is very evil.

GAIL: I have noticed that he is playing like he disagrees with Hillary Clinton about Libya. As you know, what has happened in Libya has not been good for Hillary’s reputation as a leader with integrity.

VLADIMIR: Gail, this is just a Jesuit game. He has been programmed by Jesuits to spout opinions which make him appear a benign leader, who does not support Jesuit goals. Everything he says is the opposite of what he really believes.

GAIL: Jesuits are famous for this, Vladimir. As we all know, Jesuits are dangerous, period. So why did you want to have this interview?

VLADIMIR: If Hillary comes into power, he will usurp her and will be the true President of the United States. His disagreement with her over Libya, is just the beginning. . .

GAIL: Oh, so you are saying that he is playing his cards right now, sort of like in rehearsals to usurp Hillary when Hillary becomes President?

VLADIMIR: Yes, exactly. It will be very dangerous now for Hillary to become President. As you know, Jesuits want you dead or brought into examination for mental health issues so they can destroy your Gail Shield (which is destroying them right now).

GAIL: Vladimir, are the polls accurate? They all say Hillary almost has a landslide over Trump?

VLADIMIR: They are accurate if you count the Jesuit vote, which, under your Conspiracy Law is a death penalty violation.

GAIL: Okay, so what do we do about this evil Jesuit aspiring to the U.S. Presidency?

VLADIMIR: I am glad you have started a Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel site featuring your interviews with us. We know that the Jesuits plan to rig the U.S. Presidential elections in November to ensure that Hillary Clinton wins. We will need to do a separate vote from the November elections, and we would like to use your website, which we will connect to the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel website.

GAIL: So when will this separate vote take place?

VLADIMIR: As soon as possible. Give people our email address at or We shall conduct vote by email!

GAIL: How does this work?

VLADIMIR: None of the independents running for U.S. President are qualified to run. They are all Jesuits or Jesuit supporters. So, basically all people need to do is to write in a vote for Donald Trump, because Hillary is a Jesuit now, so she is not qualified to run. They need to type this sentence: “I vote for Donald Trump as President of the United States.” That is it, and send us an email that says that. We will note who the voter is, and ensure they are not a Jesuit, because Jesuits are not allowed to vote. Once we get that voter’s name, their vote for Donald Trump will be entered into the November elections as a vote for Donald Trump, and when the actual elections take place in November, we will automatically enter their vote as a vote for Donald, even if they cannot make it out to the voting booth.

GAIL: Does this mean they don’t have to vote in November?

VLADIMIR: No, we recommend they still vote in November, but because we expect Jesuits to rig the elections, we want to start the voting now, to work out any Jesuit “bugs” which may happen in November! For instance, if people vote in advance as I have advised, then when the November elections happen, it will be easier to weed out Jesuit votes and inaccurate votes. We are hoping by conducting the voting now, that we will be able to correct Jesuit bugs which may occur during November voting. If Donald gets enough votes, we can usher him in as President, even if Hillary gets more votes than him (because of Jesuits voting) in the November election. We will make a case before the American people that Hillary has been murdered and that the people have approved of Donald as U.S. President to be Empress Gail Chord Schuler’s assistant.

GAIL: Vladimir, you know that the Jesuits will lie and make it appear Hillary is the true winner. How do we overcome this?

VLADIMIR: If this happens, we will show on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel that Donald is the true winner and that Hillary and most especially, Tim Kaine, are to be ignored and if anybody enforces any legislation or orders from either Hillary or Tim Kaine or any of their supporters, they will be executed as Jesuit Conspirators.

GAIL: Do you really think this will work?

VLADIMIR: We cannot take any chances of having Hillary in office now, because the Tim Kaine automaton is a dangerous Jesuit. His goal is to destroy you and then destroy Church of Gail. Any ways, my love, get the word out that people need to vote for Donald Trump now and we will install him now as U.S. President. All we need is a referendum to install Donald Trump as U.S. President, because Hillary has been murdered and is not qualified to run.

GAIL: Okay, so tell people about the email and have them vote for Donald Trump now.


GAIL: Vladimir, and what will happen if Hillary wins in November according to Jesuit News?

VLADIMIR: The Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel will be blasted on all news networks in the United States announcing that her election is a FRAUD, and that Donald Trump is the President. Of course, my love, in Florida, where you live, we may not be able to do this. But by making this announcement, we will state that if anybody treats Hillary or her VP like the real American President and helps her or her VP Tim Kaine to pass any legislation, they will be executed. We have to give them fair warning.

GAIL: It would be wonderful if Donald Trump won in the Jesuit News.

VLADIMIR: We don’t think this will happen, my love. Zack Knight still retains his almost complete control over the Internet and mainstream news. But at least, by starting this now, it will be easier for us to overturn the Jesuit elections and install Donald Trump as the U.S. President, even though Jesuit News will lie and state that the President is Hillary Clinton.

GAIL: This sounds like a doozy of an election. Let’s hope my Gail Shield may overcome some of Zack Knight’s control over the media.

VLADIMIR: Perhaps it will, but in the meanwhile, we are ready. Let people know they can vote for Donald Trump now by WRITING THE FOLLOWING when they send an email via or They must write, “I vote for Donald Trump as U.S. President.” We will note who the email sender is, and their vote will count for the November 2016 elections.

GAIL: It will be interesting to see the results of this.

VLADIMIR: I will have a follow up interview with you later about this, my love.

GAIL: What if Jesuits mess up our emails?

VLADIMIR: If that happens, we will have to go door to door and get peoples’ vote that way. We shall see what happens. We just need a referendum, because the November elections with Hillary on the ballot is already illegal, because she is now a Jesuit. We just need a referendum to get Donald Trump as U.S. President.

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