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August 16, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama & Donald Trump regarding Jesuit Muslims and Jesuit terrorism:

GAIL: I am listening to Donald Trump’s speech at West Bend, Wisconsin about law and order. Great speech! He is with me to oppose the evil Jesuit establishment.

VLADIMIR: I agree. Great speech. I would like to help you educate the Americans about Jesuit goals with Islam.

GAIL: I have been researching a bit about the difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. This may seem a minor thing, but it is actually very major. While I don’t feel the audience needs to understand all the differences between the two forms of Islam, this is what they need to understand. The divide is traced to 632 A.D., when the Islamic Prophet Muhammad died and a debate emerged about who should be his successor.

Both sides agreed that Allah is the one true God and that Muhammad was his messenger, but one group (which eventually became the Shiites) felt Muhammad’s successor should be someone in his bloodline, while the other (which became the Sunnis) felt a pious individual who would follow the Prophet’s customs was acceptable.

“The original schism between Islam’s two largest sects was not over religious doctrine. It was over political leadership,” Robin Wright, a joint fellow at the non-partisan U.S. Institute of Peace and the Woodrow Wilson Center, said.

Both Sunnis and Shiites read the Quran, the sayings of the Prophet. Both believe Prophet Muhammad was the messenger of Allah. And both follow the five tenets of Islam: They fast during Ramadan, pledge to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, practice ritual prayer (which includes five prayers each day), give charity to the poor, and pledge themselves to their faith.

Their prayer rituals are nearly identical, with slight variations: For example, Shiites will stand with their hands at their sides, Sunnis will put their hands on their stomachs.

They also both believe in Islamic law but have different applications for it.

Their beliefs over who should have succeeded the Prophet Muhammad is the key theological difference between the two.

Sunnis also have a less elaborate religious hierarchy than Shiites have, and the two sects’ interpretation of Islam’s schools of law is different. Shiites give human beings the exalted status that is given only to prophets in the Quran, often venerating clerics as saints, whereas Sunnis do not.

The great majority — upwards of 85 to 90 percent — of the world’s more than 1.6 billion Muslims are Sunnis. Shia constitute about 10 to 15 percent of all Muslims, and globally their population is estimated at less than 200 million.

Whereas Sunnis dominate the Muslim world, from West Africa to Indonesia, the Shiites are centrally located, with a vast majority in Iran, predominance in Iraq and sizable populations in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

VLADIMIR: Great teaching, Gail. Gail used to be a school teacher.

GAIL: Yeah, that was a long time ago.

VLADIMIR: Americans are very ignorant about Jesuit goals with Islam. I feel the main thing Americans need to understand is that Jesuits have infiltrated every major religion on earth and their goal is to create a worldwide Catholic religion that has a little bit of everything in it, to accommodate everyone and to force everyone to worship the Catholic faith as the one, true church. I have learned this about Jesuits using my experience in intelligence and borrowing Jesuit mind reading technology on Jesuits we have captured and interrogated. Using their mind and emotion reading technology they have striven to come up with a religion that will be mandatory for all to worship, including Muslims, Protestants, Catholics and all forms of religion, it will even accommodate atheists and agnostics. This is why Pope Francis has said that even atheists can go to heaven. But what he fails to tell you is that Jesuits feel deep down inside, that regardless of your religious persuasion or life philosophy, you must worship the pope and they want to make this mandatory and worldwide. So, let’s say, you are a Baptist and don’t want to worship the pope, then you must die. They plan to start an Inquisition against all who oppose the pope’s leadership. No one will have an excuse because every religion and belief will be accommodated into an amalgamation of all beliefs into a united Catholic faith for everybody.

GAIL: So, basically, if we allow the Catholics to have political power, they will use that power to bring about a worldwide dictatorship for the pope. This has always been their goal and has not changed. The Catholic Church is like a chameleon, they have no moral convictions, other than the conviction that they have the right to rule, control and manipulate everyone on earth to worship the pope and honor the Catholic Church. Those who refuse to fall in line, will be executed, as they did during the Inquisition.

VLADIMIR: Let me explain the Jesuit strategy for Islam. Jesuits feel because the majority of Muslims are Sunni that they have adopted a Catholic Sunni version of Islam which they want to impose on all Muslims to get all Muslims to submit to the pope as their Allah. They have chosen to side with the Sunnis, not out of moral conviction, but because they seek political power and the Sunnis are in the majority. They feel they can conquer Islam for the Catholic Church if they force all Muslims to be Sunni and the Catholic Church will add in some Catholic stuff to this. They are paying large sums of money to Sunni leadership to bribe them to brainwash their followers into Jesuit soldiers for the pope. An example of this, was the Sunni Muslim Osama Bin Laden, who Jesuits used to attack the United States for 9/11/2001.

GAIL: Okay, Vladimir, so they have chosen to align themselves with the Sunnis, because they feel that is their greatest hope to win over Islam to the Catholic Church and help them set up a one world religion that all must follow or they will die.

VLADIMIR: Exactly. They have also infiltrated Shiite Muslim leadership and bribed many of the Shiite leaders into betraying their fellow Shiite Muslims and turn them over to the Sunnis to be killed or punished. Basically the Jesuits side, for the most part, with the Sunnis against the Shiites, not because they actually like the Sunni beliefs more than the Shiite beliefs, but because they plan to takeover Islam and create a Catholic/Islam half breed religion as part of their one world religion. Many Shiite leaders see through this, and like your Conspiracy Law Gail and want to install Conspiracy Law in their country. I have made great strides in talks with Iran and Turkey along this line.

BARACK OBAMA: I’d like to weigh in now, Gail. First off, I appreciate Vladimir’s attempts to win over certain Muslim nations who want to enforce your Conspiracy Law. For this reason, when Vladimir strikes deals with Iran or Turkey or Syria, I am secretly in support of it. I do have an evil Jesuit clone who has managed to pass legislation behind my back. For instance, the large amount of money that went to Iran, was actually the work of my clone and Jesuit News lied and made it appear that I endorsed this. Unfortunately, I cannot keep up with all the lies in the news media. Perhaps, I’ve given up. I’m so grateful you’ve started your news channel website. Some much needed truth will be getting out to the public. I would also like to say I am aware that just because Vladimir meets with the leaders of Iran or Turkey or Syria, is no reason for Jesuit News to lie and say he is sending troops to those areas.

GAIL: So, Barack Obama, you have not really opposed Vladimir’s incursion into Crimea, because that was the will of the people and they wanted to align with Russia.

BARACK: Yes, Gail, but then my clone went on the news and said some other things. I support Vladimir Putin one hundred percent, because he supports your law, which is sorely needed right now.

GAIL: I hear that your programming has been contaminated by Jesuits and has caused you to use some poor judgment.

BARACK: Yes, Gail, I have been like a brain control victim as an automaton. Like what happened to you when you thought you were allergic to everything and you weren’t. I have made some mistakes and have not been perfect.

GAIL: But at least your heart has been in the right place, so I have not had a problem with you as President. Oh, Donald is here, now!

DONALD TRUMP: Hey, Barack Obama, I’d like to apologize that I am forced to go after your clone so much, because a lot of what he’s done has been disastrous.

BARACK: It’s okay, Donald. Thanks to Gail here, we might be able to cause all this confusion to make some sense to the American public.

DONALD TRUMP: I actually liked the real Hillary Clinton. It’s disastrous that she’s been murdered, but I just can’t go on the mainstream news and say this, so I just have to go after Hillary Clinton’s clone as I go after your clone Barack.

BARACK: I see it this way, Donald. I did my best. I was up against a very entrenched Jesuit Order in the United States. I really tried to enforce Gail’s Conspiracy Law. She has an excellent national health care plan that my clone sabotaged and he is responsible for Obama care. I have not been able to undo the damage that he has done. I hope that you, Donald, will be able to implement Gail’s excellent national health care plan and will not throw out the baby with the bath water.

DONALD TRUMP: Yes, I have read Gail’s national health care plan in Sect. 55 of her Conspiracy Laws and Government. Gail, I’m really impressed with it. I did mention that I planned on having a national health care plan, but as soon as I said that, the Jesuit Republicans went after me for endorsing Obama care they said. But I am really going to try and implement your national health care plan as President, Gail. I mean it.

GAIL: My health care plan is much better and much less complicated than Obama care. It’s physician friendly and the doctors love it, because I allow them to run it. I hear from my men that in areas where we have been able to implement it that we have had great success and have saved a lot of money. It’s very affordable for everybody and everybody will have quality health care. It saves money because nobody can be in it unless they agree to use our lawyers for malpractice lawsuits and I don’t allow outrageous malpractice settlements that force doctors to have expensive malpractice insurance. So this saves a lot of money. Jesuits use malpractice lawsuits to punish doctors they don’t like. I don’t allow this at all. I have stringent oversights to ensure that physicians are accountable for the quality of the care they give to their patients and that they don’t practice Jesuit medicine on people.

DONALD: I’ve been reading over the transcript you’ve written just now (as I just came back from my law and order speech), about how Jesuits are working inside of Islam to try and incorporate the Islamic faith into a mandatory Catholic religion. That’s really disgusting. The Jesuits don’t even care whether the Islamic faith endorses terrorism. Instead, they use the Jesuit Muslim terrorists to punish those who oppose Jesuit policies. I plan to screen those who come into the country using your Conspiracy Law, Gail. But I can’t go out and say this except here at the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. I am NOT against Islam. I am against fanatical terrorist Muslims. I will allow Muslims into the country, but I won’t allow terrorists into the country. Using your Conspiracy Law, we can screen people who come into the country using mind and emotion reads, and this is where my enemy is getting me, because I can’t tell people about this, because Jesuits have kept much of their technology from the world, so that they can use it secretly against us.

GAIL: Yes, Donald, with my genius emotional I.Q., I sense that you really want to honor my Conspiracy Law. Actually, a wall may not be a bad idea, but it alone won’t keep the terrorists out, because Jesuits can use transporter technology like Star Trek to enter any country.

DONALD: I know, Gail. Vladimir and I are working together on a plan to not only use a wall, but also to incorporate some of your scanning technology to detect Jesuits who “land” inside our nation and zap them out. It’s just that, except for here in the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, I can’t talk about it, without being labeled as insane.

GAIL: I understand completely. I see you as someone who has the same heart as the REAL Barack Obama. He really tried. He really tried, and that’s why I won’t criticize Barack Obama. But you seem like you will really try, really try to enforce my Conspiracy Law. If we can defeat the Jesuits, this world will be a much better place.

BARACK: Here, here. Let’s all have a toast to that. Thank you, Donald, for trying to finish what I’ve started. I realize you have to go against my clone. But you recognize that I tried. In fact, I died, and you are seeing me as a robot. I absolutely do NOT want the Hillary Clinton Jesuit clone to become President. I think Hillary in heaven would turn in her grave if that happened.

(Donald goes to Barack and gives him a hug)

GAIL: Vladimir, there’s been a lot of news about you sending military forces into Syria, Crimea, Ukraine and so forth. You have anything to say?

VLADIMIR: It’s Jesuit crap. It’s just that Jesuits don’t like it when I have meetings with Shiite leaders who are thinking about enforcing your Conspiracy Law, because of rebellious Jesuit Sunnis inside their country that they can’t control. So they make up stories that when my jet lands in Syria, or Iran, or wherever that I am also sending troops in. They have very good imagination is all I can say! What good does it do to have freedom of the press, when all they do is report lies? If I was American President, I would arrest all these lying reporters and media heads and put them in jail, and give them the death penalty if they continue to spread lies that foment discord and strife. Jesuits are never happy unless they are getting everybody all riled up over rumors and propaganda against their enemies.

GAIL: But you did annex Crimea.

VLADIMIR: It was a peaceful takeover and what the Crimeans wanted. They did not want Jesuits ruling over their country and knew that I was an anti-Jesuit President. I welcomed the opportunity to bring the Crimeans back to the Russia they loved and to have a neighbor who Jesuits could not use to attack Russia, like they are trying to do now with Ukraine.

GAIL: Okay, let’s make this a wrap. I hope people will understand Donald a little better now, and you, too, Barack. What we need are leaders who have their heart in the right place. Because the leaders we’ve had, have all been cronies for the Jesuits, and it has been very, very bad for the United States and for every country they pollute with their schisms and anarchy and murder. I see you (Donald) as a continuation of the heart of Barack Obama, who failed to enforce my Conspiracy Law, but TRIED. Perhaps, you, Donald, will be able to enforce the law he tried to enforce, but could not.

Brain to brain interview on August 14, 2016 with black judge and Harvard Law School graduate Terrance Jenkins, U.S. President Barack Obama, and U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump about Black Lives Matter:

GAIL: First off, I’d like to say that being white and Asian, I only learned about this as a problem from my dear friend Judge Terry Jenkins, who has had personal experience along this line. He had me watch the movie Straight Outta Compton and what I watched was very disturbing.

JUDGE TERRY: Oh Gail, this be a big problem. I’m so glad you have me here for this interview.

GAIL: First off, folks, let me introduce you to Judge Terry Jenkins, who was a brave judge who risked his life for me during the Jesuit skewed trial in Quebec, Canada, where Jesuits using an all Jesuit jury, gave me the death penalty and wanted to execute me for cooperating with Vladimir Putin to destroy an underwater city filled with Jesuit babies, even though these babies were going to be used as part of a Jesuit army to launch a nuclear holocaust over all the world.

JUDGE TERRY: Yeah, I encourage everybody to go to my YouTube channel and watch that trial. It be a real eye opener.

GAIL: First off, I’d like to explain to the audience that you are a Harvard Law School graduate and a very good judge. In fact, you have been the judge in many trials we’ve had with Jesuits. My men prefer you as a judge, because there are so many Jesuit judges out there.

JUDGE TERRY: Yeah, that be true, Gail.

GAIL: Terrance is proud of where he came from (Compton, California ghetto) so even though he knows how to speak correct English, he talks like he did when he was growing up in Compton.

JUDGE TERRY: Yeah, Compton! I say that whenever I want to emphasize that what I be saying is the TRUTH.

GAIL: Terrance, is Barack Obama willing to be added to this conversation?

JUDGE TERRY: Let me check, Gail. (goes off to check). Okay, he be here. You can ask him any questions if you like.

GAIL: Alright, we’ve heard about a lot of police killings in the news lately, and you, Barack Obama, have been real silent about these. Donald Trump is sticking up for the police officers that have been murdered. Any comments about this, from either of you?

BARACK OBAMA: First off, Gail, let me say that I give out my heartfelt condolences to those police families in their loss. I do not condone the killing of innocent police officers. Having said that, I’d like to say, that having grown up black, as Judge Terry here can testify, I have experienced harassment from white police officers just because I’m black.

GAIL: I just became aware of this because of Judge Terry here. He had me watch the movie Straight Outta Compton and what I viewed was very disturbing. It helps me understand the Black Lives Matter movement, even though I do NOT agree with murdering innocent police officers!

BARACK OBAMA: Well, let me say this, Gail. The Jesuit News (as you call it), and that’s what it is, JESUIT NEWS, never tells the truth. The fact is, that many blacks have been victims of police racism and brutality directed against blacks, especially young black males. They seem to think that a black man, BY VIRTUE OF BEING BLACK AND ASCRIBING TO THE BLACK LIFESTYLE, LIKE RAP MUSIC, IS GUILTY OF CRIMES. So I have been reluctant to get on JESUIT NEWS and protest against the police officers who have been murdered, but on a personal level, I find these murders outrageous and am working with your men to arrest the Jesuits involved in these murders against innocent police officers.

GAIL: So you say, JESUITS were involved in these murders?

BARACK OBAMA: Yes, Gail, Jesuits used BRAIN CONTROL on the murderers (who were NOT taking Seroquel and needed to, as most of the population needs to be on Seroquel or just about ANYBODY could be mind-controlled into being a murderer).

GAIL: So how are you going after the Jesuits who used brain control on the murderers to cause them to commit these murders?

BARACK OBAMA: It’s real simple, Gail, we are exposing them on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and then your law which demands the execution of all Jesuits, demands we execute these Jesuit scientists and other Jesuits involved in the brain control.

GAIL: Unfortunately, we cannot execute Zack Knight, the true Jesuit leader and the Antichrist, because he cannot be killed. He already died, and Satan resurrected him from hell as the Antichrist and Jesus says he has to fulfill his term as the Antichrist before he can be removed from the earth.

BARACK OBAMA: Yes, it appears the Antichrist is trying to create a climate on earth where the members of Black Lives Matter look like terrorists.

GAIL: Explain further, please. Oh, excuse me, I hear Donald Trump wants to weigh in on this. Barack, are you willing to let Donald in on this conversation?

BARACK: Certainly, let him in.

DONALD: Hey Gail, I’ve heard you are interviewing Barack and your friend here about Black Lives Matter. Barack, I’ve actually seen the movie Straight Outta Compton, and I agree with Gail that it is very disturbing. But it is also very disturbing about this rash of police murders we’ve had lately. I’ve got it from some reliable sources, mainly the scientists on Church of Gail, that most of the police departments are weeding out the bad police who have harassed blacks in the past and most police are good, today. And they are good in that they are cooperating with Gail and her men to arrest Jesuits as outlined in her Conspiracy Law. So, even though, IN THE PAST, Black Lives Matter had a case, they no longer have a case today.

BARACK: I will concede that I have not heard of any legitimate harassment of blacks very recently. But, judging by my experiences in the past, I tend to be skeptical about the goodness of the police, especially when it comes to us blacks.

DONALD: Barack, I want to thank you for your endorsement of me over HITLER Hillary (as Gail calls her).

BARACK: I’m just heartbroken over the real Hillary’s death and she’s now a Jesuit, you see, so I had to endorse you, even if somewhat secretly here on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. I’d like to say that up until very recently Black Lives Matter had a REAL CASE, and many, many black, young men have been harassed and arrested JUST FOR BEING BLACK AND ASCRIBING TO A BLACK CULTURE, and this has caused a lot of resentment in the black community towards white police officers.

GAIL: As an objective observer, since I’m not black and only learned about this harassment of blacks from my friend Terrance here, I think we should let the public know that the Black Lives Matter movement does have a case and most members of Black Lives Matter are law abiding citizens. Apparently, the Jesuits are trying to create anarchy in the United States, so we only hear about the bad people in Black Lives Matter, who perpetuate the stereotypes that we have here in America about blacks.

BARACK: That is correct, Gail. It is equally heinous for anybody carrying the banner of Black Lives Matter to murder police officers and as all the recent murderers were victims of Zack Knight’s brain control, I encourage everybody to take Seroquel, so that you, too, will not become a victim of Jesuit brain control.

GAIL: Why, do you think, Barack, that Jesuits are using brain control on some blacks to turn them into murderers of police officers?

BARACK: It’s as you say, Gail, Jesuits want to create anarchy in the United States and, I fear, they also want to ensure that Donald Trump does not become U.S. President. As you know, he has firmly stood behind the police officers, who, by the way, are doing an outstanding job, especially in the past couple months. I have been very pleased to see that harassment of blacks seems to be going down and am saddened to see so many great and courageous police officers killed in the line of duty.

GAIL: Why don’t you go out and say this on Jesuit News, Barack?

BARACK: It’s the same deal as to why I had to endorse Hillary on Jesuit News, Gail. Jesuits may harm my family, if I say or do anything that makes Donald Trump appear to be a good Presidential candidate.

GAIL: So, it appears Jesuits are causing racial problems in this country to create an atmosphere of anarchy which they can use against or for whoever they support or oppose in politics. I know from my research on Jesuits, that peace in a country always works against them, because when everybody is happy and at peace, you can’t have a revolution and Jesuits need a revolution to take over a country, by creating a climate of anarchy.

DONALD: Yeah, this really sounds right, Gail. I know, for a fact, that all the police I’ve encountered support your Conspiracy Law one hundred percent. Because of this, the Jesuits have launched all out war against the police. This was not true years ago, when there were a lot of Jesuit police, but the police have changed and are more in the right now than a lot of black people realize. I have to admit, if I was black and grew up black, I would probably be skeptical about this recent change in the police, but, Gail, we need to make the blacks and the general population aware that though the Black Lives Matter movement was important in the PAST – it appears that, today, there should be a movement called POLICE LIVES MATTER!

GAIL: Okay, now Barack and Terrance, what do you say, do you agree we now need a movement called POLICE LIVES MATTER?

BARACK: Lifts a glass of wine. Here, here, we will have a toast to that! (Judge Terry and Donald all lift their glasses in a toast).

GAIL: As I don’t drink, though I don’t have a problem with people who drink, as long as they don’t get drunk – I will just give you all a high five. I do have one more question, that I would like you all to weigh in on. How do you think that HITLER Hillary Clinton will handle all this?

BARACK: Oh Gail, it will be awful. She will try and create an atmosphere of extreme resentment against the Black Lives Matter movement by depriving blacks of the ability to take Seroquel, possibly making Seroquel illegal, and this will just turn the United States into what Ukraine is like today.

GAIL: That would be very bad. Let’s hope Donald gets in, but, Donald, if Jesuit News lies and says that Hillary has won, we will just have to make it that she can’t pass any legislation!

DONALD: I certainly hope I win too, Gail, as I do feel I am the best qualified to be your assistant. As you know, all of us running for President were recently asked under your very advanced lie detection, using mind and emotion reads, how much we support you as the American Empress and how much we support your Conspiracy Law, and I came out WAY AHEAD. I support your Conspiracy Law one hundred percent, as does my VP Mike Pence.

GAIL: The sad thing is, Donald, is that if in Jesuit News she becomes the U.S. President, they will lie and say she has passed legislation, when she has NOT, and will use these lies to try and enforce this phony legislation.

BARACK: I recommend that all people all over the world pray for our country, especially in regard to these very contentious elections we have coming up!

August 8, 2016  brain to brain with Barack Obama regarding his secret support of Donald Trump:

BARACK: Gail, I just want to let you know that I secretly support Donald Trump, but I have to play along that I support Hillary, because Jesuits have threatened harm to my family if I don’t. As you know, I’m actually dead, and you’re talking with an automaton.

GAIL: That’s horrible, Barack!

BARACK: Yes it is, but I love my wife and children, and don’t want harm to come to them. Please continue your good work in writing books to expose the Jesuits.

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