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GAIL: Jesuits are poking fun at your campaign manager Kelly Ann Conway, for insinuating that you want to bring back an old law, called the McCarran Act that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled as unconstitutional. It seems to me that you really want to enforce my Conspiracy Law. Let me put the part of my law that deals with immigration here for the world to read:

7.0 Because Jesuit leader Zack Knight probably invented the Internet, it is ESSENTIAL that all LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS who make arrests of those on the MOST WANTED TERRORISTS LIST follow the guidelines of this Section.

7.1 If a suspicious SIGNIFICANT PERSON (or their clone) is noticed, the only ones who are authorized to arrest them are members of the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT. Also, it is imperative that we NOT use the Internet as the means to send and receive information between our law enforcement agencies. Zack Knight has hacked into all our Internet systems and they are all contaminated with false information.

7.2 Here is how information must be transmitted between our various law enforcement agencies. When a law enforcement person goes on his/her computer, the Homeland Security Department can see all the information on the law enforcement person’s computer screen using satellite technology (which works OUTSIDE of the Internet). A RECEIVER in space will take SNAPSHOTs of the screens of all persons in the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT. These SNAPSHOTS will work like a movie camera, continually transmitting images of what the law enforcement person SEES on his screen to the RECEIVER. The RECEIVER will receive these images via SATELLITE SIGNALS.

7.3 In essence, a RECEIVER will act like a huge movie camera in space that uses x-ray like technology to receive the images of all computer screens that it scans. Using satellite signal technology, it can take pictures of what is on every computer screen it scans.

7.4 The RECEIVER will be programmed to detect the light signals that come from a computer screen and to exactly replicate the picture that is on the screen and receive that picture into the RECEIVER, and then store these images/pictures on HARD MEDIA like CD, DVD, hard drive, etc.

7.5 Special members of the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT trained in RECEIVER technology, will study all images they receive from the various LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS within the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT. It will be their job to categorize what they receive and file the information into the appropriate files for action (using HARD MEDIA as the means to store the information).

7.6 All a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON has to do is to pull up a blank page on his computer (using any program, like Word or NotePad) that allows him to pull up a blank page, and then type in his report. If he is unable to type a report, we shall develop AUDIO to MEDIA technology, that allows him/her to speak into a microphone on his/her computer, which will automatically transcribe what he/she says onto a blank page on his/her computer, which will then be “picked up” by the RECEIVER in space.

7.7 The RECEIVER in space will be programmed to categorize all information it receives into categories. The categories will be divided according to SECTIONS OF CONSPIRACY LAW. So, let’s say information comes in that gives us the location of a possible Jesuit clone of Brent Spiner, based on a report typed in by a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles.

7.8 This report is received by the RECEIVER, and the receiver stores this information in all the files connected to the arrest of SIGNIFICANT PERSONS, which would be files like the IMMIGRATION LAWS files, the CLONE LAWS files, etc.

7.9 The HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT will be divided up according to which Sections of Conspiracy Law that it enforces. Obviously, the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT will not have jurisdiction over every Conspiracy Law Section, but only those that pertain to the security of a nation against Jesuit terrorism.

7.9(a) This process of using satellite signals to “read” computer screens on earth from a RECEIVER, and then storing this data on HARD MEDIA, and then using TRANSPORTER TECHNLOGY to “land” the HARD MEDIA inside the DRIVE of the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER RECIPIENT, is called RECEIVER to DRIVE COMMUNICATIONS. It does NOT use the Internet AT ALL to transmit information from one law enforcement agency to another. It also mandates the use of JESUIT SCANNERS to ensure that any and all arrests made are just, and that innocent people are not harmed or harassed by our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS.

8.0 So, let’s say, a member of the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT in Los Angeles in charge of enforcing LAWS FOR CLONES receives a CD or HARD FILE of the information about the whereabouts of a possible Brent Spiner clone VIA TRANSPORTER TECHNOLOGY from the RECEIVER.

8.1 Each LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON in the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT will have a special slot at all of his workplaces, in his vehicles, and even in his briefcases or baggage where he can receive HARD FILES from the RECEIVER 24/7 (via TRANSPORTER TECHNOLOGY).

8.2 This special slot will be called a RECEIVER DRIVE. The RECEIVER DRIVE will receive the HARD FILE and begin reading it AT ONCE, and then will download that data to the drive or disc on the RECEIVER DRIVE’s computer.

8.3 Next, the LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON drives out to the location of the Brent Spiner clone, and using a JESUIT SCANNER scans the location of the clone to determine if this person is, indeed, the Brent Spiner clone.

8.4 Using the JESUIT SCANNER, which scans the genetic profile of the person, it is determined that the suspected clone criminal, is the REAL Brent Spiner, who is NOT a criminal.

8.5 The LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON speaks into his microphone and makes a report stating that after scanning the suspected clone, it was determined that the person was indeed the real Brent Spiner and that this case is CLOSED.

8.6 On the other hand, let’s say the JESUIT SCANNER determines that this person is indeed a Jesuit Brent Spiner clone. The LAW ENFORCEMENT officer would go in and make the arrest, even executing the criminal if it becomes necessary to get him off the streets.

8.7 Our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAMS will develop a JESUIT SCANNER, which will scan the genetic profiles of (and do mind, emotion and memory reads of) all persons, and which all LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS must have. This JESUIT SCANNER will be programmed to read the genetic profile, and scan the thoughts, emotions and memories of all persons it scans, and will alert the LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON if it is scanning a JESUIT CLONE or CRIMINAL.

Though this may seem a serious breach of privacy, one must realize that privacy has been gone for decades and the ONLY organization that had complete mind, emotion and memory reads on the population was the JESUIT ORDER, who used this information to promote their goal for a world takeover. Unfortunately, the JESUIT ORDER is obsessed with power and feel they have the moral right to rule everybody, and so they often used this information in a criminal manner, genetically profiling babies from birth and targeting them for destruction, and using brain control to manipulate the population, etc.

The only way to defeat Jesuit use of this technology is to be open about it with the public and to let the public know which laws are being used to regulate how this information is being used.. When the Jesuits used this information, the Jesuits had NO RULES and just did WHATEVER THEY WANTED with the information they received, which was everybody’s memories, thoughts and emotions. Their use of this information was not regulated, and so, therefore, they used this information to kill off their enemies, sabotage their enemies’ health, and to psychologically manipulate and rape their enemies.

Because we CANNOT stop the Jesuits from using this technology, the answer is to pass laws about its use and to enforce those laws. That is why Gail has written these Conspiracy Laws.

Because of Conspiracy Law, the public is now aware of this technology and how the Jesuits have used it, and are also aware that Conspiracy Law has been written by a RIGHTEOUS PERSON who strives to ensure this technology is NOT used in a criminal manner.

Unlike the Jesuits, we are out in the open about our activities, because we strive to have righteous government. The fact that the Jesuits have kept their use of this technology SECRET tells us a lot about them!

The Jesuits will complain that Gail Chord Schuler has no law degree and is not qualified to write law. However, Gail Chord Schuler has the highest I.Q. of any woman on the planet. When Gail’s men used a machine at Church of Gail to measure her I.Q., her score was so high the machine couldn’t read the score.

To honor Gail for her brilliant Conspiracy Law, which is bringing peace, prosperity and righteous government to an insane world ruled by Jesuit power brokers– most law schools, including Harvard, have awarded her with honorary law degrees.

She also has genius emotional I.Q. which helps her to read accurately the true motivations of world leaders.

8.8 All forms of information sharing using the INTERNET are OUTLAWED for use in ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies, because Jesuit leader Zack Knight can hack into ALL INTERNET SYSTEMS and cause confusion and cause innocent people to be arrested.

8.9 No arrests can be made by any law enforcement person in any of our LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES unless the JESUIT SCANNER is used on the SUSPECT. Zack Knight has had a heyday with our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS arresting Gail’s men, and letting their evil clones run rampant.

9.0 Any LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER who willingly and knowingly arrests ANYBODY without first scanning them with a JESUIT SCANNER, will receive the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

9.1 HOWEVER, if the suspect is armed and dangerous and the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER’s life is in danger if he does not kill the suspect, he can kill the suspect, without having to scan the suspect first with JESUIT SCANNER.

9.2 All LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS (or anybody who is authorized to make arrests) within all Conspiracy Law honoring nations must verify that they have read these Sections about the mandatory use of Jesuit Scanners for Law Enforcement.

9.3 Special rules apply to the arrests of clones of SIGNIFICANT PERSONS (such as Gail Chord Schuler, Brent Spiner, and those who have a strong impact on the life of Gail Chord Schuler, etc.). Only members of the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT can arrest anybody who is a SIGNIFICANT PERSON or the clone of a SIGNIFICANT PERSON. This is to ENSURE that these arrests are conducted according to Conspiracy Law and that Zack Knight has not introduced complications into our RECEIVER to DRIVE technology. These HOMELAND SECURITY OFFICERS will never use the Internet to exchange or transmit information and will always use JESUIT SCANNERS to ensure the arrest of Jesuits and criminals and not the arrest of innocent persons.

9.4 Any LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON who willingly and knowingly violates these laws about USE OF JESUIT SCANNERS in order to promote the goals of the Jesuit Order, will receive the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator.

9.5 Use of the Internet as the basis for any arrest is FORBIDDEN, because the Internet is highly unreliable because of Zack Knight’s almost absolute control over how information is transmitted over the Internet. All arrests of all criminals or persons of interest, must be through the RECEIVER to DRIVE technology, and JESUIT SCANNERS must be used on ALL suspects to ensure they are indeed guilty. JESUIT SCANNERS can determine if somebody is INSANE, READY TO KILL, SUICIDAL, a JESUIT, a CLONE, etc. Therefore, they are very useful to LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS and it is MANDATORY that they be used BEFORE any arrest, to prevent wrongful arrests.

9.6 All JESUIT SCANNERS must pass inspection by our NANOTECHNOLOGY RESEARCH TEAM and must have an ENCRYPTED CODE that indicates this is an approved JESUIT SCANNER.

9.7 The LEADERSHIP INTEGRITY CORPS (see Conspiracy Laws & Government, Part Four), will scan all JESUIT SCANNERS 24/7 used by our LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS to ensure none are malfunctioning in a manner that violates Conspiracy Law.

9.8 If a JESUIT SCANNER is determined to be malfunctioning, it must be replaced IMMEDIATELY with an accurate JESUIT SCANNER (with the ENCRYPTED CODE), and the LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON who uses the scanner must be informed at once! Willing and knowing failure to inform a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON by the LEADERSHIP INTEGRITY CORPS that his/her JESUIT SCANNER is inaccurate, will bring the death penalty to the person(s) in the LEADERSHIP INTEGRITY CORPS who has jurisdiction over this matter.

9.9 Any willing and knowing use of a non-encrypted JESUIT SCANNER by a LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSON who makes an arrest, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that Law Enforcement Person. It is very important that we do NOT arrest innocent PERSONS.

10.0 To prevent the use of inaccurate JESUIT SCANNERs, no JESUIT SCANNER can be turned on unless it has the ENCRYPTED CODE. However, if Jesuits manage to find a way to create a JESUIT SCANNER that can turn on without the ENCRYPTED CODE, and the LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER willingly and knowingly uses that unauthorized JESUIT SCANNER, that LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER will receive the death penalty as a JESUIT SCANNER.

10.1 Because JESUIT SCANNERS play such an important role in enforcing Conspiracy Law, all LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS are required to attend classes about the proper use of JESUIT SCANNERs and RECEIVER to DRIVE technology, and how to develop “gut instincts” about whether their suspect is a Jesuit or an innocent person. All LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS must know the story of Gail Chord Schuler. This is part of their country’s history and without this knowledge they are dangerously ignorant and vulnerable to Jesuit manipulation.

10.2 Should all JESUIT SCANNERS become defective, the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT must take over all LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES, and all the LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONS must follow the orders given them through the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT. This is the ONLY time where exceptions may be made in the use of JESUIT SCANNERS. If any LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY willingly and knowingly operates outside the guidelines of the HOMELAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT when all JESUIT SCANNERS malfunction, they will be executed.

10.3 To assist LAW ENFORCEMENT in killing dangerous Jesuit criminals, we shall create special JESUIT SCANNING SATELLITES. A JESUIT SCANNER SATELLITE will scan the earth below, and will be programmed to kill all dangerous Jesuits that it scans. Any Jesuit who would be willing to kill for the Jesuit Order will be killed by this scan. Using our mind-reading technology, we can determine if the Jesuit scanned has the intent to KILL FOR THE JESUIT ORDER. If so, the scan will obtain mind and emotion reads on that Jesuits to be used by our INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEES (Sect. 53 of LAW.666.htm) , and then KILL that Jesuit ON-THE-SPOT.

If a Jesuit is killed in this manner, the SCANNER SATELLITE will make a report of the execution on LAW ENFORCEMENT computers and will issue death certificates for the executed Jesuits.

All the laws that apply to JESUIT SCANNERs also apply to JESUIT SCANNER SATELLITES. They must be encrypted, they must be monitored by the LEADERSHIP INTEGRITY CORPS, etc. It goes without saying, that any willing and knowing use of JESUIT SCANNER SATELLITES to violate Conspiracy Law, in order to assist the Jesuit Order, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

10.4 This scanner will also do complete mind-reads, emotion reads on all Jesuits and download all this information onto LAW ENFORCEMENT computers with information forwarded to our INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEES. Those Jesuits who are not determined to be dangerous, but who support the Jesuit Order will be arrested, and, if they are willing to defect from the Jesuit Order, we will give them this opportunity. HOWEVER, they must remain under 24/7 surveillance to ensure they don’t defect back to the Jesuit Order. We will spare the life of Jesuits who will cooperate with us and abandon the Jesuit Order. Most Jesuits are dangerous, so the JESUIT SCANNER SATELLITE will probably knock out at least 90% of all Jesuits it scans.

If Jesuits protest, because they claim to be the majority and the majority cannot all be wrong. Remember Noah’s flood!

11.0 A Jesuit is defined as a person who willingly and knowingly honors the Antichrist Zack Knight as their leader in his goal to takeover the world for Roman Catholicism and Satan.

11.1 No willing and knowing Jesuit is allowed to reside inside the borders of a Conspiracy Law honoring nation. Any willing and knowing Jesuit within the borders of a Conspiracy Law honoring nation, must be executed and/or deported. Our attitude towards Jesuits should be the same as if they were a Nazi war criminal, which, in fact, they ARE. If a Jesuit is found within the borders of a CONSPIRACY LAW honoring nation, a CITIZEN SCANNER should be used on them to determine if they are indeed a Jesuit. If so, the CITIZEN SCANNER should be used to execute them.

This will greatly help in the immigration crisis that the United States and any Conspiracy Law honoring nation faces now. By eliminating Jesuits from a country, this will greatly eliminate the financial burden of sustaining illegal immigrants in the U.S. and any Conspiracy Law honoring nation which causes abuses against some of these illegal immigrants who should be legal immigrants.

11.2 A LEGAL IMMIGRANT is defined as a person who desires to live in the United States and any Conspiracy Law honoring nation, and who is not a criminal or a willing and knowing Jesuit or Jesuit supporter. If a person is fleeing from a Jesuit country and that country refuses to allow this person to leave, and this person is NOT a Jesuit or a criminal, they will be considered a LEGAL IMMIGRANT even if their country refuses to give them this status.

11.3 AN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT is defined as a person who desires to live in the United States and any Conspiracy Law honoring nation, but is a criminal or a willing and knowing Jesuit or Jesuit supporter.

11.4 All ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who enter the United States or any Conspiracy Law honoring nation will be deported, and if they are a Jesuit, they must be executed. We will not allow Jesuits to starve themselves or go on hunger strikes to gain sympathy so they can live in a Conspiracy Law honoring nation. Jesuits will be executed.

11.5 ALL LEGAL IMMIGRANTS must be entered into our NATIONAL HEALTH CARE system, and they will be given assistance to adjust to living in the Conspiracy Law nation of their choice. They will be given housing, food, and shelter and treated according to the Conspiracy Laws for the Homeless until they are able to be on their own two feet. While this may seem like an unaffordable venture, if we eliminate the Jesuits from a country, that will give us the money needed to assist the LEGAL IMMIGRANTS fleeing from persecution in Jesuit countries.

11.6 Any willing and knowing violation of these IMMIGRATION LAWS that assists Zack Knight in his takeover of the world for the Jesuits, or that abuses, murders or mistreats legal immigrants, especially with the intent to support Jesuit goals, will bring the death penalty as a Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

11.7 Any willing and knowing violation of these IMMIGRATION LAWS that allows ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to remain in a Conspiracy Law honoring nation will bring the death penalty as Jesuit Conspirator to that violator.

GAIL: It seems to me that you are trying to enforce my Conspiracy Law, and that is why you said that as your immigration policy, you will use a method that screens people based on their ideology like they did in the 1950s. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC insinuated that this was a return of the unconstitutional McCarran Act. This sounds like brilliant Jesuit propaganda against you, making you appear to want to overthrow the Constitution and be like a Stalin or Hitler.

DONALD: Oh Gail, you really understand those Jesuits.

GAIL: Well, the problem we have with the U.S. Constitution, which is a document I highly respect, is that it was written before we had mind and emotion-reading technology and cloning technology and all the technology which the Jesuits use against us to violent our right and freedoms. The U.S. Constitution was written in 1789, and the world is not what it was back then. Back then, they didn’t even have to worry about mind and emotion-reading technology and cloning was not as rampant as it is today! I wrote my laws to promote religious and political freedom and to free people from Jesuit brain control, slavery and tyranny.

DONALD: Gail, I think your Conspiracy Law is brilliant and Jesus had me read it, to show me how I needed to modify my immigration policies. I mentioned that I wanted to have ideological screening in Jesuit News because that is closest to how your JESUIT SCANNERS work.

GAIL: I appreciate your attempts to try and enforce my Conspiracy Law. Of course, Jesuits will try to make you look like the devil. Unfortunately, they killed off Hillary and we know the Jesuit Hillary clone with a Jesuit Vice President has no intentions of enforcing my laws. If we can enforce my Conspiracy Law, it will be the most effective law out there to stop terrorists. Jesuits can use Star Trek-like transporter technology to bring terrorists into our country. My law is the ONLY law that screens out terrorists based on what we read of their emotions and minds, which, I guess is a type of ideological screening. It will work, if enforced. Thank you for trying to enforce it. We know Hillary has no intention of doing so. Jesuits try to make it seem that if anything is unconstitutional, it is bad. They treat the U.S. Constitution as if it was the BIBLE. Actually, I wrote my Conspiracy Law based on the Bible and how the Bible teaches that a righteous nation should be governed. I have read the Bible from cover to cover hundreds of times.

DONALD: Well Gail, I have just recently become a Jesus follower and I have the utmost respect for your law.

GAIL: Thank you, Donald. What’s most important is that you have a heart to do what is right. The Hillary clone has a heart to support the devil in the form of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuits love to say that my laws are unconstitutional, and to that, I say, “What’s more important, to be constitutional or to be right?” When I became Empress, I made Conspiracy Law, the law of the land, which means, that when there is a conflict between the U.S. Constitution and Conspiracy Law, Conspiracy Law WINS. We have to do this. I actually believe that all the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution were written by Jesuits.

DONALD: Really? I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I find this fascinating. What about the 2nd Amendment?

GAIL: Yeah, that one, too. When the Jesuits wrote that law, they were planning an insurrection and they wanted everybody armed. That law can be good or bad, depending on who is in the majority in the country. When the Jesuits are in the majority, it’s better to take the guns away, because if not, then all the Jesuits will be armed when we try to arrest them. On the other hand, when the Jesuits are in the minority (as is the case now because of my Gail Shield), it’s better for people to be armed, because, otherwise, Jesuits will try to take over the country against the will of the people and people need to be able to defend themselves against an evil and tyrannical Jesuit government. The Second Amendment was primarily written to enable people to resist an evil government. And when the Second Amendment was written, Jesuits were in the minority and wanted to be armed to overthrow a government that did not support a Jesuit totalitarian state.

DONALD: Wow, I never saw it that way.

GAIL: Actually, it was Judge Terrance Jenkins, who is a Harvard Law School graduate and one of my staunchest supporters who first gave me the idea that the Jesuits wrote this Amendment. My Conspiracy Law is neutral about gun rights for the people, because I figure if we eliminate Jesuits from a country, then gun rights become irrelevant. With Jesuits gone, the crime rate will go down and people won’t need guns as much to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. Just about 90 percent of all tyranny in the world in the past thousand years has come about because of the Catholic Church taking over countries. If you eliminate the tyrants, you don’t need guns, and if the citizenry has guns, but they are all law abiding citizens, which they will be, under my laws. If they have guns, it’s okay, too.

DONALD: What about mentally ill people?

GAIL: Under my law, mentally ill people cannot have weapons. We use scanners that read minds and emotions and can determine with great accuracy who is mentally ill. Under Catholic law, if the Jesuits don’t like you, they label you as mentally ill and take away your right to defend yourself, which is not right. Jesuits can put the mentally ill label on just about anybody, because they are masters at propaganda, even if the person is not mentally ill. Also, my law is the ONLY law that differentiates between an authentic person and his/her clone, so it makes it harder for Jesuits to frame a person they don’t like, by using an evil clone of that person to commit crimes to destroy Jesuit enemies. Any ways, Donald, I don’t have a problem with your support for the Second Amendment. My Conspiracy Law can work with those who support the Second Amendment and those who don’t.

DONALD: Gail, we have to ensure your Conspiracy Law is enforced. We must not allow the evil Hillary clone to be President.

GAIL: Well, you are ahead in all the polls, and Jesuits plan to rig the election and just say the lies over and over that you are behind, so that when Hillary wins in Jesuit News, if that happens, they can appear justified and make it appear they did not rig the election.

DONALD: We will try and work around that.

GAIL: Donald, I shall pray for you as you prepare your immigration speech. I know it will be very difficult to make a speech that supports my law, especially since Jesuits have everyone in the dark about their mind and emotion reading technology and their rampant use of clones.

DONALD: Jesus and I have a plan.

GAIL: Yeah, I’m really impressed that Jesus has met with you. Well, if worst comes to worst and Hillary wins in the Jesuit News, perhaps we can use a good Hillary robot, like we’ve tried to do with Barack Obama.

DONALD: I shall try my best to win in the Jesuit News, but the election is rigged. But I’m grateful that you have given me a voice here at your news site.

GAIL: Okay, Donald, let’s make this a wrap. I shall pray for you.

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