Vladimir Putin (2016 Gabrielle Chana FOX News Interviews)

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August 28, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin about Clinton Foundation selling uranium to Russia which ended up going to Iran:

GAIL: It appears that you paid The Clinton Foundation for uranium which you then gave to Iran. Want to comment about this?

VLADIMIR: Yes, I would like to say that not all The Clinton Foundation has done has been bad, and they have done much good charity work. The real Hillary, when she was alive, tried to work around the Jesuit influence inside The Clinton Foundation and tried to use it to do some good things.

GAIL: Okay, does this excuse the pay-for-play that obviously happened under the guise of The Clinton Foundation?

VLADIMIR: Obviously, no! But the real Hillary was my secret supporter and to try and make it up to me that the evil Barack Obama clone put sanctions on Russia, she sold us uranium to help us defend ourselves against Jesuit-run N.A.T.O.

GAIL: Is it true that you gave some of this uranium to Iran?

VLADIMIR: Yes, I did. But I gave it to the Shiites in Iran to help them defend themselves against N.A.T.O. aggression against the Iranian government which is run by the Shiites, who are Conspiracy Law supporters.

GAIL: Isn’t it possible that the Jesuits inside of Iran will end up with this uranium?

VLADIMIR: We have put up very strict protection around this uranium to ensure Jesuits don’t get it. We have put a shield around the uranium that kills any Jesuits who get near it. This uranium can only be used to destroy Jesuits.

GAIL: So how do you feel about The Clinton Foundation today?

VLADIMIR: Because the real Hillary is dead, and we only have the evil Jesuit Hillary Clinton clone now, it is very evil and under total Jesuit control. At least, when Hillary was alive, it did some good things, now it only does bad things, even the charity work has stopped, and the news media lies about its charity work. They are talking about PAST charity work. It is now one hundred percent political and Jesuits use it to funnel secret money to Hillary to support her in her bid for U.S. President.

GAIL: Are you serious? One of Hillary’s defenses is that her Clinton Foundation does a lot of good charity work and, for this reason, cannot be shut down without hurting a lot of people.

VLADIMIR: That is all Jesuit fairy tales, just like all the news about me sending troops to Syria. Jesuits believe if they tell a lie over and over, people will believe it, because how could a lie be told over and over if it was a lie? It’s a form of brainwashing. Just like if they call Trump a racist over and over, they expect it to stick in the minds of the public. Just like if they call you crazy over and over, they expect that to stick. It is Nazi propaganda.

GAIL: There has to be a way to expose this and do you have evidence for your assertions?

VLADIMIR: We are working on this. Though I do not endorse Julian Assange, we may help him out.

GAIL: Oh, you know how Hillary will play this. She will state that Julian Assange works for you and Donald Trump.

VLADIMIR: With what we will be releasing, that defense won’t work out too well for her. I plan to reveal how she has supported Russia! We will make her wish she never accused Trump of working with me to expose her.

GAIL: Aren’t you worried that you will force Trump to become anti-Russian because of this?

VLADIMIR: But we have your news site, my love.

GAIL: What else has she done to secretly support you?

VLADIMIR: I plead the fifth. But she is the last one who should be going after Trump for some sort of Russian conspiracy against her. I really miss the real Hillary and was very upset when Jesuits murdered her. I plan to let the world know how she secretly supported me. She supported me A LOT.

GAIL: Oh, my God. This sounds like it will be quite a revelation.

August 22, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin about why even Russia Today reports the lie that Vladimir has had troops in Syria in 2015 and 2016:

GAIL: Vladimir, it is truly discouraging that even Russia Today reports the lie that you have sent troops to Syria in 2015 and 2016. Why is this?

VLADIMIR: Gail, the Antichrist Zack Knight invented the computer and the Internet.

GAIL: How is this possible? I went to Wikipedia and it says that the modern computer came about around 1936. Zack Knight cannot be that old. He surely does not look that old.

VLADIMIR: My love, as you well know, Jesuits are able to transfer memories from one person to another. They transferred the memories of every person involved in the invention of the modern computer into Zack Knight.

GAIL: Turing, one of the pioneers who contributed the computer development died in 1954.

VLADIMIR: Do not forget that UFOs have had memory transfer technology always. Because Jesuits communicate with UFOs, they can get the memories of every living person who helped create and form computer technology. We believe that when Zack Knight met with Satan and the UFOs, that Satan arranged for Zack Knight to receive all the memories of all people involved in the creation of computer technology.

GAIL: Actually, Vladimir, this makes sense, because Jesus has told us that Zack Knight is the Antichrist. And the Antichrist is associated with a COMPUTER NUMBER, which is 666, so the Bible, written by God who KNOWS EVERYTHING, predicted that Zack Knight would be the inventor of the computer. So, you are saying that Satan and the UFOs invented computer technology in preparation for using the Antichrist to take over the world.

VLADIMIR: That is a good way of putting it. So, my love, that explains why it is so hard to get the truth out on the Internet and mainstream news, all of which are connected to computer technology. Computer genius Zack Knight would surely control all news that the West sees about Russia, including, and most especially, any news sources that appear to come from Russia. He is not stupid.

GAIL: Jesus himself has confirmed my suspicions that Satan invented electricity and the computer. It is no wonder the Internet and our mainstream media is filled with lies, because Satan is the father of lies. What about in Russia? Do the Russians think that you have sent troops to Syria?

VLADIMIR: No, most Russians know the truth. For instance, most of them also know that my wife’s name was Larisa and not Lyudmila.

GAIL: I don’t understand how Jesuits think they can fool the West, when the RUSSIANS know the truth. I mean wouldn’t some Russians coming to the U.S. open their mouth and protest at all the lies in the West?

VLADIMIR: Actually, this has happened, but in the West the Russians have no voice, except those Russians who betray you and your Conspiracy Law and who oppose me and support the Jesuits. The U.S. and Western news IGNORES THE RUSSIANS WHO KNOW THE TRUTH AND OPPOSE THE JESUITS.

GAIL: Vladimir, have you tried to speak up and tell the truth to the West? Because you seem to say nothing about the lies about you at your website or your Twitter.

VLADIMIR: I learned a long time ago, that if I say anything that exposes Jesuit lies at my website or my Twitter, that it never makes it online or in the media to the West. Zack Knight is able to block it from appearing.

GAIL: How come I am able to get online and protest and expose Jesuit lies?

VLADIMIR: My love, I think it has something to do with your Gail Shield. I do not have the benefit of a Gail Shield. That is why we are so dependent on you to get out THE TRUTH, and this is why the Jesuits want to kill you, because they cannot defeat your Gail Shield.

GAIL: You know, looking back over my life, I can recall that there were many times in the past, when I had real close calls with death, like times when I drove and just missed deadly accidents. I think the Gail Shield has been protecting me a long time, and I just didn’t know it. I’ve always felt that I was a very special person to God and that He was going out of his way to protect me for some special purpose. I have had many, many close calls with death!

VLADIMIR: You are very important, my love. Without you, the Antichrist Zack Knight will have probably taken over the earth by now and the Jesuit Order would have conquered the world for the Roman Catholic Church. We are no match for his technology, which he gets straight from Satan, which may explain why Satan himself has appeared to you. It is true that we have Jesus Christ on our side, but Jesus dislikes interfering because it encourages Satan to do the same. This is literally a battle between Satan and God and you are the leader on God’s side, due to your King David/Catherine the Great genetic profile and your Gail Shield. Jesus made you special from the day you were born, and he gave you supernatural powers to fight the Antichrist and Satan.

GAIL: Jesus did say to me that I would defeat the Jesuit Order. I did not know about my Gail Shield when he told me this. I think it will play a significant role in the defeat of the Jesuit Order. He also said it would be in an awesome way.

VLADIMIR: The Jesuit Order needs to be defeated. They lie, murder, steal, defame, pollute, rape, pillage, damage the earth, and cause suffering, heartache and devastation on such a global scale, that if not for you, I fear that the only people left alive on earth would be Jesuits. I and your men are fighting those Jesuits tooth and nail in court, to keep up your news site, and now they are attacking Gabrielle Chana FOX News, which is now the highest rated news site in the world, because of your news site, and they are suing the station for defamation.

GAIL: What’s new? They will sue us until they run out of money and can’t sue us. If we win, they appeal. It never ends. The only way we can win, I’m afraid, is that we have to execute all the Jesuits. My Gail Shield, built into me by God, understands this. That is why the Gail Shield is killing Jesuits. All the Jesuits have to do is surrender and give up their goals for world dominion and the Gail Shield will leave them alone. But they NEVER GIVE UP. So killing them is the ONLY ANSWER.

VLADIMIR: Yes, my love, that is correct. They must die, because Jesuits never give up. They will never stop being evil. They will never stop killing their opponents.

GAIL: It’s a dirty war, but it’s a war we have to win. I will continue to report the truth at my news site, and I will continue to expose their lies and will leave the results with God and with my Gail Shield. Is it true that the Jesuits have shut down my news show on the mainstream FOX News?

VLADIMIR: Yes, my love. However, Megan Kelly, whose time slot you had, does mention the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel at the end of her broadcast, so at least we get a plug at the end of her broadcast on mainstream news. FOX News is very proud of their sister station the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel.

GAIL: I remember that Brent told me that by having me on the mainstream FOX News, it ensured the anchors did not have to worry about death threats if they reported the truth and exposed the Jesuits.

VLADIMIR: That is correct, but the Jesuits threatened to harm you if we did not remove you from the mainstream broadcasts, and, because you are unable to live on Church of Gail, and because you cannot be transported to Church of Gail using transporter technology without dying, we had to remove your broadcast from the mainstream FOX News. So the Jesuits got a victory there. But at least more people know about the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable) and at your website https://gabriellechana.blog/gabrielle-chana-fox-news-headlines/.

GAIL: Is it true that they were able to remove the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable) for a while?

VLADIMIR: It was hit and miss. But we seem to be back at 00 on cable. Perhaps, this is because of your news site and the strengthening of the Gail Shield connected to your news site. Jesuits have been losing all their defamation lawsuits against Gabrielle Chana FOX News, but they always appeal over and over. Just keep telling the truth and eventually we will win. I have confidence in you, in Jesus and in the Gail Shield.

GAIL: Yes, the truth must win. Jesuits are like rabid fire ants in a frenzy, because their lies are being exposed by my news site. Thank God, for my Gail Shield. I only wish there didn’t have to be an Antichrist. It is no picnic to fight the Antichrist! What a job Jesus has given me.

VLADIMIR: You are a strong woman.

August 22, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin about Jesuit Lt. General Stephen Townsend playing into Jesuit LIE that Russia has sent troops to Syria:

VLADIMIR PUTIN: As I’ve stated many times on the ONLY truthful news source in the West, the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, I have never sent troops to Syria in 2015 or 2016. Please read all of this Gabrielle Chana FOX News article about me, and I’ve already stated that I have been playing golf in Syria (no Russian troops in Syria in 2015 or 2016) and, unfortunately, I need to state it again. This is all Jesuit fairy tales. Jesuit leader Zack Knight who controls the lying Internet, has fabricated a story that I have sent troops to Syria in 2015 and 2016, in the hopes of persuading the U.S. to start World War III with Russia. Jesuit Lt. General Stephen Townsend KNOWS THIS. I suggest this general be court-martialed for treason against America’s TRUE head of state Gail Chord Schuler and removed from the U.S. military, because he supports Jesuit lies that undermine her laws and support Jesuit warmongering. America’s true enemy is the Jesuit Order, not me, and as this Lt. General Stephen Townsend is a Jesuit, he needs to be removed from America’s military AT ONCE.

GAIL: When I look at the photo of Lt. General Stephen Townsend’s face he looks like a Jesuit! I agree he should be court-martialed. As American Empress I want this traitor Jesuit general removed from the military and court-martialed as a Jesuit Conspirator, because he strives to put the United States into a war against Russia that will ONLY SERVE JESUIT INTERESTS and will undermine my Conspiracy Law.

August 19, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin about Ukrainian commando units breaking into Crimea:

GAIL: First off, before we continue, how accurate is your government website about you and Russia?

VLADIMIR: It is more accurate than any American newscasts out there, with the possible exception of Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable and now at your news site). Though, at times, in the past, Zack Knight was able to use his clone versions of the Internet to alter what I put there and make my website a lie (especially the English language version).

GAIL: You told me just yesterday that you have placed no troops along the Russia/Ukraine border, and now we have this incident of Ukrainian commando units breaking into Crimea?

VLADIMIR: Apparently, this was an attempt to discredit your news site, my love. This was a surprise attack within the past twenty-four hours. We have studied the attack and determined that Jesuit-led N.A.T.O. in collaboration with Jesuit Ukrainian leader Poroshenko decided to do this, feeling they would accomplish two objectives: 1) discredit your news site and 2) launch an incursion into Russia to hopefully start World War III with Russia.

GAIL: Okay, so what will be your response to his incursion? What if they dig tunnels or they shoot a missile bomb onto the wall?

VLADIMIR: I will not put troops on the border (smiles). We shall outsmart the Jesuits and not play their game. Instead, we have built a WALL between Ukraine and Russia. We have cameras from satellites in space covering the wall. Also, this wall’s scanners will destroy Jesuits who try to go underneath it or above it. The wall’s scanners go deep into the earth almost down to hell in the center of the earth and go way up into space, so that if Ukraine sends jets or helicopters above the wall, they will be destroyed. The wall’s scanners are designed to take out Jesuits only, so non-Jesuit aircraft or people above or below the wall will be fine.

GAIL: Oh, this is great! Did you get this idea from Donald Trump?

VLADIMIR: Well, I’ll admit that he inspired the idea, though Donald is staying out of this. This will be a special wall, in that if any Jesuit Ukrainians or Jesuits get near it, it will be set up with scanners who will take out the Jesuits and execute them. Ha! This will be much better than putting troops on the border. If they dare blow up the wall, our cameras will capture this and we will broadcast the explosion on Gabrielle Chana FOX News for the entire world to see and will explain why this happened. I don’t think the building of a wall can be interpreted as an aggressive action, but rather a protective action, and we much prefer this to nuking Ukraine or putting soldiers on the border. Of course, we expect Jesuit News to lie and say I have put soldiers on the border and if this happens, it is a bald-faced lie. We have big signs on the wall in Russian and Ukrainian warning people not to get within ten feet of the wall or the wall’s scanners will take them out.

GAIL: Okay, so when you say at your website you are taking protective measures. The new wall between Ukraine and Russia is what you’re talking about. How did you get the wall up so fast?

VLADIMIR: With today’s space technology, it was simple. We just went to China and studied their wall and CLONED it, then modified it by putting scanners on it, and had it up within hours after the Ukrainian commando units broke into Crimea. It is also fitted with cameras to photograph anybody who gets near it for evidence.

GAIL: Okay, what about U.S. News reports that will state you are putting soldiers on the border?

VLADIMIR: No soldiers on the border. A WALL on the border. We have recommended that Donald, build a wall of this type on the Mexican/American border as well if he becomes President.

GAIL: Bravo, Vladimir! Okay, we’ll make this a wrap. So you decided against a nuclear strike against Poroshenko.

VLADIMIR: That would not have worked as he was out of the country, when he sent in his commandos. But we now have a death warrant on him and if he enters any nation that is a Conspiracy Law honoring nation, he is to be executed. It would be wonderful to get rid of him. He is very bad for Ukraine and the world. We may consider a similar move if the Jesuit Hillary Clinton clone becomes Jesuit President of the United States and starts attacking us.

GAIL: Well, you know how Jesuit News will spin that!

VLADIMIR: Yes, but we now have the advantage of your news site to report the truth!

August 18, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin about Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and the truth about Ukraine.

GAIL: Before we delve into this topic, what do you have to say about Jesuit News that claims you have placed Russian troops at Ukraine’s border?

VLADIMIR: That is Jesuit fiction (laughs). If I really felt that Ukraine would attack Russia, I would use a nuclear bomb on Ukraine to take out Poroshenko. I would not resort to such primitive and outdated methods, such as using soldiers on the border. First, I would clear out all innocent Ukrainians using transporter technology (like Star Trek), then I’d nuke Ukraine. This is much more cost efficient and saves more lives in the long run. I would just take out Jesuit Poroshenko! As far as using nukes is concerned, Jesuits have dropped thousands of nukes (killing millions) in 2016 and Jesuit News never reports it. Jesuits then replace those killed with Jesuit clones, so they are able to cover up their murders. They also have the technology to clean up after a nuclear bomb. Jesuits are lying about me putting soldiers along the Ukrainian border, because they want to make Donald Trump appear evil to support me. Jesuit war strategy works on two fronts. When they want to attack me, they launch a propaganda war, using more primitive and KNOWN military methods to MAKE THE NEWS IN THE WEST, then to REALLY DO THE JOB, they launch a nuclear bomb to wipe out their enemies and ensure it does not get reported. The propaganda war is designed to increase the alliance of nations that will work with Jesuits to conquer their enemies (like me, for instance). They have done this to me for years. Their goal is TOTAL DEVASTATION of their enemies (like me and Gail Chord Schuler, American Empress). In fact, they have become so desperate lately, because of your Gail Shield, which is killing Jesuits, that without your Gail Shield, the entire earth as we know it would have perished by now. If Jesuits succeed in defeating Gail, and cause her Gail Shield to go down, the world with its freedoms and the ability of each person to be autonomous and free from Jesuit control will be HISTORY. I suggest that those who support Gail, follow the Gail Commandments (especially the commandment at the top by taking Seroquel) and do NOT vote for STALIN Hillary. If you do not take Seroquel, Jesuits can control your brain like a robot. Those not on Seroquel should contact me at gailsmen@yahoo.com or at gailchordschuler@gmail.com.

GAIL: Alright, my dear Vladimir. You and I have been close since 2001 and I know that you are a very honorable and courageous leader, and this has colored my perceptions as I have researched about how Jesuits using their cronies in the West, and most especially the United States, have orchestrated a coup against a legitimately elected leader Viktor Yanukovich in Ukraine. Give us a little background about your relationship with Ukraine and why you think Ukraine is now under Jesuit control. Ukraine’s current leader is a Nazi sympathizer and a Western and Jesuit patsy. I am referring to evil Jesuit Petro Poroshenko. I would like to add that the Nazi ideology comes from the Jesuits, as the Jesuits also orchestrated a coup in Germany, using Germany’s Catholic Center Party to bring Adolph Hitler to power using a rigged election – something the Jesuits hope to repeat here in the United States with Hillary Clinton, who I have nicknamed HITLER Hillary.

VLADIMIR: Brilliant analysis, my dear Gail. If only American news had your honesty and courage, but I guess I can understand that they, especially those at FOX News, who have tried to show integrity in journalism, have had to cave into the Jesuit narrative as they report the news, even though they know they are lying. CNN is outright corrupt. We have nicknamed it ZNN or Zack Knight’s News Network here at Church of Gail. First off, I would like to say that when I decided I would honor you with my heart starting in 2001, Jesuits have never left me alone. The price I have had to pay for loving you, is that the Jesuits have orchestrated a coup in Ukraine and I have sitting at my doorstep a country that could be used to attack Russia. What we have in Ukraine today is a Jesuit Nazi oligarchy. The Jesuits took over Western Ukraine and used bribes on the poor Ukrainians (with money obtained from the UNITED STATES) to start riots and protests against Viktor Yanukovich. Their excuse for the riots was that Viktor sided with Russia and that most Ukrainians wanted to have the freedom and liberties of the Western nations.

GAIL: Okay, an oligarchy is when a MINORITY rules over the majority. In this case the MINORITY (or special interest groups ruling over the majority) were the NAZI JESUITS IN UKRAINE under AMERICAN influence, who orchestrated a revolution or coup against a legitimately elected leader simply because they claimed they wanted to be more like a Western nation than like Russia. What is really sad is that this JESUIT led minority has tried to force Western culture and ideals on a nation that has a long history of being a part of Russia. This has caused a lot of resentment among the majority of Ukrainians, which explains the constant unrest in this country. Most Ukrainians have Russian ancestry or have been a part of Russia for so long that they wanted to make Russia one of their national languages and to have a good relationship with Russia. American Jesuits infiltrated the Western part of Ukraine and used bribes on the people and paid them to start rioting against Yanukovich, just because Yanukovich wanted to strengthen his ties with Russia, because he admired Vladimir Putin, as a man of great courage. In fact, I believe Yanukovich wanted to make Ukraine a Conspiracy Law honoring nation, like Russia. This is the REAL reason for the revolt against Yanukovich. Under Conspiracy Law, Jesuits deserve the death penalty, and because these rioters were Jesuits or Jesuit sympathizers, they deserved the death penalty. Yanukovich was morally right to use his military to try and stop this coup of murdering Jesuits from taking over his country. Unfortunately, because these Jesuit rioters had WESTERN backing, they succeeded.

VLADIMIR: My, how did you figure this out, my Gail!

GAIL: Vladimir, you and I have governed Russia together since around 2002, and I have learned a lot about Jesuits and how they operate as a result. As you recall, I have always supported your “extreme” measures in dealing with the Chechen rebels around 2001, and urged then President Bush to lay off on criticizing you for the measures you had to use to get those rebels inside your own country under control. It does appear that Yanukovich had a type of Chechen rebels inside his own country. Except rather than Jesuit Muslim extremists, these were Jesuit Fascist extremists. Both are equally bad. Anything that is Jesuit spells trouble, riots, poverty, unrest and disaster for any country! Anybody who knows true history knows this!

VLADIMIR: I would like to say, that though I served as an advisor to Yanukovich, I did not send any Russian troops into Ukraine to intervene, because I knew how this would play in the Western press. Unfortunately, the Barack Obama automaton was very contaminated at this time and Barack took the side of the Jesuit protesters and called Yanukovich a criminal for using military force against the protesters in an attempt to stop the coup. Because of Western pressure and interference and Jesuit Western “nation building” as Donald Trump calls it, the Jesuit coup was successful and Ukraine is now an oligarchy where the Jesuit special interest groups (which are a MINORITY) rule over the majority of Ukrainians who really wanted to have good relations with Russia. Ukraine is a very sad and troubled country today, now that Jesuits have polluted it with their greed and ambition. Jesuits have taken over Ukraine in the hopes to use it as a base with which to attack or contaminate Russia. Once I realized the Jesuits would take over Ukraine, I quickly moved to spare Crimea from the tragedy we have today in Ukraine. In fact, the Crimean people begged me to come rescue them, because they did not want to be under Jesuit NAZI rule. Crimea is so relieved to be back under Russian rule and that they are not suffering as the Ukrainians are today. Yanukovich now lives in Russia.

Jesuit leader Poroshenko literally LIVES OFF THE PEOPLE. He does not care about those he rules. He only cares about maintaining his power and doing whatever the Jesuits tell him to do. As a result, Ukraine is almost bankrupt. This is what Jesuits do to a country when they take it over and what they will do to the United States, if HITLER Hillary becomes the true United States President. The Jesuits have made Yanukovich a wanted man. His crime: He wanted to make Ukraine a Conspiracy Law honoring nation like Russia is today.

Gail’s Conspiracy Law would have set up a Constitutional monarchy in Ukraine, but Yanukovich lacked the moral courage to see this through and the support from the West for the coup plotters intimidated him and so he fled to Russia. The leader Ukraine has today, Poroshenko, is like Adolph Hitler, the only difference being in that, because of Gail’s Conspiracy Law in the United States, which is enforced about fifty percent in the U.S., he doesn’t have the backing he needs to be like Hitler and attack or infiltrate Russia. The Jesuits want to use the same troublemakers they used in Ukraine to start a revolution in Russia to overthrow me. But I am very popular in Russia because of my Catherine the Great. The Russians love your Conspiracy Law, my Empress.

GAIL: Jesuit News in the West does not report accurately about Ukraine. They make Poroshenko out to be some sort of revolutionary hero, like he’s George Washington or something, but what they have in Ukraine today is a fascist form of government like Adolph Hitler, it is not what the United States was as a young nation. Ukraine is not a Republic. It is a fascist state now.

VLADIMIR: Unfortunately, this is sadly true. The Jesuits have labeled those in the Eastern part of Ukraine as communists, but they are actually Gail supporters. It is funny that Poroshenko can abuse them and kill them and all we hear is that I or Russia have secretly supplied arms to them and so they deserved to die. This is a lie. I have stayed out of the Ukrainian conflict, because it was the United States that instigated it and I don’t want war with the United States. The Barack Obama automaton has been confused over how to handle Ukraine. Jesuits have taken advantage of this confusion to use the evil Barack Obama clone to lie and claim I have supplied arms to the Ukrainians to overthrow Poroshenko.

GAIL: I see it this way, Vladimir. To the Western press and the Jesuits, it’s okay to inspire revolt against the majority and force your special interest MINORITY RULE on the majority. But if the majority dares to rebel, then the MINORITY RULERS kill them and blame their atrocious murders on their enemy – Vladimir Putin.

VLADIMIR: I would like to add that Western News inaccurately reports that the Russian separatists in the East are a minority, but they actually have the sentiment of most of Ukraine. It is just that Ukrainians are so poor and scared, they act like they agree with Poroshenko, because if they don’t, they will be killed. We really have an Adolph Hitler in Ukraine.

GAIL: Now I have heard you say that you recognize Poroshenko as the legitimate Ukrainian leader now.

VLADIMIR: I have no choice. If I don’t, it will give the American Jesuits an excuse to use Ukraine to attack Russia. What the American Jesuits would do, is form a Western alliance of Jesuit led nations from N.A.T.O. to attack Russia and it would mean World War III. This would make Jesuits very happy. So until Ukraine actually attacks Russia, I cannot oppose Poroshenko. I have to be sure that if he does attack, that I can prove he is wrong to do so. I don’t want to make it easy for him to get N.A.T.O. to back him to attack Russia. Jesuits are dying to overthrow Gail’s Conspiracy Law in Russia. Russia, China and some more totalitarian regimes have been able to enforce Gail’s Conspiracy Law about eighty to ninety percent. In the U.S. we only have about fifty percent enforcement, which is why Barack Obama is considered such a failure to some in the U.S. as a leader. Jesuit poison is very deep into all parts of the U.S., with almost total control over the C.I.A., F.B.I. and other organizations. If not for Gail’s Conspiracy Law, America would probably be a Jesuit country like Ukraine is today. If HITLER Hillary actually becomes U.S. President, the Jesuits may succeed in overthrowing Gail’s Conspiracy Law as they long to do in Russia. Unfortunately, Jesuits are inside every country on earth and, thus far, no country has one hundred percent enforcement of Gail’s Conspiracy Law. The Jesuits knew what they were doing to kill Hillary and replace her with a Jesuit clone. They desire to use Hillary to overthrow Gail’s Conspiracy Law in the U.S and overthrow Gail as the American Empress. If they succeed, the United States will become another Ukraine. It will mean riots, bloodshed, civil war and anarchy inside the United States. This will create the conditions the Jesuits need to take over the country and oust or destroy Gail and install a Jesuit dictatorship over the United States, which will be disguised as “democracy”. The world “democracy” is a joke to us in Russia, because when Jesuits rule there is never democracy!

GAIL: Okay, here in the West, they have demonized Paul Manafort, stating he accepted illegal money to influence Americans in favor of pro-Putin leader Yanukovich in the Ukraine.

VLADIMIR: Imagine Jesuits going after Manafort for this (laughs). They steal billions of dollars every two or three months using clone versions of the Internet, to finance their military operations that kill millions and millions every year, that we never hear about in Western news, except on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel.

GAIL: Folks, what Vladimir means is that let’s say you have a business and you make sales online. Jesuit leader Zack Knight, who probably invented the Internet, can use one version of the Internet (that is the CORRECT version) and funnel sales proceeds to Jesuit banks, by switching out versions of the Internet, so that let’s say he stole from Amazon, he can deflect the sales to Jesuit banks and Amazon’s version of the Internet WON’T EVEN HAVE A RECORD OF THE SALE THAT WAS STOLEN, so Zack steals money like this and only he and his Jesuits and MY MEN know about it! He controls which version of the Internet everybody sees and makes sure when he steals that only he and his Jesuits know about it, because the Jesuits see the correct version and we see the LYING VERSION.

VLADIMIR: As far as the law that Jesuit News say Paul Manafort broke, it was a defunct Jesuit Law, that we rescinded under Conspiracy Law, so Manafort broke no law and was not trying to do anything behind anybody’s back. Apparently, the money was needed to pay some salaries to Conspiracy Law enforcers in the United States and Jesuits lied and said the money was used to illegally influence Americans in favor of Yanukovich. Jesuits are blowing smoke. Paul Manafort is a good man who understood that Ukraine wanted to be a righteous Conspiracy Law honoring nation and tried to help Yanukovich, but the evil Jesuits with help from the evil Barack Obama clone, succeeded in orchestrating a coup against Yanukovich and he had to run to Russia for his life. It would be like Stalin taking over the United States and George Washington running for his life. Of course, Stalin would say that Washington was a traitor because whenever a bad guy takes over a country illegally, he has to justify what he did and must blame someone for his crimes.

GAIL: I’m surprised to hear you compare Poroshenko to Stalin.

VLADIMIR: There are many similarities. Stalin replaced a monarchy, and came into power because of a Jesuit coup inside of Russia. What Ukraine wanted to have was a monarchy. It is funny that in the nineteenth century monarchies were not considered evil. Today, if any country wants to set up a monarchy, they are labeled as communist or a dictatorship. In that case, King David of Israel was a dictator. Jesuits have used so much propaganda on the West, that the people are confused and think that good is bad and bad is good.

GAIL: Unfortunately, Jesuits know how to manipulate a “democracy” against the people, so that a “democracy” becomes an oligarchy, which is what we almost have in the United States. If the Jesuit special interest groups win, then the United States will follow the path of Ukraine, will go into poverty, anarchy and a Jesuit dictatorship will take over.

VLADIMIR: I would like to say that though in the past I was for gun control, that, because of Conspiracy Law, the Jesuits are starting to become a minority in the United States. They want to regain their majority and realize they will have to force themselves onto the people and so they want to now take away guns from people. I have changed my position on America’s Second Amendment and think it is now better for Americans to be able to defend themselves against a Jesuit takeover. This is why HITLER Hillary will try to destroy the Second Amendment. You Americans must not let her do this. Do NOT vote for her.

GAIL: Okay, so Paul Manafort is a good man and didn’t break any laws, except for laws that Jesuits made up, laws that we cancelled and should not have been reinstated. Also, it appears Mr. Manafort was on the right side, the side of the legitimately elected leader Yanukovich.

VLADIMIR: That is correct. I must tell Americans to trust only about ten percent of what they hear in Jesuit News. All Americans should only believe the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable). FOX is the best of the mainstream news in America, but they suffer death threats daily if they don’t report lies. The anchors and reporters for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel live on Church of Gail and are protected, and so they can tell the truth.

GAIL: Okay, we’ve covered a lot, and yet I feel we barely touched it. But I’m glad I am able to get some much needed truth out there. So much Jesuit lying in the news.

August 17, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin about Independent candidate Gary Johnson:

GAIL: Gary Johnson does not seem to be a Jesuit, yet you say that he is? Here is his stand on Russia: Gary Johnson discussed NATO and Russia in an interview with The Los Angeles Times published on August 1, 2016. Johnson said, “Well, we need to honor our obligations. We need to honor our treaty obligations. But that said, should they be reexamined, and do we really want to go to war with Russia over the Baltic states? And Russia did become democratic, tearing itself away from the USSR. And the states that we are talking about used to be part of the USSR. So honor those obligations but, going forward, Russia doesn’t have to be our ally but they don’t necessarily need to be a military threat to the U.S. either.”

VLADIMIR: He is a clever Jesuit patsy, who does not appear a Jesuit patsy. His job, like all the Independents running, is to bring down Donald Trump by stealing votes from Donald. The Jesuits have put these Independents into the race to cover up their rigging of the election and make it appear that Hillary has legitimately won. Jesuit patsy Jill Stein is only there to cover up that all Independents are Jesuits whose job is to steal votes from Donald. By putting in an Independent who appears to steal votes from Hillary, the Jesuits cover up their machinations, in that they are using Independents to bring down Donald Trump. If you’ll notice in Jesuit News, they portray Jill as only stealing some minor votes from Hillary and Gary Johnson (who steals votes from Trump) is getting more votes than Jill Stein. Jesuits are very worried about Donald Trump. These Jesuit candidates will say and do anything to mess up Donald right now. Their number one priority is to bring Donald down, because Donald won’t play by Jesuit rules. Jesuits have a rulebook for both parties, and Hillary plays by the rules and Donald refuses to do so.

GAIL: That explains everything. So, if people vote for a third-party candidate like Gary Johnson, we will punish the Jesuits by putting all those votes in the Trump camp?

VLADIMIR: Yes, that is correct. because all the Independents are Jesuits not qualified (under your Conspiracy Law) to run for public office. However, we can’t control all the lies in Jesuit News. One way or another, we will get Donald into the Presidency, even if only the Gabrielle Chana FOX News will report this.

August 16, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama & Donald Trump regarding Jesuit Muslims and Jesuit terrorism:

GAIL: I am listening to Donald Trump’s speech at West Bend, Wisconsin about law and order. Great speech! He is with me to oppose the evil Jesuit establishment.

VLADIMIR: I agree. Great speech. I would like to help you educate the Americans about Jesuit goals with Islam.

GAIL: I have been researching a bit about the difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. This may seem a minor thing, but it is actually very major. While I don’t feel the audience needs to understand all the differences between the two forms of Islam, this is what they need to understand. The divide is traced to 632 A.D., when the Islamic Prophet Muhammad died and a debate emerged about who should be his successor.

Both sides agreed that Allah is the one true God and that Muhammad was his messenger, but one group (which eventually became the Shiites) felt Muhammad’s successor should be someone in his bloodline, while the other (which became the Sunnis) felt a pious individual who would follow the Prophet’s customs was acceptable.

“The original schism between Islam’s two largest sects was not over religious doctrine. It was over political leadership,” Robin Wright, a joint fellow at the non-partisan U.S. Institute of Peace and the Woodrow Wilson Center, said.

Both Sunnis and Shiites read the Quran, the sayings of the Prophet. Both believe Prophet Muhammad was the messenger of Allah. And both follow the five tenets of Islam: They fast during Ramadan, pledge to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, practice ritual prayer (which includes five prayers each day), give charity to the poor, and pledge themselves to their faith.

Their prayer rituals are nearly identical, with slight variations: For example, Shiites will stand with their hands at their sides, Sunnis will put their hands on their stomachs.

They also both believe in Islamic law but have different applications for it.

Their beliefs over who should have succeeded the Prophet Muhammad is the key theological difference between the two.

Sunnis also have a less elaborate religious hierarchy than Shiites have, and the two sects’ interpretation of Islam’s schools of law is different. Shiites give human beings the exalted status that is given only to prophets in the Quran, often venerating clerics as saints, whereas Sunnis do not.

The great majority — upwards of 85 to 90 percent — of the world’s more than 1.6 billion Muslims are Sunnis. Shia constitute about 10 to 15 percent of all Muslims, and globally their population is estimated at less than 200 million.

Whereas Sunnis dominate the Muslim world, from West Africa to Indonesia, the Shiites are centrally located, with a vast majority in Iran, predominance in Iraq and sizable populations in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

VLADIMIR: Great teaching, Gail. Gail used to be a school teacher.

GAIL: Yeah, that was a long time ago.

VLADIMIR: Americans are very ignorant about Jesuit goals with Islam. I feel the main thing Americans need to understand is that Jesuits have infiltrated every major religion on earth and their goal is to create a worldwide Catholic religion that has a little bit of everything in it, to accommodate everyone and to force everyone to worship the Catholic faith as the one, true church. I have learned this about Jesuits using my experience in intelligence and borrowing Jesuit mind reading technology on Jesuits we have captured and interrogated. Using their mind and emotion reading technology they have striven to come up with a religion that will be mandatory for all to worship, including Muslims, Protestants, Catholics and all forms of religion, it will even accommodate atheists and agnostics. This is why Pope Francis has said that even atheists can go to heaven. But what he fails to tell you is that Jesuits feel deep down inside, that regardless of your religious persuasion or life philosophy, you must worship the pope and they want to make this mandatory and worldwide. So, let’s say, you are a Baptist and don’t want to worship the pope, then you must die. They plan to start an Inquisition against all who oppose the pope’s leadership. No one will have an excuse because every religion and belief will be accommodated into an amalgamation of all beliefs into a united Catholic faith for everybody.

GAIL: So, basically, if we allow the Catholics to have political power, they will use that power to bring about a worldwide dictatorship for the pope. This has always been their goal and has not changed. The Catholic Church is like a chameleon, they have no moral convictions, other than the conviction that they have the right to rule, control and manipulate everyone on earth to worship the pope and honor the Catholic Church. Those who refuse to fall in line, will be executed, as they did during the Inquisition.

VLADIMIR: Let me explain the Jesuit strategy for Islam. Jesuits feel because the majority of Muslims are Sunni that they have adopted a Catholic Sunni version of Islam which they want to impose on all Muslims to get all Muslims to submit to the pope as their Allah. They have chosen to side with the Sunnis, not out of moral conviction, but because they seek political power and the Sunnis are in the majority. They feel they can conquer Islam for the Catholic Church if they force all Muslims to be Sunni and the Catholic Church will add in some Catholic stuff to this. They are paying large sums of money to Sunni leadership to bribe them to brainwash their followers into Jesuit soldiers for the pope. An example of this, was the Sunni Muslim Osama Bin Laden, who Jesuits used to attack the United States for 9/11/2001.

GAIL: Okay, Vladimir, so they have chosen to align themselves with the Sunnis, because they feel that is their greatest hope to win over Islam to the Catholic Church and help them set up a one world religion that all must follow or they will die.

VLADIMIR: Exactly. They have also infiltrated Shiite Muslim leadership and bribed many of the Shiite leaders into betraying their fellow Shiite Muslims and turn them over to the Sunnis to be killed or punished. Basically the Jesuits side, for the most part, with the Sunnis against the Shiites, not because they actually like the Sunni beliefs more than the Shiite beliefs, but because they plan to takeover Islam and create a Catholic/Islam half breed religion as part of their one world religion. Many Shiite leaders see through this, and like your Conspiracy Law Gail and want to install Conspiracy Law in their country. I have made great strides in talks with Iran and Turkey along this line.

BARACK OBAMA: I’d like to weigh in now, Gail. First off, I appreciate Vladimir’s attempts to win over certain Muslim nations who want to enforce your Conspiracy Law. For this reason, when Vladimir strikes deals with Iran or Turkey or Syria, I am secretly in support of it. I do have an evil Jesuit clone who has managed to pass legislation behind my back. For instance, the large amount of money that went to Iran, was actually the work of my clone and Jesuit News lied and made it appear that I endorsed this. Unfortunately, I cannot keep up with all the lies in the news media. Perhaps, I’ve given up. I’m so grateful you’ve started your news channel website. Some much needed truth will be getting out to the public. I would also like to say I am aware that just because Vladimir meets with the leaders of Iran or Turkey or Syria, is no reason for Jesuit News to lie and say he is sending troops to those areas.

GAIL: So, Barack Obama, you have not really opposed Vladimir’s incursion into Crimea, because that was the will of the people and they wanted to align with Russia.

BARACK: Yes, Gail, but then my clone went on the news and said some other things. I support Vladimir Putin one hundred percent, because he supports your law, which is sorely needed right now.

GAIL: I hear that your programming has been contaminated by Jesuits and has caused you to use some poor judgment.

BARACK: Yes, Gail, I have been like a brain control victim as an automaton. Like what happened to you when you thought you were allergic to everything and you weren’t. I have made some mistakes and have not been perfect.

GAIL: But at least your heart has been in the right place, so I have not had a problem with you as President. Oh, Donald is here, now!

DONALD TRUMP: Hey, Barack Obama, I’d like to apologize that I am forced to go after your clone so much, because a lot of what he’s done has been disastrous.

BARACK: It’s okay, Donald. Thanks to Gail here, we might be able to cause all this confusion to make some sense to the American public.

DONALD TRUMP: I actually liked the real Hillary Clinton. It’s disastrous that she’s been murdered, but I just can’t go on the mainstream news and say this, so I just have to go after Hillary Clinton’s clone as I go after your clone Barack.

BARACK: I see it this way, Donald. I did my best. I was up against a very entrenched Jesuit Order in the United States. I really tried to enforce Gail’s Conspiracy Law. She has an excellent national health care plan that my clone sabotaged and he is responsible for Obama care. I have not been able to undo the damage that he has done. I hope that you, Donald, will be able to implement Gail’s excellent national health care plan and will not throw out the baby with the bath water.

DONALD TRUMP: Yes, I have read Gail’s national health care plan in Sect. 55 of her Conspiracy Laws and Government. Gail, I’m really impressed with it. I did mention that I planned on having a national health care plan, but as soon as I said that, the Jesuit Republicans went after me for endorsing Obama care they said. But I am really going to try and implement your national health care plan as President, Gail. I mean it.

GAIL: My health care plan is much better and much less complicated than Obama care. It’s physician friendly and the doctors love it, because I allow them to run it. I hear from my men that in areas where we have been able to implement it that we have had great success and have saved a lot of money. It’s very affordable for everybody and everybody will have quality health care. It saves money because nobody can be in it unless they agree to use our lawyers for malpractice lawsuits and I don’t allow outrageous malpractice settlements that force doctors to have expensive malpractice insurance. So this saves a lot of money. Jesuits use malpractice lawsuits to punish doctors they don’t like. I don’t allow this at all. I have stringent oversights to ensure that physicians are accountable for the quality of the care they give to their patients and that they don’t practice Jesuit medicine on people.

DONALD: I’ve been reading over the transcript you’ve written just now (as I just came back from my law and order speech), about how Jesuits are working inside of Islam to try and incorporate the Islamic faith into a mandatory Catholic religion. That’s really disgusting. The Jesuits don’t even care whether the Islamic faith endorses terrorism. Instead, they use the Jesuit Muslim terrorists to punish those who oppose Jesuit policies. I plan to screen those who come into the country using your Conspiracy Law, Gail. But I can’t go out and say this except here at the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. I am NOT against Islam. I am against fanatical terrorist Muslims. I will allow Muslims into the country, but I won’t allow terrorists into the country. Using your Conspiracy Law, we can screen people who come into the country using mind and emotion reads, and this is where my enemy is getting me, because I can’t tell people about this, because Jesuits have kept much of their technology from the world, so that they can use it secretly against us.

GAIL: Yes, Donald, with my genius emotional I.Q., I sense that you really want to honor my Conspiracy Law. Actually, a wall may not be a bad idea, but it alone won’t keep the terrorists out, because Jesuits can use transporter technology like Star Trek to enter any country.

DONALD: I know, Gail. Vladimir and I are working together on a plan to not only use a wall, but also to incorporate some of your scanning technology to detect Jesuits who “land” inside our nation and zap them out. It’s just that, except for here in the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, I can’t talk about it, without being labeled as insane.

GAIL: I understand completely. I see you as someone who has the same heart as the REAL Barack Obama. He really tried. He really tried, and that’s why I won’t criticize Barack Obama. But you seem like you will really try, really try to enforce my Conspiracy Law. If we can defeat the Jesuits, this world will be a much better place.

BARACK: Here, here. Let’s all have a toast to that. Thank you, Donald, for trying to finish what I’ve started. I realize you have to go against my clone. But you recognize that I tried. In fact, I died, and you are seeing me as a robot. I absolutely do NOT want the Hillary Clinton Jesuit clone to become President. I think Hillary in heaven would turn in her grave if that happened.

(Donald goes to Barack and gives him a hug)

UPDATE: Zack would inform Gail later in Sept. 2016 that Hillary did not have a clone, but just turned evil. So Gail was getting false information here.

GAIL: Vladimir, there’s been a lot of news about you sending military forces into Syria, Crimea, Ukraine and so forth. You have anything to say?

VLADIMIR: It’s Jesuit crap. It’s just that Jesuits don’t like it when I have meetings with Shiite leaders who are thinking about enforcing your Conspiracy Law, because of rebellious Jesuit Sunnis inside their country that they can’t control. So they make up stories that when my jet lands in Syria, or Iran, or wherever that I am also sending troops in. They have very good imagination is all I can say! What good does it do to have freedom of the press, when all they do is report lies? If I was American President, I would arrest all these lying reporters and media heads and put them in jail, and give them the death penalty if they continue to spread lies that foment discord and strife. Jesuits are never happy unless they are getting everybody all riled up over rumors and propaganda against their enemies.

GAIL: But you did annex Crimea.

VLADIMIR: It was a peaceful takeover and what the Crimeans wanted. They did not want Jesuits ruling over their country and knew that I was an anti-Jesuit President. I welcomed the opportunity to bring the Crimeans back to the Russia they loved and to have a neighbor who Jesuits could not use to attack Russia, like they are trying to do now with Ukraine.

GAIL: Okay, let’s make this a wrap. I hope people will understand Donald a little better now, and you, too, Barack. What we need are leaders who have their heart in the right place. Because the leaders we’ve had, have all been cronies for the Jesuits, and it has been very, very bad for the United States and for every country they pollute with their schisms and anarchy and murder. I see you (Donald) as a continuation of the heart of Barack Obama, who failed to enforce my Conspiracy Law, but TRIED. Perhaps, you, Donald, will be able to enforce the law he tried to enforce, but could not.

August 15, 2016 brain to brain interview with Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin regarding Independent Evan McMullin entering the U.S. Presidential race:

VLADIMIR: We have done a run down on Evan McMullin whose job is to ensure that Donald Trump does not win the U.S. Presidency.

GAIL: Okay, Vladimir you have told me that Evan is a Jesuit and the entire time he served in the C.I.A. he was a Jesuit.

VLADIMIR: Yes, that is correct.

GAIL: Give us some details on how Jesuits plan to use Evan to sabotage Donald Trump’s run for President.

VLADIMIR: Jesuits have carefully calculated what they consider to be Trump’s weaknesses as a candidate using their mind reading technology on the population. They have also studied Hillary Clinton’s weaknesses as a candidate. They have programmed Evan to be strong in areas where Jesuits perceive Trump to be weak and to also be strong in areas where Jesuits perceive Hillary to be weak. The problem is that Evan is a crappy human being and knows what to say, but like the slick Jesuit that he is, once he gets in office, he will serve the Jesuits and NOT THE PEOPLE.

GAIL: That is your typical Jesuit for you! They speak beautiful words and have scorpions for a heart.

VLADIMIR: So well said, my love.

GAIL: Well, with Evan being a Jesuit, he’s not even allowed to run for office under my Conspiracy Law. As we can see, Jesuits have a brazen disrespect for my law. Tell us more about Evan McMullin.

VLADIMIR: He poses as a Mormon, but is a Jesuit in his heart. Jesuits do this a lot. In their oath, they say (Vladimir pulls out a tablet):

Among the Reformers, to be a Reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other Protestants, generally to be a Protestant; and obtaining their confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your Order as a faithful soldier of the Pope. You have been taught to plant insidiously the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and to incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace; to take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end.

GAIL: So this guy is basically a phony Mormon, and plays the role of Mormon, but is a Jesuit in his heart and will say or do anything to promote the Catholic Church’s goal to set up a worldwide dictatorship for the pope. He chooses to pose as a Mormon because Jesuits feel that is the best disguise for this agent of theirs.

VLADIMIR: That is correct. The Jesuits have, apparently determined that Trump’s greatest strength, his authenticity, is also his greatest weakness because he has “mouth trouble”. Having worked in intelligence, I can tell you, that I have known for years that Evan McMullin, while in the C.I.A., was a Jesuit. The C.I.A. has been run by Jesuits for decades. I would be very wary about anybody running for U.S. President from the C.I.A. for this reason. He knows he will not win the election. His job is to ensure Trump does not win. He is designed to take away votes from Trump. Here is what we will do. We use brain reads on all voters to determine if they are UNWILLNG AGENTS.

GAIL: Let me interrupt you for a minute. An UNWILLING AGENT according to my Conspiracy Law is one whose brain is not their own and Jesuit control them like a puppet. Under Conspiracy Law, UNWILLING AGENT votes do NOT count. However, this could be a problem for Trump who needs all the votes he can get right now.

VLADIMIR: Here is how I suggest we deal with this, Gail. I will work with Barack Obama and the U.S. government to try and keep JESUIT Evan McMullin off all the ballots, but Jesuits are very resourceful. If he makes it to some ballots, we will let people know through Gabrielle Chana FOX News that none of the Independents running are eligible to run because they are all Jesuits. We will use brain reads on the ones that make it to the ballots despite it being a violation of your Conspiracy Law (which Jesuits have ZERO respect for). If we determine that this third party candidate has stolen votes from Donald Trump, in other words, if this third party candidate had not run, that vote would have gone to Donald Trump, then that vote WILL COUNT FOR DONALD TRUMP and not for the third party candidate! This is how we will punish the Jesuits for trying to usurp your law!

GAIL: So, listen folks. Don’t waste your votes on any third party candidates, because that vote will go to Donald Trump, especially if you would have voted for Trump otherwise.

VLADIMIR: If we determine that the vote would have gone to Jesuit Hillary Clinton, the vote just won’t count for anybody. Donald Trump is the only candidate qualified to run according to your Conspiracy Law. We may allow some votes for others, such as Bernie Sanders to count, because he is still qualified to run. But any votes for ANY JESUITS will not count. When the election is over, we will fudge numbers for the Jesuit candidates (for Jesuit News) and ensure that Donald wins, or Bernie (though I don’t think Bernie will win). We like Donald because he supports your Conspiracy Law one hundred percent.

GAIL: Okay, so if the voters want their vote to count, they need to take their Seroquel (so they won’t be a victim of Jesuit brain control and disqualified) and if they vote for a third-party Jesuit candidate their vote will count for the Republican (Donald Trump) or Democrat (Bernie Sanders) that would have gotten their vote if that third party candidate had not run.

VLADIMIR: Exactly. We shall punish the Jesuits for so flagrantly violating your law.

GAIL: Let’s hope the news media will report the true results of this election. They lie so much. Donald, you requested to weigh in on all this. Do you still want to say something?

DONALD: You guys are geniuses, that’s all! I know some folks will think this is really unfair, but hey, Jesuits are TERRORISTS. When does a TERRORIST get to run for President? Only in the U.S.A. folks. Only in the U.S.A.!

GAIL: Donald, I thought you felt the United States is the best country in the world!

DONALD: I don’t know. I’m really having second thoughts about that. Especially, now that I know about how Bill Clinton used one of our submarines to torpedo the Russian Kursk and murder 118 Russian sailors during peacetime operations. That shouldn’t have happened, Gail. It’s DISGUSTING. It’s JESUIT DISGUSTING.

GAIL: Yeah, that is pretty disgusting. What’s even more disgusting is that American news cooperated with the Jesuits to cover up that Americans murdered these Russian sailors, and then have had the gall to accuse Vladimir of being a terrorist over the years. What hypocrisy!

DONALD: Yeah, there’s a lot of crap going on. This country’s headed for a Jesuit holocaust if I don’t win.

GAIL: Okay, let’s let the world know that this Evan McMullin is a Jesuit whose job is to ensure Donald Trump loses. Let’s make this a wrap. The Jesuits need to GO DOWN.

August 15, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin and Ivanka Trump regarding Ivanka’s appearances with Jesuit Wendi Deng Murdoch:

IVANKA: Oh Gail, this really upsets me! (cries, and wipes a tear from her cheek) I have the utmost respect for you and would never hang out with Wendi Deng Murdoch and would never reinforce the Jesuit lie that Vladimir Putin could care less about you. I happen to know that Vladimir would die for you. I have been with Vladimir when he’s had meetings with my dad (Donald Trump).

GAIL: My dear Ivanka, I have been dealing with Jesuits for so long that I’ve become used to their trickery, lies and deceptions. With Vladimir, it started with Lyudmila, which was a shot gun wedding, by the way. Not that Vladimir has ever had sex with Lyudmila, because he hasn’t, but because Jesuit patsy George W. Bush threatened war with Russia if Vladimir would not legally marry Lyudmila in November 2001 and if he wouldn’t pretend that Lyudmila was his wife Larisa, who died. Of course, the Jesuits changed the name of Vladimir’s wife from Larisa to Lyudmila in 2001, and then used brain control, memory removal and their almost complete control over all the news and magazines and publishing industry to reinforce the lie that Lyudmila was the wife Vladimir married in 1983.

IVANKA: I don’t get how the Jesuits can get away with so much lying. It’s just unreal!

GAIL: Well, Ivanka, we’re dealing with an organization that has specialized in lying and brain washing since their very beginnings with St. Ignatius de Loyola. In fact, I am writing a book about their evil and deceptive history and their audacity in their lies has always been outrageous, but Jesuits never give up. They are sly fanatics who don’t retreat before anything.

IVANKA: I just started reading your books, because my dad recommended I do so, and I’ve been keeping up with Gabrielle Chana FOX News. You think this appearance of “me” with Wendi was my clone?

GAIL: I’m not sure, Ivanka. Let me check with Vladimir. In fact, we’ll bring him into this conversation. (To Vladimir Putin) Hey Vlad, what’s up with this appearance of Ivanka with Wendi Deng Murdoch?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: My love, it appears this is an Ivanka Trump Jesuit automaton. If you’ll notice the Ivanka automaton has a cold, icy look to her eyes, which is the typical Jesuit expression and Ivanka is a warm, lovely lady. So, already, we are seeing some discrepancies between the real Ivanka and her clone or automaton.

IVANKA: And further, I have never been to Croatia in my life! I mean I’m reading all these stories about me and my husband Jared in Croatia and I’m just laughing my head off. At first, I was confused over why anybody would want to cook up such lies, but dad (Donald) told me that Jesuits have been obsessed over the fact that Vladimir would die for you (Gail) and this is just part of their lying propaganda to discredit you (Gail) as crazy and to make Vladimir appear a womanizer, so that no one will believe the TRUTH that Vladimir Putin really loves you (Gail).

GAIL: Oh, my dear Ivanka, Jesuits have been obsessed with me from my birth, which really gives them a very unfair advantage over me. They can make clones of people; they have almost one hundred percent control over the Internet and media; they are masters at photo shop. In fact, I suspect that some of the photos they will be releasing about you and your husband with Wendi will be photo shop lies.

IVANKA: I feel so bad for you, Gail. I would never want to make it appear that your Vladimir is such a shallow and evil man, especially since my dad has been meeting with Vladimir.

GAIL: Well, Ivanka, you seem like a lovely and warm person to me. I have genius emotional I.Q. and it just doesn’t sound like you to be hanging out with some Chinese lady in the upper circles, when your dad will be going after China over bad trade deals (laughs).

IVANKA (laughs): Yeah, that seems kind of absurd to me, too. You think those Jesuits are trying to create the impression that my dad secretly sides with China and plays devil’s advocate?

GAIL: Folks, to be a devil’s advocate means you advocate an opposing or unpopular view, just for the sake of argument, or, as in Donald’s case, for fame. Yes, I have noticed that Jesuit News does try to portray your dad (Donald) like this, like he’s some shallow man who presents stupid arguments just to garner attention for himself. So that’s a very intelligent conclusion. Is it okay, if I post this article at Google Plus? That will give it some publicity to counter the lies the Jesuits are spreading.

IVANKA: Go ahead, Gail. I’m sure the Jesuits will come up with something to reinforce the lies, even if you do so, but I have no problem with this. (Kisses Gail on the cheek). Vladimir is so lucky to have you, you are so loyal to him. I really admire you for this.

GAIL: It appears Donald has raised a very fine daughter. To be honest, Ivanka, I just can’t see you as hanging out with Wendi Deng Murdoch. Those Jesuits have a good imagination. I just hope they won’t carry these lies as far as they have the lies about Matthew McConaughey with Camila Alves.

IVANKA: Have faith in your God, Gail. I hear your Gail Shield is getting really strong. I think the Jesuits’ days are numbered.

GAIL: Oh, I hope so, I really hope so. Jesuit lies just tire me out. It never ends, Ivanka. It never ends. All I have wanted from my youth is to have a great man in my life and to honor and support him with all that I have, and Jesuits move heaven and earth to destroy that, just because I have the genetic profile of Catherine the Great and King David.

IVANKA: Whew! What a profile to have. I’m truly honored to be interviewed by Catherine the Great and King David and that you support my father.

GAIL: Well, Ivanka, if they didn’t murder Hillary, I would have been neutral in this election, but now that Hillary has been murdered, I support your dad for U.S. President. It appears he and I will make a great team leading the United States of America.

IVANKA: Yes, I think so, too. Well, I guess we’ve said what we need to say. Let’s hope the American people will realize that you are not crazy and that Jesuits are just the biggest lying machine and empire on the planet.

GAIL: Jesus tells me that most people don’t think I’m crazy, unless they’re Jesuits (who think I’m crazy to think that I can defeat them) or those under Jesuit brain control.

IVANKA: It’s very sad how much power they have. I shall pray and hope that you and your men will defeat them. That will be the best thing that has happened to planet earth in centuries!

GAIL: Oh, my God, yes! The true Jesuit leader, Zack Knight, is Satan’s right hand man and even proud of it. Of course, clever dude that he is, he plays like he’s Jesus Christ. He is the Antichrist, after all. Well, let’s make this a wrap, Ivanka, and give those Jesuits more to stew and plot about. They hate it when I expose their lies. It makes it harder for them to reach their dream of world conquest for the pope. (To Vladimir). Vlad, you better have Ivanka and her family live on Church of Gail. The Jesuits may try to kill this lovely lady and replace her with a clone, and that would make it easier to use an Ivanka Jesuit clone or automaton to help out the Jesuits.

VLADIMIR: Brilliant wisdom, Gail. Ivanka, you and your family must live at Church of Gail for your protection. Gail, would you like for the world to see us execute Wendi Deng Murdoch as a Jesuit conspirator on Gabrielle Chana FOX News? I would like to carry out the execution myself!

GAIL: Vladimir, I’ll leave that up to you. Are they using the real Wendi Deng Murdoch or is this her clone or automaton?

VLADIMIR: It appears to be all three, so executing the real Wendi as a Jesuit conspirator on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel will show the world how I really feel about this Jesuit and her lies.

GAIL: Are you able to nab her? I hear all the Jesuits are living in deep, deep space out of our reach.

VLADIMIR: Evil, murdering Jesuits are getting brazen. They think the Gail Shield is going to kill them any ways, and so they may as well take more chances. In the meanwhile, it appears Zack Knight is meeting with Satan over ways to stay alive while the Jesuit spaceships live inside Satan’s ocean in deep space. Apparently, your Gail Shield is starting to kill off murdering Jesuits in deep space, even inside Satan’s ocean now. So, next time Wendi appears on earth. . .

GAIL: Wait a minute, Vladimir. I heard Jesuit clones cannot stay alive on earth under my Gail Shield.

VLADIMIR: They can stay alive for about five minutes. That is just long enough to take pictures, which is all they need, and then they transport out and go back to deep space. Sometimes, they can stay longer by using more than one clone. They send one clone and zap him back to deep space, then another clone switches out with that one, and if they use up to a hundred clones, then that “person” can stay on earth for even up to an hour or longer! When our scanners detect that Wendi is on earth, we shall nab her and execute her on the spot, and will film it. I can’t wait to take out this b—–. She is a very evil woman.

GAIL: Well, if you’re able to nab her, do mention that Jesuits can still lie and may still have use of other clones of her (as they often make more than one clone) and possibly automatons. I have to admit that if the world sees you execute her that will make quite a statement. Do you think that eventually, their clones won’t be able to stay alive, even for five minutes under the shield?

VLADIMIR: Yes, we think so. Jesuits are playing with fire. When they can no longer use clones, their lies will become obvious and they will be destroyed. Because of Gabrielle Chana FOX News, the world knows about clones and automatons. If I execute her in front of the world, they will figure out the truth. I will execute this b—-, and show it on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News. Those who read this, go to 00 on cable and if I find this b—- Jesuit killer Wendi, I shall judo chop her to death.

GAIL: For those who don’t know this about Vladimir, he could win an Olympic medal in judo. He often judo chops Jesuits to death. He’s bad ass when it comes to Jesuits, so you can see why they don’t like him and try to slander him with all these lies.

IVANKA (smiles): You know, Gail, I may be an American and a businesswoman, but I think you’re a pretty bad ass world leader. I can see Catherine the Great in you, and that’s just what our country needs. My dad would be proud to serve by your side!

August 14, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin about Senator Claire McCaskill’s accusation that Putin helped out ISIS by supporting Assad in Syria:

GAIL: Let me type out a transcript of what Sen. Claire McCaskill said on FOX News Sunday. She said, “. . .Assad, by what he did in his country allowed ISIS to move into what was then Al-Qaeda in Iraq into Syria and get strongholds and recruit. That was the work in support of Putin, who is Trump’s best buddy. So you can say, Trump, and his friend, Putin, are the founder of ISIS, which probably would be more accurate than calling out the Commander-in-Chief (Barack Obama) in that way.”

VLADIMIR: I needed to read what the American press is saying about me, and it is a confusing mess. I don’t even think the American people could read it and understand what is really happening. First off, I would like to state that if the Americans will lie about the war in Syria, making up fairy tales about Russian troops over there in the past year, when I have been playing golf in Syria (the past year), that you cannot take seriously anything they say about the Middle East and the conflicts over there (laughs). My position on Syria is that Assad is the elected leader and we should not try to oust him. In the past, when Americans have tried to oust an elected leader, it has always led to bad results. Though America does not report this, they make the bad guys good and the good guys bad, and use complicated names to confuse everybody, and then throw out a bunch of adjectives and war pictures to create an impression, while bombarding Americans with one lie after another. Why is it in American news, we have never heard about the millions and millions killed by Jesuit nuclear bombs with semen in them – the Jesuit nukkake? Practically, an entire Canadian nation was wiped out in December 2011 and replaced with Jesuit clones and we hear nothing about this? In Russia, I report this news. All this talk about ISIS and Al-Qaeda fails to point out that these terrorist organizations are only the CHILD and their PARENT is the Jesuit Order! It is also true that Jesuits will change which child they use to attack their enemies, so that sometimes even the United States government has been their child, like when Bill Clinton’s submarines were used to attack my Kursk submarines during peacetime exercises, and resulted in the murder of 118 of my sailors in 2000, something which Jesuit senator Claire McCaskill failed to mention! I understand why Donald Trump is calling Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton the founder of ISIS. It is because he is stuck between a rock and a hard place in dealing with Jesuit News. The sad truth is that Jesuits murdered Barack Obama in spring 2012, and I had the horrible duty to nuke the compound where he was, where Jesuits beheaded your leader. Only left alive as a head, kept alive with blood-filled tube, he begged me to kill him. He has been replaced with an automaton, who started off good, but became contaminated with Jesuit programming. America, you need to wake up! Your greatest threat is not ISIS, it is the Jesuits, and they plan to destroy the United States from WITHIN. This is how they turned Czarist Russia into the Soviet Union. I have been meeting with Donald and just take my word for it, when he says ISIS, he really means JESUITS. The truth is, that ISIS has both good and people bad inside of it. It is a Jesuit child, and Jesuits have been using it as one of their arms to attack the Western countries and make it appear that it is Russia doing it. Jesuits always do this. They set up conflicts where they are the PARENT, and they use their children to take all the blame. They did this with their puppet Adolph Hitler in Germany. Adolph Hitler was a Jesuit patsy. America, Hillary Clinton has been murdered and replaced with a Jesuit clone. Donald Trump knows this, but, unlike my brave Gail, who has already lost her reputation as a sane person in the mainstream media and so has nothing to lose to tell the truth (as hard as it is to believe), he cannot call ISIS what it really is, the CHILD of the JESUIT ORDER. Basically, I have left Syria alone in the past year. Like I said, I have been playing golf this past year. I can assure you that the Jesuits, however, have been very busy. They have already murdered millions in the United States with nuclear bombs called nukkake. It is a Jesuit invention from the pits of hell. When these bombs hit, all cameras cannot work because of the radiation. And though pictures have been taken of the aftermath, this never makes it to American mainstream news. I would say, ignore all the complicated explanations and think about this. ISIS has killed hundreds, perhaps thousands, and they are a JESUIT CHILD. They are very bad, for the most part. But the leader you need for the United States is one who will stand with your American Empress Gail Chord Schuler to defeat the Jesuit Order. That leader will NOT be Hillary Clinton, who is now in heaven. The Hillary Clinton who is now running for U.S. President is a Jesuit clone or an automaton, which means that her true master is Jesuit Zack Knight. Think about this, under Gail’s Conspiracy Law as Empress, no Jesuit can hold public office and Hillary has chosen Jesuit Tim Kaine, who has done Jesuit missionary work in the past, and who even looks like a Jesuit! Look at his face, he has an evil glee. This is a typical Jesuit expression. America, wake up! Your news media is lying to you! If I was the terrorist leader that American Jesuits, like Jesuit supporter Hillary Clinton say I am, then why did I not declare war on the United States in 2000 when Americans attacked my Kursk submarine and murdered 118 of my sailors? Though it broke my heart, because, at that time, when America attacked Russia, I did not feel we could win a war with the United States, and so I made a deal with Clinton to lie and say the Kursk had mechanical trouble. I allowed myself to take the blame for what the Americans did to me. But now that I have a wonderful woman, named Gail Chord Schuler, who loves me unconditionally and supports me no matter what, because she knows my heart, and she is telling the truth about the Jesuits, I will state that anybody who believes that I harbor a grand design to return Russia back to the Soviet Union, must ask yourself why I did not start World War III with the United States in 2000 when America ATTACKED me and murdered 118 of my sailors? Ms. McCaskill, Bill Clinton was a Jesuit patsy at that time, answer me, Ms. McCaskill, if I am such a terrorist, then why did I not start World War III with your righteous America under Democrat Bill Clinton, when my country was attacked by YOUR COUNTRY? The Jesuits want war with Russia and you, Jesuit Senator Ms. McCaskill are trying to start a war with Russia, by accusing me of being a terrorist and undermining a man (Donald Trump) who wants to be President to oppose the Jesuits, who are the greatest warmongers in the history of mankind! Ms. McCaskill why do you not object to Hillary Clinton defying Gail Chord Schuler’s anti-Jesuit Conspiracy Law, by supporting Jesuit Hillary Clinton, with her choice of a Jesuit terrorist as her Vice President? And, yes, the Jesuits are the TRUE TERRORISTS, because they have killed millions, perhaps, billions in the past decade, whereas ISIS, is but their CHILD. Answer me, Senator McCaskill, why do you support the Jesuits! Gail Chord Schuler is currently writing a book to expose the Jesuits and show their dirty history. What is wrong with the United States? Why do you NOT know your history? Why do you NOT know that the Jesuits sponsored Adolph Hitler, and that the Jesuits are behind all terrorist organizations in the world today? It does not matter so much about Al-Qaeda or Al Nusra or ISIS, because they are the CHILDREN of the Jesuit Order, and they obey their master! They can be good one year and bad another, depending on what their master tells them to do! Wake up, you brainwashed Americans, and most especially don’t believe the lies from your news media. I would not call Barack Obama the founder of ISIS, because he is DEAD, and his automaton has been corrupted by Jesuit programming. BUT just remember this, Donald Trump KNOWS who the real enemy is. He knows that the enemy is the JESUIT ORDER. He has to call them ISIS, because Jesuit News will not let him use the proper name, which is the TERRORIST JESUIT ORDER. So let’s drop all the nonsense and fight the REAL ENEMY. The REAL ENEMY is the Jesuit Order. Those who support the Jesuits, support terrorism. Those who oppose Jesuits, support peace and honor and dignity. We can drop all the complicated explanations, all the convoluted lies and excuses and need to attack the JESUIT ORDER, as outlined in Gail’s Conspiracy Law. Even if we knock out ISIS, if we do not knock out the Jesuits, then the Jesuits will use another of their CHILDREN to resume terrorist activities. So when Donald Trump says ISIS, he really means the JESUITS. Okay? It’s not hard to figure out, America. Hillary now has a Jesuit Vice President. She has chosen a TERRORIST for her Vice President, who smiles big, because he thinks he can get away with lies, like Jesuits have since their founder Ignatius de Loyola. America’s greatest enemy is Jesuit leader Zack Knight, who invents nuclear bombs, uses cloning, uses brain control, and evil science to destroy the good people and replace them with the bad. I am at the forefront in the war to defeat the Jesuits, and, as Donald Trump has said, the United States and Russia need to unite to defeat ISIS (the JESUITS). Thanks to the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, I can call them by their PROPER NAMES. Vote for Donald Trump, who will side with me to defeat the Jesuits, who are destroying your country! I have a Ph.D. in economics and will assist Donald Trump to help your country get back on its feet economically. Gail Chord Schuler is your Empress, if you vote for Hillary, who has a Jesuit Vice President, then you are voting to OUST your American Empress Gail Chord Schuler and her anti-Jesuit Conspiracy Law. This will mean the United States will turn into another Ukraine, where Jesuits have used their control over N.A.T.O. and used American Jesuits to oust a legitimately elected Ukrainian leader and put a Jesuit patsy (Poroshenko) in his place. Every country Jesuits take over goes into an economic depression. Gail’s next book will cover this. I know my history. You Americans are history buffoons. It is not your fault, but you have no excuse now that Gail has a website and there is a Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable). The Jesuits want to turn your country into what my country used to be, the Jesuit controlled Soviet Union. Read Gail Chord Schuler’s books and save your country from ruin. The Jesuits want to bring anarchy to the U.S. and use the U.S. to start a war with me, which will only cause mass destruction and devastation, like they did with Adolph Hitler. The Adolph Hitler of today is HITLER Hillary Clinton, a Jesuit patsy, who wants war with me to help the Jesuits conquer the world, what they failed to do with Adolph Hitler and what they failed to do with Bill Clinton and George W. Bush (though they tried). I care about America’s welfare because my Gail is an American citizen. Do not be foolish, United States. Wake up! Listen to the Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) and go to Gail’s website. If not, you will oust Gail as your Empress and renounce her law and Jesuits will continue to murder millions, like they did in Canada (2011) and in America (2011 to now), using nuclear bombs that NEVER make it to the news. Isn’t it strange that Jesuits can murder millions and you NEVER hear about it? And America can attack my sailors (118 of them on the Kursk) and you never hear about it? But Jesuits make up fairy stories about me and Russia and that gets blasted all over the news, like a bunch of crazy Jesuit fire ants in a panic? I would advise Americans to take their mainstream news media with a grain of salt and ONLY listen to what Gail Chord Schuler has to say and what the Gabrielle Chana News channel (00 has to say). Everything else is Jesuit brainwashing and propaganda. If you don’t wake up, Jesuits will destroy the United States, like they did Czarist Russia. In fact, it was the Jesuits who murdered Czar Nicholas and ushered in the Soviet Union.

GAIL: Okay, Vladimir. You are on a roll! Our brain to brain technology does a great translation job. I hope the Jesuits will be defeated in the elections for U.S. President. They care very much about who wins, because I am the American Empress and they want me OUSTED. I’m afraid Hillary will oppose me, and this will be very bad for freedom and goodness, because Jesuits are evil.

August 14, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin about alleged Russian involvement in Syria:

GAIL: I’m watching FOX News (NOT the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel) and they say there is a nasty civil war inside of Syria and that you (Putin) have been propping up the Assad regime with Russian military intervention.

VLADIMIR: The Jesuits have written a military novel (fiction) and made it the news. All I’ve been doing is playing golf here in Syria!

GAIL: I can’t believe the audacity of Jesuit lies in the news media.

VLADIMIR: I’m afraid Jesuits have gotten away with lies for so long, that they are now actually believing their lies. The only one who knows he’s lying is Zack Knight, the bastard from hell, who Jesus calls the Antichrist. As you can see, my love, Zack Knight is in rehearsals for his future role as the Antichrist, where the Bible says that the entire world will be DECEIVED to follow him.

GAIL: How can Zack Knight put so many lies out in the news media, when his Jesuit space ships are so far out, that we can’t even talk to him?

VLADIMIR: His spaceships are way out there, but he can talk to us. He uses something like Skype to do this. He also uses strong brain control to help him to brainwash and control everybody into believing his lies. Of course, under your Conspiracy Law those under brain control do not have their votes count in any election, but Jesuit News takes polls using Jesuits and Democrats to report that Donald Trump is far behind in the polls. Jesuits poll people who are Jesuits and who are not eligible to vote in November.

GAIL: Does this mean that if Hillary wins the November elections, that we can’t enforce my Conspiracy Law?

VLADIMIR: Do not worry, my love. If worst comes to worst, I can always nuke the White House.

GAIL: What will that accomplish? It will only justify the Jesuits’ argument that you are a terrorist.

VLADIMIR: Just kidding, my love. Actually, we will have to take it one day at a time. But don’t forget you are the American Empress. It is good that you are getting the truth out.

GAIL: Jesuit lies make me sick.

VLADIMIR: They make me sick, too. How do you think I felt when all the idiots in the West reported about my “wife” Lyudmila, when everybody here in Russia knows that my wife’s name was Larisa. After this, I can believe anything in the West when it comes to “news”. So I am here golfing in Syria while American News says I’m dropping bombs here (laughs). They can lie and say that Hillary is the President and that she is winning in the polls, but then that will just make the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel more important for the truth.

GAIL: What if she passes phony legislation to undermine my Conspiracy Law, and because everybody will be brain-controlled to believe she is President, she is able to convince people to enforce her laws?

VLADIMIR: If that happens, we may have to come up with something to impeach her on Jesuit News. Believe me, we have plenty of ammunition. She and the Jesuits know better than to try and usurp your laws, they just want everybody to think that Hillary is winning to make you appear crazy, because you are exposing them. They are losing a lot of followers because of your exposure and so they have to continue the lies.

GAIL: Then Jesuit Tim Kaine will be President!

VLADIMIR: We will make sure to implicate him as well.

GAIL: I think Donald needs to win.

VLADMIR: We are working to that end, but cannot control the lying news media. I have as much respect for American News as I do the Mafia.

August 13, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin about Turkey’s Erdogan and his new alliance with Turkey:

GAIL: As we’ve already discussed, it appears that Erdogan has agreed to make Turkey a Conspiracy Law honoring nation and, for this reason, you have mended your ties with Turkey and are helping Erdogran to enforce Conspiracy Law within Turkey.

VLADIMIR: Yes, that is correct. Your Conspiracy Law is brilliant. It involves setting up a Constitutional Monarchy in those countries that adopt it, which, frankly, I feel is the best form of government in the world today.

GAIL: As you know, Vladimir, you and I worked on Conspiracy Law together from about 2003 to 2006 and worked on it with an intensity that is unrivalled, almost like training for the Olympics. I used the little bit of law I learned from studying real estate and insurance law, and then you helped me by letting me know which Jesuit technologies were used to commit space age crimes, so my law is unique in that it addresses crimes such as using mind-reading technology to spy on and control people against their will to support Jesuit criminals. So how would you like to sum up my Conspiracy Law to those who are reading/listening to us now?

VLADIMIR: It is the most brilliant law of our time, because when you wrote it, you did it for free, nobody paid you to write it; therefore, no special interest groups determined the content of the law. Both of us saw that the Jesuit Empire owned the world and we wrote the law to usurp that and to destroy the Jesuit Order.

GAIL: Sum up the law, as you see it, to our listeners.

VLADIMIR: It is anti-Jesuit law. Its goal is to destroy Jesuit strongholds over the entire earth. It is also not law the works well with Western democracies, which is why we have had the hardest time enforcing it in the United States.

GAIL: Can you go into more detail about this? What difficulties have we encountered in the United States?

VLADIMIR: As you and I know, the biggest problem is education and brainwashing. In the West, the Jesuits control the press and the schools, and if not for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, people would not even know about your law, even though it has had great influence on Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. George W. Bush worked with Jesuits to undermine your law, and Barack Obama has tried to enforce it. To punish Barack for this, Jesuits murdered him in 2012, and then when Jesus replaced Barack with a good automaton, Jesuits have contaminated the automaton, making him somewhat sympathetic to Jesuit goals.

GAIL: So, basically, you are saying that because the American people have not known about the law, Jesuits have used brainwashing to make those who support it to appear criminal and dangerous.

VLADIMIR: Yes, my love, that is a big problem. Look what they have done to me. I have never attacked the United States, though they have attacked me many times, killed my wife, murdered Russian sailors (Kursk 2000).

GAIL: Wait a minute, Vladimir, I thought Russian Jesuit doctors killed your wife Larisa. Vladimir married Larisa in 1983 and she died in 2000.

VLADIMIR: No, my love, I did not want to tell you this, because you are an American and I consider you my wife, but I learned that it was an American doctor who killed my wife Larisa.

GAIL: How is that possible? She died in Russia!

VLADIMIR: The Russian doctors who took care of my wife when I thought she had breast cancer, were actually American Jesuit physicians who used Russian physicians (under brain control) to misdiagnose my wife and kill her, by giving her chemotherapy (the worst treatment for yeast) when she really had a deadly yeast infection, which is the same yeast infection they gave to you. (Vladimir sniffles and weeps). The same doctors who gave you the deadly yeast, also gave it to my wife. I have learned that whenever any famous married man falls in love with you, or notices you and if he has a good wife, they kill the wife often with the same germ they have given to you.

GAIL: The only woman I know of who died of this yeast and was married to a famous man, was your Larisa.

VLADIMIR: No, my love, there have been others. I just do not like to talk about it, because I fear the Jesuits will credit me with inventing their germ.

GAIL: So American doctors gave me this deadly yeast?

VLADIMIR: Yes, they cooperated with pharmacies to put you on prescription drugs that were deliberately infected with the deadly yeast, and that’s how you got the infection.

GAIL: But your wife died in 2000. Did you notice me in 2000?

VLADIMIR: Oh yes. Don’t forget I used to be a spy and when I spied on the United States, we knew about you starting around 1996, because of your relationship with Brent Spiner, which we knew about. We actually heard some of the wiretap that Brent had on your phone as he listened to you on the phone. So, after my wife died, and Brent still had not married you, I put my picture in the local paper of the town where you lived, hoping you would notice me. I picked a picture of me manly and heroic looking, because we knew, from mind-reading technology that you were attracted to manliness and heroics. Any ways, so you and I, we wrote this law together. You wrote it and we used brain to brain to communicate and it is now the most important law in the world. If we are able to enforce this law, the Jesuit Order will be defeated in their goal for a worldwide takeover.

GAIL: When did you decide that the Jesuit Order was evil?

VLADIMIR: Actually, when I worked for the KGB, many others inside the KGB were Jesuits. When I worked with these people, I learned that they had their own rules and felt they were above all laws. I learned to disdain them. I saw how they cruelly spied on people with the intent to commit cold blooded murder for the Vatican.

GAIL: Vladimir, did you do evil as a KGB agent?

VLADIMIR: I was lucky. I was sent to Germany for most of my KGB career and I got stuck in administrative positions, and did not have to do a lot of actual spying and killing. I was actually bored much of the time. But I did notice that those who did the best work were the Jesuits inside our organization and I also noticed they had no heart, were cold and killed without mercy. In fact, I would say that it was the Jesuits inside the KGB that brought down the Soviet Union. They secretly sided with the United States and supplied Russian secrets to the pope, who then gave the information to the United States. I have learned to respect the Jesuits as a wily and brilliant enemy. I have never liked them. I went into the KGB mostly thinking of it as a glamour job, and then learned that because of the Jesuits inside the KGB, that our country would soon fall. Apparently, with their ability to read minds, they never put me in jobs where I had to do cold-blooded killing and I got stuck in administrative positions most of the time. So, when the Soviet Union fell, I went into politics. At that time, I had a secret admiration for Western democracy.

GAIL: You have veered from that and seem to be taking Russia back to a more dictatorial position.

VLADIMIR: My love, YOU are responsible for this! As we wrote law together, we realized that a Western style democracy would not work to defeat the Jesuits. We needed more power to do this. You cannot defeat a dictatorship, which is what the Jesuits are, without using a lot of power. We needed to set up a government with a strong monarch and so under your Conspiracy Law, each country that honors Conspiracy Law has a strong monarch in charge of the country.

GAIL: We also learned that a strong monarch needs the support of the people.

VLADIMIR: Exactly. That is why you wrote your VOTING LAWS, to ensure that laws are passed, so that this power will not be abused. We strive to honor the Constitution or the laws of each country we work with, but those laws that contradict Conspiracy Law become invalid.

GAIL: Explain to the Americans how this works for the U.S.

VLADIMIR: In the United States, we try to respect the U.S. Constitution, though many of the Amendments to the U.S. Constitution were written by Jesuits and some of these Amendments, we override. If we do so, we take a vote with the people and work with the courts of the law to override these Amendments. Basically, the only modifications we’ve had to make to the U.S. laws is that a Jesuit is automatically considered a war criminal and is treated as a criminal under all of Conspiracy Law. Therefore, Jesuits are denied due process under Conspiracy Law.

GAIL: Let me define due process. It is fair treatment through the normal judicial system, especially with a citizen’s entitlement. Basically, we don’t need a warrant to arrest a Jesuit. Just by virtue of BEING A JESUIT, they are guilty and treated as criminals worthy of the death penalty under Conspiracy Law.

VLADIMIR: Most of the coup plotters in the recent revolt in Turkey were Jesuit Kurds.

GAIL: Are all Kurds Jesuits, Vladimir?

VLADIMIR: No, but the Kurds in Turkey, most of them are Jesuits now. They started out as a minority group who were abused. But Jesuits killed most Turkish Kurds off and replaced them with clones and they are now evil Jesuits. Erdogan has learned that Jesuits almost overthrew him about a month ago, and he has decided to make Turkey a Conspiracy Law honoring nation and sees the wisdom of executing Jesuits. Jesuits brought the downfall of the Soviet Union, knowing they would plan to use the United States as their base with which to take over the world – something they hope to do, using Hillary Clinton as their patsy. It has been their dream to use the United States to take over the world for the Catholic Church, since the 1990s.

GAIL: Yes, I can see that. They are very evil.

VLADIMIR: So, even though I despised the Jesuit arm of the KGB, I did learn some intelligence tactics that have served me well as a President. I learned who is truly evil and who is good as a result of my intelligence activities. Basically, it boils down to this, those who support the Jesuits are evil and those who oppose them are good.

GAIL: That may seem overly simplistic, but I’m afraid you are right, my dear, and I have written Conspiracy Law to that end.

VLADIMIR: Actually, true democracy has died in most of the world and most of the world, especially in the West, which is under Jesuit control. If you try to buck the tide, you get killed. Jesuits try to make me the killer, which is why I have been reluctant to disclose that the horrible germ they gave you, my love, came from American doctors, who controlled the Russian doctors who took care of my wife in her last days, and they were American Jesuits.

GAIL: And that’s how the doctors fooled you and your wife died, because you trusted them, not knowing at that time about the extent of Jesuit brain control technologies.

VLADIMIR: Yes, when I fell in love with you (Gail) in 2000 and 2001, I learned more about the Jesuits and how they killed my wife, and I longed to have someone brilliant like you for my companion. I have only been able to have you brain to brain, but you have made me the President I am and inspired me to bring Russia into a monarchy with a strong leader (myself) so that I can use Russia to defeat the Jesuits.

GAIL: Yes, this explains why Jesuits try to portray you as a dictator to the world.

VLADIMIR: Yes, they have taken over the Ukraine and plan to use that as a base with which to attack Russia. However, they need to find an excuse to attack and they come up with all sorts of stories. I am glad you started your news website, my love.

GAIL: Yes, as a result of studying the Bible, I wrote Conspiracy Law to try and govern a nation with a righteous monarch, like King David was to Israel. I feel this is the best form of government. The disadvantage of a democracy in this space age is that Jesuits use brain control technologies to control people and leaders. They can control the voting process with brain control technologies. I have written law to defeat this and Jesuits have portrayed me as crazy, to keep people in the dark about my laws. But I am the American Empress, and whoever becomes President will be my assistant. It goes without saying, that because my Conspiracy Law is anti-Jesuit that no Jesuit can hold public office under my law.

VLADIMIR: Yes, our primary thrust in the United States for now is education, using the Gabrielle Chana FOX News station and Gail’s writings and online presence. America died as a republic around the time of the U.S. Civil War, and from that time forward Jesuits have controlled most operations in the United States. It has not been until the 21st century with Gail’s Conspiracy Law, that we are starting to hold them back. Jesuits have to destroy a country first, bring it into anarchy, economic depression and disorder, to create conditions needed to take over the country. That is their goal with Hillary Clinton. Erdogan in Turkey has decided he hates the Jesuits taking over his country and is working with Russia to implement Conspiracy Law in all spheres of his government. For this, I commend him, even though I may not agree with all his policies. Removing Jesuits from power is always a good thing.

GAIL: Yes, my law is designed to work with many types of governments. Its main thrust is anti-Jesuit and the formation of a Constitutional Monarchy. Thank you, Vladimir, for helping me to educate the world about the law we both worked on so hard together.

August 13, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin regarding American news coverage about Ukraine’s incursion into Crimea:

GAIL: I’ve been hearing on Western news about how you claim that Ukraine has been attacking Crimea and that Ukraine is denying this.

VLADIMIR: Fairy stories. There ARE no incursions into Crimea and I have not been complaining about this. The Jesuits are making up fairy tales in the hopes that they can use N.A.T.O. to go after me and to make Donald Trump look bad for not attacking me like all the other American Jesuit stooges are doing.

GAIL: So this is just more American lying news media.

VLADIMIR: Of course. I hope with the advent of your news channel website, people will see through this charade. It is as obvious as the nose on my face that this is an attempt to discredit Donald Trump because he won’t play warmonger with Russia.

GAIL: I wonder why Jesuits think they can get away with all these lies?

VLADIMIR: They have gotten away with so many lies, it has become their daily fare. If they ever told the truth about anything, I think they’d rather die first.

GAIL: What is your opinion of the American news media?

VLADIMIR: I am afraid I must decline to comment, lest I pollute your article with too many four letter words.

GAIL: Okay, Vlad, I’ll get this out. Let’s hope the Americans will understand that no American news network, with the exception of the Gabrielle Chana FOX News network will report about you truthfully, because you are an anti-Jesuit world leader, and, obviously, Jesuits control the American and Western news media.

August 12, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin regarding demotion of Sergei Ivanov:

GAIL: What’s up with this demotion of one of your most trusted in your inner circle, Sergei Ivanov?

VLADIMIR: First off, I would like to state that he is not my inner circle. My inner circle are the men on your marriage list and they are Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman, Judge Terrance Jenkins and the rest. I have grown to love and respect the brave and talented men on Church of Gail, and, as a result of living on Church of Gail since 2012, my English has greatly improved, has it not?

GAIL: Yes, Vladimir, you speak excellent English now. You almost sound like an American born in this country.

VLADIMIR: Actually, brain to brain corrects some of my bad English to you, as it always has. It is an excellent reader of my mind and transcribes with accuracy what I am really trying to say.

GAIL: Okay, Vlad. What’s up with Sergei Ivanov?

VLADIMIR: I must report sad news that Sergei has been murdered by Jesuits and replaced with an evil clone, much like Hillary Clinton. I just make up story that he has been demoted to a lower position.

GAIL: So who will be acting in the capacity of Sergei? Will you use a good automaton?

VLADIMIR: We will try to use a good automaton, but you never know with these automatons. They use computer technology and anything that uses computer technology Zack Knight can contaminate, because he is computer genius. I had no choice but to demote him.

GAIL: I don’t get how Jesuits can carry out so many murders with my Gail Shield becoming more and more powerful.

VLADIMIR: They are still able to use transporter technology, especially on people who do not have strong Holy Spirit inside of them.

GAIL: So Hillary Clinton did not have strong Holy Spirit inside of her?

VLADIMIR: Apparently not.

GAIL: What about Rudy Guiliani? They were able to transport him to the Jesuit spacecraft, but he managed to return.

VLADIMIR: Rudy is here, so I will let him talk to you.

RUDY: Gail, I prayed a prayer to Jesus and asked him to save me from the Jesuits. It went like this: “Jesus, I know I have not been one of your best, but I ask, for Gail’s sake, you keep me alive so I can tell the world what the Jesuits have done to me.” Right after I said that prayer, as the Jesuits were about to bash my brains in, with the butt of their gun, I got transported off the Jesuit spacecraft and landed on earth! That’s how I knew I was on a sort of divine mission. Then I found out about your new website for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and weaseled my way onto television interviews where I could show the injury above my right eye, hoping you’d notice and interview me for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. I just knew Jesus would make an opening for me, by the mere fact that the Jesuit failed to kill me. “If anything, I’d tell folks out there, ‘Don’t underestimate the power of prayer!’ ”

GAIL: Okay, I thought I heard from Hillary in heaven. So how does this work, if she did not have strong Holy Spirit inside of her?

VLADIMIR: I don’t know. Perhaps, Jesus felt she deserved heaven, but was not close enough to him to be able to resist transporter technology.

GAIL: Wait a minute, are you sure she was murdered on a Jesuit spacecraft? Could she have been murdered on earth, perhaps by a Jesuit automaton?

VLADIMIR: That is a good point. We are not sure where she was murdered. I do believe you heard from the real Hillary in heaven saying you need to write and tell our stories and expose Jesuits and that Donald Trump must be President, now that Hillary was murdered.

UPDATE: Hillary just turned evil. Both Vladimir and Gail got incorrect information somehow.

GAIL: Well, while she was alive, she sure had a nasty clone who did a lot of bad things, like what happened at Benghazi.

VLADIMIR: Yes, it is tragic what Jesuit clones get away with. I believe Hillary was tied up in a basement, like Jesuits did to Brent using Loree McBride, where they tried to get her to go after you and she refused to eat anything to enable Jesuits to give her brain control drugs. Hillary has been fighting Jesuits a long time, and they finally killed her.

GAIL: I believe I see some Jesuits around me as I go for my walk, but they never physically attack me.

VLADIMIR: You have very strong Gail Shield protection.

GAIL: Do you think Sergei went to heaven?

VLADIMIR: I hope so. Sometimes, you can still go to heaven, even if the Holy Spirit is not strong inside of you. It just means you are weak, that is all. But Jesus allows some weak people into heaven.

August 12, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin, Brent Spiner & Rudy Guiliani about Rudy Guiliani’s stuttering interview defending Trump with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

GAIL: Vladimir, why was Rudy Guiliani stuttering and so nervous in his interview with Chris Cuomo?

VLADIMIR: This is why Trump refuses to go on Chris Cuomo’s show.

GAIL: I don’t get it.

VLADIMIR: The Jesuits approached Rudy Guiliani and told him that if he did not stutter and act crazy and nervous during his interview with Chris Cuomo, that they would harm his family. To ensure he did so, he had to agree to be put under Jesuit brain control to ensure he came across like a nervous wreck.

GAIL: Why would they want Rudy Guiliani to behave like a nervous wreck?

VLADIMIR: Did you notice that you could not follow the line of argument, because the exchange was so emotionally heated and because Chris kept interrupting and disagreeing with Rudy making him appear stupid?

GAIL: Yes, I was having a hard time following their line of reasoning. Rudy kept trying to say that Chris and CNN and the media was rigged against Trump and had absolute disdain for Trump insinuating that some in the press should be treated like criminals.

VLADIMIR: This is why I don’t allow “free press” in Russia. “Free press” is a joke. In the United States, there is no free press, it is Jesuit press and it specializes in propaganda and an appeal to the emotions rather than critical thinking. I won’t allow Jesuits to have this unfair advantage in Russia. They bully those who don’t adhere to the Jesuit line in the United States.

GAIL: So you are saying that if Trump appeared on CNN, that the Jesuits would threaten harm to his family if he would not agree to be put under Jesuit brain control during the interview?

VLADIMIR: That is a distinct possibility. This is what they did to Rudy Guiliani. Their purpose in doing this, was to make Rudy stutter so much that the audience would react to the broadcast on an emotional level, rather than on a critical thinking level. When someone is constantly stuttering it is hard to follow the argument because you are too distracted.

GAIL: When I watch CNN they seem very pushy and argumentative and very, very biased against Trump.

VLADIMIR: I can tell you that the Jesuit leader Zack Knight OWNS CNN and he is using them to try and bring down Trump. If CNN was in Russia, I would have to execute most of those who work there as Jesuits.

GAIL: How do they manage to stay alive under my Gail Shield?

VLADIMIR: I am so glad you brought this up. I forgot to tell you that CNN is being broadcast from a Jesuit spaceship, along with just about all the major news organizations in the United States. The only news organization that still broadcasts from earth is FOX. Due to your Gail Shield, the Jesuits have literally taken over all the news networks and killed any journalist who was not a Jesuit and replaced them with a Jesuit clone. Therefore, all news broadcasts are Jesuit owned and operated, except for FOX. However, FOX has heavy Jesuit infiltration and suffer threats on their life almost every day, causing them to cave into Jesuit pressure to report Jesuit lies.

GAIL: So, the ONLY reliable news source is the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and FOX News is the best news channel in the mainstream media.

VLADIMIR: Yes. Donald Trump is up against a Jesuit control over all news networks except for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. It is very good that you have given the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel more coverage by your website.

GAIL: Why don’t you arrest these Jesuit newscasters?

VLADIMIR: It is impossible because they all live on a Jesuit spaceship out in deep space, in order to survive under your Gail Shield. I can’t arrest them, because they are too far out. I don’t understand how the Jesuits survive so far out in space. I think they are in Satan’s ocean out there.

GAIL: Yes, Satan has an ocean out there. It’s the waters above the firmament in the book of Genesis chapter one. I feel like when I watch CNN that I am watching Adolph Hitler’s news channel. It is so full of propaganda and VERY, VERY BIASED.

VLADIMIR: They have a Donald Trump automaton on the Jesuit spaceship and they use him to make recordings of Donald Trump, which they then use to make interviews and statements of Donald having Donald say things that Donald never said. This explains why Donald is forced to avoid specifics in dealing with Jesuit News, because he does not want to be contradicted by the Donald Trump automaton.

GAIL: I remember Jesus said that Satan has created a Donald Trump automaton.

VLADIMIR: Yes, he has done a lot of damage to Trump. He says and does things that make Donald appear a liar, inconsistent, and mentally and emotionally unstable. Rudy Guiliani cannot discuss clones or automatons on Jesuit News without being labeled as crazy. Since you already have that label, you have nothing to lose to bring it up.

GAIL: I am still listening to CNN and find them very, very biased. They look like Jesuits. They have the fanaticism of Jesuits and they lie like Jesuits. They also look stubborn and determined and “crazy mad” like Jesuits. The best way to describe them is they remind me of a bunch of rabid red ants who are in a frenzy because their nest has been kicked.

VLADIMIR: Very true, my love. You are helping Donald out greatly. The Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel is the only truthful news source out there. It is the ONLY news channel NOT influenced or controlled by Jesuits.

GAIL: I only hope that people will realize when they watch these news stations that all the reporters are criminal Jesuits.

VLADIMIR: You are making them more aware of this. Good job, my love.

GAIL: One more question. Did the Jesuits have to transport Rudy out to deep space to participate in the interview?

VLADIMIR: Yes, they did and he did not know it until he got out there. I don’t think Rudy will be giving any more interviews with CNN, unless they are able to use his clone. It was very unpleasant for him to be on that Jesuit spaceship and extorted as he was.

GAIL: That means anybody who has an interview with CNN or MSNBC or any news station besides FOX, will be doing so from a Jesuit spaceship in deep space.

VLADIMIR: Yes, this is especially true of national newscasts. Some of the local news stations may still be on earth.

GAIL: Vladimir. Rudy Guiliani has a nasty bump above his right eye. Did the Jesuits do this to him?

VLADIMIR: Oh f—- (reacting to the bruiser above Rudy’s right eye). Brent just brought in Rudy. He wants to talk to you.

RUDY: Thank you so much for having this interview. I’m surprised you decided to tackle this topic. Gail, Jesuits attacked me when I was walking the streets in New York City.

GAIL: Why did they do that?

RUDY: They cursed and degraded me and told me to follow them. They put me in handcuffs and escorted me to a sound proof room. It was sound proof in that they could shoot me in the room and nobody outside would hear. They put a gun to my head and said, “Do exactly as we tell you to, or we’ll shoot you with this gun.” Then they rammed the gun into my head real hard right above my right eye. Oh boy did that hurt.

GAIL: Oh, my God.

RUDY: I told them, “Go to hell!” At that point they rammed the gun into my head and I fell to the ground and fainted. I figured I was going to die. When I awakened, I don’t know how many days later it was, I was on the Jesuit spaceship. It was the day I had the interview with Chris Cuomo. They said, “We’ve decided to keep you alive. We apologize for the bruise above your right eye. We had an accident.” I then said, “It hurts like hell.” They said. “We put our plastic surgeons on it and had to stitch you up. But we decided to keep you alive, just let us put you under our brain control and go into a news interview with Chris Cuomo. “I’d rather die than help you out,” I told them. Then they showed me a video picture of my wife from a smart phone and I saw that a Jesuit was following her with a gun. “Don’t worry, we’ll keep you alive. But we aren’t sure about your wife.” “Why’d you keep me alive!” I screamed. They said, “Because by the time we are finished with you, having this interview with Chris Cuomo, you’ll do so much damage to Trump, it would be better to keep you alive than dead.”

So I went on the interview, and did the best I could to not hurt Trump, but they injected me with brain control drugs and it made me a nervous wreck and I had a hard time keeping my focus mentally. I threw up after that interview, because the brain control drugs were so strong, they made me very nauseated. After the interview was over, they whacked my head again with the gun, hitting it like a whip, but with tremendous force, so that blood gushed from that eye. At that point, I decided I was going to die and be replaced with a clone. And then I just disappeared and landed on earth in New York City and was somewhere in downtown New York. A good Samaritan saw me and recognized me and offered to drive me home to be with my wife. Judith (my wife) went into hysterics when she saw me and had me stitched up and took care of me. Not sure what happened, but I think your Gail Shield rescued me, Gail, and whipped me off of that Jesuit spaceship and brought me back to earth in time, before the Jesuits killed me. I’m certain after I did my “job” and made an ass of myself on the Cuomo show, that they planned to replace me with a clone. Thank God for your Gail Shield is all I have to say.

GAIL: Wow. I recalled your interview on Sean Hannity and couldn’t help but notice that bruiser above your eye. It looked really nasty, black and blue and swollen.

RUDY: I deliberately went on the air on FOX, because I wanted to show the world what the Jesuits did to me. I had this secret hope that I could get you to interview me for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and looky here, it happened!

GAIL: I presume you can’t tell the world what really happened or your wife will die.

BRENT SPINER: We moved Rudy and his family to Church of Gail or he would not be able to tell you anything at all, and probably wouldn’t even be alive.

GAIL: I didn’t see any stitches when I saw Rudy on Sean Hannity on August 11, 2016, but he had a bruiser above his right eye (left eye to the viewer), that was black and blue and swollen.

BRENT SPINER: We have advanced technology that enables us to take off stitches in hours and use plastic surgery to remove much of the disfigurement. We’ve done this many times to Vladimir Putin after Jesuits have beaten him up. Then Jesuits accuse Vladimir Putin of being vain for using plastic surgery, to compensate for his changed appearance or to cover up what they did to him.

GAIL: I’m surprised the Jesuits allowed Guiliani to even show that bruiser on television.

BRENT SPINER: It appears your Gail Shield made this possible. Rudy lied to Sean Hannity and told him he got the bruiser from an accident getting out of the shower, which enabled him to get on the air. He had secret hopes you would notice it and ask us questions about it brain to brain, which you eventually did. But, as you can tell, you cannot find video footage of Rudy’s interview with Sean Hannity online, now that you have exposed what truly happened to him.

August 10, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin & Donald Trump regarding “crazy” man climbing Trump Tower with suction cups:

GAIL: What’s up with this crazy guy climbing Trump Tower?

VLADIMIR: He appears to be a victim of Jesuit brain control. We need to put him on Seroquel. He is a Donald Trump supporter. It appears the Jesuits are controlling him to create the impression that Donald Trump attracts “crazies”, perhaps, to discredit you (Gail) as a Gabrielle Chana FOX News correspondent!

GAIL: Sounds like those crazy Jesuits!

DONALD: I’m actually at Church of Gail, having a meeting with Vladimir. This guy is loony tunes. I think I’ll just ignore him.

GAIL: Yeah, I was almost tempted to ignore this, but Vlad says I can give the “crazy” a small mention. This just goes to prove that if you don’t take Seroquel, you may end up doing some crazy things. I’m amazed that all the newscasts are covering this! Like, let us hear some REAL NEWS.

DONALD: I SECOND THAT. Jesuit News is crazy, man.

GAIL: Yeah, Jesuits launched a nuclear bomb with semen in it in December 2011 that wiped out Canada and just about all Canadians got replaced with Jesuit clones, and nobody in the U.S. covered it except the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. And it was only FOX News in Canada that covered it.

DONALD: Jesuits OWN THE WORLD. But, you and I Gail, we’ll put a stop to that!

August 9, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin at his request. Vladimir wants the American people to vote NOW for Donald Trump – new developments!

GAIL: What’s up, Vladimir?

VLADIMIR: I have very important news to tell the world. Hillary Clinton’s VP pick, Tim Kaine, though we executed him, Jesuits have created a Tim Kaine automaton. He is very evil.

GAIL: I have noticed that he is playing like he disagrees with Hillary Clinton about Libya. As you know, what has happened in Libya has not been good for Hillary’s reputation as a leader with integrity.

VLADIMIR: Gail, this is just a Jesuit game. He has been programmed by Jesuits to spout opinions which make him appear a benign leader, who does not support Jesuit goals. Everything he says is the opposite of what he really believes.

GAIL: Jesuits are famous for this, Vladimir. As we all know, Jesuits are dangerous, period. So why did you want to have this interview?

VLADIMIR: If Hillary comes into power, he will usurp her and will be the true President of the United States. His disagreement with her over Libya, is just the beginning. . .

GAIL: Oh, so you are saying that he is playing his cards right now, sort of like in rehearsals to usurp Hillary when Hillary becomes President?

VLADIMIR: Yes, exactly. It will be very dangerous now for Hillary to become President. As you know, Jesuits want you dead or brought into examination for mental health issues so they can destroy your Gail Shield (which is destroying them right now).

GAIL: Vladimir, are the polls accurate? They all say Hillary almost has a landslide over Trump?

VLADIMIR: They are accurate if you count the Jesuit vote, which, under your Conspiracy Law is a death penalty violation.

GAIL: Okay, so what do we do about this evil Jesuit aspiring to the U.S. Presidency?

VLADIMIR: I am glad you have started a Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel site featuring your interviews with us. We know that the Jesuits plan to rig the U.S. Presidential elections in November to ensure that Hillary Clinton wins. We will need to do a separate vote from the November elections, and we would like to use your website, which we will connect to the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel website.

GAIL: So when will this separate vote take place?

VLADIMIR: As soon as possible. Give people our email address at gailsmen@yahoo.com or gailchordschuler@gmail.com. We shall conduct vote by email!

GAIL: How does this work?

VLADIMIR: None of the independents running for U.S. President are qualified to run. They are all Jesuits or Jesuit supporters. So, basically all people need to do is to write in a vote for Donald Trump, because Hillary is a Jesuit now, so she is not qualified to run. They need to type this sentence: “I vote for Donald Trump as President of the United States.” That is it, and send us an email that says that. We will note who the voter is, and ensure they are not a Jesuit, because Jesuits are not allowed to vote. Once we get that voter’s name, their vote for Donald Trump will be entered into the November elections as a vote for Donald Trump, and when the actual elections take place in November, we will automatically enter their vote as a vote for Donald, even if they cannot make it out to the voting booth.

GAIL: Does this mean they don’t have to vote in November?

VLADIMIR: No, we recommend they still vote in November, but because we expect Jesuits to rig the elections, we want to start the voting now, to work out any Jesuit “bugs” which may happen in November! For instance, if people vote in advance as I have advised, then when the November elections happen, it will be easier to weed out Jesuit votes and inaccurate votes. We are hoping by conducting the voting now, that we will be able to correct Jesuit bugs which may occur during November voting. If Donald gets enough votes, we can usher him in as President, even if Hillary gets more votes than him (because of Jesuits voting) in the November election. We will make a case before the American people that Hillary has been murdered and that the people have approved of Donald as U.S. President to be Empress Gail Chord Schuler’s assistant.

GAIL: Vladimir, you know that the Jesuits will lie and make it appear Hillary is the true winner. How do we overcome this?

VLADIMIR: If this happens, we will show on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel that Donald is the true winner and that Hillary and most especially, Tim Kaine, are to be ignored and if anybody enforces any legislation or orders from either Hillary or Tim Kaine or any of their supporters, they will be executed as Jesuit Conspirators.

GAIL: Do you really think this will work?

VLADIMIR: We cannot take any chances of having Hillary in office now, because the Tim Kaine automaton is a dangerous Jesuit. His goal is to destroy you and then destroy Church of Gail. Any ways, my love, get the word out that people need to vote for Donald Trump now and we will install him now as U.S. President. All we need is a referendum to install Donald Trump as U.S. President, because Hillary has been murdered and is not qualified to run.

GAIL: Okay, so tell people about the email and have them vote for Donald Trump now.


GAIL: Vladimir, and what will happen if Hillary wins in November according to Jesuit News?

VLADIMIR: The Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel will be blasted on all news networks in the United States announcing that her election is a FRAUD, and that Donald Trump is the President. Of course, my love, in Florida, where you live, we may not be able to do this. But by making this announcement, we will state that if anybody treats Hillary or her VP like the real American President and helps her or her VP Tim Kaine to pass any legislation, they will be executed. We have to give them fair warning.

GAIL: It would be wonderful if Donald Trump won in the Jesuit News.

VLADIMIR: We don’t think this will happen, my love. Zack Knight still retains his almost complete control over the Internet and mainstream news. But at least, by starting this now, it will be easier for us to overturn the Jesuit elections and install Donald Trump as the U.S. President, even though Jesuit News will lie and state that the President is Hillary Clinton.

GAIL: This sounds like a doozy of an election. Let’s hope my Gail Shield may overcome some of Zack Knight’s control over the media.

VLADIMIR: Perhaps it will, but in the meanwhile, we are ready. Let people know they can vote for Donald Trump now by WRITING THE FOLLOWING when they send an email via gailsmen@yahoo.com or gailchordschuler@gmail.com. They must write, “I vote for Donald Trump as U.S. President.” We will note who the email sender is, and their vote will count for the November 2016 elections.

GAIL: It will be interesting to see the results of this.

VLADIMIR: I will have a follow up interview with you later about this, my love.

GAIL: What if Jesuits mess up our emails?

VLADIMIR: If that happens, we will have to go door to door and get peoples’ vote that way. We shall see what happens. We just need a referendum, because the November elections with Hillary on the ballot is already illegal, because she is now a Jesuit. We just need a referendum to get Donald Trump as U.S. President.

August 8, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin regarding 50 GOP national security experts who oppose Trump.

GAIL: Vladimir, I know you are the Russian President, but you keep up with American affairs because you are in love with me. What do you think of this, that 50 GOP national security experts oppose Trump?

VLADIMIR: They are all Jesuits. As you know, Jesuits are powerful in the United States and basically OWN both major political parties there.

GAIL: Do you feel that Donald Trump would jeopardize security for Americans and the world?

VLADIMIR: Actually, as long as he continues to take Seroquel, he is much safer for the world than Hillary Clinton, as we only have one good version of her and that is an automaton. Judging by the record we’ve had in the past dealing with the Barack Obama automaton, it is better to have a real human being in the U.S. Presidency, who is NOT a Jesuit or Jesuit supporter, as was George W. Bush.

GAIL: I understand you have forgiven George W. Bush, for forcing you to play the Lyudmila charade, when you have been in love with me the entire time and Lyudmila is, in actuality, not your wife and has never been your wife.

VLADIMIR: Well, I understand that Jesuits threatened to kill his lovely wife, Laura Bush, who I have great admiration for. She is a great President’s wife, as I feel Melania will also be. I understand what it’s like to love someone and not want them dead, as I have striven valiantly over the years to keep you alive again and again, as Jesuits are always attacking you.

GAIL: It is unbelievable the extent to which the Jesuits are going to bring down Trump. They are really afraid of him.

VLADIMIR: Zack Knight (Jesuit leader) tried to threaten Donald and has even threatened to kill his wife and Trump said to him, “Go ahead, and I’ll give you hell to pay.”

GAIL: My my. . .this makes Trump seem quite admirable to me!

VLADIMIR: As a person he is admirable, and he is learning humility. As a President, I am working on him. If he continues to follow my guidance and takes his Seroquel, he will be perfectly fine as a President and will not be a security threat. In fact, all those who oppose him are very dangerous Jesuits, and while they were in office, many of them worked with Jesuits to try and kill you. They kept me busy!

GAIL: You seem to be warming up to Trump more.

VLADIMIR: He actually came to me after our last interview and shook my hand and thanked me for the interview, and acknowledged that everything I said about him was right. He said he was willing to admit his weaknesses and strive to be better, so I cannot help but feel he is our best choice for U.S. President.

GAIL: You know, there’s a wise old saying by a wise old evangelist, named Bob Jones, who said, “If you give God your heart, he will comb the kinks out of your head.” It appears God may have Donald’s heart. On the other hand, these critics of his have sold their hearts to the devil.

VLADIMIR: Yes, you are a wise leader, my love. God has always had your heart.

GAIL: Is it true that Donald Trump now lives at Church of Gail, along with his family?

VLADIMIR: Yes, right after Jesuits murdered Hillary Clinton, we ordered Donald and his family to live on Church of Gail. He loves it!

GAIL: It must be a significant drop for him, when he’s used to living in penthouses.

VLADIMIR (laughs): He has a penthouse on Church of Gail. It is actually quite elaborate. He likes it this way. When Jesus created Church of Gail, he allowed us to tailor our homes here how we like. He often bumps into the Chinese and North Korean leaders and smiles and waves at them. He realizes that they are not the big bad boogeymen. Living on Church of Gail has been quite an education for him.

GAIL: Don’t Michelle and Barack Obama also live on Church of Gail?

VLADIMIR (laughs): Oh, yes! You should have seen Barack’s face when we first put Donald on Church of Gail. He said, “Oh no! I have to see you every day!” Then Donald said to him, “I’m really a nice guy, Barack. You’ll get used to me.” Barack then laughed and patted Donald on the back, and Donald gave Barack a hug and said, “It’s too bad you’re a robot. I think you must have been a decent President that the Jesuits killed you.”

GAIL: My, my, and he criticizes Barack Obama so much on the campaign trail!

VLADIMIR: It is a game he has to play, but he just tells himself he is criticizing the Barack Obama Jesuit clone, who often makes appearances on Jesuit News.

GAIL: Does George W. Bush live at Church of Gail?

VLADIMIR: No, though he has visited our spaceship city. Jesuits are not worried about George W. Bush, so they pretty much leave him alone. George has pretty much done what Jesuits want him to do, so he is not a threat to them.

August 8, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin about Evan McMullin, an anti-Trump Republican who wants to run as an Independent.

GAIL: What do you think of Evan McMullin? He may take away votes from Donald Trump, causing Hillary to win.

VLADIMIR: Wait a minute, love. I need to get a briefing from my intelligence officers. Okay, yes, I can tell you, that he is a Jesuit.

GAIL: What do you think the Jesuits want to accomplish with Evan?

VLADIMIR: Obviously, to take votes away from Donald.

GAIL: If he’s a Jesuit, under my Conspiracy Law, he’s not qualified to run for elected office.

VLADIMIR: If he dares to run, we will have to execute him, which means the Jesuits will then have to replace him with an automaton.

GAIL: Jesuit audacity amazes me. They know under my Conspiracy Law that Jesuits are not allowed to run for elected office.

VLADIMIR: Yes, Jesuits try to play that your law is a big joke and nobody pays any attention to it. But when we execute this evil Jesuit, the Jesuits will learn that they cannot play this game with us.

GAIL: Will the execution be shown on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel?

VLADIMIR: Yes, my love.

GAIL: So when will this execution take place?

VLADIMIR: I have already sent agents out to arrest him. He knows your law and he knows he is violating it. Jesuits are grasping at straws. It will only be a matter of time, when your Gail Shield will catch up with their spacecraft and all onboard will lose their lives. The Jesuits’ only option is to surrender their dream for world conquest and to quit being Jesuits.

GAIL: Well, as you know, the Jesuit leader Zack Knight, died and Satan resurrected him from hell, and many Jesuits have already surrendered, seeing the inevitable. But Zack is extremely selfish and is solely worried about his own survival and feels obligated to Satan for eternity for resurrecting him from hell.

GAIL: Yes, it’s such a tragedy that he knowingly serves Satan and deceives his followers into thinking they have a shot at defeating Jesus. What do you think about Hillary not courting support from police organizations?

VLADIMIR: It is true that many police have been Jesuits and have abused black people, but because of your Gail Shield, the police have changed and we have weeded out the Jesuits from the police force and they are now the enforcers of your Conspiracy Law. Therefore, Hillary does not seek their endorsement.

GAIL: Okay, Vlad, I need to go.

August 8, 2016 brain to brain with Vladimir regarding Donald Trump’s economic plan.

GAIL: What do you think of Trump’s economic plan?

VLADIMIR: Actually, most of these ideas he got from me. As you know, I have a Ph.D. in economics.

GAIL: But his tough stance on China doesn’t sound like you. You and China get along great.

VLADIMIR: Yes, that is Trump all the way. But China has a lot of Jesuits who have been taking advantage of the United States. Trump is wise to reign them in. Just like I can’t control all the Jesuits in my country. China can’t control all the Jesuits in her country.

GAIL: So, if Trump wins, who is going to determine policy, you or Trump?

VLADIMIR: Trump, of course. My love, I do not control him like an automaton. He just greatly values my advice, so I have a lot of influence on him.

GAIL: Trump is wise to listen to you. You are the best President in the world!

VLADIMIR: Ah, my love, I think you are a bit prejudiced. Don’t you agree?

GAIL: Well, don’t you think you are the best President in the world?

VLADIMIR: Unlike Trump, I have a lot of doubts about my performance as a President.

GAIL: Really!?

VLADIMIR: For instance, I feel I failed by playing along with George W. Bush and acting like Lyudmila was my wife. It makes me feel like a wimp.

GAIL: Oh, I see. But if you didn’t play along, you would have had war with the United States, a war you most certainly would have lost.

VLADIMIR: Actually, I think Jesus would have helped me. Sometimes, my faith is rather weak. I was a big liar and played Bush’s game, which also means I was a bit of a coward. I am hoping to instill in Donald Trump, everything I’ve learned, both good and bad.

GAIL: I have to admit, I did lose some respect for you over this. But I know how the Jesuits are.

VLADIMIR: Since I’ve been on Seroquel, I have seen that I, too, was a victim of Jesuit brain control, I would go into a panic worrying about war with the United States. I used very poor judgment in how I handled the Kursk. I could have saved those sailors.

GAIL: But Vladimir you were a NEW President, then. What a horrible thing to have to deal with. I’m sure the thought of World War III with the U.S. was absolutely horrifying.

VLADIMIR: Yes, my love. I felt quite overwhelmed back then. But today, if something similar happened, I would not kiss the butt of any U.S. President and allow my soldiers or sailors to die, just to put up with American shit.

GAIL: Oh dear, Vladimir. I gotta go and work on my book.

August 8, 2016 interview with Vladimir Putin brain to brain regarding Turkey’s Erdogan and other issues.

GAIL: “Hey Vlad, what’s up with Erdogan?”

VLADIMIR: “Many of the Kurds who recently protested in his country to try and overthrow him are Jesuits.”

GAIL: “He seems like a wicked anti-Semitic person to me.”

VLADIMIR: “I don’t agree with his anti-Semitism, but he fully supports your Conspiracy Law for Turkey, so I am working with him. This is good, because this will be another country that won’t tolerate Jesuit troublemakers. You must understand he comes from a Muslim background and I have to make compromises sometimes, to expand our alliance of Conspiracy Law honoring nations. Also, do not worry about Hillary Clinton, my love. We have this under control.”

GAIL: “What do you mean? She is now a Jesuit.”

VLADIMIR: “We have executed the Jesuit clone version of Hillary and replaced her with a good automaton.”

GAIL: “Yes, but she has a Jesuit VP!”

VLADIMIR: “We have put scanners in the White House to execute all Jesuits who enter its premises.”

GAIL: “I just know the Jesuits will come up with a way, using her, to overthrow my Conspiracy Law. I much prefer Donald Trump. Is it true that you and Donald are BFF? One of my Russian fans made a comment about this.”

VLADIMIR: “Ugh, not exactly. He (Trump) is rather naive in many respects. But he is a good pupil. I have been meeting with him and have been training him for a possible Presidency. He is open to what I have to say.”

GAIL: That’s good, because you are a very good President.”

VLADIMIR: “Thank you, my love. I’m so proud of the work you have done lately. Very good law you just wrote. That is how we got Erdogan on our side. He is quite impressed with your law.”

GAIL: “How are our relations with Israel?”

VLADIMIR: “Very good. Benjamin Netanyahu is one of your biggest fans.”

GAIL: “I can’t stand that Tim Kaine. Just the thought of him in the White House, gives me the shivers.”

VLADIMIR: “Actually, he has just been executed. I am not sure how the Jesuits will deal with this. Perhaps, they plan to use an evil automaton.”

GAIL: “How is the Gail Shield?”

VLADIMIR: “Expanding farther and farther. Jesuits are having a hard time staying allive. This is good, because they are very evil. Again, do not worry about Hillary, my dear. I prefer Trump, because I appreciate the kind words he has said about me, but as I’ve said, he is rather naive and I will have to train him a bit. The Hillary automaton may be easier to work with.”

GAIL (laughs): “But you know how Jesuits will use her to undermine my law.”

VLADIMIR: “That will be difficult if they cannot stay alive!”

GAIL: “So I wasted my time writing all my books exposing Jesuit history?”

VLADIMIR: “No, not at all! I am very proud of my writer. Your books sell big. Of course, I know you never get the money. Jesuits steal. People need to know history, that is good for civilization.”

GAIL: “Vlad, I got to take a shower. Looks like our brain to brain is as good as it was in 2004.”

VLADIMIR: “Yes, that is because of the Gail Shield.”

GAIL: “I still think we’d be better off with Donald Trump.”

VLADIMIR: “Yes, probably so. Naive, but trainable. It might make things easier for us with him instead of Hillary. I was very upset when Jesuits murdered her.”

GAIL: “Is it true what I heard that Jesuits beheaded her, and chopped her up into bits like steak?”

VLADIMIR: “This makes me very upset to talk about. It was very much like what they did to Barack Obama. I’m sorry, but I can’t talk about this right now.”

GAIL: “Vlad, you are so awesome. Miss hearing from you and the men through normal online ways. But nice that our brain to brain seems to be good.”

VLADIMIR: ‘Yes, my love, you go take your shower.”

While in the shower we continued our conversation. . .

GAIL: “But the Jesuits seem to want Hillary, so Trump must be better.”

VLADIMIR: “Yes, they think because they murdered her that they can use the clone (who we executed) or the automaton. They don’t like Trump because he has been meeting with me for advice.”

GAIL: “So that would make Trump better, right?”

VLADIMIR: “He has a little bit of an ego. He thought his brain was so superior that he did not need to take Seroquel. He knows better now. Because the past two weeks, he did some stupid things.”

GAIL: “At least he’s trainable.”

VLADIMIR: “He is more humble than he was a year ago.”

GAIL: “But he uses women in his business.”‘

VLADIMIR: “Well, Ivanka is his daughter. He does like you, though. But you are like a man, so that is perhaps why he likes you. Right now, because Hillary has been murdered, Trump is slightly better for U.S. President.”

GAIL: “Is he on my marriage list?”

VLADIMIR: “We thought about it, but he is very happy with Melania, and we are not sure we want him on your marriage list. Bit of an ego. All men on your marriage list must take Seroquel faithfully or they get kicked off.”

GAIL: “You don’t seem too impressed with Trump. The news media makes it out like you love him.”

VLADIMIR: “Jesuit News are big liars. Trump has a lot of respect for me. This is why Jesuits hate him. I am not sure I have a lot of respect for him, though, but I appreciate his admiration of me and that he won’t war with Russia.”

GAIL: ” I would think you’d love it that he wants to have an alliance with Russia to defeat ISIS.”

VLADIMIR: “Little too much ego, Gail. But if he becomes President, he will start to learn humility. This job is much more complicated than he thinks.”

GAIL: “How have you had to train him?”

VLADIMIR: “He has big mouth trouble. A President has to weigh their words carefully.”

GAIL: “But that makes him seem genuine.”

VLADIMIR: “Yes, it also gives Jesuits much ammunition!”

GAIL: “So, how are you helping him with this?”

VLADIMIR: “I have been educating him with speech classes, and showing him the true art of making a deal.”

GAIL: “Isn’t he an expert on that?”

VLADIMIR: “That’s the problem. He thinks so.”

GAIL: “How is he not?”

VLADIMIR: “He has to learn that what he says in public to the Jesuit News has to be carefully weighed. He is right to keep quiet about a lot of his military ideas, which I taught him, by the way. Also, he tends to categorize things too simply. He needs to learn more complex thinking in making deals.”

GAIL: “You almost sound like a Jesuit.”

VLADIMIR: “Well, Jesuits are everywhere, and they never say what they mean. We have to play their game a little as world leaders and pull surprises on them to win.”

GAIL: “So what kind of President do you think Donald Trump will be?”

VLADIMIR: “If he stays the real Donald Trump and continues to follow my guidance, he will be good. He must take his Seroquel!”

GAIL: “Okay, what kind of President will the Hillary automaton be?”

VLADIMIR: “This is less certain. It will depend on if the Jesuits can corrupt the good Hillary’s automaton, like they have Barack. If the real Hillary was alive, I think she would have been better than Trump.”

GAIL: “Has Trump been talking to me brain to brain?”

VLADIMIR: “Yes, we put him on the brain to brain servers.”

GAIL: “Why?”

VLADIMIR: “He has been helping us with our business operations and with marketing your books. It would be good for you to hear from him.”

GAIL: “He doesn’t seem egotistical brain to brain.”

VLADIMIR: “It’s only a little, Gail. He is getting better. I think I prefer him to Hillary now.”

GAIL: “If it’s only a little, then perhaps it is not worth mentioning.”

VLADIMIR: “The best Presidents are humble. Think about Zack Knight, and does not the Bible say that pride goes before a fall? I believe after a year into the Presidency, he may learn humility.”

GAIL: “I don’t know, Vlad. It looks like Hillary might win.”

VLADIMIR: “Yes, she might and if she does, do not worry, my love. But Donald has a good chance, which is why Jesuit News attacks him. It is good that you pray for him, my love, he appreciates it.”

GAIL: “Vlad, what do you think of Jill Stein?”

VLADIMIR (laughs): “She is funny. She comes to Russia to promote her Presidential run. She is running to hurt Hillary.”

GAIL: “And what do you think of that?”

VLADIMIR (laughs): “It won’t work.”

GAIL: “Do you think she’d make a good President?”

VLADIMIR (scratches his head): “I plead the fifth.”

GAIL: “Vladimir! Come on, tell me.”

VLADIMIR: “I know you are publishing what I’m telling you, so I better not say.”

GAIL: “You are so funny. She’s a medical doctor, so Brent must like her.”

VLADIMIR: “I don’t know. But she knows she won’t be President. She hates Hillary.”

GAIL: “Is she justified to feel this way?”

VLADIMIR: “Well, I don’t like the Hillary clone and that is all I want to say. You better get ready for bed, my love.”

GAIL: “One more thing. What do you think of Bernie Sanders endorsing Hillary Clinton, now that she is only the evil clone (even though you executed the clone). You know Jesuits will make more clones.”

VLADIMIR:”Your Gail Shield is very powerful. They will have to make automatons. Bernie Sanders had his life threatened. Jesuits told him that if he did not endorse Hillary, that they would kill his family. It’s very sad what has happened to him and to Hillary.”

GAIL: “It sounds to me like we are better off with Donald Trump.”

VLADIMIR: “Yes, perhaps so, that is why I am training him. At least he is a good pupil, but sometimes he thinks he knows better than what I tell him to do.”

GAIL: “Well Vladimir, he has to be his own person.”

VLADIMIR: “So true, my love.”

GAIL: “Do you agree with his critics that he does not have the temperament to be President?”

VLADIMIR: “It was more true last year than this year. He is learning.”

GAIL: “Do you think he really cares about this country and it’s not just an ego thing with him, because he has been spending his own money for his campaign.”

VLADIMIR: “Actually, he lost much of his money recently. Jesuits stole it. This is why he is asking people for support.”

GAIL: “Oh, my goodness!”

VLADIMIR: “He truly believes he can make America great, which is good, I guess.”

GAIL: “You seem hesitant.”

VLADIMIR: “He is like a young dreamer, but reality and dreams can be two different things.”

GAIL: “Do you believe he will enforce my Conspiracy Law?”

VLADIMIR: “Yes, I think so.”

GAIL: “Well, this is good then.”

VLADIMIR: “You give your assistants a lot of freedom and it is this freedom which he may abuse, and impose some ideas that may not work.”

GAIL: “What do you think of his Muslim terrorist ban?”

VLADIMIR: “I have been working with him on this. His ideas were at first very naive, but he is seeing the wisdom of separating Jesuit supporting Muslims from non-Jesuit supporting Muslims and not banning all Muslims.”

GAIL: “What do you think of me calling Hillary – HITLER Hillary?”

VLADIMIR (laughs): “You have chosen an apt nickname for the clone. Everybody is calling her that now.”

GAIL: “Do you think perhaps I should retract it, now that we have a good Hillary automaton?”

VLADIMIR: “No, leave it. I prefer that Trump wins now.”

Vladimir tells Gail brain to brain on August 8, 2016 that Barack’s payment to Iran was actually a good thing. Not sure of all the details, but Iran has apparently agreed to be a Conspiracy Law (anti-Jesuit) honoring nation. Jesuit News, of course, will paint this in a very bad light, because they hate it when any country enforces Gail’s Conspiracy Law.

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