Donald Trump (Gabrielle Chana FOX News Interviews 2016)

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THIS IS A NEWS ARCHIVE (Zack Knight came to Jesus’ side in Sept. 2016):

August 21, 2016 brain to brain interview with Donald Trump regarding why he is softening his stance on the Muslims, and his time spent with Jesus Christ after sleeping in the same room as an injured Bill O’Reilly:

DONALD: It was awful what the Jesuits did to Bill O’Reilly!

GAIL: Yes, I heard. I heard that his face looked like butchered steak. I also heard that Jesus Christ was the one who rescued Bill just in time from the Jesuits spacecraft where they held him hostage and were torturing him, but getting nowhere with him.

DONALD: That is true, Gail. In fact, I spent the night with Jesus Christ, while Bill was sleeping. God knows, that guy needed his rest!

GAIL: How fascinating! Can you tell me what you and Jesus talked about?

DONALD: I can’t tell you everything, Gail, Jesus made me promise. . .

GAIL: That sounds like Jesus and Jesus is especially nervous about anybody transcribing for him. He refuses to allow anyone to speak for him in a transcription, except Brent Spiner.

DONALD: Yeah, that’s what he told me. He said that I could relate generalities of what he said, but don’t get too specific, because then Zack Knight (Jesuit leader) could twist it and make it appear Jesus said something he did not.

GAIL: Brent’s been talking to me brain to brain and he says that Jesus gave you some “Donald Commandments” or advice about how to run your Presidential campaign and so forth.

DONALD: Oh, Jesus and I talked about all sorts of things. He first congratulated me for my courage in standing for what I felt was best for the United States and the world.

GAIL: That sounds like Jesus. Usually, when he’s about to correct you, he layers it with praise.

DONALD (laughs): You know him so well.

GAIL: Just curious, as a result of being with Jesus overnight, are you now a born again Christian?

DONALD (laughs): Even better, I’m now a Jesus follower!

GAIL: Please elaborate, I’m sure your followers, especially the evangelical crowd will find this fascinating.

DONALD: Well, I know people will find this hard to believe, that Jesus Christ and I spent the night together, but Jesus said I’m a very important part of his plan, and so he took the trouble to spend some time with me. The first thing he said was that I needed to change my immigration policy.

GAIL (laughs): Oh, this is great! Actually, both Vladimir and I have felt your immigration policy is a bit naive, though we appreciate what you intend to accomplish.

DONALD: Naive? In what way, Gail?

GAIL: Well, you seem to want to have this blanket ban against terrorist Muslims, as if they are the biggest terrorist threat on the planet, and actually, the biggest terrorist threat are JESUITS and JESUIT MUSLIMS. If you leave Jesuits out of the equation, your ban won’t work.

DONALD: Yes, actually, I am aware of that, Gail. But Jesus said that the problem was not so much WHO I was banning but the METHODS I would be using to ban them. He said that the idea of a wall alone won’t work, because Jesuits, who are the true terrorists, use Star-Trek like transporter technology to enter and leave countries now. He said the wall is good for a propaganda campaign to make a statement about how I feel about terrorists, but to really keep terrorists out of the country; I needed to set up scanners everywhere that take out Jesuits and their supporters.

GAIL: Assuming Jesus spoke with you, which seems correct, the plan he endorses seems excellent.

DONALD: Jesus warned me that Jesuits have technology to disable your current scanners, Gail, and this is how Jesuits are still entering countries and causing trouble.

But, he said, if I would connect all the scanners to your Gail Shield, they would be effective.

GAIL: Oh, this sounds great!

DONALD: Jesus and I had a long talk about my views of myself as a sinner. I told him that it was unhealthy to see myself as a sinner worthy of hell, that with such a mentality I could not be productive, because I’d be so wracked with guilt that I’d lack the drive to succeed. Jesus then smiled and said he agreed with me. I was about floored when he said that!

GAIL: Go on. This is utterly fascinating.

DONALD: Jesus patted me on the back and gave me a bear hug. He asked me if I had ever done anything wrong in my life. To which I immediately replied, “Yes.” He then said, that I was not eligible for heaven because of that one wrong thing I did. I said, Jesus, your standards for heaven are too high. Jesus then started crying. He said, that’s what Jesuits believe, and that I was thinking like a Jesuit! He told me that if I would not quit thinking like a Jesuit that he would have to allow the evil Hillary Clinton clone to win, as much as he hated it. This really gave me a pause.

GAIL: Jesus said he’d allow Hillary Clinton to win? Why!

DONALD: Jesus said that as bad as the Hillary Clinton clone was, that if I did not have the Holy Spirit inside of me, that very soon the Jesuits would replace me with my evil clone, after they murdered me, and that my clone would be worse than the Hillary Clinton clone! I begged Jesus to not let this happen. He said, Donald, it’s real simple, you just have to believe that because of that one wrong thing you did, you are imperfect and I need sinless perfection in heaven in order for it to be heaven. He said, admit you’re not perfect, that you have sinned and that I needed to die on the cross to pay for that one sin alone, to make you perfect enough for heaven, so that heaven can be a happy place. He said, sorry Donald, as much as I like you, I just can’t allow you into heaven when you refuse to believe that it’s okay for imperfect people to live in heaven.

GAIL: Wow, this is interesting, because Jesus told me that he’d allow some Buddhists into heaven and they never say a sinner’s prayer.

DONALD: Yeah, I questioned him about this and about the fact that some very good people will be left out of heaven, just because they didn’t say a prayer admitting they’re a sinner and needed Jesus to die for them. He said that some Buddhists will get in, because they’ve said the sinner’s prayer IN THEIR HEART, praying to Buddha and asking Buddha to forgive them for their sins. He said the Buddha they were praying to, was HIM. I asked him about Muslims. Were any Muslims going to heaven who were trusting in Mohammed to take them to heaven?

GAIL: Oh boy, this is getting really deep.

DONALD: He said that any Muslim with true humility and love in their hearts he would cover with his blood. He said, it’s not so much saying the prayer, but having the ATTITUDE of knowing you’re a sinner and acknowledging that some God (whether it be Jesus, God, a Jewish God, Mohammed or Buddha or whatever) has had to make a payment for their sins, has had to FORGIVE THEM and to accept that forgiveness. Jesus told me that he will sometimes appear to people in the guise of Mohammed or Buddha or even a New Age god, if that person has their heart in the right place and he deems them worthy of his forgiveness. Jesus then said that true Christianity, as the Bible promotes, is the clearest and easiest way to find him, but he does use other methods. And when he says he is the way, the truth and the life, that is correct, but some Christians don’t realize that he presents himself in other forms to some people.

GAIL: This is getting pretty deep.

DONALD: Oh, we had a real deep conversation. So I admitted that I was a sinner, because I’d committed that one sin and Jesus smiled and hugged me and said I now had the Holy Spirit in my life and this would help protect me from Jesuit brain control and from switch out with my clone. He said, now I was getting closer and closer to being like Abraham Lincoln was when he became President.

GAIL: So explain how your stance on Muslim terrorists has changed.

DONALD: Well, Jesus said I was right, that most Muslims, by following their religion to the tee, do become terrorists and that Jesuits have contaminated the Muslim faith and made it a terrorist religion. But he said that some Shiite Muslims have a different interpretation that is more in line with the Christian teachings, and actually worship Mohammed as a peacemaker. These Muslims feel that the best way to gain a following for Islam is to live a life of peace and love, and he said that these Muslims greatly oppose the Jesuit infiltration into Islam which has polluted their religion. He said these are a different group of Muslims and they have moral standards very similar to true Christian teachings.

GAIL: Interesting. I found THIS LINK. I know that in our war with Jesuit terrorism, that sometimes we have received help from Muslims. For instance, what really happened in the Paris attacks was the giant Sara Avery was going to eat up a lot of Paris restaurants and some Muslims who originally intended to be terrorists, instead tried to defend Paris from Sara Avery.

DONALD: He told me that my current stand against all Muslims was a form of bigotry and not fair to the peace loving Muslims, because it helped promote Jesuit propaganda that makes ALL Muslims appear evil.

GAIL: Okay, but some Christians have rightly said that the Muslim BIBLE or Koran actually promotes violence as a means to spread Islam.

DONALD: Jesus said that this is incorrect. That the Koran, like the Bible, can be interpreted differently depending on the mindset of the interpreter.

GAIL: What about these verses from the Koran that promote violence?

DONALD: Yeah, I actually brought this up to Jesus and he said that that was the Jesuit version of the Koran! He said the peace lovers use another Koran.

GAIL: Apparently, this is true. There are many versions of the Koran.

DONALD: Jesus nodded his head with sadness and said that the Jesuits have convinced the majority of Muslims that they have only one version of the Koran and that it is the Jesuit version. But there are some Shiite Muslims, who honor another Koran, which promotes peace. He said some of these Muslims will go to heaven, because they’ve said a sinner’s prayer of sorts to Mohammed (actually Jesus in disguise). Jesus said he will take the guise of any religious leader to one who has humility and love in their hearts.

GAIL: So a blanket ban against Muslims is unfair.

DONALD: Jesus said that for me to ban only Muslim terrorists and leave out the Jesuits, would be like saying all Christians are terrorists because some who claim to be Christians are terrorist “Christian” Roman Catholics. This is why many Jews refuse to become Christians. He said that my intolerance towards Muslims was, unfortunately, correct and that Jesuits would use this hypocrisy against me and I would lose to Hillary Clinton.

GAIL: Oh, my God.

DONALD: I told Jesus this would be unthinkable and how could I get this right? He said, first off, say the sinner’s prayer and then I can put the Holy Spirit inside of you to protect you from Jesuit switch out with your clone. Next, he said, follow the “Donald Commandments”, and the first one on the list was thou shalt not treat Muslims like a terrorist group, but rather will replace Muslims with Jesuits as the greatest terrorist threat on the planet. Jesus told me that if not for Jesuits, that Muslims would be peace lovers today.  He said Mohammed was a sorry prophet, but that he liked the fables people believed about him that inspired them to live lives of peace. He said he could work through that to reach some Muslims and allow them into heaven.

GAIL: What else did Jesus say?

DONALD: Well, number two on the list was to make sure I take Seroquel every day as prescribed by my doctor, because, if not, Jesuits could use brain control on me by infecting my brain with their super yeast. He also ordered me to get more sleep. He said because I don’t sleep enough, that it weakens my immune system, making it harder for Seroquel to work to remove the yeast from my brain. He reminded me that Florida governor Rick Scott was not getting enough sleep and weakened his immune system to the point that his brain was so saturated with yeast, that Rick Scott lied about you and tried to cause Florida to separate from the Union when you became Empress in 2014.

GAIL: Yeah, we had to Baker Act Rick Scott and put him in the hospital to remove the yeast from his brain. He’s okay, now. So, Donald, anything else you’d like to say about what Jesus told you?

DONALD: Nope, the rest I need to keep secret.

GAIL: Donald, here is an article accusing Russia of being behind the DNC hacks. Any thoughts about this?

DONALD: That reminds me, Jesus said not to jump over everything in the press that comes out against me, that the Jesuits are baiting me. He said this is especially true about anything the Jesuits say about me and my so-called conspiracy with Vladimir Putin. He said to allow you to handle it! (Laughs).

GAIL: Oh, this is funny. Well, my personal thoughts about this article are that I think the Jesuits used their own inside of Russia to set up Vladimir Putin. They do this a lot.

DONALD: That sounds right, Gail. Let me check with Vladimir. Jesus said that if the Jesuits bait me with this nonsense about Vladimir to wait till you bring it up and to allow you to make an interview about it on Gabrielle Chana FOX News. We got Vlad, here.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: The hacks into the DNC happened, because of Jesuit clones here in Russia. As you know, Gail, Jesuits have even better intelligence than I have, and they are just spilling the beans about THEIR OWN hacks into Hillary and the DNC’s emails and, of course, they omit the fact that Jesuits can read everybody’s mind, so these emails are not as important as they seem. I think Donald should just ignore this. He should just stick to his message and continue to expose Hillary as a criminal, which, unfortunately, is what she is, since she is a Jesuit clone of the real Hillary who died. As usual, Jesuits are blowing smoke. If I was Donald, I would go to town about what Hillary did in Benghazi, that was the work of her evil clone and that is who we have running for President now.

GAIL: Here is an article that insinuates that Donald, like Vladimir, is a brutal dictator.

VLADIMIR: Again, Donald, I suggest you handle these rumors and gossip like I do. Just ignore them. Now that we have the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, the truth will get out and because of Gail’s laws requiring everybody to take Seroquel, people will have the intelligence to figure it out. You can joke every now and then about the hypocrisy, and point out who the REAL terrorists are. I do this a lot when Jesuits in the West accuse me of being a terrorist. I point out about, how would the United States feel if I took over Cuba’s government, and set up an anti-American government in Cuba that constantly falsely accused the United States of attacking them, like the Jesuits have done to me with my neighbor country – Ukraine?

DONALD: Jesus said not to jump over all the accusations. Stay focused on the evil of the Hillary Jesuit clone, and soften my stance towards the Muslims, but harden my stance towards the Jesuits. I have a lot to mull over, but I will modify my campaign as Jesus has suggested.

GAIL: Sounds like you’re on the path to being a great President!

August 20, 2016 brain to brain interview with Donald Trump regarding allegations that he is at least $650 million dollars in debt:

GAIL: I heard from my men about a month ago that the Jesuits have almost bankrupted you within the past month or so and that is why you are now soliciting for funds for your campaign as President.

DONALD: (almost starts crying) Gail, I have to tell you, I never dreamed this would happen to me. The Jesuit Order has power like God.

GAIL: I understand. I am the great niece of Howard Hughes, as you well know, and yet, I barely eke by on a missionary’s income. Though becoming wealthy has never been my goal in life and as a young lady I surrendered for missionary service. I guess right now, I am a missionary writer for Jesus, helping him by promoting truth over lies.

DONALD: Without you, Gail, our country would be finished.

GAIL: I would like to ask you to tell us how the Jesuits managed to take one of the richest men in the world (yourself) and put him almost into bankruptcy within a month!

DONALD: You know, unless you are a victim of Jesuit targeting, you may not believe this could be possible, and I used to boast about how rich I was and, therefore, that qualified me to be the President. I no longer feel that just because a person is rich, makes them qualified as an expert in economics or how to run a country’s budget.

GAIL: Can you elaborate more on this?

DONALD: Well, it doesn’t matter how smart or wise you are with money, if the Jesuits want you poor, you will be poor!

GAIL: This makes it seem that it’s hopeless. That if you want to be President and oppose the Jesuits, it’s like David against Goliath, you need a miracle to be able to function responsibly as a President.

DONALD: I couldn’t have stated it better myself. Well, let me tell the world what has happened to me. . .As you well know, Jesuits can make a clone of everybody. Well, my clone has been making horrible business deals within the past month and has practically bankrupted me! Worst of all, he’s making these deals with CHINA.

GAIL: I would hope that the world can see how Jesuits are targeting you and will not hold it against you that you are no longer one of the richest men in the world. In my opinion, the greatest qualification for the Presidency is not a man’s riches, but a man’s CHARACTER. I mean, take a look at Abraham Lincoln. You remind me of HONEST ABE. You tell the TRUTH, and you long to lead with integrity and with moral courage and conviction. You should make this your platform as you run for the Presidency. Okay, so what about this New York Times article listing out in great detail your business dealings and insinuating that you are HIDING your tremendous debt from the world and insinuating that you use organizations in which you have part ownerships to carry out shady business deals?

DONALD: Gail, this is all VERY RECENT activity. If you’ll notice the article does not tell the reader WHEN these debts were incurred. This has all happened in THE LAST MONTH! The Jesuits used my clone to impersonate me and make contracts in my name which I would never have approved of myself! The Jesuits are MASTERS AT IDENTITY THEFT. (Bows his head in humiliation, almost cries). It makes me SO ASHAMED to have to admit that the Jesuits have ruined my financial empire. For awhile, I sat down and talked with your men. I told them, “Perhaps, I should withdraw from this race. If those Jesuits ever force me to disclose my UPDATED financial assets and disclosures, I’m finished. The Jesuits have destroyed me. I almost wish I never ran for President. And what will they do to my family? It seems there’s NOTHING THEY CAN’T DO!” But your men told me to not give up, that the real reason people want me as President is not because I’m rich, but because I tell the TRUTH and care about the REAL ISSUES that every day Americans have to worry about, and, most importantly, I was the OUTSIDER, the one not bought out by the Jesuits, who would promote righteous government.

GAIL: They do mention the dates of 2010 and 2014 in the New York Times article, but it’s in such a vague and general way, that it doesn’t really PIN DOWN when the exact transactions took place which caused such a mire of debt for you.

DONALD: They just mention the dates to make the article appear factual. And it’s factual, except that it does not mention that ninety percent of the debts they disclose happened within the PAST MONTH! But if I release a statement that says these foolish business ventures happened in the PAST MONTH, how will that make me look?

GAIL: I understand completely, Mr. Trump. Let me educate the world a bit about Jesuit finances. First off, the Jesuit leader Zack Knight, has the ability to clone the Internet. This enables him to STEAL FROM ANYBODY. I am actually a New York Times bestselling author. Unlike you, Mr. Trump, Jesuits have targeted me from my birth, so without Jesus Christ’s intervention, I wouldn’t stand a chance, and I currently operate on a missionary’s income. If not for Jesus Christ, I would probably be dead by now, or at least living on the streets. The way clone versions of the Internet work is like this. . . People when you look at the Internet you are looking at one of thousands of versions. Each version of the Internet is different and is designed to show the version of the Internet to that person which will support Jesuit interests. For instance, a person buys my book from what he thinks is, but it’s actually a copy of the website CONTROLLED BY THE JESUIT ORDER, and the JESUITS POSING AS AMAZON accept his credit card payment and he gets verification that his book is paid for and it’s on its way. THE JESUITS FULFILL THE ORDER IMPERSONATING AMAZON AND SHIP THE BOOK TO THE CUSTOMER (IT’S ALSO POSSIBLE THAT THE BOOK MAY HAVE BEEN DOCTORED TO MAKE IT SEEM INFERIOR TO WHAT I WROTE). So the customer is actually ordering from a Jesuit cloned copy of Now, at the REAL WEBSITE, THEY HAVE NO RECORD OF THE SALE or TRANSACTION. In actuality, the Jesuits have IMPERSONATED to this customer and his payment will go to the JESUIT ORDER, and the Jesuits will fulfill the order and ship the book to him, and by using this clone version of the Internet, the Jesuits have STOLEN THE AUTHOR’S AND AMAZON’S SALE.

My men figured out this was happening, because I was making the New York Times bestseller lists and yet, I would receive about two dollars in book sales. The Jesuits did this to my novel Silver Skies, which I published in 2009. I actually had people tell me they bought the book, and just from the people who told me they bought the book, I should have made at least a hundred dollars. Though a lot of people told me that the ordering was a confusing process for some of them. My men also learned that many customers received an inferior version of Silver Skies, that made me appear an awful writer and a writer with mental problems.

DONALD: Oh my, God, Gail, that’s horrible! How do they pull this off? You’d think people would notice.

GAIL: Oh, Donald, it’s so complicated. But I’ll try to explain it. I actually made a video about how Zack Knight clones the Internet. People can listen to my video. Excuse the way I looked. I was seeing a Jesuit beautician at the time and didn’t know it. I now cut my own hair. Zack Knight uses an L-type phase descriminator to modify a signal. He uses this signal to keep all his clone versions of the Internet stable. This STABILIZING signal is passed through the PCI bus where Zack Knight creates all the different clone versions of the Internet. Without the stabilizing signal, all the clone versions would disintegrate inside the PCI BUS. For you non-Geeks out there, the PCI bus is the networking headquarters for the Internet, it determines how the Internet is presented to the world. The clone versions created INSIDE THE PCI BUS, now must go through the quadrature phase shift keyer. The quadrature phase shift keyer regulates (among the various clone versions of the Internet) determining how and where they all go. Zack Knight is a master at using the quadrature phase shift keyer. In fact, I think Zack Knight, with his buddy Satan, INVENTED THE INTERNET FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF PROMOTING JESUIT PROPAGANDA AND STEALING EVERYBODY’S MONEY. Regulating among thousands of versions of the Internet, requires A LOT OF POWER. Therefore, Zack Knight uses a deflector array or deflector DISH in space that collects and intensifies the power source TO THE QUADRATURE PHASE SHIFT KEYER, enabling the QUADRATURE PHASE SHIFT KEYER to have the power to regulate how and where all these clone Internet versions go. Apparently, managing so many clone versions of the Internet requires a LOT OF POWER.

DONALD: Phew! What a complicated mess! I think I understand now why some of my business operations have been doing so poorly lately. This is utterly unfair. It seems very odd that only within the past month, I have become a business failure.

GAIL: That the Jesuits have created a complicated mess is the understatement of the century. Jesuits feel they have a right to everybody’s money and they have the right to do with it as they please, all for the glory of the pope, the Roman Catholic Church and the worship of Mary.

DONALD: This is utterly DISGUSTING.

GAIL: Donald, because everybody uses the Internet, Jesuits can destroy anybody financially, if they set their mind to it. So, I’d like to tell the world that Donald Trump is an outstanding businessman. I think I’d like Vladimir to weigh in on this. Hey Vlad, say something.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: What Gail explained so brilliantly is correct. Do not feel bad, Donald, about your business “failure”. I have a Ph.D. degree in economics and if not for Gail’s INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK, Russia would be in big trouble, because Jesuits have manipulated everybody to launch sanctions against Russia to punish me for loving Gail.

DONALD: Forgive me for being naive about your Conspiracy Law, Gail, but I haven’t gotten around to reading about how the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK works.

GAIL: Donald, you are a very busy man and my Conspiracy Law is the size of an encyclopedia. Start reading about around Sect. 13 of my TERRORIST MONEY LAWS. You are forgiven (laughs). Basically, the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK is our version of the UNITED NATIONS. Vladimir and I decided that the UNITED NATIONS was Jesuit controlled and we wanted our own version of the UNITED NATIONS. We pool all our resources from all the Conspiracy Law honoring nations into the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK, and those funds are distributed to anybody who is in need. We use it to help flood victims, nations that are in trouble financially because of Jesuits, and can even bail out nations that are in debt if need be. So, Vladimir, how are the resources for the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANK at present?

VLADIMIR: Funds have been lower than usual in the past year, because Zack Knight has stolen so much money using his clone versions of the Internet. BUT, all of us at Church of Gail now ONLY WORK AT CHURCH OF GAIL AND WE BYPASS THE COMPUTER IN ALL OUR DEALINGS, and the coffers are filling up. Gail, the money we make from your books and movies from your books are in the billions! We also seize a lot of Jesuit assets when we arrest Jesuits and add that to the INTERNATIONAL CHARITY BANKS. Donald, I would like to say that based on our mind and emotion reads, you are a man of honor, not perfect (laughs), but then who is? We will bail you out. I suggest you just tell the mainstream news that the New York Times LIED ABOUT YOU, because we are going to BAIL YOU OUT, and so all they say about your businesses will be a lie. We need you to be U.S. President.

DONALD: I don’t feel right about taking this money.

VLADIMIR: This is Gail’s money. Let us ask Gail what she thinks about this.

GAIL: Bail him out. And my condition for you, Donald, is that you close out all your business dealings on earth and conduct all your business from Church of Gail from now on, where we operate on a CASH BASIS ONLY.

DONALD: This will take some getting used to.

GAIL: I am confident you can make the transition. It is not safe to conduct any business operations on earth, as you are an anti-Jesuit President and Jesuits can use clones and their clone versions of the Internet to destroy you financially and destroy your reputation. You must consolidate all your ventures into Church of Gail operations that operate only out of Church of Gail for your financial protection. The Jesuits brought my men, like Brent Spiner, Matthew McConaughey, to bankruptcy, using their clones, so that is what my men are doing now. They do all their work now only from Church of Gail.

DONALD: But I’ve seen some of your men working on films on earth.

GAIL: Yes, but they are working for Steven Spielberg’s Church of Gail movie studios, and they just go to earth to do shoots.

DONALD: How would I manage my real estate ventures only from Church of Gail?

GAIL: Set up all your operations headquarters on Church of Gail and have no operations on earth. You can buy and sell land, but all the business transactions must take place on Church of Gail and must be CASH ONLY. Once you get set up, you can then release your tax returns, perhaps only on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. We will hire our Church of Gail accountants to set you up here on Church of Gail. Okay, I will use the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel to announce to the world that anybody who does any financial dealings with Donald Trump outside of Church of Gail is an imposter and all such persons will be arrested as Jesuit Conspirators and possibly given the DEATH PENALTY. Donald, cancel all your banks and financial institutions on earth and do everything using Church of Gail banks.

DONALD: Wow Gail, you live on only a missionary’s income and yet your men are able to get your money and you just dole it out. You are a great woman.

GAIL: Well, Donald, I will be very rich in the next life. This life is not where it’s at. I have a lot of love in my life. I am rich. My men are not able to give me my billion dollars annual income, so I’ve given them legal permission to use the money for charity and for themselves. Zack Knight will kill anybody who gives me money from my writings or movies made from my writings, any ways. But, at least, my men are able to get my money and we can use it to help defeat the Jesuit Order.

DONALD: (Cries) I can’t thank you, enough. I’ll tell my children to manage everything from Church of Gail from now on. We will operate on a CASH ONLY basis. We will also make sure you never end up on the streets. As you know, if I become President, my children will take over my business enterprises.

GAIL: Jesus Christ will make sure I never end up on the streets, Donald. I just need to keep obeying the Gail Commandments. All of your children and their families must live on Church of Gail for their protection. We will announce to the world that any financial transactions for all your business enterprises and for your children and those who work under you must originate from Church of Gail and if anybody pushes through any financial transactions for any of your enterprise from anywhere other than Church of Gail, they are to be arrested as Jesuit Conspirators, with possible death penalty. Any business transactions done in the name of Donald Trump’s businesses that don’t originate from Church of Gail as of today, will be considered fraudulent and of no LEGAL EFFECT. We will use our own auditors for your business, and our own accountants. We will have the right to confiscate the assets and monies of anybody who impersonates you or any of your legal representatives from this day forward, in order to pay for DAMAGES! If we can’t get the damages from the impersonator, we will just take over Jesuit banks and liquidate them to get what we need to restore money Jesuits HAVE STOLEN using their agents and impersonators.

DONALD: You are definitely the great niece of Howard Hughes.

August 19, 2016 brain to brain interview with Donald Trump at his request about his hiring of Stephen K. Bannon for his Presidential campaign.

GAIL: Just listened to Glenn Beck on CNN and he accuses you and Stephen K. Bannon of having morals like the Mafia.

DONALD: Actually, Gail, Stephen K. Bannon is an ex-Jesuit, which is why I hired him. I realized that I was up against the Jesuit Order and wanted someone who was an expert at dealing with Jesuits and their vicious propaganda. Glenn Beck is right that Stephen USED TO HAVE THE MORALS OF A JESUIT, and as we both know, Jesuits DO operate like the Mafia. He has changed, which is why he is an EX-Jesuit.

GAIL: What caused the change?

DONALD: From what I understand, with the expansion of your Gail Shield, he just got real serious about his life and decided that being a Jesuit was not worth it and that he knew that Jesus was not on the Jesuit side. He got “born again” as you Christians like to say.

GAIL: Don’t you consider yourself “born again”?

DONALD: Well, Gail, I am a Presbyterian and I admire Jesus, but I have a bit of a problem with the idea that I’m this horrible sinner who deserves to spend an eternity in hell.

GAIL: Well, we ALL HAVE SINNED AND COME SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD. Aren’t you worried you will lose the evangelical vote by saying this?

DONALD: I don’t think so, Gail, because I admire Jesus and his followers. But to be a winner in this life, you can’t live a life of regrets.

GAIL: Didn’t you just say in a speech that you regretted some things you said that may have hurt some people?

DONALD: I DO regret that I may have hurt some people Gail, but I also believe in moving on.

GAIL: So admitting you’re a sinner is living a life of regrets?

DONALD: Yeah, I do see it that way. I can admit that I have sinned, but to say I AM A SINNER seems an unhealthy mentality to me.

GAIL: Oh, I get it. You think that by feeling like a sinner, you lack the confidence you need to succeed.

DONALD: Yeah, that’s a good way of putting it. But I admire those who strive to follow Jesus, not because they want to feel better about themselves, but because they feel Christianity can contribute to the betterment of the world.

GAIL: Interesting perspective. That may explain why you so readily put an ex-Jesuit onto your team, because you don’t want to have regrets about how you’ve run this campaign. You want to know that you did your very best to win.

DONALD: Gail, as I’ve listened to your news interviews, it has had a profound impact on me. This election is about so much more than me. I really feel that if I lose, that the world will never be the same and I mean that in a bad way. I HAVE TO WIN or I WON’T BE ABLE TO SLEEP AT NIGHT. It’s more than an ego thing with me, it’s like I know that the Jesuits may rig the election and take me down, but I gotta know that I did my utmost to defeat them! So I chose a man who USED TO BE A JESUIT to lead my campaign team. I figure who’d be better than a former Jesuit. I have to admit, I’ve been observing these Jesuits and I feel to beat them, I need to use one of their own. They have had centuries of experience at politics and I haven’t, so a former Jesuit is the best for the job!

GAIL: That makes perfect sense, Mr. Trump! I would like to say that I feel Glenn Beck is a Jesuit, except he is a PRESENT TENSE JESUIT who poses as a Mormon. He was raised Roman Catholic and attended Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Mount Vernon, Washington. Then he and his older sister moved with their mother to Sumner, Washington and then he attended a Jesuit school in Puyallup, Washington.

DONALD: Yeah, he’s a Jesuit. Just checked with your friend Vladimir (Putin) here. That explains why he says such nasty things about me. The Jesuits find me absolutely horrifying. They know that I won’t capitulate to them, that they won’t be able to control me as a President.

GAIL: Okay, I need to make this a wrap. I wanted the world to be aware that a Jesuit named Glenn Beck opposes you, which should wake people up to the fact that they should vote for ANYBODY THE JESUITS OPPOSE. No organization on earth is more evil than the Jesuit Order.

August 16, 2016 brain to brain interview with Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama & Donald Trump regarding Jesuit Muslims and Jesuit terrorism:

GAIL: I am listening to Donald Trump’s speech at West Bend, Wisconsin about law and order. Great speech! He is with me to oppose the evil Jesuit establishment.

VLADIMIR: I agree. Great speech. I would like to help you educate the Americans about Jesuit goals with Islam.

GAIL: I have been researching a bit about the difference between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. This may seem a minor thing, but it is actually very major. While I don’t feel the audience needs to understand all the differences between the two forms of Islam, this is what they need to understand. The divide is traced to 632 A.D., when the Islamic Prophet Muhammad died and a debate emerged about who should be his successor.

Both sides agreed that Allah is the one true God and that Muhammad was his messenger, but one group (which eventually became the Shiites) felt Muhammad’s successor should be someone in his bloodline, while the other (which became the Sunnis) felt a pious individual who would follow the Prophet’s customs was acceptable.

“The original schism between Islam’s two largest sects was not over religious doctrine. It was over political leadership,” Robin Wright, a joint fellow at the non-partisan U.S. Institute of Peace and the Woodrow Wilson Center, said.

Both Sunnis and Shiites read the Quran, the sayings of the Prophet. Both believe Prophet Muhammad was the messenger of Allah. And both follow the five tenets of Islam: They fast during Ramadan, pledge to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, practice ritual prayer (which includes five prayers each day), give charity to the poor, and pledge themselves to their faith.

Their prayer rituals are nearly identical, with slight variations: For example, Shiites will stand with their hands at their sides, Sunnis will put their hands on their stomachs.

They also both believe in Islamic law but have different applications for it.

Their beliefs over who should have succeeded the Prophet Muhammad is the key theological difference between the two.

Sunnis also have a less elaborate religious hierarchy than Shiites have, and the two sects’ interpretation of Islam’s schools of law is different. Shiites give human beings the exalted status that is given only to prophets in the Quran, often venerating clerics as saints, whereas Sunnis do not.

The great majority — upwards of 85 to 90 percent — of the world’s more than 1.6 billion Muslims are Sunnis. Shia constitute about 10 to 15 percent of all Muslims, and globally their population is estimated at less than 200 million.

Whereas Sunnis dominate the Muslim world, from West Africa to Indonesia, the Shiites are centrally located, with a vast majority in Iran, predominance in Iraq and sizable populations in Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

VLADIMIR: Great teaching, Gail. Gail used to be a school teacher.

GAIL: Yeah, that was a long time ago.

VLADIMIR: Americans are very ignorant about Jesuit goals with Islam. I feel the main thing Americans need to understand is that Jesuits have infiltrated every major religion on earth and their goal is to create a worldwide Catholic religion that has a little bit of everything in it, to accommodate everyone and to force everyone to worship the Catholic faith as the one, true church. I have learned this about Jesuits using my experience in intelligence and borrowing Jesuit mind reading technology on Jesuits we have captured and interrogated. Using their mind and emotion reading technology they have striven to come up with a religion that will be mandatory for all to worship, including Muslims, Protestants, Catholics and all forms of religion, it will even accommodate atheists and agnostics. This is why Pope Francis has said that even atheists can go to heaven. But what he fails to tell you is that Jesuits feel deep down inside, that regardless of your religious persuasion or life philosophy, you must worship the pope and they want to make this mandatory and worldwide. So, let’s say, you are a Baptist and don’t want to worship the pope, then you must die. They plan to start an Inquisition against all who oppose the pope’s leadership. No one will have an excuse because every religion and belief will be accommodated into an amalgamation of all beliefs into a united Catholic faith for everybody.

GAIL: So, basically, if we allow the Catholics to have political power, they will use that power to bring about a worldwide dictatorship for the pope. This has always been their goal and has not changed. The Catholic Church is like a chameleon, they have no moral convictions, other than the conviction that they have the right to rule, control and manipulate everyone on earth to worship the pope and honor the Catholic Church. Those who refuse to fall in line, will be executed, as they did during the Inquisition.

VLADIMIR: Let me explain the Jesuit strategy for Islam. Jesuits feel because the majority of Muslims are Sunni that they have adopted a Catholic Sunni version of Islam which they want to impose on all Muslims to get all Muslims to submit to the pope as their Allah. They have chosen to side with the Sunnis, not out of moral conviction, but because they seek political power and the Sunnis are in the majority. They feel they can conquer Islam for the Catholic Church if they force all Muslims to be Sunni and the Catholic Church will add in some Catholic stuff to this. They are paying large sums of money to Sunni leadership to bribe them to brainwash their followers into Jesuit soldiers for the pope. An example of this, was the Sunni Muslim Osama Bin Laden, who Jesuits used to attack the United States for 9/11/2001.

GAIL: Okay, Vladimir, so they have chosen to align themselves with the Sunnis, because they feel that is their greatest hope to win over Islam to the Catholic Church and help them set up a one world religion that all must follow or they will die.

VLADIMIR: Exactly. They have also infiltrated Shiite Muslim leadership and bribed many of the Shiite leaders into betraying their fellow Shiite Muslims and turn them over to the Sunnis to be killed or punished. Basically the Jesuits side, for the most part, with the Sunnis against the Shiites, not because they actually like the Sunni beliefs more than the Shiite beliefs, but because they plan to takeover Islam and create a Catholic/Islam half breed religion as part of their one world religion. Many Shiite leaders see through this, and like your Conspiracy Law Gail and want to install Conspiracy Law in their country. I have made great strides in talks with Iran and Turkey along this line.

BARACK OBAMA: I’d like to weigh in now, Gail. First off, I appreciate Vladimir’s attempts to win over certain Muslim nations who want to enforce your Conspiracy Law. For this reason, when Vladimir strikes deals with Iran or Turkey or Syria, I am secretly in support of it. I do have an evil Jesuit clone who has managed to pass legislation behind my back. For instance, the large amount of money that went to Iran, was actually the work of my clone and Jesuit News lied and made it appear that I endorsed this. Unfortunately, I cannot keep up with all the lies in the news media. Perhaps, I’ve given up. I’m so grateful you’ve started your news channel website. Some much needed truth will be getting out to the public. I would also like to say I am aware that just because Vladimir meets with the leaders of Iran or Turkey or Syria, is no reason for Jesuit News to lie and say he is sending troops to those areas.

GAIL: So, Barack Obama, you have not really opposed Vladimir’s incursion into Crimea, because that was the will of the people and they wanted to align with Russia.

BARACK: Yes, Gail, but then my clone went on the news and said some other things. I support Vladimir Putin one hundred percent, because he supports your law, which is sorely needed right now.

GAIL: I hear that your programming has been contaminated by Jesuits and has caused you to use some poor judgment.

BARACK: Yes, Gail, I have been like a brain control victim as an automaton. Like what happened to you when you thought you were allergic to everything and you weren’t. I have made some mistakes and have not been perfect.

GAIL: But at least your heart has been in the right place, so I have not had a problem with you as President. Oh, Donald is here, now!

DONALD TRUMP: Hey, Barack Obama, I’d like to apologize that I am forced to go after your clone so much, because a lot of what he’s done has been disastrous.

BARACK: It’s okay, Donald. Thanks to Gail here, we might be able to cause all this confusion to make some sense to the American public.

DONALD TRUMP: I actually liked the real Hillary Clinton. It’s disastrous that she’s been murdered, but I just can’t go on the mainstream news and say this, so I just have to go after Hillary Clinton’s clone as I go after your clone Barack.

BARACK: I see it this way, Donald. I did my best. I was up against a very entrenched Jesuit Order in the United States. I really tried to enforce Gail’s Conspiracy Law. She has an excellent national health care plan that my clone sabotaged and he is responsible for Obama care. I have not been able to undo the damage that he has done. I hope that you, Donald, will be able to implement Gail’s excellent national health care plan and will not throw out the baby with the bath water.

DONALD TRUMP: Yes, I have read Gail’s national health care plan in Sect. 55 of her Conspiracy Laws and Government. Gail, I’m really impressed with it. I did mention that I planned on having a national health care plan, but as soon as I said that, the Jesuit Republicans went after me for endorsing Obama care they said. But I am really going to try and implement your national health care plan as President, Gail. I mean it.

GAIL: My health care plan is much better and much less complicated than Obama care. It’s physician friendly and the doctors love it, because I allow them to run it. I hear from my men that in areas where we have been able to implement it that we have had great success and have saved a lot of money. It’s very affordable for everybody and everybody will have quality health care. It saves money because nobody can be in it unless they agree to use our lawyers for malpractice lawsuits and I don’t allow outrageous malpractice settlements that force doctors to have expensive malpractice insurance. So this saves a lot of money. Jesuits use malpractice lawsuits to punish doctors they don’t like. I don’t allow this at all. I have stringent oversights to ensure that physicians are accountable for the quality of the care they give to their patients and that they don’t practice Jesuit medicine on people.

DONALD: I’ve been reading over the transcript you’ve written just now (as I just came back from my law and order speech), about how Jesuits are working inside of Islam to try and incorporate the Islamic faith into a mandatory Catholic religion. That’s really disgusting. The Jesuits don’t even care whether the Islamic faith endorses terrorism. Instead, they use the Jesuit Muslim terrorists to punish those who oppose Jesuit policies. I plan to screen those who come into the country using your Conspiracy Law, Gail. But I can’t go out and say this except here at the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. I am NOT against Islam. I am against fanatical terrorist Muslims. I will allow Muslims into the country, but I won’t allow terrorists into the country. Using your Conspiracy Law, we can screen people who come into the country using mind and emotion reads, and this is where my enemy is getting me, because I can’t tell people about this, because Jesuits have kept much of their technology from the world, so that they can use it secretly against us.

GAIL: Yes, Donald, with my genius emotional I.Q., I sense that you really want to honor my Conspiracy Law. Actually, a wall may not be a bad idea, but it alone won’t keep the terrorists out, because Jesuits can use transporter technology like Star Trek to enter any country.

DONALD: I know, Gail. Vladimir and I are working together on a plan to not only use a wall, but also to incorporate some of your scanning technology to detect Jesuits who “land” inside our nation and zap them out. It’s just that, except for here in the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, I can’t talk about it, without being labeled as insane.

GAIL: I understand completely. I see you as someone who has the same heart as the REAL Barack Obama. He really tried. He really tried, and that’s why I won’t criticize Barack Obama. But you seem like you will really try, really try to enforce my Conspiracy Law. If we can defeat the Jesuits, this world will be a much better place.

BARACK: Here, here. Let’s all have a toast to that. Thank you, Donald, for trying to finish what I’ve started. I realize you have to go against my clone. But you recognize that I tried. In fact, I died, and you are seeing me as a robot. I absolutely do NOT want the Hillary Clinton Jesuit clone to become President. I think Hillary in heaven would turn in her grave if that happened.

(Donald goes to Barack and gives him a hug)

GAIL: Vladimir, there’s been a lot of news about you sending military forces into Syria, Crimea, Ukraine and so forth. You have anything to say?

VLADIMIR: It’s Jesuit crap. It’s just that Jesuits don’t like it when I have meetings with Shiite leaders who are thinking about enforcing your Conspiracy Law, because of rebellious Jesuit Sunnis inside their country that they can’t control. So they make up stories that when my jet lands in Syria, or Iran, or wherever that I am also sending troops in. They have very good imagination is all I can say! What good does it do to have freedom of the press, when all they do is report lies? If I was American President, I would arrest all these lying reporters and media heads and put them in jail, and give them the death penalty if they continue to spread lies that foment discord and strife. Jesuits are never happy unless they are getting everybody all riled up over rumors and propaganda against their enemies.

GAIL: But you did annex Crimea.

VLADIMIR: It was a peaceful takeover and what the Crimeans wanted. They did not want Jesuits ruling over their country and knew that I was an anti-Jesuit President. I welcomed the opportunity to bring the Crimeans back to the Russia they loved and to have a neighbor who Jesuits could not use to attack Russia, like they are trying to do now with Ukraine.

GAIL: Okay, let’s make this a wrap. I hope people will understand Donald a little better now, and you, too, Barack. What we need are leaders who have their heart in the right place. Because the leaders we’ve had, have all been cronies for the Jesuits, and it has been very, very bad for the United States and for every country they pollute with their schisms and anarchy and murder. I see you (Donald) as a continuation of the heart of Barack Obama, who failed to enforce my Conspiracy Law, but TRIED. Perhaps, you, Donald, will be able to enforce the law he tried to enforce, but could not.

August 15, 2016 brain to brain interview with Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin regarding Independent Evan McMullin entering the U.S. Presidential race:

VLADIMIR: We have done a run down on Evan McMullin whose job is to ensure that Donald Trump does not win the U.S. Presidency.

GAIL: Okay, Vladimir you have told me that Evan is a Jesuit and the entire time he served in the C.I.A. he was a Jesuit.

VLADIMIR: Yes, that is correct.

GAIL: Give us some details on how Jesuits plan to use Evan to sabotage Donald Trump’s run for President.

VLADIMIR: Jesuits have carefully calculated what they consider to be Trump’s weaknesses as a candidate using their mind reading technology on the population. They have also studied Hillary Clinton’s weaknesses as a candidate. They have programmed Evan to be strong in areas where Jesuits perceive Trump to be weak and to also be strong in areas where Jesuits perceive Hillary to be weak. The problem is that Evan is a crappy human being and knows what to say, but like the slick Jesuit that he is, once he gets in office, he will serve the Jesuits and NOT THE PEOPLE.

GAIL: That is your typical Jesuit for you! They speak beautiful words and have scorpions for a heart.

VLADIMIR: So well said, my love.

GAIL: Well, with Evan being a Jesuit, he’s not even allowed to run for office under my Conspiracy Law. As we can see, Jesuits have a brazen disrespect for my law. Tell us more about Evan McMullin.

VLADIMIR: He poses as a Mormon, but is a Jesuit in his heart. Jesuits do this a lot. In their oath, they say (Vladimir pulls out a tablet):

Among the Reformers, to be a Reformer; among the Huguenots, to be a Huguenot; among the Calvinists, to be a Calvinist; among other Protestants, generally to be a Protestant; and obtaining their confidence, to seek even to preach from their pulpits, and to denounce with all the vehemence in your nature our Holy Religion and the Pope; and even to descend so low as to become a Jew among Jews, that you might be enabled to gather together all information for the benefit of your Order as a faithful soldier of the Pope. You have been taught to plant insidiously the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and to incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace; to take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end.

GAIL: So this guy is basically a phony Mormon, and plays the role of Mormon, but is a Jesuit in his heart and will say or do anything to promote the Catholic Church’s goal to set up a worldwide dictatorship for the pope. He chooses to pose as a Mormon because Jesuits feel that is the best disguise for this agent of theirs.

VLADIMIR: That is correct. The Jesuits have, apparently determined that Trump’s greatest strength, his authenticity, is also his greatest weakness because he has “mouth trouble”. Having worked in intelligence, I can tell you, that I have known for years that Evan McMullin, while in the C.I.A., was a Jesuit. The C.I.A. has been run by Jesuits for decades. I would be very wary about anybody running for U.S. President from the C.I.A. for this reason. He knows he will not win the election. His job is to ensure Trump does not win. He is designed to take away votes from Trump. Here is what we will do. We use brain reads on all voters to determine if they are UNWILLNG AGENTS.

GAIL: Let me interrupt you for a minute. An UNWILLING AGENT according to my Conspiracy Law is one whose brain is not their own and Jesuit control them like a puppet. Under Conspiracy Law, UNWILLING AGENT votes do NOT count. However, this could be a problem for Trump who needs all the votes he can get right now.

VLADIMIR: Here is how I suggest we deal with this, Gail. I will work with Barack Obama and the U.S. government to try and keep JESUIT Evan McMullin off all the ballots, but Jesuits are very resourceful. If he makes it to some ballots, we will let people know through Gabrielle Chana FOX News that none of the Independents running are eligible to run because they are all Jesuits. We will use brain reads on the ones that make it to the ballots despite it being a violation of your Conspiracy Law (which Jesuits have ZERO respect for). If we determine that this third party candidate has stolen votes from Donald Trump, in other words, if this third party candidate had not run, that vote would have gone to Donald Trump, then that vote WILL COUNT FOR DONALD TRUMP and not for the third party candidate! This is how we will punish the Jesuits for trying to usurp your law!

GAIL: So, listen folks. Don’t waste your votes on any third party candidates, because that vote will go to Donald Trump, especially if you would have voted for Trump otherwise.

VLADIMIR: If we determine that the vote would have gone to Jesuit Hillary Clinton, the vote just won’t count for anybody. Donald Trump is the only candidate qualified to run according to your Conspiracy Law. We may allow some votes for others, such as Bernie Sanders to count, because he is still qualified to run. But any votes for ANY JESUITS will not count. When the election is over, we will fudge numbers for the Jesuit candidates (for Jesuit News) and ensure that Donald wins, or Bernie (though I don’t think Bernie will win). We like Donald because he supports your Conspiracy Law one hundred percent.

GAIL: Okay, so if the voters want their vote to count, they need to take their Seroquel (so they won’t be a victim of Jesuit brain control and disqualified) and if they vote for a third-party Jesuit candidate their vote will count for the Republican (Donald Trump) or Democrat (Bernie Sanders) that would have gotten their vote if that third party candidate had not run.

VLADIMIR: Exactly. We shall punish the Jesuits for so flagrantly violating your law.

GAIL: Let’s hope the news media will report the true results of this election. They lie so much. Donald, you requested to weigh in on all this. Do you still want to say something?

DONALD: You guys are geniuses, that’s all! I know some folks will think this is really unfair, but hey, Jesuits are TERRORISTS. When does a TERRORIST get to run for President? Only in the U.S.A. folks. Only in the U.S.A.!

GAIL: Donald, I thought you felt the United States is the best country in the world!

DONALD: I don’t know. I’m really having second thoughts about that. Especially, now that I know about how Bill Clinton used one of our submarines to torpedo the Russian Kursk and murder 118 Russian sailors during peacetime operations. That shouldn’t have happened, Gail. It’s DISGUSTING. It’s JESUIT DISGUSTING.

GAIL: Yeah, that is pretty disgusting. What’s even more disgusting is that American news cooperated with the Jesuits to cover up that Americans murdered these Russian sailors, and then have had the gall to accuse Vladimir of being a terrorist over the years. What hypocrisy!

DONALD: Yeah, there’s a lot of crap going on. This country’s headed for a Jesuit holocaust if I don’t win.

GAIL: Okay, let’s let the world know that this Evan McMullin is a Jesuit whose job is to ensure Donald Trump loses. Let’s make this a wrap. The Jesuits need to GO DOWN.

Brain to brain interview on August 14, 2016 with black judge and Harvard Law School graduate Terrance Jenkins, U.S. President Barack Obama, and U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump about Black Lives Matter:

GAIL: First off, I’d like to say that being white and Asian, I only learned about this as a problem from my dear friend Judge Terry Jenkins, who has had personal experience along this line. He had me watch the movie Straight Outta Compton and what I watched was very disturbing.

JUDGE TERRY: Oh Gail, this be a big problem. I’m so glad you have me here for this interview.

GAIL: First off, folks, let me introduce you to Judge Terry Jenkins, who was a brave judge who risked his life for me during the Jesuit skewed trial in Quebec, Canada, where Jesuits using an all Jesuit jury, gave me the death penalty and wanted to execute me for cooperating with Vladimir Putin to destroy an underwater city filled with Jesuit babies, even though these babies were going to be used as part of a Jesuit army to launch a nuclear holocaust over all the world.

JUDGE TERRY: Yeah, I encourage everybody to go to my YouTube channel and watch that trial. It be a real eye opener.

GAIL: First off, I’d like to explain to the audience that you are a Harvard Law School graduate and a very good judge. In fact, you have been the judge in many trials we’ve had with Jesuits. My men prefer you as a judge, because there are so many Jesuit judges out there.

JUDGE TERRY: Yeah, that be true, Gail.

GAIL: Terrance is proud of where he came from (Compton, California ghetto) so even though he knows how to speak correct English, he talks like he did when he was growing up in Compton.

JUDGE TERRY: Yeah, Compton! I say that whenever I want to emphasize that what I be saying is the TRUTH.

GAIL: Terrance, is Barack Obama willing to be added to this conversation?

JUDGE TERRY: Let me check, Gail. (goes off to check). Okay, he be here. You can ask him any questions if you like.

GAIL: Alright, we’ve heard about a lot of police killings in the news lately, and you, Barack Obama, have been real silent about these. Donald Trump is sticking up for the police officers that have been murdered. Any comments about this, from either of you?

BARACK OBAMA: First off, Gail, let me say that I give out my heartfelt condolences to those police families in their loss. I do not condone the killing of innocent police officers. Having said that, I’d like to say, that having grown up black, as Judge Terry here can testify, I have experienced harassment from white police officers just because I’m black.

GAIL: I just became aware of this because of Judge Terry here. He had me watch the movie Straight Outta Compton and what I viewed was very disturbing. It helps me understand the Black Lives Matter movement, even though I do NOT agree with murdering innocent police officers!

BARACK OBAMA: Well, let me say this, Gail. The Jesuit News (as you call it), and that’s what it is, JESUIT NEWS, never tells the truth. The fact is, that many blacks have been victims of police racism and brutality directed against blacks, especially young black males. They seem to think that a black man, BY VIRTUE OF BEING BLACK AND ASCRIBING TO THE BLACK LIFESTYLE, LIKE RAP MUSIC, IS GUILTY OF CRIMES. So I have been reluctant to get on JESUIT NEWS and protest against the police officers who have been murdered, but on a personal level, I find these murders outrageous and am working with your men to arrest the Jesuits involved in these murders against innocent police officers.

GAIL: So you say, JESUITS were involved in these murders?

BARACK OBAMA: Yes, Gail, Jesuits used BRAIN CONTROL on the murderers (who were NOT taking Seroquel and needed to, as most of the population needs to be on Seroquel or just about ANYBODY could be mind-controlled into being a murderer).

GAIL: So how are you going after the Jesuits who used brain control on the murderers to cause them to commit these murders?

BARACK OBAMA: It’s real simple, Gail, we are exposing them on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and then your law which demands the execution of all Jesuits, demands we execute these Jesuit scientists and other Jesuits involved in the brain control.

GAIL: Unfortunately, we cannot execute Zack Knight, the true Jesuit leader and the Antichrist, because he cannot be killed. He already died, and Satan resurrected him from hell as the Antichrist and Jesus says he has to fulfill his term as the Antichrist before he can be removed from the earth.

BARACK OBAMA: Yes, it appears the Antichrist is trying to create a climate on earth where the members of Black Lives Matter look like terrorists.

GAIL: Explain further, please. Oh, excuse me, I hear Donald Trump wants to weigh in on this. Barack, are you willing to let Donald in on this conversation?

BARACK: Certainly, let him in.

DONALD: Hey Gail, I’ve heard you are interviewing Barack and your friend here about Black Lives Matter. Barack, I’ve actually seen the movie Straight Outta Compton, and I agree with Gail that it is very disturbing. But it is also very disturbing about this rash of police murders we’ve had lately. I’ve got it from some reliable sources, mainly the scientists on Church of Gail, that most of the police departments are weeding out the bad police who have harassed blacks in the past and most police are good, today. And they are good in that they are cooperating with Gail and her men to arrest Jesuits as outlined in her Conspiracy Law. So, even though, IN THE PAST, Black Lives Matter had a case, they no longer have a case today.

BARACK: I will concede that I have not heard of any legitimate harassment of blacks very recently. But, judging by my experiences in the past, I tend to be skeptical about the goodness of the police, especially when it comes to us blacks.

DONALD: Barack, I want to thank you for your endorsement of me over HITLER Hillary (as Gail calls her).

BARACK: I’m just heartbroken over the real Hillary’s death and she’s now a Jesuit, you see, so I had to endorse you, even if somewhat secretly here on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. I’d like to say that up until very recently Black Lives Matter had a REAL CASE, and many, many black, young men have been harassed and arrested JUST FOR BEING BLACK AND ASCRIBING TO A BLACK CULTURE, and this has caused a lot of resentment in the black community towards white police officers.

GAIL: As an objective observer, since I’m not black and only learned about this harassment of blacks from my friend Terrance here, I think we should let the public know that the Black Lives Matter movement does have a case and most members of Black Lives Matter are law abiding citizens. Apparently, the Jesuits are trying to create anarchy in the United States, so we only hear about the bad people in Black Lives Matter, who perpetuate the stereotypes that we have here in America about blacks.

BARACK: That is correct, Gail. It is equally heinous for anybody carrying the banner of Black Lives Matter to murder police officers and as all the recent murderers were victims of Zack Knight’s brain control, I encourage everybody to take Seroquel, so that you, too, will not become a victim of Jesuit brain control.

GAIL: Why, do you think, Barack, that Jesuits are using brain control on some blacks to turn them into murderers of police officers?

BARACK: It’s as you say, Gail, Jesuits want to create anarchy in the United States and, I fear, they also want to ensure that Donald Trump does not become U.S. President. As you know, he has firmly stood behind the police officers, who, by the way, are doing an outstanding job, especially in the past couple months. I have been very pleased to see that harassment of blacks seems to be going down and am saddened to see so many great and courageous police officers killed in the line of duty.

GAIL: Why don’t you go out and say this on Jesuit News, Barack?

BARACK: It’s the same deal as to why I had to endorse Hillary on Jesuit News, Gail. Jesuits may harm my family, if I say or do anything that makes Donald Trump appear to be a good Presidential candidate.

GAIL: So, it appears Jesuits are causing racial problems in this country to create an atmosphere of anarchy which they can use against or for whoever they support or oppose in politics. I know from my research on Jesuits, that peace in a country always works against them, because when everybody is happy and at peace, you can’t have a revolution and Jesuits need a revolution to take over a country, by creating a climate of anarchy.

DONALD: Yeah, this really sounds right, Gail. I know, for a fact, that all the police I’ve encountered support your Conspiracy Law one hundred percent. Because of this, the Jesuits have launched all out war against the police. This was not true years ago, when there were a lot of Jesuit police, but the police have changed and are more in the right now than a lot of black people realize. I have to admit, if I was black and grew up black, I would probably be skeptical about this recent change in the police, but, Gail, we need to make the blacks and the general population aware that though the Black Lives Matter movement was important in the PAST – it appears that, today, there should be a movement called POLICE LIVES MATTER!

GAIL: Okay, now Barack and Terrance, what do you say, do you agree we now need a movement called POLICE LIVES MATTER?

BARACK: Lifts a glass of wine. Here, here, we will have a toast to that! (Judge Terry and Donald all lift their glasses in a toast).

GAIL: As I don’t drink, though I don’t have a problem with people who drink, as long as they don’t get drunk – I will just give you all a high five. I do have one more question, that I would like you all to weigh in on. How do you think that HITLER Hillary Clinton will handle all this?

BARACK: Oh Gail, it will be awful. She will try and create an atmosphere of extreme resentment against the Black Lives Matter movement by depriving blacks of the ability to take Seroquel, possibly making Seroquel illegal, and this will just turn the United States into what Ukraine is like today.

GAIL: That would be very bad. Let’s hope Donald gets in, but, Donald, if Jesuit News lies and says that Hillary has won, we will just have to make it that she can’t pass any legislation!

DONALD: I certainly hope I win too, Gail, as I do feel I am the best qualified to be your assistant. As you know, all of us running for President were recently asked under your very advanced lie detection, using mind and emotion reads, how much we support you as the American Empress and how much we support your Conspiracy Law, and I came out WAY AHEAD. I support your Conspiracy Law one hundred percent, as does my VP Mike Pence.

GAIL: The sad thing is, Donald, is that if in Jesuit News she becomes the U.S. President, they will lie and say she has passed legislation, when she has NOT, and will use these lies to try and enforce this phony legislation.

BARACK: I recommend that all people all over the world pray for our country, especially in regard to these very contentious elections we have coming up!

August 11, 2016 brain to brain interview with Donald Trump regarding comments that Barack HUSSEIN Obama founded ISIS.

GAIL: Donald, don’t you think it’s a little extreme to call Barack Obama the FOUNDER of ISIS?

DONALD: Gail, I’m referring to the Barack Obama clone, not the real Barack.

GAIL: Okay, explain exactly what you mean by saying that Barack Obama is the founder of ISIS.

DONALD: Okay, listen carefully. Barack Obama is a secret Muslim sympathizer and he knew the situation in the Middle East was bad for our troops and he allowed our troops to pull out before they had done the job of defeating the Islamic terrorists over there.

GAIL: Okay, now CNN is claiming that you actually said this.

“You know how they get out? They get out,” Trump told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in 2007. “That’s how they get out. Declare victory and leave, because I’ll tell you, this country is just going to get further bogged down. They’re in a civil war over there, Wolf. There’s nothing that we’re going to be able to do with a civil war. They are in a major civil war.”

Here is another quote: “First, I’d get out of Iraq right now,” Trump said to British GQ in a 2008 interview. “And by the way, I am the greatest hawk who ever lived, a far greater hawk even than Bush. I am the most militant military human being who ever lived. I’d rebuild our military arsenal, and make sure we had the finest weapons in the world. Because countries such as Russia have no respect for us, they laugh at us. Look at what happened in Georgia, a place we were supposed to be protecting.” Later, Trump said he wished Arizona Sen. John McCain, whom he was backing in the election, had supported pulling troops out of Iraq faster. “I wish he would promise to get us out of Iraq faster,” said Trump. “I am not in love with that aspect of what he represents.”

DONALD: Gail, this is unbelievable. I don’t know where those quotes came from.

GAIL: Wait a minute. You are telling me you did NOT say those things?

DONALD: Yes, that is correct.

GAIL: Okay. I’m a little confused, because you have stated several times that you did not agree with Bush about going into Iraq, which, by the way, I agree with you on. This was also Vladimir Putin’s position. Perhaps this will be less confusing if you define what you mean by accusing Barack Obama of being the founder of ISIS.

DONALD: This is a little complicated, Gail. So listen carefully. I was against Bush going into Iraq. But he went in, okay? So, at the time our troops were being pulled out of Iraq (which is the area where ISIS has grown), it was not the right time.

GAIL: Okay, this is a direct contradiction to quotes that say you said in 2007 and 2008 where you agreed with Obama to pull the troops out.

DONALD: I did agree with Obama to pull the troops out, but not at the time that he DID, and not WHERE we did. I think we should have kept our troops in Afghanistan and places around Iraq, like perhaps Syria. But in 2007 we were bogged down in a civil war, which is a no win situation. This all happened because we butted into Iraq when it was none of our business. And also, I don’t know where those quotes came from, perhaps they came from my clone.

GAIL: Okay, assuming you never said in 2007 and 2008 what CNN claims you said, what was your position on the troops in Iraq back then?

DONALD: I believed that we needed to stay in Iraq to try and resolve the civil war there and make sure the bad guys over there would not come out on top. You see, because we had already gone in, under Bush, and that messed everything up over there, and we couldn’t just leave it like that.

GAIL: I wonder where CNN got those quotes that seem to contradict what you are saying now?

DONALD: I don’t know, Gail. Let me check with Vladimir.

VLADIMIR: Gail, it appears that CNN just made that up out of their head. I don’t think Donald ever said that he felt Obama should have pulled out the troops in Iraq (before the situation there got more stable). The Jesuits are so desperate to discredit Donald, they are just making things up.

GAIL: How do you feel about the timing of Barack Obama pulling out the troops in Iraq when he did, Vladimir? This may be relevant since you will be helping Donald in his role as U.S. President.

VLADIMIR: I think it was a big mistake to go into Iraq as Bush did. Bush was a Jesuit patsy. But, I agree with Donald, that Obama pulled the troops out too soon. Obama is a secret Muslim sympathizer, which may be why Donald calls him the founder of ISIS. I think perhaps, Donald, you need to clarify to the American people what you mean by calling Obama the founder of ISIS. Maybe explain that you feel Obama’s secret sympathy for Muslims gave him bad judgment and he pulled American troops out TOO SOON, when it was a bad time. Also, explain that you never said in 2007 and 2008 that you agreed with Obama’s timing in pulling the troops out when he did.

DONALD: I got a problem with that, because I suspect that if I do go out and say this, that CNN will come up with a video of my clone contradicting me, and then my goose will be cooked. So that is why I’ve been evasive about what I mean about Barack Obama as being the founder of ISIS.

GAIL: Oh, I see, you are playing jumping games with your clones. Yes, those clones DO make things complicated. Do you think perhaps you should just back down on calling Obama the founder of ISIS?

DONALD: No! Because I think the Jesuits used him to create ISIS and that has been very bad for the world. I don’t know if it was because of brain control on him, making him too sympathetic to Muslims, or whatever, but he used very bad judgment in pulling out the troops when he did.

GAIL: Okay, so if you weren’t worried about possible clones who might contradict you, you’d just go out and say that Barack Obama used poor judgment in timing when it came to pulling out the troops in Iraq, and how he pulled the troops out, and this created a situation where ISIS was able to flourish and prosper.

DONALD: Yeah, that’s a great way of putting it.

GAIL: Just go out and say it, Donald.

DONALD: I just did, THROUGH YOU. But I won’t on Jesuit News, because I’m worried about a contradiction from a possible clone of mine out there.

GAIL: Alright, I’m glad I have given you the opportunity to clarify yourself.

DONALD: Thank you, Gail. What would I do without you!

August 10, 2016 brain to brain interview with Donald Trump at his request.

GAIL: Hello, Mr. Trump. I watched your speech at Ft. Lauderdale today and thought it was good. I don’t understand why none of the news stations covered it.

DONALD: Well, Gail, they did the referendum vote and I got enough votes, so that if Hillary wins the election according to Jesuit News, we can kick her out legally according to your Conspiracy Law. I want to thank you for your interviews, which I know take up much of your precious time, but you care about this country.

GAIL: Yes, Donald, I have had extensive experience dealing with Jesuits and know that any country they takeover will lose all its freedoms and will become an evil dictatorship where only devout Roman Catholics will be happy. Jesuits despise anybody who does not cooperate with them for a Roman Catholic takeover of every nation on earth. And, as you probably know, every nation which Jesuits take over is ruined and destroyed.

DONALD: Yes, we cannot allow this to happen.

GAIL: I have noticed that many Jesuits are claiming you are one of them. They do this to me, too.

DONALD: Well, I went to a Jesuit college, Fordham, but it was like I was so ignorant about Jesuits back then, and just because I went to a Jesuit school does not mean I was a devout Roman Catholic. I’ve been a Presbyterian the whole time.

GAIL: I understand because as a little girl I actually wanted to attend a Catholic private school because my next door neighbors went there. My mother refused. I’m glad she did. Don’t you have a son who is attending Georgetown University? A Jesuit college?

DONALD: Yes, actually, now that he knows what Jesuits have done to me, he is seriously considering transferring to another school.

GAIL: Didn’t your son Eric already graduate from Georgetown?

DONALD: Yes, but he has been taking some graduate level courses there. Let me tell you, Jesuits may be evil, but they have good schools.

GAIL: Yes, that makes sense, when you consider that they have top-notch scientists on their team, which makes them such a formidable opponent. So why did you want another interview with me?

DONALD: Well, thanks to your courage in that you know many will label you delusional for saying you are a Gabrielle Chana FOX News correspondent, you have greatly increased the audience for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News station and most of my supporters are watching that channel to learn more about me and follow me.

GAIL: That is what Brent Spiner has been telling me brain to brain. He says there is a link on my site for many to go directly to the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, and they get to see you in interviews with Gabrielle Chana FOX News reporters.

DONALD: That is correct, Gail. It is greatly increasing my support base. I thank you for this.

GAIL: It’s too bad I don’t have the link, but at least my brain to brain communication has improved.

DONALD: Because of your Gail Shield, your brain to brain is now highly accurate and your interviews with me and others are giving the general population some much needed TRUTH.

GAIL: Yes, the world is deluged with a flood of Jesuit lies. It is so tragic and heartbreaking. I am thrilled I have this opportunity to get the truth out there. So, Mr. Trump, what is the main reason for this interview tonight?

DONALD: I just want to tell your audience that there is a link to the Gabrielle Chana FOX Channel at your FOX news website and I invite people to peruse that link and get to know the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. If they don’t have the link, because Zack Knight (Jesuit leader) has somehow blocked it, they can explore the links on your website (the various interviews) and get some FORBIDDEN news that greatly needs to be reported.

GAIL: I have allowed Vladimir Putin to have access to my website and he must have put the link to the Gabrielle Chana FOX news channel on my website.

DONALD: Yes, I believe he did. He is one talented guy. Kind of like a jack of all trades.

GAIL: Yes, he is an invaluable member of our Church of Gail team. We couldn’t do without him.

DONALD: I want to tell my followers that Vladimir Putin is a tremendous asset to me and plans to assist me as U.S. President. He would die for you, Gail, and so he cares about the United States because you live here.

GAIL: Yes, I know. I love Vladimir. He and I have really bonded.

DONALD: Hillary is full of crap about me. She states that I don’t have the temperament to be President and yet, we know, that if she becomes President, she will be a Jesuit patsy, like Bill Clinton was and like George W. Bush was. She will try to destroy Vladimir Putin, who I can tell you, from my personal dealings with him, is a great man.

GAIL: Yes, Donald, Vladimir Putin is a great man. I haven’t gotten around to writing the story about how he and Brent Spiner risked their lives during the space battle we had with the Jesuits in May 2012, and were willing to die, to ensure that all the men on Church of Gail could escape on space pods (they insisted that all the men escape first before they did), as they planned to ram the Church of Gail spacecraft into the Jesuit fleet to stop the Jesuits from using a technology that would have turned all Floridians into rabid rapists, climbing into cars and breaking through windows to rape people. They barely escaped with their lives. Vladimir Putin and Brent Spiner are heroes. They rammed Church of Gail on a suicide mission into the Jesuit space fleet and spared people on earth from Jesuit hell, if they had not done this. And then Vlad, Brent and all my men barely escaped in space pods, when Church of Gail exploded right behind them as they barely escaped in time. I was able to make a YouTube video and get the attention of NASA and they went out and got them.

DONALD: Yeah, I’m getting to know your men. They’re an incredible bunch! Living on Church of Gail has been quite an enlightening experience.

GAIL: Have you met Jesus? He often comes to Church of Gail.

DONALD: Strange, but not yet. I guess Jesus does not want to talk to me.

GAIL: Donald, it probably means you’re doing something right, because Jesus does not like to interfere with us, if we’re already on the right path. He usually only shows up, when we need him for something and that if he didn’t show up things would turn out badly.

DONALD: I hear he comes here to Church of Gail a lot.

GAIL: Yes, that’s what I hear. I’ve had the privilege of conversations with him via Skype, while Brent transcribes for me. Jesus and my men are awesome.

DONALD: I really enjoy living on Church of Gail. This is like living on a Star Trek spaceship.

GAIL: That’s what my men tell me. My men would not let you live on Church of Gail unless they thought you were a good man.

DONALD: Yes, I’m honored. Their greatness is rubbing off on me.

GAIL: That is good, Donald. You keep this up and you will be a great President. I guess you just wanted the world to see a bit of your soul. That is the reason for this interview.

DONALD: Yeah, that’s about right.

GAIL: A world leader certainly needs a great soul. If you give God your heart, he will comb the kinks out of your head. By the way, I think I heard from Hillary in heaven and she wants you to be President. Same for Barack Obama in heaven. If we have a Jesuit for a President, it will be very bad. Every nation they takeover goes to ruin.

DONALD: We cannot allow this to happen.

GAIL: No, we cannot. Well, Donald I guess that wraps it up for now. I really need to make my dinner.

DONALD: Okay, Gail. Thank you for your time. I’m sure you have greatly benefited the world by letting them see my soul.

GAIL: I hope so. Thank you for all your hard work. Have a great evening.

DONALD: Same here.

August 10, 2016 brain to brain interview with Donald Trump at his request, Vladimir Putin also weighs in:

DONALD: I would like to say that I have every intention of winning the U.S. Presidency, and it’s a bunch of malarkey that I am deliberately trying to lose.

GAIL: In light of your recent “idiotic” comments (I am quoting the Jesuit News), they say that you appear to be a Manchurian Candidate (a candidate running for office who publicly supports one group to win election, but uses his executive or legislative powers to assist an opposing group), deliberately trying to lose because you like to win and you know you will lose to Hillary Clinton.

DONALD: That is absurd. I challenge Vladimir, who is with me here, to put me on lie detection and ask me if I’m trying to lose.

GAIL: Aren’t you in Virginia, right now?

DONALD: Actually, your men have created a good automaton of me, and he’s in Virginia talking right now.

GAIL: Why did they do this?

DONALD: Well, it’s a proactive move, because he is programmed to say wise things on the stump, so if anything “stupid” comes from my mouth, we can prove in court that Jesuits “inserted” the speech in order to make it appear I said something I did not say.

GAIL: He looks pretty convincing.

DONALD: Oh, those automatons are good. That’s why lots of people think Barack Obama never died in 2012. But, if you’ll notice, he’s a toned down version of me.

GAIL: Yeah, he seems rather subdued. So what do you want to say, Mr. Trump?

DONALD: Well, if I was trying to lose the election, why am I now using an automaton, who is a toned down version of me to make some of my campaign speeches, in order to make it harder for Jesuits to impersonate me with false things I never said?

GAIL: Any other reason you are using an automaton right now?

DONALD: Well, I’m extremely busy. I market your books, but have to be careful about how much you get, so Jesuits can’t go after you. You have a voice, and we want to make sure Jesuits can’t shut you down. It’s so awesome that you are able to get this out via the mainstream Jesuit Internet.

GAIL: Yeah, I’m pretty clever. I operate on a shoestring budget, make my own websites, design and write my own books.

DONALD: Genius. You’re a genius! I can tell that Howard Hughes was your great uncle.

GAIL: Well, thank you, Mr. Trump. So tell us why you want to be President.

DONALD: Gail, I’ve never seen such a mess in the world like we have today. It’s so sad that the Jesuits practically OWN the United States and even though you are the American Empress, Jesuits just treat your brilliant Conspiracy Law like it’s a big joke. If not for you and your Gail Shield, we’d probably all be dead! I mean with all that’s happening, I just can’t sit back and take this, especially when I have it in my power to ensure you remain American Empress and that Jesuits don’t overthrow or destroy you. I will say in all fairness, that if they had not murdered Hillary, I would not be as motivated, because the real Hillary was one of your fans, but with her gone, there’s NOBODY, nobody but ME to ensure that we all don’t see all these evil walls come crashing down over all our heads. It would be like this was pre-Hitler Germany and I’m the candidate opposing Adolph Hitler or HITLER Hillary as you call her. That is quite an apt title!

GAIL: Okay, Mr. Trump, I do need to go.

After Gail got her laundry. . .

GAIL: Okay, I’m back Mr. Trump. I would like to ask Vladimir what are the results of your mind and emotion reads on Donald Trump and whether he is deliberately trying to lose this election?

VLADIMIR: It is Jesuit bull—-, Gail. Donald wants very much to win this election. He is very concerned about keeping you as American Empress and making sure your Conspiracy Law remains the law of the land. In fact, our reads indicate he is willing to die for this.

GAIL: Wow. Sounds like he’s a hero, in a way. Hey Vlad, you seem to have done a complete turnaround with Donald. For a while there, you said if Hillary won, it would not be that bad.

VLADIMIR: Well, when we executed Tim Kaine, we did not realize that Jesuits could replace him so easily with an evil automaton, who seems resistant to your Gail Shield. Perhaps this is why they chose Tim Kaine as Hillary’s VP in the first place.

GAIL: How is it that Jesuit clones have a hard time staying alive under the Gail Shield, but automatons do better?

VLADIMIR: Actually, they have created a new breed of automatons who seem resistant to your Gail Shield. We are studying how this is possible.

GAIL: Yeah, Jesus created the Gail Shield, you would think He would have known Jesuits would be able to do this.

VLADIMIR: We think these Jesuit automatons are somehow connected to your genetic profile or have parts of your powerful genetic profile in them, which means if we destroy them it does damage to your genetic profile. However, they do seem to be weakening. Perhaps, eventually, even this new technology will fail the Jesuits and they will lose all options and will succumb to the Gail Shield. The Gail Shield seems to be studying them.

GAIL: Oh, this is funny. It kind of reminds me of the Gail Android, who, for a while, got real quiet and all she was doing was getting stronger and when we had our final battle with her, the only way we could win was we all had to die and be resurrected by God himself.

VLADIMIR: It will be good when we finally defeat the Jesuits.

DONALD: I second that! Rest assured, I shall do all in my power to destroy the Jesuit Order, and I am a fighter and have not surrendered to the Jesuits by any means!

August 10, 2016 brain to brain interview with Donald Trump & Vladimir Putin regarding Second Amendment comments and dishonest Jesuit media:

DONALD: I apologize for harassing you Gail, but it’s unbelievable the extent to which Jesuit News (as you call it) is going to misrepresent me.

GAIL: Yes, it is pretty sickening. You ought to watch the movie The Life of Emile Zola. It’s based on a true story about a Jewish military officer in France who was falsely accused by Jesuits of being a traitor to France, of giving military secrets to the Germans. He ended up going to a place called Devil’s Island off of South America and served prison time for a crime he did not commit. The Jesuits used the then media of that time, which was newspapers and magazines, to get the crowds into a frenzy about him; and in court they set him up and used liars to perjure him. It will be the subject of my next book.

DONALD: It looks like you’ll really need to write this book about the Jesuit Empire’s Secret History!

GAIL: Yeah, I can kind of see history repeating itself.

DONALD: Right now, Jesuits have got all the media (with the exception of the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel) all riled up saying I have encouraged those who support the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution to assassinate Hillary Clinton.

GAIL: Yeah, I have noticed that here in Florida news. But you have been telling me brain to brain that the Jesuit News is putting a different spin on it, depending on which part of the country you are in.

DONALD: Oh, it’s horrible, Gail. Some people are telling me, even screaming at me, “Hey, Mr. Trump! You’ve got no business running for President, if you can’t control your mouth.” So I ask them, “Can you please tell me what I said?” They then say, “Well, you said this or you said that.” And I’ll say, “Hey, wait a minute, I never said that!” Then they’ll say, “Yes, you did!” I spoke with Vladimir (Putin) about this and he says that Jesuit News is using automatons and/or clones of me to say different crazy things in different parts of the country, and then those d—- Jesuits air it, one version for the Northeast, another version for Seattle, another version for L. A. It’s loony tunes.

GAIL: Okay, Mr. Trump, here in Florida, I heard “you” say that . . . Wait a minute, let me read what I have here from the Wall Street Journal. “Speaking at his rally here about how he claims Mrs. Clinton as president would undermine gun rights under the Second Amendment, Mr. Trump said, ‘If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks.’ He then added: ‘Although the Second Amendment people—maybe there is, I don’t know.’ The Clinton campaign declared his remarks ‘dangerous,’ charging that they amounted to a call for an attack against his opponent. The Trump team quickly said it was an awkwardly worded call to mobilize gun owners as a political force before the election. The Secret Service, in a tweet Tuesday afternoon, said only that it was ‘aware of the comments’ made earlier in the day.”

DONALD: Okay, I did talk about the Second Amendment and I do believe that under the Second Amendment Hillary will try to take away gun owner’s rights to defend themselves against possible Jesuit tyranny, though I never call out the Jesuits (usually) and if I did, I’m sure Zack Knight (Jesuit leader) would strike it or delete it from the coverage. However, I never said, “Although the Second Amendment people—maybe there is, I don’t know.”

GAIL: Yeah, that seems like a kind of stupid thing to say. I’m not saying it’s necessarily evil and that people should interpret that statement like how the Clinton camp does, but it is just a dumb thing to say because it gives the Jesuits too much ammunition.

DONALD: And that’s what’s so tragic about it, Gail, because I never said it! I’m having to wing it and defend myself like I said it, because Jesuits somehow got me in a video saying something I did not say.

GAIL: Okay, have you found out from Vladimir who said it? Because it was obviously either your clone or automaton.

DONALD: Oh, my God, I got Vladimir here and this is unbelievable!

GAIL: Really? Well, first off, it’s kind of crazy and hypocritical that the Jesuits have done this to you, because they have already MURDERED Hillary Clinton!

DONALD: Yeah, right! Vlad here tells me that I DID say this, apparently, years ago (for a totally unrelated topic), and Jesuits took a sound recording of something I said years ago and mixed it, using some sort of program, which inserts the sound recording into a visual (from something I said years ago, that is totally unrelated to the topic being discussed), to make it appear I said something I did not. They’re sticking sound bites in video footage of me and then using advanced technology to ONLY change the video in MY MOUTH AREA, to make me appear to be saying what’s in the sound bite.

GAIL: Okay, folks, let me define a sound bite. It is a short extract from a recorded conversation. So, you’re saying the Jesuits have taken something you DID say in a totally UNRELATED conversation, and are inserting it into a video of you talking about ANOTHER TOPIC, to make it appear that the sound bite is referring to something you just said previously on the video.

DONALD: Yeah, that’s right!

GAIL: You know, that kind of makes sense, because to say “Although the Second Amendment people—maybe there is, I don’t know”, doesn’t quite fit in with what you said right before it, which was, “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks.” So, Mr. Trump, you DID say “If she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks,” but you did NOT say, “Although the Second Amendment people—maybe there is, I don’t know.”

DONALD: That is correct, Gail.

GAIL: Got a question for you, how did they synchronize your mouth movements to match the sound bite?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Hi, Gail. Let me speak for Donald. What they do is take bits of videos from previous speeches using a sophisticated computer program and they are able to put it all together to make the person in the video appear to say what they did not say.

GAIL: Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to use a clone or automaton, to insert them into that specific part of the video where they want to impersonate Donald?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: They have done that in the past, but, because of your laws and the publicity they are now getting from your work as a correspondent for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, they are getting more sophisticated. So, let’s say Donald brings this to court as defamation and claims they used a clone of his or an automaton to make him appear to say something he did not, they can honestly answer that they did not.

GAIL: Oh, how dastardly clever! But what about the clothing and all that? Was Donald wearing the same thing he wore previously?

VLADIMIR: They insert the impersonation part of the video only to the head area, the rest of the video is left alone.

GAIL: Well, I believe that under my Conspiracy Law this is considered use of lying media and is punishable by the death penalty, especially for someone running for such an important office like President that affects the welfare of so many people.

VLADIMIR: Yes, I believe so. We shall investigate this further and find the culprits behind this and arrest them and expose them on the Gabrielle Chana FOX news channel.

DONALD: Geez, Gail, what will those Jesuits think of next?

GAIL: Do you have any regrets about running for public office, Mr. Trump?

DONALD: No, but those Jesuits sure are a handful. It seems more important to me than ever to run! This is outrageous, what these folks get away with!

GAIL: Outrageous is an understatement. I have been targeted by them for so long, I totally understand. Well, Mr. Trump, I’m glad I have enabled you to present your case before the American people. Let’s hope this exposure we are giving the Jesuits, will backfire on them, and awaken the American people to the reality, that you must be the next U.S. President, because you are the only candidate who is not a Jesuit supporter and a criminal. And remember, keep taking your Seroquel! At least, you did not say those stupid things as a brain control victim this time!

August 9, 2016 interview with Donald Trump regarding David Duke, Vladimir Putin, Hillary’s email scandals and more.

DONALD: I would like to have an interview with you, Gail

GAIL: Okay, Donald, what’s up?

DONALD: Thank you for establishing your new Gabrielle Chana FOX News website. I would like to say that I know I’m not perfect and even admit to having a bit of an ego, but I support you as American Empress one hundred percent, and will do all in my power to enforce your Conspiracy Law as President.

GAIL: That’s nice to know, Donald.

DONALD: Furthermore, I would like to say that despite all the evil things I must say about Hillary as I go on the campaign trail, that I had the utmost respect for the REAL Hillary. So, basically, all my attacks against Hillary are against the evil Hillary clone or automaton or whoever (perhaps that evil and corrupt Jesuit Tim Kaine) who will be running the country if Hillary wins.

GAIL: Yes, it will be very bad for America if Hillary wins, now that Jesuits have murdered her.

DONALD: Regarding my temperament. . . I confess that I do play a bit of a game with the press, because I despise the Jesuit control over the media, which fills it with lies, lies, and more lies. I recommend that those who want to know my true positions tune into the Gabrielle Chana FOX News (00 on cable) or check your website here.

GAIL: Yes, Jesuit lies dominate the media. It’s so tragic that Jesuits can manipulate people with lies.

DONALD: Furthermore, I confess that Vladimir was right that I needed to take Seroquel, and I encourage all those who plan to vote to be sure to take Seroquel so that you don’t make an ass of yourself, like I have the past couple weeks. I was under Jesuit brain control because I stopped taking my Seroquel! That brain control is super powerful.

GAIL: Donald, is it true that Jesuits have created a clone of you and also have an automaton of you?

DONALD: Oh God, yes! It has been a challenge to work around them.

GAIL: What have they done to you?

DONALD: Well, you know all this David Duke stuff? I’m the least racist person there is on the planet. But this David Duke, he’s a Jesuit, you know, and Jesuits had him endorse me to make me look like a bigoted white supremacist. Gail, I despise the KKK.

GAIL: Why don’t you just go right out and say it, then?

DONALD: It’s because I’ve tried, and somehow my statements never make it out to the news. So I want to say right here and now on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel that I denounce the KKK and am not seeking David Duke’s endorsement!

GAIL: Bravo, Mr. Trump! I applaud your courage.

DONALD: Furthermore, regarding gay marriage. Well, I think legal marriage should be between a man and a woman. But if gays want to marry and if the people of a state decide to make gay marriage legal, I believe in states’ rights. On the other hand, each personal business should have the freedom to accept the customers they want and if a bakery, for instance, decides they don’t want to bake a cake for gay customers, I don’t think it’s any of the government’s business to force them to do so! The gay customers will just have to go somewhere else. When does the government start telling businesses which customers they must provide services to?

GAIL: Okay, so you’re not against gay marriage as long as the people of a state have voted for it and it’s what that state wants. So, you leave the issue of gay marriage up to each individual state. But, when it comes to how individual businesses decide who should be their customers, you believe the government needs to butt out.

DONALD: Yeah, that’s a good way of putting it.

GAIL: Anything else, Mr. Trump?

DONALD: I would like to say that Vladimir Putin had nothing to do with the email leaks that have exposed Hillary Clinton. I have it from trusted sources, that Jesuits were behind these leaks, and they are using Russian Jesuits to do this, to frame this on Vladimir.

GAIL: Russian Jesuits?

DONALD: Yes, Russian Jesuits! If Jesuit News starts exposing the Russian connection, then we may have to delve into this deeper. But, for now, it appears they are not going any further with it. As you know, Vladimir cannot control everybody inside of Russia, most especially the Jesuits!

GAIL: Boy, is that the truth. Anything else, Mr. Trump?

DONALD: Regarding my business. I have been a successful businessman, and the bankruptcies which I suffered came about because of Jesuit interference with my business operations. As you yourself know, when Jesuits want to steal money, due to their almost complete control over the Internet, it is almost impossible to escape from their robbery. But I’m pretty clever at evading Jesuits and if I get into office, I will work with you to arrest every Jesuit I can find, and to make them pay up for all the money they stole, not just from me, but from just about every legitimate business out there.

GAIL: What about your college, that the Jesuits claim is a farce?

DONALD: Nothing about that college is a farce. Jesuits just hate me and used their brain control on some of the students to bring up phony charges against me. I also understand that many of these students were PAID informants, that Jesuits PAID THEM to bring lawsuits against my college.

GAIL: You know, the Jesuits will say that you just conveniently blame everything on them. You have anything to say about this?

DONALD: Yes, they think they own the world and if I become President, with your help and with the help of God, we will show those Jesuits that they will have to stop stealing everybody’s money, will have to stop bringing Jesuit terrorists into the U.S. (even if by Star Trek-like transporter technology) and that no Jesuit can hold public office. I do have a VP who grew up Catholic, but he is most definitely not a Jesuit and supports you one hundred percent as Empress, Gail.

GAIL: Well, Donald, you keep taking your Seroquel and we shall pray that you remain alive to assist me as the American head of state.

DONALD: Thank you, Gail. It was an honor to talk with you today, and we have to kick out every Jesuit from the United States of America!

GAIL: I feel for your benefit, I need to ask you one more question. . .What are your real feelings about the Hillary email scandals?

DONALD: Well, Gail, the Jesuits cooked the whole thing up (the email scandals), and the REAL Hillary had to deal with her evil clone, even when the REAL Hillary was alive. It was not the REAL Hillary, but her evil clone, behind the email scandals, and that’s why Barack Obama has been covering for her. But now that we no longer have the REAL Hillary, if Hillary wins, it will be one scandal after another and I’m afraid that Tim Kaine will be the U.S. President, using the Jesuit Hillary automaton as his puppet. And then, of course, you know that the true Jesuit leader Zack Knight controls Tim Kaine. It will be one hell of a mess! We must not let Hillary become President!

GAIL: So, you’re saying the email scandals were not that big of a deal?

DONALD: Well, Gail, as we both know, today’s spying uses satellite technology using mind and emotion-reading technology that connects to everybody’s brain on earth, which we never hear about in the news, except for on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. So emails have become an antiquated way of doing things. Therefore, they are not as important as the ability to read minds. But, still, sensitive intelligence information, even in email, should be kept away from the general public.

GAIL: Oh, that reminds me. You were just kidding about inviting the Russians to expose Hillary’s emails that we can’t find. . .

DONALD: Actually, that was my clone who said that, and I’ve had to weasel my way around that.

GAIL: That was your clone?!

DONALD: Well, I thought so, and so I later said I was kidding. But then I found out that in certain parts of the country, people didn’t even know he said that and I didn’t even need to comment about it. Jesuit News is different in different parts of the country. It’s such a confusing, lying mess.

GAIL: Wow! I laughed when I read that. I thought it was brilliant!

DONALD: Gail, I’m shocked.

GAIL: Well, as you know, I don’t think anybody will be getting any important secrets from emails any ways, because today we rely primarily on mind-reading using satellite signals to the brain. But, still, important emails that reveal intelligence information should still be kept private. But if Vladimir Putin gets them, he would not attack the United States. As you know, America has already attacked Russia during the Kursk submarine training exercises in the Barents Sea in August 2000. America murdered 118 Russian sailors.

DONALD: Yes, Vladimir has discussed this with me. That just goes to prove that America becomes a dangerous nation when Jesuits rule her, like they did under Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

GAIL: Yeah, because of that, we were on the verge of World War III in August 2000. But Vladimir absolutely dreaded war with the U.S. and capitulated to Bill Clinton and covered up that a missile from the U.S.S. Toledo or Memphis attacked his submarine.

DONALD: Gail, Vladimir and I get along great. I certainly won’t attack a nation that is no threat to us, like I’m certain that Hillary Clinton will do.

GAIL: Okay, Donald, we will get this out. Great to talk with you.

DONALD: Same here, Gail.

August 8, 2016 regarding nudes of his wife Melania with Donald Trump brain to brain.

DONALD: Gail, I’m really impressed with your brain to brain interviews thus far. Now, it’s my turn. As you know, some of your interviews have already made it to the New York Times.

GAIL: Well, with you being from New York, you would know. So what do you want to say, Mr. Trump?

DONALD: Well, first off, I think Melania is a beautiful, wonderful wife and I’ve never had a problem with her posing nude for any magazine.

GAIL: Well, Donald, some feel that you are a hypocrite, being a Republican and so-called Conservative and having a wife who is like a Playboy model.

DONALD: Look, I’m a Presbyterian, but not completely. I sort of follow my own star. I don’t think nudity is a big deal, that’s all, so I differ from traditional Christendom in that area. Just because I’m different, does not make me a hypocrite.

GAIL: I agree, Donald. With me, being from a Japanese background, I have no problems with Melania’s nudity for magazines. I just think you may lose some Conservatives who may be highly offended by this.

DONALD: Actually, I disagree. As I’ve gone on the campaign trail, I have found that Conservatives are much more open minded than the lying media would lead us to believe.

GAIL: I stand corrected, Donald. Glad to hear this!

DONALD: I just feel so bad for poor Melania and am very tempted to stick up for her, but feel it would be wiser to ignore these insults to her.

GAIL: Yes, I think you should ignore them. Give the public the credit for having the intelligence and open-mindedness to understand that though you are on a Conservative platform, you are also following your own star, which is what makes you an attractive candidate.

DONALD: Thank you, Gail. I would like to say that Melania is a highly intelligent woman, and I often consult her as I go on the campaign trail. She gives me a lot of constructive criticism. She feels more bad for me than for her regarding these nudes of her surfacing.

GAIL: Yes, that sounds like her. She is truly a selfless woman. I greatly admire her for this. I am glad I have given you an opportunity to make a statement about these nudes in a way that won’t get you labelled as hypersensitive to criticism, like you have a thin-skin, which I don’t believe is the case.

DONALD: Thank you, Gail. Actually, I am using strategy, and though I sometimes appear angry when I say things, it is a bit of a performance, because it helps to get my point across. I read what Vladimir said about me. He is right (laughs).

GAIL: Oh, you mean about your ego?

DONALD: I confess that as a weakness. Melania often gets on me about that. In fact, it is Melania who told me I must absolutely confer with Vladimir about everything in my campaign and as a future President.

GAIL: Melania sounds wonderful. I think the public has a lot of respect for her because she is so supportive of you as you go through public relations hell because of the Jesuits. I always admire a woman who stands behind a courageous man.

DONALD: Melania feels the same about you, too, Gail. In fact, she encouraged me to be on your marriage list, but your men are reluctant about this, because of my ego.

GAIL: That’s okay. You have Melania and you have the best! Jesuits are SHAMELESS. I may be a Christian, but I’m not a prude. I have no issues with this. Melania is beautiful and hot. More power to her! At least, she is loyal to her husband and is not a hussy like Jesuit agents Loree McBride and Camila Alves who practice GROUP SEX with animals and homosexuals and use rape to force their men into submission.

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