Aug. 24, 2016: REAL Reason Donald Trump softened his stance on immigration & why he can’t win no matter what he does.

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August 24, 2016: REAL Reason Donald Trump has softened his stance on immigration and why he can’t win no matter what he does.

GAIL: Let’s start this off with some time with Ann Coulter who has just released her book In Trump We Trust. Ann, I was somewhat stumped that you seem to disapprove of Trump’s softening or more flexible stance on illegal immigration.

ANN: Oh, Gail. I’m just horrified that my clone is making interviews stating that I disapprove of what Trump is doing with immigration now. I actually applaud him for having the balls to recognize that his former immigration stance is unworkable and for being willing to be flexible and to go with what will work.

GAIL: Why was his former stance unworkable?

ANN: He has to work with the current laws and the only way he could enforce his “deportation force” would be to go against your Conspiracy Law, which allows people into the country “illegally” if they are fleeing from a Jesuit country and would die if they returned to a Jesuit country. My clone sucks and is going on a rampage everywhere impersonating me and making my just released book seem like a joke. Why would I write a book that supports Trump and then go against him? It doesn’t make sense. It also makes me look like a dork.

GAIL: Jesuits have a way of causing things that don’t make sense to make sense. It’s called propaganda, or if you tell a lie over and over people will start believing it. First off, people are not aware that when Donald Trump says he will enforce the law, he is referring to my Conspiracy Law, which is the supreme law of the land.

ANN: I get so angry at the news media! So many lies, and now they are impersonating me and destroying my book. I wrote it to help Trump get elected!

GAIL: Well, Ann, don’t feel bad. I’m a New York Times bestselling writer and I made about two dollars from my novel Silver Skies from 2009 to about 2013. And then they have flooded the Internet and my Amazon site with Jesuit book reviewers who lambast me as the loony tunes crazy lady. You’d never know that my Silver Skies was made into an Oscar winning movie by Stephen Spielberg.

ANN: Those Jesuits have too much damn power! And I saw Silver Skies. It made me cry. I thought it was one of the most awesome movies I’d ever seen.

GAIL: You got that right about Jesuits having too much power. Let’s invite Brent Spiner into this conversation. He will represent Donald Trump, who is stumping in Mississippi right now. Hey Brent, come and join us.

BRENT SPINER: First off, I’d like to say I’m not endorsing any political candidate in this current Presidential race. But I am just reporting on the real news and helping Gail to get the real news out there.

GAIL: Well, Brent has been a lifelong Democrat and did like Hillary Clinton, that is, until she got murdered. Brent, give us some light on what’s really going on with Hillary Clinton and those “damn” emails as Bernie Sanders put it.

BRENT (laughs): Bernie was right, the emails were not that important WHEN THE REAL HILLARY CLINTON WAS ALIVE, and let me tell you why. Okay, folks, this might get a bit complicated. When the real Hillary was alive, the Jesuit extorted her into starting The Clinton Foundation. They wanted to use it to funnel illegal Jesuit money to the evil Hillary Clinton clone, who would then bestow favors for the Jesuits who supported her, like Jesuits from Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, China, Russia, etc. It was actually the evil Jesuit clone of Hillary who started The Clinton Foundation for the SOLE PURPOSE of funneling illegal Jesuit funds to the clone, enabling her to carry out many of her secret missions for the Jesuits, like overthrowing the pro-Russia government in Ukraine, and helping out Jesuits inside “Black Lives Matter”, etc. I don’t have time here to go into all the corrupt organizations this Hillary Clinton clone helped out through The Clinton Foundation, or I’d have to write an encyclopedia.

GAIL: Wow, it sounds like even with the real Hillary alive, we would have been better off without Hillary in the Presidency.

BRENT: Well, Gail, the real Hillary planned to shut down The Clinton Foundation and was going to mention this during the Democratic National Convention, which is WHY the Jesuits murdered her. Hillary has been fighting her clone since the 1990s. Just like I am fighting my clone now, who has completely taken over my Twitter, my Malibu house (which I’m trying to sell), among other things. By shutting down The Clinton Foundation, the real Hillary hoped to be an American President who would not cater to Jesuit special interests. She had learned her mistake as a Secretary of State and learned that she could not weasel around the evil her clone could do under the guise of supporting The Clinton Foundation, unless she SHUT IT DOWN.

GAIL: Why didn’t she shut it down a long time ago?

BRENT: She tried, but then Jesuit News would lie and say it still existed. But she figured if she mentioned that she would shut it down during the Democratic National Convention, she could really do it. The Jesuits would have NONE OF THIS and they KILLED HER. Now, that she’s dead and her clone is running for President, the actions of The Clinton Foundation are very important, because they represent the Hillary who is running for office right now. If the real Hillary was alive and had shut down her Foundation, she would ignore all the special interest groups that wanted to tell her what to do and would be her own person, but, unfortunately, we only have the evil Hillary now, which means if she becomes President, all the corruption of Hillary during Benghazi (the work of her evil clone) and Hillary with The Clinton Foundation will go unchecked, because there is no good version of Hillary left!

GAIL: What about Bill Clinton?

BRENT: Bill is scared to death for his daughter Chelsea and her family. He knows Jesuits mean business and he doesn’t have the balls to go against them.

GAIL: So basically the reason the evil Hillary clone, who is the Hillary we have now, had a private email server was to communicate with illegal Jesuit special interest groups about how to do her job as Secretary of State.

BRENT: That is correct. That’s why we can’t find the emails. The Jesuits destroyed them. The Hillary Clinton clone will do whatever the Jesuits tell her to do. She will be a very dangerous President. Now onto Donald Trump and his tax returns. This gets really complicated. When Donald filed his returns for 2015, he did not realize that there were TWO versions of his 2015 tax return out there. All those under him (in his business organization) who followed his directions, gave him information that his accountants used to file the tax return that Donald submitted to the I.R.S. However, Jesuit clones of those under him (in his business organization), who rebelled against Donald Trump’s directions and CAUSED HIM TO GO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT, gave information to ANOTHER GROUP OF JESUIT ACCOUNTANTS, who filed ANOTHER TAX RETURN to the I.R.S., which replaced the one Donald originally filed. They are claiming THIS IS THE REAL TAX RETURN and that his previous one was fraudulent.

GAIL: So basically, the Jesuits switched out the correct tax return with THEIR VERSION.

BRENT: Actually, both tax returns are correct, because we are dealing with the actions of TWO GROUPS OF PEOPLE, who worked under Donald Trump. Basically, the JESUIT GROUP disobeyed Donald Trump, and caused him to go millions of dollars in debt in 2015. The Jesuits decided to pull this “switch out” of his tax returns about two months ago and have destroyed the previous tax return and claim it never was submitted. Imagine Donald trying to explain this, if his tax returns go public! That’s the REAL reason he won’t release his tax returns. The new tax return, which was a complete surprise to Donald in June, made him decide to start taking money for his Presidential campaign, in an attempt to pay off his debts. But then you bailed him out! I can empathize with Donald because Jesuits have used my clone to put me into bankruptcy, and now I have to sell my Malibu house. Jesuits are masters at impersonation and identity theft, mainly, because they have succeeded in keeping their use of cloning technology from the mainstream media. Your Conspiracy Law is the ONLY law in the world that addresses the technology Jesuits use to commit identity theft and murder and all sorts of crimes.

GAIL: Okay, regarding the change in his immigration polic, Donald told me he had a meeting with Jesus Christ, while he spent the night with Bill O’Reilly after Jesuits kidnapped Bill and tortured him and then Jesus rescued Bill. Jesus told him that he needed to change his immigration policy.

BRENT: Yes, Jesus told him that if he became President, he would not be able to enforce his immigration policy any ways, and that his “deportation force” would cause some good people who had to illegally enter the country (because their Jesuit country would not let them go), that it would force them back to the Jesuits, who would kill them. Jesus said this must not happen. So that’s why Donald is changing his stance. After seeing what happened to Bill O’Reilly, who looked like butchered steak in his face, Donald realized he needed to show some flexibility in his immigration policy to allow people who are escaping from Jesuit countries and long to be anti-Jesuit to COME IN. We use scanning and mind and emotion reading technology under your Conspiracy Law to decide who comes in and who doesn’t and who gets kicked out, or even executed. Donald realized that to honor your Conspiracy Law, he needed to change what he was saying to the people about immigration or he might be stuck as President trying to fulfill a campaign promise he could not and should not fulfill.

GAIL: Now the Jesuits are accusing him of hypocrisy, that he is no better than Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush and some of those who criticized him for his inflexible immigration policy.

BRENT: Well, Gail, as we both know, what the Jesuits really hate about him is that he wants to support your Conspiracy Law, and I know, for sure, that Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush had NO INTENTION of enforcing your Conspiracy Law. They would have been a repeat of George W. Bush, who was a Jesuit patsy. If the Jesuits barked, Georgy ran like a scared rabbit to do whatever they wanted. Hillary Clinton wanted to enforce your Conspiracy Law, which was why she wanted to shut down The Clinton Foundation. If Hillary was still alive, it wouldn’t matter whether Donald or Hillary became President, the results would be about the same. But with Hillary dead, we are better off with Donald now, especially after Donald met with Jesus Christ. Jesus wouldn’t waste his time with Donald, if Donald would be a bad President. In fact, as you know, Gail, I meet with Jesus just about every day, and this is the first President or Presidential candidate Jesus has spoken with, outside of Vladimir Putin.

GAIL: Okay, what about the reports I heard on the news about those Iranian ships going after a U.S. Navy ship near Iran?

BRENT: Those Iranian ships were worried that the U.S. Navy ship was about to launch a nukkake (nuclear bomb with Jesuit semen) onto Iran. Actually, that was a legitimate concern, because a U.S. Navy ship did that to Iran last week. The Jesuits have been going on a blitzkrieg with their nukkake, most of them are now coming through a wormhole in space to earth from the Jesuit space fleet in deep space. But they also use Jesuit automatons inside the U.S. military to launch some nukkake into anti-Jesuit countries or countries that are trying to be anti-Jesuit. Iran is fifty-fifty when it comes to the Jesuits. We actually have a bit of a civil war inside of Iran right now and the Shiite or anti-Jesuit side is winning and the Jesuits wanted to punish the Shiites and target their headquarters inside Iran, using this U.S. Navy ship as the launch pad for the nukkake.

GAIL: I believe another thing the Jesuits are trying to do is to make Donald Trump appear lax about Iran, if he as President or Presidential candidate does not recommend severe action against Iran for sending their ships out to “harass” the U.S. Navy ship. However, you have told me that the millions the Barack Obama Jesuit clone sent to Iran, ended up with the Jesuits inside Iran, and that Donald Trump is right to be outraged about this.

BRENT: Yeah, the REAL Barack is upset about this, too. But it has already been reported and he can’t take the money back. Once Jesuits get the money, they never give it back. His clone worked this out from underneath him.

GAIL: Geez, it seems it doesn’t matter who gets into the Presidency, that the Jesuits get their way one way or another. If Donald does not punish the good Iranians for trying to defend their country from Jesuit attack, he will seem a hypocrite for going after the bad Iranians about taking money from Barack Obama.

BRENT: With Jesuits, you can’t win no matter what you do! If they don’t like you, they will find a way to trash you before the world. The fact is, that Donald Trump is himself and Hillary is NOT. The only Hillary we have now is her evil clone, who is now running for President. At least, the REAL Donald still exists, so he is the better choice. However, I won’t be voting in this election. I need to stay neutral due to all sorts of court cases we are fighting against the Jesuits. I am merely reporting the FACTS.

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