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August 24, 2016 – Only news source in the West not Jesuit controlled is the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel (00 on cable). North Korea is actually doing NOTHING:

GAIL: I am watching the mainstream FOX News channel now and it’s very biased against Trump and reporting lies, like saying that North Korea is threatening Japan with missiles.

BRENT SPINER: As I once told you, North Korea actually has a very weak military and is certainly not sending any missiles to anybody. That’s all Jesuit hogwash. Also, I need to report, Gail, that Jesuits have succeeded in taking down your one hour newscast (that was showing in Megyn Kelly’s time slot) from the mainstream FOX News, claiming they won a defamation lawsuit against Gabrielle Chana FOX News, and though we have all the real FOX News broadcasters alive here at  Church of Gail, the true FOX News broadcast is blocked from the public and has been replaced with a Jesuit clone version of FOX News that is being broadcast from deep space aboard a Jesuit spacecraft.

GAIL: Wow. You told me that the super nukkake (nuclear bomb with tidal waves of Jesuit semen) they sent to the United States boomeranged and destroyed all the Jesuit space fleet and only Zack Knight and Rule 13 remained alive on a UFO.

BRENT: That was true. But the UFOs were able to resurrect the entire Jesuit space fleet within an hour after the boomerang we just learned, and the Jesuits are back in business. They also have the technology to grow a cloned Jesuit baby into adulthood within TWO HOURS. So now, what people are watching on ALL news networks are actually Jesuit clones of reporters for all mainstream broadcasts and the broadcasts are actually taking place on a Jesuit spacecraft in deep space, which means people will only hear Jesuit propaganda on the mainstream networks.

GAIL: What about Russian news?

BRENT: Yes, even Russian news is being affected. But, fortunately, Vladimir has banned most of Russia’s Jesuit news outlets and most Russians only watch the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel in Russian for their news.

GAIL: It’s too bad we can’t ban Jesuit News in the West. All these lies and propaganda only help out the Jesuits and these lies harm innocent people and help Jesuits to set up their dictators in the countries they want to takeover.

BRENT: FOX is considering putting your one hour broadcast back on FOX. We removed it because Jesuits threatened harm on you if we did not take it down. But these lies are harming you as well.

GAIL: I think if you put my one hour show back at FOX News, it will strengthen the power of the Gail Shield at the real FOX News and we will be able to overcome Zack’s ability to clone the Internet and cause only the Jesuit version of FOX to air in the U.S. Because all we’re doing is reporting on that horrible nukkake, if Jesuits try to go after me, it will be hard for them to win because we are exposing their horrible nukkake and people already know we’ve had some close calls. What about just having a short promotion at the end of each FOX News broadcast EACH HOUR, encouraging people to tune into the Gabrielle Chana FOX news network at 00 on cable, maybe that will be enough to strengthen the Gail Shield so that Jesuits cannot block the real FOX News?

BRENT: That’s an idea! We will work on that. Maybe we can get the real FOX News to break through the Jesuit blockade over the media. In the meanwhile, let the world know that we are trying to get the REAL FOX News back onto the air, but that the Jesuits are blocking us. We are still able to broadcast the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel at 00 on cable, because of the power of  your Gail Shield, but it is usually not shown in Florida.

GAIL: So the only reliable news source is the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, but occasionally the mainstream FOX News is able to weasel away from Jesuit control, when we can put my broadcasts onto the main FOX News channel and defeat the Jesuits’ ability to block the true FOX News channel from broadcasting.

BRENT: That is pretty much correct. But it has been a challenge to keep your broadcast on the main FOX News channel.

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