Commentary about the 2016 Rome earthquake that God sent to the Jesuits

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Commentary about the 2016 Rome earthquake that God sent to the Jesuits:

“As rescue workers carried away the body of the infant, carefully covered by a small blanket, the children’s grandmother blamed God: ‘He took them all at once,’ she wailed.

The army was mobilized to help with special heavy equipment and the treasury released 235 million euros ($265 million) of emergency funds. At the Vatican, Pope Francis canceled part of his general audience to pray for the victims.” Jesuits are blaming God for this earthquake! They do cause some earthquakes using their HAARP technology, but this Rome 2016 earthquake obviously came from God. Jesuits would never send any earthquakes to ROME or anywhere near their sacred Vatican.

August 24, 2016 (1:42 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in the United States) Gail Chord Schuler knows from personal experience that when God sends an earthquake to show his disapproval of the Jesuits, they only lift up their fists at him and defy him. This is what they did after he sent the Ash Wednesday earthquake to defy them on Feb. 28, 2001 and the Northridge earthquake to defy them in January 1994.

GAIL: So this earthquake had casualties. Can you elaborate more on this, Brent?

BRENT: From what we understand, all the casualties were Jesuits. The Jesuits are making up stories to make it appear that non-Jesuits were casualties.

GAIL: How can the Jesuits stay alive on earth because of my Gail Shield?

BRENT: They do have a wormhole that goes to Central Italy and that works with the Vatican as some sort of stabilizer force to enable them to launch nukkake all over the world. I believe that they next planned to launch nukkake all over the world, and planned to drop off thousands of automatons in Central Italy, who would go from there to all the world dropping off a blitzkrieg of nukkake all over the world; that is, once Zack Knight recouped his losses from his previous attempts, since the previous nukkake he launched to the earth ricocheted (because of your Gail Shield) and went back to their origination point and wiped out the Jesuit space fleet and all Jesuits except Zack Knight and Rule 13, who are alive on a UFO. We are currently putting your shield around every human being on earth to thwart the next blitzkrieg of nukkakes that we expect any day now. Without your Gail Shield, everyone on earth would die and be replaced with Jesuit clones, except for you, who they probably planned to murder and replace with an automaton. It appears God may have sent the earthquake to disrupt the Jesuits’ ability to launch their nukkakes, and give us enough time to get everybody on earth protected with a shield that repels Jesuit nukkake. Apparently, the Central Italy area connected to the wormhole and helped to stabilize it, enabling Jesuits to send things to earth through their wormhole. Apparently, the humans killed were part of this stabilizing force, so until the Jesuits can put in new Jesuits on earth to act as a stabilizing force for their wormhole, they are unable to send nukkake to the earth from deep space. In the meanwhile, we are busy putting a shield around everybody to repel their next attempt, which we think will try to annihilate everyone on planet earth and replace them with Jesuit clones and/or automatons.

August 24, 2016 (1 a.m. Eastern Standard Time in the United States) brain to brain interview with Brent Spiner about super nukkake (nuclear bomb with tidal waves of semen) that tried to hit Florida and then the entire United States:

GAIL: I have noticed that I have been losing cable television a lot in the past couple days and you have told me brain to brain that after we avoided the nukkake that tried to hit Central Florida at 10:15 p.m. on August 21, 2016 that around six hours later, Zack Knight sent a super nukkake to wipe out Florida but you found that by putting a shield around each person with my genetic profile in it that the nukkake ricocheted and went back to space, taking out some of the Jesuit space fleet this time.

BRENT: Yes, that is correct. And today from around 8 to 11 p.m. we had to cut off  your cable television again to make an emergency announcement to all of the United States and Canada, to report to their local law enforcement so we could put a shield around everybody that would strengthen your Gail Shield and enable it to cause the nukkake to ricochet back to the Jesuit space fleet. And we were able to put the shields around everybody before the nukkake hit and it went back to its source.

GAIL: When it goes back to its source does it wipe out the Jesuit spaceship or fleet that sent it?

BRENT: We don’t know. We study fluctuations in space. But we have noticed some explosions in deep space and we think the Jesuits are paying for what they are trying to do. They are so far out there, that they are in Satan’s ocean in space and they use a wormhole to deliver nukkakes to earth.

GAIL: I just heard on the news about the earthquake that hit Rome. This appears to be from God and He’s making his statement about how he feels about these Jesuits and their super nukkake.

BRENT: Yes, the timing and location of this earthquake does seem to indicate that it is from God, and that he is making a statement about how he feels about these Jesuits and their attempts to wipe out humanity with these nukkakes.

GAIL: I expect the Jesuits to try again and I think this time they will try to annihilate the entire earth. I suggest that all people all over the world have a shield placed around them with my genetic profile to repel the super nukkake.

BRENT: Yes, we are very busy working on that now. We believe that the Jesuits are down to one spaceship and it’s the one that has Zack Knight and Rule 13 on it.

GAIL: We can’t kill Zack Knight because he’s the Antichrist, so even if the Gail Shield takes out all the Jesuits, and he remains alive, he can use cloning technology to resurrect the Jesuit Order and to replicate his destroyed spaceships.

BRENT: Yes, that seems likely. But I have faith that eventually your Gail Shield will destroy the Jesuit Order. It will probably get so strong that even Zack Knight will not be able to operate.

GAIL: I wonder if he would surrender then?

BRENT: That would be interesting, though we are not expecting it. Thank God, for you and your Gail Shield or this world as we know it would have been destroyed by now. Those Jesuits will stop at nothing.

GAIL: I find this earthquake very interesting. Something tells me that the earthquake happened at the same time that my Gail Shield did something to those evil Jesuits out there in space.

BRENT: Let me check with Vlad.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: When earthquake happened, many explosions happened (at the same time as the earthquake) inside Satan’s ocean in deep space. We think the super nukkake which the Jesuits sent to the United States returned to its origination point and took out many Jesuit spaceships out there.

GAIL: Is there a way to tell if the Jesuits are still alive or if they still have any spacecraft out there?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: Let me check with our scientists. (He goes away and comes back). Oh dear, it seems all Jesuit spacecraft are gone. But we sense that there is life inside the ocean in space.

GAIL: Well, Satan lives there.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: No, we sense human life. It appears to be a cloning lab and Zack Knight must be resurrecting his Jesuits in the cloning lab. Oh, no! Zack Knight and Rule 13 are on a UFO inside Satan’s deep ocean. It seems they are the only ones alive. Looks like now we fight the UFOs, and UFO aliens helping Zack Knight and Rule 13 by creating Jesuit babies, who will be adults within a couple days.

GAIL: Expect another big hit in a couple days. Get the whole earth ready and make sure that everybody has a shield around them with my genetic profile. We are now fighting Satan and his fallen angels, we will need all the power from the Gail Shield which we can get.

BRENT: Yes, we are working on this now.

Jesus told Gail that she was the reason for the January 17, 1994 Northridge earthquake, which happened two days after Gail received a letter from a Jesuit Paramount Studios attorney, ordering Gail and her Jesuit husband not to contact or communicate with Brent Spiner at Paramount Studios anymore, accusing Gail and her then husband of criminal harassment. Gail’s ex-husband received some health insurance paperwork in November 1993, which Jesuits leaked to him, where a social worker broke his promise of secrecy and put in writing that Gail believed she had a relationship with Brent Spiner. Jesuits leaked this onto the health insurance paperwork which her ex-husband received. David then demanded Brent’s Paramount address under threat of divorce, so Gail gave it to him. David wrote a nasty letter to Brent around Thanksgiving 1993, which made Gail very ashamed of him, where he threatened to give Brent bad press if Brent contacted his wife Gail anymore. Gail’s Jesuit husband then laid down the law about Star Trek and said it was satanic and demanded Gail stop watching it and that she must stop all correspondence to Brent or he’d divorce her. All the Jesuits (Gail’s husband, the Paramount lawyer, and Loree McBride) ganged up on Gail and Brent and succeeded in stopping Gail’s daily letters to Brent at his Paramount fan mail address (June 1991 to November 1993). When this didn’t stop Gail from writing Brent, because Gail sent her letters for Brent to Gates McFadden instead (whose voice she had recognized on the phone several times), the Jesuits upped their game, by using their lawyer to order Gail and her husband to never write Paramount Studios again or legal action for harassment could be taken against them. The legal order (received January 15, 1994) was not signed by Brent, but by the Jesuit attorney (probably under Loree McBride’s direction). Gail did notice that Brent did not sign the legal order, but became disgusted with Brent, nevertheless, for allowing the Fed Ex document to land at her apartment’s door, where her husband signed for it. When Gail arranged for her Christian bookstore (Dec. 1993) to send a Revelation Slide Presentation portraying the Roman Catholic Church as the bloody Revelation 17 whore to Brent Spiner at Paramount, that was probably the last straw for the Jesuits at Paramount. Gail shared all of her life with Brent, including her religion, with a “take it or leave it” approach. Also, in December 1993, to reassure Gail, after her husband ordered her not to write Brent anymore, Brent flew to Seattle, rented a white truck, and whispered her name at her door, allowing Gail to see him in his white truck (wearing a wig and mustache), parked about ten feet from Gail’s apartment window. When Gail opened her son’s bedroom window to see who came to her door, Brent flashed the lights on and off inside his truck to draw attention to himself and Gail recognized Brent Spiner inside the truck. He then zoomed off. Brent’s daring to come to Gail’s apartment must have enraged Loree McBride. So that explained the legal order from Paramount that Brent had nothing to do with. After receiving the order, she went to her garbage dumpster and threw it in there, then tromped back to her apartment on Sunday, after church, and prayed for 3 hours with tears (kneeling over her living room futon sofa), begging God to forgive her for disgracing his great name by her long distance adulterous affair with Brent Spiner, promising God she would never attempt to contact Brent anymore. That 3 hour prayer was from 12 to 3 p.m. on Sunday (Pacific Standard Time U.S.A.), about 24 hours after she received the legal order. Exactly twelve hours later (Monday, January 17th while Gail was sleeping), the Northridge earthquake happened, with Paramount Studios very close to the epicenter. In fact, the only Hollywood people who died (two of them) worked for Paramount Studios. Gail was amazed at how God answered her three hour prayer! In the middle of the earthquake’s aftershocks, Brent managed to use the legal order to his advantage and got a wiretap on Gail’s phone. When Gail picked up her landline phone, she heard strange noises on it and smiled to herself, she realized that she could now talk to Brent by dialing her own number and getting a “blank”. She never wrote Brent another letter after this, because she didn’t have to. She could now talk to him on her phone. Brent had a device that he always kept on himself, so he could listen to Gail 24/7, if she spoke to him on her phone. So the correspondence ended and the phone became their ally from January 17, 1994 to around 2001, until Gail abandoned Brent temporarily for Vladimir Putin (2001 to 2006).

The other significant earthquake happened while Gail was divorcing her Jesuit husband in Seattle. It’s funny how all these God-sent earthquakes happened when Gail lived in Seattle (May 1991 to June 1994, and May 1999 to May 2001). Her Jesuit husband refused to give Gail a simple divorce and was very nasty, dragging Brent Spiner into the divorce, accusing Gail of mental illness and forcing her and her son to see a court psychiatrist to determine her mental health and fitness to be a mother. Gail tried so hard to gain custody of her son and to keep Brent out of the divorce, but Jesuits (her husband, Loree McBride, Postal workers, and the judge who presided over her divorce) made it impossible. One of her attorneys bailed out on her and she had to get another one. Gail’s mother helped pay for the divorce, which turned out very expensive, costing David around $40,000 dollars and Gail around $25,000 dollars. Apparently, God knew Gail would lose custody of her son and that the Jesuits were running the Seattle legal system. Gail even sent mail outs to all the Seattle attorneys, trying to find one who would represent her against Loree McBride. None responded. On ASH WEDNESDAY, a major Roman Catholic holiday, an earthquake hit Seattle on Feb. 28, 2001. It was a strange earthquake, registering 6.8 magnitude, but NOBODY DIED. It was the most expensive earthquake in Seattle history. Gail did all the wrong things, being a native Floridian. She ran down the stairs to the street. But because God sent the earthquake to make a statement about how he felt about the Roman Catholic Church, he made sure nobody in Seattle, where Gail lived at the time, died from the earthquake. God wasn’t condemning Gail. He was condemning the Jesuits and the Catholic Church on their Ash Wednesday (which symbolizes the mark of the Beast or Antichrist in Rev. 13:18) for attacking Jesus’s favorite! Gail lost custody, because a statement she wrote and mailed to her attorney, got switched out at the Post Office with a Jesuit version of her letter that made her appear crazy.

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