Judge Terrance Jenkins (Harvard Law Graduate) Interviews 2016

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Brain to brain interview on August 23, 2016 with black judge and Harvard Law School graduate Terrance Jenkins, about how Hillary is ahead in the polls while Donald Trump has 11.1 million Twitter followers and Hillary Clinton has 8.42 million Twitter followers:

GAIL: I’ve chosen to interview you Judge Terry because you’re black and neutral in this election and you have access to accurate polls we have conducted about the U.S. Presidential campaign which LEAVES OUT THE JESUIT VOTE, because Jesuits are considered war criminals and not allowed to vote.

JUDGE TERRY: Gail, Donald Trump be way ahead, whether it be with the Jesuit vote or without the Jesuit vote. The Jesuit News (FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) be lying big time about the polls, because they want to rig the election for Hillary Clinton.

GAIL: How do they plan to rig the election? Also, on Facebook, Donald Trump’s Official Facebook page has 10,424,763 likes and Hillary Clinton’s Official Facebook page has 5,639,784 likes. Of course, many of those who like or follow these may not be Americans. But it is clear that the international community likes Donald Trump better than Hillary Clinton, so this suggests that Donald is not as dangerous to foreign policy as Hillary states, because he is more popular with everybody in the world.

JUDGE TERRY: I think the mainstream news just plan to out and out lie about the results and force their dishonest conclusions on the American people. This may not work now because the FOX news people all be living on Church of Gail for their protection now, and they like to broadcast truth over fiction. But, as you know, the Antichrist Zack Knight still has his clone versions of the Internet and he can impose his lies on the Internet for this reason.

GAIL: It seems kind of strange that Donald Trump has 11.1 million Twitter followers and Hillary Clinton has 8.42 Twitter followers and they say that Hillary is ahead. Going by Twitter followers, that would mean that between Donald and Hillary, Donald has 57% and Hillary has 43% on Twitter. Of course, I follow Hillary on Twitter, but that does not mean I’ll vote for her. Perhaps, not all his followers are his supporters.

JUDGE TERRY: Well, we have conducted polls and when you omit the Jesuit Vote, Donald is at 90%. If you INCLUDE THE JESUIT VOTE, he is at 70%. So this means, even if the vote was conducted illegally with the Jesuit votes counted, Donald is still way ahead. Also, the reason you follow Hillary is because before Jesuits murdered her, you supported Hillary Clinton and you just haven’t unfollowed her.

GAIL: Her Twitter is actually pretty boring. It’s the same old, same old and it’s obvious she’s bought out by Jesuit special interests.

JUDGE TERRY: I’d report on this discrepancy between the number of Twitter followers and how the news reports on the polls between these two candidates. This might make it harder for Jesuits to rig the election in favor of their candidate.

GAIL: One more thing, Vladimir told me that Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson was a Jesuit, but when I heard him on FOX News he espouses a lot of positions that might cause him to take votes from Hillary Clinton.

JUDGE TERRY: He was a Jesuit supporter, but we had a good talk with him and told him if he would take positions that could take some votes from Hillary, we’d let him stay in. You see, Hillary not even supposed to be running on account of her being a Jesuit.

Brain to brain interview on August 14, 2016 with black judge and Harvard Law School graduate Terrance Jenkins, U.S. President Barack Obama, and U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump about Black Lives Matter:

GAIL: First off, I’d like to say that being white and Asian, I only learned about this as a problem from my dear friend Judge Terry Jenkins, who has had personal experience along this line. He had me watch the movie Straight Outta Compton and what I watched was very disturbing.

JUDGE TERRY: Oh Gail, this be a big problem. I’m so glad you have me here for this interview.

GAIL: First off, folks, let me introduce you to Judge Terry Jenkins, who was a brave judge who risked his life for me during the Jesuit skewed trial in Quebec, Canada, where Jesuits using an all Jesuit jury, gave me the death penalty and wanted to execute me for cooperating with Vladimir Putin to destroy an underwater city filled with Jesuit babies, even though these babies were going to be used as part of a Jesuit army to launch a nuclear holocaust over all the world.

JUDGE TERRY: Yeah, I encourage everybody to go to my YouTube channel and watch that trial. It be a real eye opener.

GAIL: First off, I’d like to explain to the audience that you are a Harvard Law School graduate and a very good judge. In fact, you have been the judge in many trials we’ve had with Jesuits. My men prefer you as a judge, because there are so many Jesuit judges out there.

JUDGE TERRY: Yeah, that be true, Gail.

GAIL: Terrance is proud of where he came from (Compton, California ghetto) so even though he knows how to speak correct English, he talks like he did when he was growing up in Compton.

JUDGE TERRY: Yeah, Compton! I say that whenever I want to emphasize that what I be saying is the TRUTH.

GAIL: Terrance, is Barack Obama willing to be added to this conversation?

JUDGE TERRY: Let me check, Gail. (goes off to check). Okay, he be here. You can ask him any questions if you like.

GAIL: Alright, we’ve heard about a lot of police killings in the news lately, and you, Barack Obama, have been real silent about these. Donald Trump is sticking up for the police officers that have been murdered. Any comments about this, from either of you?

BARACK OBAMA: First off, Gail, let me say that I give out my heartfelt condolences to those police families in their loss. I do not condone the killing of innocent police officers. Having said that, I’d like to say, that having grown up black, as Judge Terry here can testify, I have experienced harassment from white police officers just because I’m black.

GAIL: I just became aware of this because of Judge Terry here. He had me watch the movie Straight Outta Compton and what I viewed was very disturbing. It helps me understand the Black Lives Matter movement, even though I do NOT agree with murdering innocent police officers!

BARACK OBAMA: Well, let me say this, Gail. The Jesuit News (as you call it), and that’s what it is, JESUIT NEWS, never tells the truth. The fact is, that many blacks have been victims of police racism and brutality directed against blacks, especially young black males. They seem to think that a black man, BY VIRTUE OF BEING BLACK AND ASCRIBING TO THE BLACK LIFESTYLE, LIKE RAP MUSIC, IS GUILTY OF CRIMES. So I have been reluctant to get on JESUIT NEWS and protest against the police officers who have been murdered, but on a personal level, I find these murders outrageous and am working with your men to arrest the Jesuits involved in these murders against innocent police officers.

GAIL: So you say, JESUITS were involved in these murders?

BARACK OBAMA: Yes, Gail, Jesuits used BRAIN CONTROL on the murderers (who were NOT taking Seroquel and needed to, as most of the population needs to be on Seroquel or just about ANYBODY could be mind-controlled into being a murderer).

GAIL: So how are you going after the Jesuits who used brain control on the murderers to cause them to commit these murders?

BARACK OBAMA: It’s real simple, Gail, we are exposing them on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and then your law which demands the execution of all Jesuits, demands we execute these Jesuit scientists and other Jesuits involved in the brain control.

GAIL: Unfortunately, we cannot execute Zack Knight, the true Jesuit leader and the Antichrist, because he cannot be killed. He already died, and Satan resurrected him from hell as the Antichrist and Jesus says he has to fulfill his term as the Antichrist before he can be removed from the earth.

BARACK OBAMA: Yes, it appears the Antichrist is trying to create a climate on earth where the members of Black Lives Matter look like terrorists.

GAIL: Explain further, please. Oh, excuse me, I hear Donald Trump wants to weigh in on this. Barack, are you willing to let Donald in on this conversation?

BARACK: Certainly, let him in.

DONALD: Hey Gail, I’ve heard you are interviewing Barack and your friend here about Black Lives Matter. Barack, I’ve actually seen the movie Straight Outta Compton, and I agree with Gail that it is very disturbing. But it is also very disturbing about this rash of police murders we’ve had lately. I’ve got it from some reliable sources, mainly the scientists on Church of Gail, that most of the police departments are weeding out the bad police who have harassed blacks in the past and most police are good, today. And they are good in that they are cooperating with Gail and her men to arrest Jesuits as outlined in her Conspiracy Law. So, even though, IN THE PAST, Black Lives Matter had a case, they no longer have a case today.

BARACK: I will concede that I have not heard of any legitimate harassment of blacks very recently. But, judging by my experiences in the past, I tend to be skeptical about the goodness of the police, especially when it comes to us blacks.

DONALD: Barack, I want to thank you for your endorsement of me over HITLER Hillary (as Gail calls her).

BARACK: I’m just heartbroken over the real Hillary’s death and she’s now a Jesuit, you see, so I had to endorse you, even if somewhat secretly here on the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. I’d like to say that up until very recently Black Lives Matter had a REAL CASE, and many, many black, young men have been harassed and arrested JUST FOR BEING BLACK AND ASCRIBING TO A BLACK CULTURE, and this has caused a lot of resentment in the black community towards white police officers.

GAIL: As an objective observer, since I’m not black and only learned about this harassment of blacks from my friend Terrance here, I think we should let the public know that the Black Lives Matter movement does have a case and most members of Black Lives Matter are law abiding citizens. Apparently, the Jesuits are trying to create anarchy in the United States, so we only hear about the bad people in Black Lives Matter, who perpetuate the stereotypes that we have here in America about blacks.

BARACK: That is correct, Gail. It is equally heinous for anybody carrying the banner of Black Lives Matter to murder police officers and as all the recent murderers were victims of Zack Knight’s brain control, I encourage everybody to take Seroquel, so that you, too, will not become a victim of Jesuit brain control.

GAIL: Why, do you think, Barack, that Jesuits are using brain control on some blacks to turn them into murderers of police officers?

BARACK: It’s as you say, Gail, Jesuits want to create anarchy in the United States and, I fear, they also want to ensure that Donald Trump does not become U.S. President. As you know, he has firmly stood behind the police officers, who, by the way, are doing an outstanding job, especially in the past couple months. I have been very pleased to see that harassment of blacks seems to be going down and am saddened to see so many great and courageous police officers killed in the line of duty.

GAIL: Why don’t you go out and say this on Jesuit News, Barack?

BARACK: It’s the same deal as to why I had to endorse Hillary on Jesuit News, Gail. Jesuits may harm my family, if I say or do anything that makes Donald Trump appear to be a good Presidential candidate.

GAIL: So, it appears Jesuits are causing racial problems in this country to create an atmosphere of anarchy which they can use against or for whoever they support or oppose in politics. I know from my research on Jesuits, that peace in a country always works against them, because when everybody is happy and at peace, you can’t have a revolution and Jesuits need a revolution to take over a country, by creating a climate of anarchy.

DONALD: Yeah, this really sounds right, Gail. I know, for a fact, that all the police I’ve encountered support your Conspiracy Law one hundred percent. Because of this, the Jesuits have launched all out war against the police. This was not true years ago, when there were a lot of Jesuit police, but the police have changed and are more in the right now than a lot of black people realize. I have to admit, if I was black and grew up black, I would probably be skeptical about this recent change in the police, but, Gail, we need to make the blacks and the general population aware that though the Black Lives Matter movement was important in the PAST – it appears that, today, there should be a movement called POLICE LIVES MATTER!

GAIL: Okay, now Barack and Terrance, what do you say, do you agree we now need a movement called POLICE LIVES MATTER?

BARACK: Lifts a glass of wine. Here, here, we will have a toast to that! (Judge Terry and Donald all lift their glasses in a toast).

GAIL: As I don’t drink, though I don’t have a problem with people who drink, as long as they don’t get drunk – I will just give you all a high five. I do have one more question, that I would like you all to weigh in on. How do you think that HITLER Hillary Clinton will handle all this?

BARACK: Oh Gail, it will be awful. She will try and create an atmosphere of extreme resentment against the Black Lives Matter movement by depriving blacks of the ability to take Seroquel, possibly making Seroquel illegal, and this will just turn the United States into what Ukraine is like today.

GAIL: That would be very bad. Let’s hope Donald gets in, but, Donald, if Jesuit News lies and says that Hillary has won, we will just have to make it that she can’t pass any legislation!

DONALD: I certainly hope I win too, Gail, as I do feel I am the best qualified to be your assistant. As you know, all of us running for President were recently asked under your very advanced lie detection, using mind and emotion reads, how much we support you as the American Empress and how much we support your Conspiracy Law, and I came out WAY AHEAD. I support your Conspiracy Law one hundred percent, as does my VP Mike Pence.

GAIL: The sad thing is, Donald, is that if in Jesuit News she becomes the U.S. President, they will lie and say she has passed legislation, when she has NOT, and will use these lies to try and enforce this phony legislation.

BARACK: I recommend that all people all over the world pray for our country, especially in regard to these very contentious elections we have coming up!

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