Rudy Guiliani (Gabrielle Chana FOX News Interview 2016)

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August 12, 2016 brain to brain interview with Rudy Guiliani, Brent Spiner & Vladimir Putin about Rudy Guiliani’s stuttering interview defending Trump with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

GAIL: Vladimir, why was Rudy Guiliani stuttering and so nervous in his interview with Chris Cuomo?

VLADIMIR: This is why Trump refuses to go on Chris Cuomo’s show.

GAIL: I don’t get it.

VLADIMIR: The Jesuits approached Rudy Guiliani and told him that if he did not stutter and act crazy and nervous during his interview with Chris Cuomo, that they would harm his family. To ensure he did so, he had to agree to be put under Jesuit brain control to ensure he came across like a nervous wreck.

GAIL: Why would they want Rudy Guiliani to behave like a nervous wreck?

VLADIMIR: Did you notice that you could not follow the line of argument, because the exchange was so emotionally heated and because Chris kept interrupting and disagreeing with Rudy making him appear stupid?

GAIL: Yes, I was having a hard time following their line of reasoning. Rudy kept trying to say that Chris and CNN and the media was rigged against Trump and had absolute disdain for Trump insinuating that some in the press should be treated like criminals.

VLADIMIR: This is why I don’t allow “free press” in Russia. “Free press” is a joke. In the United States, there is no free press, it is Jesuit press and it specializes in propaganda and an appeal to the emotions rather than critical thinking. I won’t allow Jesuits to have this unfair advantage in Russia. They bully those who don’t adhere to the Jesuit line in the United States.

GAIL: So you are saying that if Trump appeared on CNN, that the Jesuits would threaten harm to his family if he would not agree to be put under Jesuit brain control during the interview?

VLADIMIR: That is a distinct possibility. This is what they did to Rudy Guiliani. Their purpose in doing this, was to make Rudy stutter so much that the audience would react to the broadcast on an emotional level, rather than on a critical thinking level. When someone is constantly stuttering it is hard to follow the argument because you are too distracted.

GAIL: When I watch CNN they seem very pushy and argumentative and very, very biased against Trump.

VLADIMIR: I can tell you that the Jesuit leader Zack Knight OWNS CNN and he is using them to try and bring down Trump. If CNN was in Russia, I would have to execute most of those who work there as Jesuits.

GAIL: How do they manage to stay alive under my Gail Shield?

VLADIMIR: I am so glad you brought this up. I forgot to tell you that CNN is being broadcast from a Jesuit spaceship, along with just about all the major news organizations in the United States. The only news organization that still broadcasts from earth is FOX. Due to your Gail Shield, the Jesuits have literally taken over all the news networks and killed any journalist who was not a Jesuit and replaced them with a Jesuit clone. Therefore, all news broadcasts are Jesuit owned and operated, except for FOX. However, FOX has heavy Jesuit infiltration and suffer threats on their life almost every day, causing them to cave into Jesuit pressure to report Jesuit lies.

GAIL: So, the ONLY reliable news source is the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and FOX News is the best news channel in the mainstream media.

VLADIMIR: Yes. Donald Trump is up against a Jesuit control over all news networks except for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. It is very good that you have given the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel more coverage by your website.

GAIL: Why don’t you arrest these Jesuit newscasters?

VLADIMIR: It is impossible because they all live on a Jesuit spaceship out in deep space, in order to survive under your Gail Shield. I can’t arrest them, because they are too far out. I don’t understand how the Jesuits survive so far out in space. I think they are in Satan’s ocean out there.

GAIL: Yes, Satan has an ocean out there. It’s the waters above the firmament in the book of Genesis chapter one. I feel like when I watch CNN that I am watching Adolph Hitler’s news channel. It is so full of propaganda and VERY, VERY BIASED.

VLADIMIR: They have a Donald Trump automaton on the Jesuit spaceship and they use him to make recordings of Donald Trump, which they then use to make interviews and statements of Donald having Donald say things that Donald never said. This explains why Donald is forced to avoid specifics in dealing with Jesuit News, because he does not want to be contradicted by the Donald Trump automaton.

GAIL: I remember Jesus said that Satan has created a Donald Trump automaton.

VLADIMIR: Yes, he has done a lot of damage to Trump. He says and does things that make Donald appear a liar, inconsistent, and mentally and emotionally unstable. Rudy Guiliani cannot discuss clones or automatons on Jesuit News without being labeled as crazy. Since you already have that label, you have nothing to lose to bring it up.

GAIL: I am still listening to CNN and find them very, very biased. They look like Jesuits. They have the fanaticism of Jesuits and they lie like Jesuits. They also look stubborn and determined and “crazy mad” like Jesuits. The best way to describe them is they remind me of a bunch of rabid red ants who are in a frenzy because their nest has been kicked.

VLADIMIR: Very true, my love. You are helping Donald out greatly. The Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel is the only truthful news source out there. It is the ONLY news channel NOT influenced or controlled by Jesuits.

GAIL: I only hope that people will realize when they watch these news stations that all the reporters are criminal Jesuits.

VLADIMIR: You are making them more aware of this. Good job, my love.

GAIL: One more question. Did the Jesuits have to transport Rudy out to deep space to participate in the interview?

VLADIMIR: Yes, they did and he did not know it until he got out there. I don’t think Rudy will be giving any more interviews with CNN, unless they are able to use his clone. It was very unpleasant for him to be on that Jesuit spaceship and extorted as he was.

GAIL: That means anybody who has an interview with CNN or MSNBC or any news station besides FOX, will be doing so from a Jesuit spaceship in deep space.

VLADIMIR: Yes, this is especially true of national newscasts. Some of the local news stations may still be on earth.

GAIL: Vladimir. Rudy Guiliani has a nasty bump above his right eye. Did the Jesuits do this to him?

VLADIMIR: Oh f—- (reacting to the bruiser above Rudy’s right eye). Brent just brought in Rudy. He wants to talk to you.

RUDY: Thank you so much for having this interview. I’m surprised you decided to tackle this topic. Gail, Jesuits attacked me when I was walking the streets in New York City.

GAIL: Why did they do that?

RUDY: They cursed and degraded me and told me to follow them. They put me in handcuffs and escorted me to a sound proof room. It was sound proof in that they could shoot me in the room and nobody outside would hear. They put a gun to my head and said, “Do exactly as we tell you to, or we’ll shoot you with this gun.” Then they rammed the gun into my head real hard right above my right eye. Oh boy did that hurt.

GAIL: Oh, my God.

RUDY: I told them, “Go to hell!” At that point they rammed the gun into my head and I fell to the ground and fainted. I figured I was going to die. When I awakened, I don’t know how many days later it was, I was on the Jesuit spaceship. It was the day I had the interview with Chris Cuomo. They said, “We’ve decided to keep you alive. We apologize for the bruise above your right eye. We had an accident.” I then said, “It hurts like hell.” They said. “We put our plastic surgeons on it and had to stitch you up. But we decided to keep you alive, just let us put you under our brain control and go into a news interview with Chris Cuomo. “I’d rather die than help you out,” I told them. Then they showed me a video picture of my wife from a smart phone and I saw that a Jesuit was following her with a gun. “Don’t worry, we’ll keep you alive. But we aren’t sure about your wife.” “Why’d you keep me alive!” I screamed. They said, “Because by the time we are finished with you, having this interview with Chris Cuomo, you’ll do so much damage to Trump, it would be better to keep you alive than dead.”

So I went on the interview, and did the best I could to not hurt Trump, but they injected me with brain control drugs and it made me a nervous wreck and I had a hard time keeping my focus mentally. I threw up after that interview, because the brain control drugs were so strong, they made me very nauseated. After the interview was over, they whacked my head again with the gun, hitting it like a whip, but with tremendous force, so that blood gushed from that eye. At that point, I decided I was going to die and be replaced with a clone. And then I just disappeared and landed on earth in New York City and was somewhere in downtown New York. A good Samaritan saw me and recognized me and offered to drive me home to be with my wife. Judith (my wife) went into hysterics when she saw me and had me stitched up and took care of me. Not sure what happened, but I think your Gail Shield rescued me, Gail, and whipped me off of that Jesuit spaceship and brought me back to earth in time, before the Jesuits killed me. I’m certain after I did my “job” and made an ass of myself on the Cuomo show, that they planned to replace me with a clone. Thank God for your Gail Shield is all I have to say.

GAIL: Wow. I recalled your interview on Sean Hannity and couldn’t help but notice that bruiser above your eye. It looked really nasty, black and blue and swollen.

RUDY: I deliberately went on the air on FOX, because I wanted to show the world what the Jesuits did to me. I had this secret hope that I could get you to interview me for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and looky here, it happened!

GAIL: I presume you can’t tell the world what really happened or your wife will die.

BRENT SPINER: We moved Rudy and his family to Church of Gail or he would not be able to tell you anything at all, and probably wouldn’t even be alive.

GAIL: I didn’t see any stitches when I saw Rudy on Sean Hannity on August 11, 2016, but he had a bruiser above his right eye (left eye to the viewer), that was black and blue and swollen.

BRENT SPINER: We have advanced technology that enables us to take off stitches in hours and use plastic surgery to remove much of the disfigurement. We’ve done this many times to Vladimir Putin after Jesuits have beaten him up. Then Jesuits accuse Vladimir Putin of being vain for using plastic surgery, to compensate for his changed appearance or to cover up what they did to him.

GAIL: I’m surprised the Jesuits allowed Guiliani to even show that bruiser on television.

BRENT SPINER: It appears your Gail Shield made this possible. Rudy lied to Sean Hannity and told him he got the bruiser from an accident getting out of the shower, which enabled him to get on the air. He had secret hopes you would notice it and ask us questions about it brain to brain, which you eventually did. But, as you can tell, you cannot find video footage of Rudy’s interview with Sean Hannity online, now that you have exposed what truly happened to him.

RUDY: Gail, I prayed a prayer to Jesus and asked him to save me from the Jesuits. It went like this: “Jesus, I know I have not been one of your best, but I ask, for Gail’s sake, you keep me alive so I can tell the world what the Jesuits have done to me.” Right after I said that prayer, as the Jesuits were about to bash my brains in, with the butt of their gun, I got transported off the Jesuit spacecraft and landed on earth! That’s how I knew I was on a sort of divine mission. Then I found out about your new website for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and weaseled my way onto television interviews where I could show the injury above my right eye, hoping you’d notice and interview me for the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel. I just knew Jesus would make an opening for me, by the mere fact that the Jesuit failed to kill me. “If anything, I’d tell folks out there, ‘Don’t underestimate the power of prayer!’ ”

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