Steven Spielberg (Gabrielle Chana FOX NEWS Interview 2016)

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August 8, 2016 brain to brain interview with Steven Spielberg:

GAIL: Hello, Mr. Spielberg, it’s great to hear from you today. Thank you so much for being at the helm of Church of Gail movie studios. As you know, the Jesuits have ruined the careers of the Hollywood men on my marriage list and many of them have had to declare bankruptcy.

STEVEN: It is an honor to be at the helm of Church of Gail movie studios. This is more a passion than a job for me.

GAIL: How are you able to sustain all the men on my marriage list financially? There are so many celebrities on my marriage list: Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Matthew McConaughey, Brent Spiner, Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, Will Smith and so many more. . .

STEVEN: Well, Gail, even though I know you practically live in poverty, because Jesuits steal all your writing money, you are a genius writer and all your writings make great productions. It is a pleasure to work with your writings, as I’ve been doing since 2003.

GAIL: Since 2003? I thought it was 2005.

STEVEN: No, Vladimir Putin gave me permission to start production back in 2003. Jesuits have kept this from the mainstream media, but you are a big time producer/writer in Hollywood, which is why you have so many men from Hollywood on your marriage list.

GAIL: You are able to make enough money from ONE WRITER’S writings to care financially for all these men?

STEVEN: Well, they all only work at Church of Gail movie studios, and they are willing to take any work, as many of them have had to declare bankruptcy because of what Jesuits have done to them. They work as actors, directors, writers, producers, costume designers, special effects, and you name it. I have all sorts of jobs for them to fill. Your friend, Terrance, stays busy with legal work all the time. All your writings are doing very well and we make a profit off of all your productions. By the way, Donald Trump has been helping us out!

GAIL: Really? What does he do?

STEVEN: Mostly helps with financing and budget and marketing. He’s a genius in that area.

GAIL: You don’t mind working with Donald Trump? Aren’t you a die-hard Democrat?

STEVEN (laughs): Actually, I’ve turned into an Independent. I’m heartbroken over what has happened to Hillary. As you know, she’s been murdered and replaced with a Jesuit clone.

GAIL: How do you have time for this?

STEVEN: Like I said, this is a passion with me. I’d do it for free and did do it for free for many years. But we are in dire need of income and your brilliant writing is the inspiration for all our productions.

GAIL: Are you limited to my writings?

STEVEN: No, not at all, but we do best financially when we use your writing we’ve learned.

GAIL: How do you film on earth, when I’m sure Jesuits would try to attack you during filming?

STEVEN: We have a hologram at Church of Gail, which we use for most of our filming. Kind of like what Jesuits are using now to make it appear that they have not staged the Olympics that everybody is watching now. We do need to go to earth for some shots, but your mighty Gail Shield protects us.

GAIL: I’m honored you take such an interest in my writings. I wish I could see some of these productions.

STEVEN: Perhaps, someday Gail, when you and your men defeat the Jesuits that will be possible.

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