Matthew McConaughey Regarding His Clone & Jesuit Camila Alves at the Olympics (2016)

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THIS IS A NEWS ARCHIVE (Zack Knight came to our side in Sept. 2016):

August 11, 2016 brain to brain interview with Matthew McConaughey at his request regarding his clone and Camila Alves at Olympics:

GAIL: Hi Matthew. I have noticed your clone and Jesuit agent Camila Alves are going to town at the summer Olympics in Brazil.

MATTHEW: First, I’d like to say that they are not taking place in Brazil! They are taking place on a Jesuit spaceship out in deep, deep space.

GAIL: How in the world do the Jesuits do this and fool everybody?

MATTHEW: Zack Knight has apparently instructed my clone and Camila (Alves) to participate in this charade to entrench the lie that I am willingly and knowingly married to Camila. As you know, just the thought of her makes me puke. By the way, the thought of my clone makes me puke. He is the vilest human being I have ever encountered. He has VIOLENT and I mean – VIOLENT – sex with Camila, giraffes, elephants and you name it, with blood flying everywhere, and they’ve even added in a small nukkake bomb that explodes with semen and drowns everybody when they have a sexual climax. In fact, they’ve been conducting live sex in front of everybody at the Olympics. They show it in between the airing of the games on CNN or Zack News Network.

GAIL: How can they do this? That would make it R rated and not suitable for children.

MATTHEW: They show PARTS of it and then clip away to another shot. It’s shown like a staccato, rapid-fire shot, one after another. It drums into your brain, like artillery fire.

GAIL: Do they actually show penises and breasts?

MATTHEW: No, but they don’t leave much room for imagination. It’s pretty disgusting. As far as how the Jesuits can show the Olympics from their spacecraft, their hologram technology is very advanced.

GAIL: So there are no Olympics on earth in Brazil?

MATTHEW: Now this is where it gets weird. The Olympics are in Brazil, but all those attending get transported to the Jesuit spacecraft in deep, deep space, and the athletes are actually competing ON THE HOLOGRAM IN OUTER SPACE. It also uses a very sophisticated form of brain control, so that let’s say Michael Phelps swims his laps, he is actually swimming IN HIS MIND on the hologram, and the hologram is able to replicate exactly what his physical body is doing and put it all into the hologram! Jesuit cameras capture the mental images that people see in their mind and project it to the television screen into actual images, so that people are able to watch the Olympics taking place on a spacecraft in outer space in a hologram where much of the actual competition is IN THE MINDS OF THE ATHLETES and the spectators. It’s all synchronized to perfection to appear to be the REAL Olympics. It uses technology very similar to how Zack uses clone versions of the Internet to control what people see online. Jesuit brain control is very advanced. That is why Jesus has recommended that everybody take Seroquel.

GAIL: I hear Russian athletes are doing well despite the so-called ban on the Russian athletes.

MATTHEW: Well, people have been watching the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel and realized the REAL reason Vladimir Putin is not attending these games is because he refuses to be on a Jesuit spaceship. The Russian athletes who feel like he does, have refused to participate in the games and all those pictures you see of Russian athletes crying because they have been banned because of fabricated drug charges are fake or doctored. These athletes willingly pulled out of the games because they refuse to compete on a Jesuit spaceship and be brain control victims. As you well know, there are a lot of Jesuits in Russia and those Jesuits who qualified for the Olympics are competing there and doing well.

GAIL: So all the Russian athletes at the games are Jesuits?

MATTHEW: No, not exactly. Jesuits have actually created good automatons of Russian athletes and allowed them to compete to minimize the exposure they are getting from the Gabrielle Chana FOX News channel, and make it appear the games are really taking place in Brazil ONLY and not on a Jesuit spaceship.

GAIL: So all REAL Russian athletes are opting out of the games and staying in Russia?

MATTHEW: That is correct. Vladimir has done his best to remove Jesuits from all over his country, so Jesuits like Alina Kabaeva cannot compete for Russia anymore. But the good automatons replicate exactly how the Russian athletes perform, so Vladimir has been congratulating these athletes who are winning at the Olympics, even though he knows it’s actually their automaton who has won. You know how Jesuits make everything complicated.

GAIL: So Camila and the Matthew clone only attended the games to show the world publicly that they enjoy having sex together.

MATTHEW: Yes, and very VULGAR sex. As you know I’m a gentleman and this just makes me sick! My clone has totally destroyed my image as a man of honor and who is absolutely loyalty to you, Gail.

GAIL: It’s alright, Matthew. Eventually, the Gail Shield will catch up to them. Their days are numbered. What about the Olympic athletes who are anti-Jesuit, but not Russian?

MATTHEW: They are reluctantly at these Olympic games, because their lives have been threatened if they don’t play the Jesuit game. Michael Phelps has even told me that it has been surreal to win all these medals while competing on a hologram, it seems like he is dreaming and that when he wins the medal he has awakened from a dream.

August 8, 2016 with Matthew McConaughey regarding his Jesuit clone at the 2016 summer Olympics brain to brain.

GAIL: Matthew, my dear, now that our brain to brain is so good because of my Gail Shield, I will publish some of the brain to brain interviews I do with my men and now it’s your turn.

MATTHEW: Thank God, I’ve thrown up enough in court fighting my disgusting clone.

GAIL: So why is your clone at the Olympics?

MATTHEW: It’s pretty obvious, Gail. Camila (Alves) is from Brazil and the Jesuits are sponsoring this year’s summer Olympics. I was thrilled when I read at your Twitter that you refuse to watch the Olympics. A lot of your fans are joining you in that boycott.

GAIL: You mean the Jesuits orchestrated the Olympics to be in Brazil, just so they could show your clone there?

MATTHEW: Yeah, they have this crazy idea that if they can show me at the Olympics in Brazil, it will solidify the lie that I adore Camila, who’s from Brazil, because my clone made a special attempt to attend these Olympics. They (the Jesuits) actually took over the Olympics as part of a propaganda stunt to make it appear that Camila and I are really an item.

GAIL: As I haven’t watched the Olympics, how are the clones STAYING ALIVE on earth to be at the Olympics?

MATTHEW: Now, that’s where the Jesuits are being clever. Actually, about half of the Olympics are taking place on a Jesuit spaceship and Jesuits are using hologram images and putting them into the broadcast of the Olympics.

GAIL: Wait a minute, so you mean what people are watching is a hologram?

MATTHEW: Yeah, that’s right.

GAIL: So, like let’s say somebody wins a metal. We are all watching a hologram? That means that all the competitions are staged, like for a movie production and not really happening!

MATTHEW: You got it! You’re so smart, Gail. That’s the real reason they banned Russia from the games, because Russia would not play along with this.

GAIL: Oh, my! Those Jesuits! They must have a lot of faith in their brain control, that they think they can pull this off.

MATTHEW: Actually, when you passed your new laws to require everybody to take Seroquel, it has caused some people to notice some “strange” things as they watch the Olympics. The Jesuits are scrambling to compensate and make it look like these are real competitions. But their hologram technology is VERY ADVANCED and most people don’t even know about it.

GAIL: Well, this all makes sense now. I won’t waste my time watching this FARCE.

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