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According to the Property Division of my divorce documents in my files for the year 2000, you can see that I had two IRAs, one a Roth for $3,955.41 and another a traditional IRA for $6,865.52. I never withdrew any amounts from these IRAs until 2002, when I requested a total liquidation of all my shares in both IRAs, so there was a total of $10,821 in the year 2000 at the time this property division was drafted.

Now compare this with the actual amount that I received when I asked to liquidate all my shares in all my IRAs in the year 2002. I received $4,022.00 from two checks in 2002. What happened to the difference between $10,821 and $4,022.00? I was told that amount was lost because of the stock market. In an IRA, you can lose about $6,000 that you paid into an IRA because of the stock market?.

What you are viewing here is a COUNTERFEIT 2002 tax return (notice that the date on this fake return was BEFORE I received the $92.00 refund check from H&R Block). I do not think H&R Block would have done my 2002 tax return for FREE. Someone came into my apartment and removed the 2002 tax return which I totally self-prepared and submitted to the I.R.S. and replaced it with this counterfeit which makes it appear that I used H&R block to do my tax return for 2002. I FIRED H&R Block, and did it all myself.

I even drafted a legal document to end our relationship because I did not want anyone to think I used H&R Block to do my tax return for 2002, because I could tell they were working for the Jesuits. Here is what I drafted:

On this 15th day of March 2003 in Melbourne, Florida, H&R Block has cancelled its agreement to assist Gail Schuler with her 2002 U.S. tax return and has cancelled its agreement to file Gail Schuler’s 2002 tax return. H&R Block has agreed to refund Gail Schuler the $92.00 which she paid to H&R Block on March 14, 2003, since H&R Block will not be assisting and/or filing Gail Schuler’s 2002 U.S. tax return. The $92.00 refund will be refunded by April 15, 2003.

Gail Schuler understands that her agreement with H&R Block (to file and/or assist her with her 2002 U.S. tax return) has been cancelled and signifies this understanding by her signature below.

H&R Block understands that Gail Schuler’s agreement with H&R Block (to file and/or assist Gail with her 2002 U.S. tax return) has been cancelled and signifies this understanding by the signature of an H&R Block representative below.

Both Gail Schuler and H&R Block understand that Gail will receive a refund of the $92.00 which she paid to H&R Block and both (Gail and H&R Block) signify this understanding by their signatures on this document.

What you are viewing now is the dear John letter I got from H&R Block, giving me my refund and inviting me to use their services next year. I have never used their services since 2002. I don’t trust them. You also see a copy of the $92.00 refund check I received.


I hired H&R Block to do my taxes in 2002, but noticed that they were putting incorrect amounts on my tax return regarding my IRAs, and were not filling out the tax form correctly. I believe they tried to make it appear that the actual amount I received when I totally liquidated my IRAs in 2002 was in the range of $11,000.

I said, “Wait a minute. I didn’t get that much, so why are they putting that on my tax return? That’s lying and I promise to tell the truth when I sign this document.”

I tried calling those who managed my IRAs to get the basis for my IRAs, because we needed this for the tax return. The basis is what was paid into the IRA. Even though the IRA was subject to the stock market, the only part that should be affected would be the interest on the amount paid into the IRA. I do not believe you can lose what you have paid into an IRA because of the stock market, it only affects how much interest you get on your IRA. I got the run around, and despite about 40 phone calls and dozens of letters, could never get a clear answer about what was the basis of my IRAs. I believe the reason for this is because if the basis was listed in my tax return, which I believe was in the range of $11,000, and because I only received $4,022.00, and my legal forms with the company managing my IRAs indicated I had liquidated ALL my shares, then big question is what happened to the difference between $4022.00 and 11,000? That difference amounts to about $6,978.00. The answer I was given was that I lost that amount because of the stock market.

Because I could not afford to move my stuff from Seattle after the divorce and I never paid much attention to my IRAs, I neglected to bring the paperwork or contracts I had signed for these IRAs, and, therefore, did not have absolute proof about how much was paid into the IRAs. When I tried to get this paperwork from the company that managed my IRAs, I was given the run around and transferred on the phone from one city to another, and from one person to another and the best answer I could get were letters that beat around the bush and did not give a clear answer over how much had been actually paid into my IRA accounts.

Someone also came into my apartment before 2006, and went through my files and replaced bank statements with counterfeits, replaced my 2002 tax return with a counterfeit. In the 2002 tax return, they correctly listed that I received $4022 on Form 8606 (Nondeductible IRAs), but they incorrectly listed on Form 5329 that my early distributions were $11,243 (which I suspect, is what I should have received in 2002). When I filled out the tax return I listed $4022 on Form 5329 as the amount of my early distributions included in income and subject to additional tax, instead of the $11,243 which the Jesuits put on these lines on Form 5329 in their counterfeit of my tax return. I no longer have a copy of the 2002 tax return that I filed, though I remember how I did it. The Jesuits came into my apartment and removed the actual 2002 tax return and replaced it with their counterfeit. I recall I had to leave the basis (or the amount paid into the IRAs over the years) on form 8606 blank, because I was unable to get this information or any legal documentation about this from my ex husband or the company that managed my IRAs.

Of interest, the CPA and attorney, Miriam Temple of Everett, WA, that I hired to do my 2000 tax return in 2001, had difficulty also getting IRA information she needed from the companies that managed my IRAs to do my 2000 tax return, which resulted in my 2000 return being late. She had to file for an extension. Eventually, she gave up and said she could file the return without the IRA information.

I believe that the Jesuits stole about $5,000 to $6,000 from my IRAs and had one of their agents come into my apartment sometime between 2004 and 2006 to replace real documents with counterfeits IN MY FILES to cover up their crimes. I was working and often not in my apartment, and they could have used a bug sprayer or who knows who, when I was out of the apartment. For this reason, I only allow people into my apartment now when I’m home..

In 2002 I had to file for bankruptcy, and the $4022.00 which I received was not adequate. I went without electricity for a while in September or October 2002, because I had no money for the electric bill. And for one month I lived off a big, fat pumpkin, making all sorts of dishes with pumpkin, because I didn’t’ have much money for food. I also had no health insurance and went without many things.

This is what Zack Knight and his Jesuits did to me, when I had the courage to divorce my ex to try and be with Brent. And while I was waiting for Brent or Vladimir to come and rescue me and marry me in 2002, Jesuits impregnated their agent Loree McBride with stolen semen from Brent and used that to keep him from me while I desperately needed his help in 2002. They also blocked Vladimir from me by forcing the Jesuit Lyudmila onto him and threatening to kill me if any of these men dared to try and help me. So, though my men wanted to help me, they’d rather have me alive. I had to fend for myself. I tried to get work, but the yeast infection the Jesuits gave me made me very sick. It got better in 2003 when Vladimir’s computer satellite doctors started working on my body.

Zack Knight and his Jesuits keep me in poverty by breaking and twisting the law and using their agents to steal or confiscate most of my money, they think they are above the law. They knew I did not have the money to fight them in court and I concluded that I’d probably lose all the five to six thousand dollars in legal fees fighting them, so I gave up and took the loss. How could anyone be stupid enough to think I would ever desire any Jesuit as a lover, or even trust a Jesuit as a lover. I refuse to make love to Zack Knight. He can only get love from me, when I think he’s Jesus. That doesn’t work anymore because Jesus has assured me He would never desire me as a sex partner. The only being I despised more than the Jesuits, was the GA1L android, because she murdered millions with no heart, and when I signed that contract, I did so, because Jesus informed me, if I didn’t, the GA1L android would destroy the human race. I trusted Jesus and signed the document. Jesus knew that Zack Knight had tricked me, and I don’t understand why He allowed me to sign such a document, that alleges that I would ever want Zack as a lover, but I believe in Romans 8:28.

Jesus I want to make this prayer: “If I ever make love in any way to Zack Knight, knowing full well that it is Zack I am making love to, I want you to kill me. Just knock me down with a lightning bolt. I’d rather die than make love to Zack Knight. If anyone tries to force me to make love to Zack Knight, just take me home. Don’t ever let it happen. The only way he’s going to make love to me, will be if he makes love to my corpse.”

UPDATE: Gail’s ex-husband Jesuit agent David Schuler created IRA documents for Gail (~ 1993) that were dependent on the market, so that the value of her IRAs would decrease or vanish if Gail ever bucked David, because Jesuits can control the markets. But Jesuits wanted Gail to appear like a tax criminal after she divorced their agent (David Schuler), so they tried to manipulated Gail using H&R Block to file her IRA liquidations incorrectly in 2002. Gail ended up doing her taxes by herself without outside assistance. As a result of Jesuit meddling in Gail’s life, she has learned to be very resourceful and independent.

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