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I have heroically stood by my men, even sending them nudes to bring them out of depression because of rapes they have endured from the Zack Knight’s Jesuit Order. I knew there was a risk that my nudes would be confiscated by evil people and used against me, but so loved my men, I was willing to heal them with my nude body. Brent Spiner, when he became aware of the full extent of Loree McBride’s rape of him in 1992, became seriously depressed. If I had not stood by him, and sent him my nudes to comfort him, he may have killed himself. For this, I am punished. Zack Knight tastelessly stole a video of my nudes to Brent and has taken a still from this and displayed to the world, blaming his crimes on the King James only people, who I suspect secretly work for him. I am punished for standing by my men through the Jesuit rages of hell.

Zack Knight is very tricky and deceptive. His followers I believe have hacked into my computer and modified some emails I sent to Brent that made me appear to doubt my Jesus and to doubt Brent. It caused Brent to worry about me very much. Terrance Jenkins helped me to discover that this was happening, because Brent’s comments about me seemed out of character for Brent. There is so much trust between us. Zack Knight and his followers are experts at impersonation and defamation, because I adore my Jesus and have absolute faith in both Brent and Jesus and welcome their counsel on all matters. This impersonator shot insults at both Jesus and Brent and made me appear a rebellious, hell raiser, much like Loree McBride has been to Brent

Zack refuses to take lie detection about this matter, and if he was truly innocent he would jump at the chance to prove his innocence in regard to the KJV only people.

Also, as powerful as he is, it’s mighty strange that he is so unable to stop them.

Zack Knight is getting ready to do something horrible to me, but before he does it, he wants to appear justified, so that is his purpose for this trial. This is a big public relations game with him. Regardless of the verdict, he wants to appear sympathetic to the world, and regardless of the verdict, he plans to carry out his evil plan. I’m not sure what it is, but it will be pretty horrific, but he will cover up the horrific part and only let the world see what he wants them to see. He plans to carry out this act once he feels that he has won the affections of the world over to his side.

I suspect that he feels confident that most of the world is on his side, and that even if we carry out a brilliant public relations game to show his ugliness, he will still feel he has won and will make the attack

Zack is brilliant at public relations and he knows how to create a believable performance.

I think this is his script: I am the heroic, awesome, irresistible lover and I am like Jesus Christ. He’s done a brilliant brain wash job on the world and he went on CNN to promote this image. It will not be easy to knock his performance down, because he uses his charm to brainwash people and I suspect there is some brain control technology as well.

Zack Knight has an outer shell that appears heroic, vast, self-sacrificing, noble, passionate, very sexy and irresistible. In reality his heroism is masochism, his vastness is stubbornness, his self-sacrifice is bestiality, his nobility is vulgarity, his passion is raunchiness, his sexiness is vulgar and selfish lust for power and drunkenness, and his irresistibility is BRAIN CONTROL. He’s a brilliant FAKE, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

If you examine him closely, he’s INCONSISTENT, but he overcomes this by wowing everyone with his charm. Killers like Ted Bundy had a lot of charm. Don’t be deceived by his charms and look at his fruits, what have been the RESULTS of his life? He has produced nukkakes, murdered millions (Canada and elsewhere), is head of the organization that financed and sponsored the Nazi holocaust, creates and maintains a defamatory website (Crazy Gail) that cleverly presents a lying, scripted view of myself. He is a perfectionist in his performance, but you judge a tree by its fruits.

I plan to testify against him in court on Skype, and I’m willing to go under lie detection when I make my statements.

Ted Bundy was good looking, charming, articulate and he gained the trust of his victims. He was a serial murderer. Zack Knight reminds me of Ted Bundy, except he is worse, he has more brilliance and more resources at his disposal to help him in his performance. I would even go so far as to say that Zack Knight is so brilliant that he may have shaped the very laws that he is using right now to maintain his case. He won’t let us use my Conspiracy law to try this case, in which he alleges that he has the legal right to rape me brain to brain and to force me to commit brain to brain adultery with him against my husband. Therefore, the laws we’re using in this case, if followed to the tee, cannot result in a just verdict. So we request jury nullification.

He will hit us with stereotyping, but then that’s what he does to characterize me, so he’s getting a taste of his own medicine.

Like Ted Bundy, he has good looks and a way with words. He knows how to say what people want to hear, a master politician. Put these two together and he has charm. Can he be trusted? NOT ON YOUR LIFE.

Crime writer Ann Rule worked alongside Ted Bundy and said that he was kind, solicitous and empathetic–very similar to how Zack portrayed himself as we fought together against the GA1L android. Looking back, I believe Zack gave a brilliant performance. I think with his antichrist brilliance he realized that by sacrificing himself with the Jesuits, he would gain everyone’s trust and he played on that while secretly cooperating with the King James only people to harm me. While I was puzzled over his virtuous behavior, and even admired him for a moment, I never trusted him enough to desire him as a lover.

Zack Knight, knowing the true character of Jesus Christ, knew that if he offered himself and the Jesuits and Jesus came to rescue the world (which I think Zack was counting on), that if he survived, he could make himself appear so great and awesome that he could use this as a weapon to take control of the world. But his greatest obstacle for world power was I. He has to conquer me, because I exposed him as the antichrist, and that explains the trick he put in the treaty, which gives him the legal right to be my rapist.

I have exposed him too much as the antichrist; therefore, if he can get on my marriage list or can convince the world that I find him attractive, he can minimize the damage I’ve done to him, and succeed in taking over the world—his lifelong dream. I can see this is how he is. I see a fanatical drive for power, lust and control and so I have never trusted him. When he did express any sexual desires towards me as himself, he was too vulgar for my taste.

Though the GA1L android exceeded Zack in intelligence, he exceeds her in guile, this makes him far more dangerous than GA1L. GA1L pretty much showed her colors and we figured her out within a month. Zack is much more elusive and brilliant, a master at playing on public perceptions and using stereotypes to propagandize his enemies. We shall use some of his techniques as well, because they are very effective. Sometimes stereotypes are necessary to illustrate a truth. Unfortunately, the stereotypes Zack has used at his website have been clever lies based on 80 to 90 percent truth, but with ten percent lies that are glaring.

My stereotype of him being like Ted Bundy is much more accurate than the stereotypes he has used on me in his public campaign to promote me as the woman who has a thing for him but won’t admit it. He is very much like Ted Bundy, but far worse, because he has more resources, more power and more charisma. I can see that Zack Knight will become the antichrist.

His charm softened me towards him when he offered himself with the Jesuits to save the world. What a brilliant move! So while he offered himself for the world, in his heart he counted on Jesus to make a grand rescue, and, of course, he knew that because he is the antichrist he could not die. So he would survive as the grand hero, the one who deserves the Medal of Honor, which he almost got from Barack Obama. NOW is the time to bring down his greatest enemy Gail Chord Schuler.

Ah, but he would conquer her, not by force, but by guile. Creating the impression that in her moment of weakness towards him, when she admired what appeared a moment of greatness, that this was a window to a vast reservoir of feeling towards him that she denied, to save face.

He played upon the greatness in me, that I was willing to forgive him, when he seemed repentant, to twist that into sexual attraction. That is very similar to what he did to Jesus Christ who loves me deeply and whenever Jesus tries to show me any affection, Zack as the Jesus impersonator twists that into a form of God-sex passion towards me, because Jesus said He would fill me with His semen.

This clever manipulating of words to create an effect has successfully brainwashed the world into believing the stereotype Zack has created about me. That’s why I’m willing to go under lie detection at the trial and Zack is not willing. He has something to hide. I do not. I am what I say I am. He is not what he says he is.

But Jesus has clarified that I will receive the semen through Brent Spiner and Jesus Himself will in no way ever participate in the sexual act with me, or with any human. Yet Zack persists in trying to portray Jesus as a sexual being who has human feelings. Zack talks to people at their level and thus effectively brain washes them realizing that not everyone’s level is an accurate indicator of truth in the areas that he uses for comparison.

Zack is a very clever liar, counterfeiter and crusher of truth and this make him very dangerous, willing to sacrifice himself along with his fellow Jesuits, so that the world will mistake his self-sacrifice as an indicator of virtue in all of his life. It is far more difficult to live for God, than to die for God. Zack will die for his god, Satan, because he knows Satan will resurrect him, but he can’t live for the true God, in a day by day righteous life that means far more to Jesus than to die a physical death in a moment and then live like the devil day by day.

I do plan on a Skype appearance with him in the courtroom, and my prayer is that love and truth will prevail and that justice will be done, and that lies will be exposed. And Lord Jesus, if I lie at this trial or if Zack Knight dares to come after me in brain to brain rape me against my will, please take me home. I’d rather die than make love to Zack Knight. I would never want to disgrace you by making love to the devil anymore. He tricked me once, faking as Jesus. Never again.

By the way, I found out that the reason I didn’t get the total amount paid into my IRAs was because my ex set up the account so that I could lose it all in the stock market, though for his IRAs, he didn’t do that. And Zack claims I would want a Jesuit again, because I had one (my ex) once before? Also, the Jesuits killed the H&R Block workers who refused to submit an incorrect tax return designed to make me look like a tax swindler. So when I backed out of my contract with H&R block they actually liked it, and the Jesuits killed them for backing out, and not cooperating to do my tax return incorrectly and get me labeled as a tax evader. The Jesuits wanted to destroy my reputation because I was exposing their crimes to the world, as I strove to defend my men.

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